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``Never again'', he repeated, and lay down on his bed. This one lookedpromising, though, and was even recommended by a relation of him. Yes,she did try hard to hide her reaction at the sight, but 15 years ofexperience in the reaction of women were everything he needed to lookright through those efforts. So here he was, aged 32, still virgin, lying on a chicque hotelbed. Frustrated, he did that which he had done so many times over theyears, even though he was ashamed of himself for doing so. Hemasturbated, then went to the bathroom to wash himself. AnnieWhile Annie was hovering the carpet in room 210 - the guest in thisroom, so it seemed, had been eating crunchy cookies all morning,spreading the crumbles all over the entire carpet - she held herslightly painly cross. Anny needed men, just like she did, eversince she was old enough. But the older she got, the more painful itwas. According to her gynaecologist, her vagina was small. Very small. As aresult, every man with whom she would relate sexually, would penetrateher uterus. Although that felt great for the man, and probably formost women too, provided that it doesn't happen too much, it becomespainful if it happens every time. Even if the man is pretty small. Especially if you happen to end up naked in bed with men as much as ithappened to Annie. ``I may have to stop this'', she thought, ``and accept the fact thatmy body isn't made for such an amount of sexual activity''.

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  But no matter how much her now painful cross suggested thatpossibility, she knew very well she couldn't. She loved way too muchthat which she did so many times, and of which she hated herself somuch the next day. Only to go looking for her next ``victim'', two orthree days later. Annie looked around for a while, and concluded that this room had beenfinished. She went to the next room, number 211 - the first of threesuites in the Grand Palace-hotel. Bath roomAndre undid himself of the clothes he still had on him, and droppedthe pants he carried from the bed room somewhere in a corner of thebath room. He then opened the water taps of the bath, and added afew perfume oil balls. Once the bath was almost full, he picked up thesoap, the shampoo, put them on the edge of the bath, and stepped in. Before long, Andre was enjoying the healthy bath, and started washinghimself, being extra careful to his lower belly. When he was almostfinished soaking his body with soap, he suddenly heard something inthe bed room. Not sure what it was, he got up, put on a dressing-gown,and went to the door. Since the gown missed a belt, he kept the itclosed with his left hand. When he opened the door, he saw her. . .

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   a nice and pretty girl; one ofthe type of girls he used to envision while masturbating; exactly thetype of girl he would order at the escort bureau. However, this onewas cleansing the bed room, so it pretty surely was not an escortgirl. Awing at the beaty of this girl, he temporarily forgot why he washolding his left hand so close to his body, and let it fall free. Whenhe realised that his body was exposed, he quickly closed the gownagain, knocking with his elbow on the bathroom door in the process,which alerted the girl. She looked, was stunned for a little moment -he wasn't sure whether that was because she had seen a glimpse of hisnaked penis or because she didn't expect him to be here - and thenasked in a very pretty voice: ``Are you still here, sir? I thought youwere in town?''``I was'', he said, ``but had to come back sooner. I'm taking a bathright now; could you come back later to clean my suite?''``Sure, no problem'', she said, and started to put her material backon the cleaning carriage. Andre turned around, closed the bathroomdoor behind him, dropped the dressing-gown on a chair, and went backinto the bath. He couldn't help but fantasize about having sex withthis girl; she was really awsome, and he still was a bit hot afterhaving masturbated earlier that evening. Whe he didn't hear anythingcoming from the bed room anymore, he started touching himself oncemore, but stopped when he realized that he was, again, doing things hedidn't like to do. Once per day was enough. SuiteSuite 211 was the largest of the three suites in hotel GrandPalace. The guest that inhabited this suite for the time being wassaid to be in town right now, so she should be able to clean itwithout nasty surprises. She reached for her keys, opened the door,and looked around; while the large living room was still clean, thebed room could use a wiping of the wardrobe doors. She picked up a drycloth, a bottle for the hard spots, and started doing her job. After doing so for a few minutes, she suddenly heard something behindher.

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   A little bit frightened, she turned around, seeing a middle-agedman hurry to close his dressing-gown again. Even though he was fast tohide what he was showing, she did see it long enough to be sure: thisman had a pretty small cock. This man could probably fuck her withouthurting her; this man would probably be the man she had been lookingfor all her life. The thought of this made her heart beat at triplerate, and she felt her pussy become soft and sweet. Fighting to get her feelings under control, she managed to ask theman, surprised, whether he wasn't supposed to be out. ``I was'', hesaid, ``but had to come back sooner. I'm taking a bath right now;could you come back later to clean my suite?''``Sure, no problem'', she said. She put her bottle and her cloth backon the carriage, and pushed it away; but when she heared the doorbeing closed behind her back, she stopped, and thought. She wanted to see this man. If he really was so small, she would loveto see him. She went for the bathroom door, and peeped through thekeyhole. She saw him, stepping into the bath again, fully naked, andfully erect. When he started to masturbate, all the while looking atthe door, that was all she needed to loose control; she reached underher skirt, pulled down her nickers, and started to finger-fuckherself. The thought that, if caught, she would probably loose herjob, was not important to her now; all she could think of was thisman, and the size of his organ. When she saw that after a few strokes,the man stopped what he was doing, she couldn't stop herself anymore;as if it were a dream, she reached for the doorknob, and pushed thedoor open.

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      Bath roomWhen removing his hand from between his legs, Andre had just enoughtime to put it back in the water, alongside his body, before the doorwas thrown open. Alerted by the sound, he looked at the door, seeingthe cleaning maid he had seen earlier racing in, with her nickers nearher knees. Before he could say anything, she ripped her underware offher legs, pulled up her skirt, jumped in the bath, and put his cockinside her crotch. When he asked ``What's the idea?'', she begged, inhis ear, breathing heavily, to fuck her. Not knowing what washappening, he was happy to oblige, and started moving; slowly atfirst, going faster and faster with time passing. The girl riding himwas still wearing her cleaning uniform; but although that skirt wasblack, the waves in the bathing water were making it wet, until hecould see her whole figure right through her uniform. He startedmassaging her breasts, and fucked her, like there was nothing else inthis world. He could see the pleasure in her eyes; that, and the fact that hedidn't even see part of a grin on her face, made him, for the firsttime in his entire life, reach a woman-inflicted orgasm. At the sametime, he saw her shivering, he felt her contracting the muscles aroundher vagina; then, she fell down on his chest. They lay there, just a few minutes; he listened to her heart beatingslower and slower, until it reached a normal rate again. She listenedto his breathing, doing the same thing as her heart. When it was over,he said to her ``You don't know how happy you just made me. Do youknow that you're the first woman ever to see me naked without laughingat my size? And believe me, many women have seen me naked. ''She replied ``That's possible. But do you know that you're the firstman ever to fuck me without hurting me? And believe me, many men havefucked me.

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      '' She looked at him with a look of endless desire in hereyes. ``Do me again. Please. ''Andre pulled her skirt up over her head, all the while kissing theparts of her body he was exposing. ``Sure. If you promise me thatyou'll give me your address before you leave. I'm Andre, by the way. ''``That goes without saying'', she said, while throwing her head in herneck. ``I'm Annie''. She kissed him on the mouth when he reached herhead, a long, firm kiss. When they broke, Andre turned Annie to her back, stood up, picked herout of the bath, and carried her to the bed room. .
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