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For quite a while I was aware of James' gorgeous 18 year old sister in the last year of school, but I didn't think she was interested in me, and anyway, I was having too much fun with James. But then one night while we were in his room, as he sucked my cock while I sat on the bed facing the door, I noticed that it had been left ajar. I was about to tell James to close it when I noticed it open a bit wider to reveal Laura stark naked, crouched with her legs spread wide open watching me while she masturbated. This knowledge of being watched turned me on even more, and I soon came hard in James' mouth, and through my half-closed eyes I saw her quietly close the door. A few weeks later James' caught a nasty flu and was bed ridden for the Friday evening when he was supposed to be looking after Laura while their parents were in Birmingham, so they asked me to come and help him. This meant that after tea when James had gone to bed, Laura and I were left alone downstairs watching TV with the curtains drawn. She looked very sexy in her school uniform: A pink and white striped shirt through which I could clearly see her bra over her dark brown skin, a short grey pleated skirt and white socks going to just beneath her knees. After a couple of minutes she moved closer to me on the sofa and cuddled up to me. I put my arms around her and looked into her eyes. "You're beautiful Laura," I told her, lowering my forehead so it touched hers. "Thank you," she replied, pressing herself harder against me. "I saw you watching me and James the other week," I said. "Did you enjoy it?""Yes," she replied hesitantly, looking away bashfully, "You didn't mind did you?""No, it was great. I loved that feeling of being watched. Are you a virgin?""Yes," she replied after she recovered from the shock of me asking such a personal question, and then kissed me gently and amateurishly on the lips. I kissed back, slipping my tongue into her mouth and exploring it, licking her teeth and playing with her tongue.

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   "Will you change that for me?""If you like," I replied, my erection beginning to rise at the thought, "D'you want to do it now?"For an answer she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled off her socks. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it while she took hers off and removed her skirt so that she stood on the carpet in her white knickers and bra. As I pulled down my trousers and took off my socks I noticed that part of her knickers were soaked and there was vaginal juice running down the inside of her legs. I stood up to face her, and as I did so the tip of my cock popped out at the top of my briefs. We kissed again, our hands caressing each others' backs. My hands found the clasp of her bra and undid them. We stepped apart allowing her bra to fall to the floor, freeing her beautiful rounded brown breasts, the nipples hard and prominent. She reached out and pulled down my pants and began massaging my cock in an exploring way, while I removed her knickers and threw them in a corner. I carefully rubbed the lips of her vagina with the juice, watching her delicate small brown hands pull my white foreskin backward and forwards over the head of my penis. I leaned down and begin nibbling her nipples, then reached round and, clasping her buttocks lifted her up and sat down on the sofa with her on my lap, her damp thighs on either side of my legs. "Are you ready for it?" I asked her. "It will hurt a bit the first time, you know""I'm ready," she replied, lifting her knees up on to the sofa. With my hands holding her waist, she raised herself up and forwards so her dripping virgin cunt was directly above my hard cock. She put one hand on my shoulder to steady herself and held my dick in position with the other, then tilted her face down to kiss me lightly on the lips. Our lips parted and she lowered herself slowly, her tight pussy squeezing my penis firmly as it slid wetly around it.

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  She closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure through her parted lips, and then I felt a slight resistance as the tip of my dick reached her hymen. Laura winced slightly and her eyes watered as her cherry popped and she continued one her virginal swallowing of my cock. Finally the opening of her cunt reached the base of my cock and she moved her arm round to caress my back as she pressed herself closer to me, her brown breasts against my chest. Now her lips were at the same level as mine as she was shorter than me, so we kissed long and hard. Once Laura had recovered from the pain of her cherry popping, she lifted herself up again until my penis came out of her. I was so hard that she didn't need to hold it in position as she lowered herself down, the entrance slightly easier this time, but still a very tight squeeze. She moved down a little quicker this time and went straight up again after she reached the bottom. This time she kept the tip of my dick inside her so she could go down again quicker. I slid my hands up from her waist, up her back to her shoulder-blades, and then leaned forwards  into her firm brown breasts as she moved up and down, the inside of her slippery pussy stimulating a huge warm pleasure through my cock to my groin. Laura began to move faster, moaning softly with pleasure and clutching at my back. I nibbled and sucked on her nipples to arouse her even more. She began rotating her hips and moaning louder. I licked her neck and chin before forcing my tongue into her mouth. I was on the verge of ejaculation, so I quickly moved my hands down to her buttocks and lifted her up and moved her back so my penis stood up through her black bush, its throbbing head lightly touching her stomach. We rested for a minute, snogging passionately.

