Another Workout


     I plod to the leather couch after an hour of strenuous exercise.   My white sports bra, a size too small, is stained from sweat & stretched from the swaying rolling weight of my heavy breasts.  
     My Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader shorts are also soaked in the crotch & up the back outlining the crack of my pooched little butt.   My fat labia, straddling the seam of my shorts, show between my thighs in front as if biting at the material.   The material has been rubbing my pussy during my workout & helped keep my mind off of the boring routines but eventually my legs were trembling & I was moving not for exercise but for the pleasant sensation between my legs.  
     I am alone in the weight room… now.   The girl beside me on the treadmill mouthed sounds of disgust when my finger stroked up inside the leg of my shorts a little longer than necessary to scratch & huffed her way out.  
     I’ve had a good workout so the coolness of the cheap Naugahyde couch feels good to my legs & tummy.   Sweat continues to bead up & roll off of my shoulders, back & thighs.   The protuberant seams, as I lie down on the couch, catch between my legs & flips across my pussy & a clitty that has long since come out of its hood seeking attention.  
     Letting one leg drape over the side I hump slowly along the cushioned edge of the couch, letting the seam stroke me.   My butt rises up with each sliding hump down onto the cheap couch.   My fingers dig into the phony leather.   I grip the sides of the seat as my hips hump quickly like a lapdog on his mummy’s leg.   Unable to resist, I strip my white shorts off & resume humping the soft smooth cool seams of the sofa’s edge.   Only in my sports bra & tiny, pussy-patch panties the friction feels wonderful.

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     My little pussy patch is smearing my gooey cream on the sofa.  
     Murmuring what my imagination is conjuring, my libido races wildly.   My ass quivers as my crotch bumps against the couch faster & faster.   I scream in little yips of pleasure as my clitty pops as if snapped by a rubber band.   A staccato ripple from between my legs drives me to hump wildly… trying to squeeze a real orgasm from my needy cunt.
     Just as my fingers begin an unstoppable grasping and clawing at the divan   the door opens.   M erstwhile disgusted workout buddy has returned with man about 40 & a very young teen… maybe 12 or 13.   They stare at me but I am lost in a powerful orgasm.   I am barely aware of them beside me as I thrash about on the couch.   I am vaguely aware of hands on my shoulders stripping my bra away but I cannot stop cumming.   The pimply little boy teen is nervously kissing my mouth, his daddy is sucking my nipples & the girl who was so disgusted is trying to untangle the thread that was my panties.  
     My orgasm begins to subside & I see the man & boy stripping their shorts off while the little blonde is fingering my pussy.   The man steps to my head and grasps my hair.   He pushes his son forward shoving his little cock in front of my face.   It is pretty, if small, almost hairless quivering there.

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     In my state of mind I automatically open my mouth & accept his offering.   Having just started to saw it between my lips… to slide it deeper, he groans in exasperation and grasps my head uncertainly.   I open my eyes wide in surprise as his little dick phlupps amazingly huge knotty gobs of boy sperm onto my tongue.   His daddy kneels beside me & says, “suck him right you little whore”.   I use all of my skill & technique, still a bit confused but instinctually right at home.   I suck his dick gently as he softens in my mouth.   I slurp down the boy’s huge load in several gulps.  
     Letting him back up out of my mouth, I see the girl kissing along my thighs so I just spread my legs for her & motion for Daddy to come here.   He slips his hairy cock between my breasts & strokes a bit but doesn’t last much longer than his boy, jetting thin streams of almost clear semen up under my chin.
      Not until his orgasm is over is he able to step stiffly forward, robot-like, to clumsily poke his cock in my mouth to suck like I know he wanted all along.   I suck his fatter but also short dick until the girl squeezes the last from his cock into my mouth.   
         Kissing me passionately, she pushes me onto my back quickly mounting me pussy to pussy.   She is violent in her fervor.   This is a family of fast cummers.   She hunches my fat cunny, painfully pounding onto me as a man, punishing me for being a woman.

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         In about one minute she pops three quick little Oh! Oh! Oh!s before falling off of me backwards like a male bunny-rabbit.  
         I sit up on the sofa and look at them.   The whole family is standing there as if embarrassed.    They look away for a second before gathering their clothes & disappearing quickly out the fitness room door.  
         I am a bit shaken.   It all happened so quickly.   In a few moments I am laughing so hard my sides hurt!   Still giggling and wiping tears of mirth from my eyes I reach for & don my still wet bra.   As I pull the shorts into shape to slide my legs through (the panties have disappeared) the door opens a crack.   I watch to see what new adventure is imminent before it opens slowly & the boy sheepishly enters again.   I smile at him & he uncertainly approaches.  
         “Hello”, I begin…   He is as red as an apple & can hardly speak.   “C-can we…. uh, would you… Daddy sent me back to….   I look at his trousers & they are tented with another stiffy.   I laugh again & just roll over onto my elbows & knees.

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         Pointing my butt at him, he seems uncertain at first but after looking directly at my bald slice for 30 seconds he shucks his pants come & shoves his little pecker right to the hilt.  
         As this cute little man bumps away at me silently from behind, I begin to giggle.   I am unable to stop laughing at the whole episode.   My vision blurs as my eyes tear up from laughing and I devolve into maniacal laughter as this brave little guy cries out in a loud groan and his small pecker pleasantly fills me with his hot jizz.

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