Autumn in New York


Topic: Autumn in New YorkAutumn in New YorkBy MephistophelesTannia. I first met her at work. I worked at a pizza parlor in New York, near my apartment. I won't give the address or the name, but it was a popular place for the kids to hang out. We both worked in the back, making pizza, cutting pizza, and all of those other little tasks people like us did. The first day I was there she trained me, showing me the ropes. She was about 5 foot tall; give or take, I never really asked, just guessing. She had the longest jet black hair I had ever seen, although she kept it tied back, for health code reasons. Her skin as tan, and she was beautiful. She said she was Puerto Rican, so I guess that was the reason she had those deep black eyes. She always rolled her pant legs up to her knees to keep the bottom of her pants from getting wet. At first I really didn't know what to think of her; pretty yes, but what was she really like? She blew me away. I don't know why, but I was really quite taken with her. Most girls always seemed to flirt a lot with me, but she really didn't, she really had me wondering about her. We had the usual co-worker conversations; asking about hobbies, family life, etc. Often I had fantasized about her, her slender tan body, and her beautiful soft face.

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   I thought about her small, soft, but strong hands wrapping around my throbbing uncircumcised member. And although I really had the hot's for her I could never do what I did with the other girls; just coming out and asking them how they felt, if they wanted to go steady, and most importantly: if they wanted to fuck. So I worked by her side, day after day, suppressing my urges to just come out and ask her. Until finally one day I couldn't stand it any more! "Tannia," I asked her "I have a question to ask ya. ""Well what the fuck are you waiting for? Ask already. ""Have you ever thought about me, as more then just a friend?""Sure I have, but I can't get caught up in that shit. I'm going to school, so I can start my career. " she answered, spoken like a true business woman. "No, that's cool, I can understand. . . That's really important to some people. " I sighed, dejectedly. "Don't worry about it, I'm not shooting you down. I just have my priorities in a different order then you.

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  " she tried to comfort me. "Well, do me a favor, and roll it around a bit in your head. ""I will, but I'm not promising anything. " she said, trying to restore my confidence, without getting my hopes up. "Now let's get back to work, these fucking pizzas won't make themselves. "We didn't have any conversations about what we talked about, for a few weeks. Until finally one day she told me, "I have been thinking about what you told me. ""What do you mean?" I asked her, half knowing what she was really going to say. "About being more then just friends. " she said, refreshing my memory. "Oh yea?" I said, a large grin spreading across my face. "Well I thought about it, and I decided that I'd really like to spend more time with you, more time then just here at work. " she said, starting to become a bit bashful. "I'm sure glad to here it, Tannia. You wanna go out to dinner, or a movie or something? Sometime?""I'd be happy to, how about.

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  . . " she consulted the worked schedule "Saturday night? 7 o'clock?""That sounds great!" my insides were crawling with excitement. Days passed and Saturday night came. I walked to her apartment complex and picked her up, I'm not cheap or anything but we walked to the cinema, If you'd ever been in New York, you'd know. . . While we sat in the theatre, in the dark, she held onto my arm. Though not out of fear, she seemed to enjoy horror type movies. After the movie; Land of the Dead, her choice, I walked her back to her apartment. "That was a pretty crazy movie" I told her, looking at my feet. "Yea, it was good, just not as good as Dawn of the Dead, or even Day of the Dead. ""Yea, well I think Romero was doing just because all of his fans really wanted a new zombie movie from the zombie movie master. ""Yea, most likely, I think. "We carried on conversations like this on the way back her apartment.

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   When we finally arrive she offered to let me come in, "Hey, if you want, we can go upstairs and maybe watch 'Dawn of the Dead' or something. ""Sure that sounds great. " I said, and I really did mean it. We got up to her apartment and she unlocked the door, "It's a bit of a mess, but I'm not what you'd call organized. " she warned me as we walked into her 14th floor home. There were posters on the walls and on the ceiling; monster movie posters(Dawn of the Dead, Wolf man, White Zombie, Dracula, I walked with the Zombies, etc. ) She had a small entertainment center with a VCR, DVD player, play station 2, and 4 large stacks of DVD, mostly consisting of movies she had posters of. "Wow, this place is great. " I told her, "It reminds me of my place. "Glad to hear it. " she laughed. "Take a seat, I'll get the movie set up. " I told her, trying to be as gentle-man-like as possible. She laid back on her couch and I sifted through the stacks of DVD's, until I came to 3 or 4 different versions of dawn of the dead, "Okay, Regular cut, Theatre cut, Un rated, or the Italian version?" I asked her, looking at her selection of Dawn of the Dead movies. "Hmm," she pondered, "How about the Un rated version, I wanna see some brain splatter.