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   Then, after we'd recovered and my dick had softened a little, I made her lean back and to the side so that her back was on the sofa and I held myself above her while she wrapped her legs around my back. Gradually I lowered myself on to her, but keeping most of my weight on my arms so that our stomachs touched and her breasts pressed against my chest. I held my cock so that the tip touched the opening of her vagina for a while, then as I kissed her and maneuvered my tongue around in her mouth, I slowly entered her. The tight wet membrane of her cunt caressed my penis as I pushed it in until it would go no further. Then I began a slow rhythmic withdrawal and re-entry, whilst exploring the inside of her mouth and moving my hands down to knead her buttocks. After a minute we both began breathing heavily and moaning with the hot sensations of pleasure shooting through our bodies, and I began going faster. Laura broke away from the kiss, arching her back and letting out louder and louder cries of pleasure. We began to near orgasm, so I slowed my pace, increasing our anticipation until it was unbearable. I withdrew from her and penetrated her one last time before she let out one long, loud moan, her whole body relaxing at once with her orgasm. My orgasm brought a groan of pleasure to my lips, and I ejaculated powerfully inside her before collapsing on her, my face in her breasts. We lay like this, smelling each other and feeling our sweat on our skin, for three or four minutes before I withdrew from her. As my semi-erect cock came out of her black pussy it brought a large amount of semen which I spread around her vagina before getting up, its pale-white colour showing up beautifully in her black her and brown skin. Then I carefully scooped her up in my arms and carried her upstairs. I took her into the bathroom and locked the door while she sat on the side of the bath and got the shower ready. As she sat there she absent mindedly spread her legs and fingered her clitoris, pulling back the black hood, so I knelt down and began to lick it for her.

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   Her pink cunt was still pouring out juice and there was a lot of semen around it, so I lapped at the lip to clean them, thrusting my tongue deep inside her, then returning to her clit. I slowly slipped two fingers inside her, feeling for her g-spot until I found the slight lump, then I began rhythmically pressing and rubbing it. At this Laura began moaning again slightly, and put her hands around my head, pushing my face into her pussy. I sucked and licked at her clit and vulva, and pressed her g-spot faster as her moans became louder and louder. Her g-spot swelled between my fingers, and she began thrusting forwards with her hips, humping my face as I licked harder and harder. Then she let out one final cry and relaxed. I pulled away from her, removed my finger and gave her vagina a final lick and stood up, admiring her firm dark brown body. "Shall we shower then?" I asked her. "Can I suck you off first?" she replied. "If you like," I replied, my penis already starting to become erect again from licking her. I sat down on the side where she had and she got down on her knees, her big brown eyes looking up into mine as she took my cock in her mouth. First she just licked at the head with little exploring tongue movements, but then grew more confident and licked strongly and firmly, bringing it up to a hard erection. Then she started sucking hard on it, moving her mouth backward so it almost slipped out and then pushing forwards again so her wet lips stroked it like a tender vagina. She wrapped one black hand around the shaft and massaged it with a firm grip and sucked harder and faster. At first I thought I wasn't going to come because of having ejaculated ten minutes before, but gradually I felt the pressure building up in the base of my dick.

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  I put my hands around her head stroking her black hair, feeling her head thrust back and forth, her mouth causing divine sensations in my penis. Then as she gave one long, strong suck licking the head with her tongue at the same time and massaging my shaft hard, I came. Amazingly I managed a good five long satisfying squirts into her mouth, despite the shag earlier. She swallowed the first two, but she had to have a breather for the third, which hit her next to the nose and dribbled down, the whiteness showing up against her dark skin, and she only got some of the fourth, the rest running down her chin, but she took my cock back in her mouth for the fifth, then licked up and sucked up the remaining semen that dribbled out. I helped her into the shower, and we washed up, too tired to do anything else. Once we'd dried we went into her room where we fell asleep in her bed, her head and breasts resting on my chest, until we were woken by her parents returning, so I ran silently from her room to James' and got into my sleeping bag on the floor. . is the hottest online escort service in Belgium!

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