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  " she said, making up her mind. "I totally agree. " I told her, setting the other 3 DVD's down. I took the DVD out of the case and placed it in the DVD player's tray. I tossed Tannia the remote and sat back beside her. As the movie started up Tannia pulled out a small white remote, and dimmed the lights with it, to a soft golden glow. As we got into the movie we both became more comfortable sitting by each other. About 20 or so minutes into the movie I put my arm around Tannia's shoulder, in a very cliche fashion. a few minutes after I draped my arm around her, she put her hand on the inside of my thigh, closer to my knee. I could feel the heat on my groin growing, as she inched her hand slightly toward my crotch, my erection grew long and hand, and down along my leg, the same leg she put her hand on. I don't have an incredibly large penis,only about 7, maybe 7. 5 inches, but I could tell that she was looking at it just the same. She continued to edge her hand up until her open palm rested firmly on the shaft of my cock. I looked at her, and our eyes met. In that instant I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

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   SEX. Her hand worked fast unzipping my pants and pulling my throbbing, uncircumcised member out. She went down on me, first kissing and licking a bit, then finally letting her small, pink, soft mouth engulf my cock. I laid my head back in ecstasy. She tried as hard she could trying to deep throat my cock, but couldn't quite make it. She pulled my cock in and out, slathering it with her tongue, and rubbing it against her silken tender lips. And seeing my white skin mingled with her tan Latino skin only heightened my sexual climax. After 15 or 20 minutes I was ready to cum, "Ohhh, I'm gonna come Tannia. " she pulled my cock out, as to not cum in her mouth, but my stream of hot jizz shot on her face. Interracial Facial. Her cute little face was covered in my cream, and she started to laugh, "Wanna help me out here?" she asked me. I took my shirt off and handed to her. She proceeded to wipe my cum off of her face. After she finished up, we both stripped bare ass and laid back on her couch. She climbed onto and mounted my erection, letting it sink slowly into her tight, little, bald pussy.

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   She may have been tan, but her pussy was as pink as any I had ever seen. She shivered with pleasure as she went down further and further, until finally my entire cock was buried deep in her pussy. I could feel the back of her pussy pressing back against my dick, as I slid it out, and pushed it all the way back in. Tannia shivered and was breathing heavily as she got on her knees on the couch, she rested her fore-arms on the arm of the couch as I took her from behind. I started slowly at first, with a nice slow in and out, taking a nice beating tempo. But as she would breathe harder I moved faster and faster, the tempo becoming rapid and unsteady. I could feel her tight little lips rubbing up against my shaft, it was like silk. I started moving around in a circular motion, touching the walls of her pussy, rubbing against them hard and strong. Tannia was moaning and breathing hard while I was going to town on her insides. As I took her from behind I bent over her, resting my stomach on the small of her back, rubbing against her ass. I reached down to her, grabbing her breasts, kneading them like soft dough. I enjoyed her breasts before moving down to her stomach. I rested one of my hands on her stomach, holding her warm belly, while my other hand slid down to her clit. I pinched it between my thumb and fore-finger, rubbing it up and down. This drove her wild.

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   I swear thought she was going to start panting like a dog, but she didn't. I sat up-right and leaned back a bit, looking down at her tight hairless ass hole. I slowly moved my finger around it in a circle, before I started fingering. "Let's turn over, I wanna see your eyes. " she told me, moaning, a bit. "Okay, Tannia. " I said as she turned over. She laid back, resting her upper back against the arm of the couch, she lifted her legs up, bending her knees. I grabbed her right ankle and laid it over my shoulder, I then did the same with her left leg. As I started thrusting in and out I kissed her legs, starting at her ankle, and slowly moving down, I soon passed her knee and kissed the inside of her tight, just below her knee. It was soft and warm, and sweet. Her hairless body tasted so sweet. Her pussy was so tight, and so wet. The pink was delicious and it felt so right. I shut my eyes tight moving closer and closer to climax, "I'm about to cum.

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  " I told her, in a heavy sigh of pleasure. "Pull out, and shoot on my belly. " she said, looking up at me with her soft glazed eyes, her brown irises glimmering with the glare from the ceiling light. I pulled my cock and, and pulled the foreskin back, and with that my body tensed and I reached orgasm. My stream of hot cum came out, and a large glob of it landed on her tits, but most of it rested on her stomach. After a few seconds I brought my face down and buried it in her neck, licking, kissing, and sucking on her neck and cheeks. Autumn in New York. . . Why does it seem so inviting? It spells the thrills of first nighting. Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds in canyons of steel. They're making me feel I'm home. . .

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