Band Bus First Timers


I remember my first time. I look on it with fondness, like a parent looking at his child learning (slowly and cute even) to throw his first baseball. Only I wasn't throwing my balls. It was after our first marching competition, we did alright making it into the finals. Didn't place too well but I didn't mind, that meant we left later than we normally would have: at about 11:30 pm. Wouldn't seem so bad if one didn't know it was a 4 hour charter bus ride. I think now would be the perfect time for a cliché flashback effect:

I sat in my seat, the window seat. Sure sounds mean that I, the boyfriend, takes the window seat, but hey, she doesn't like the cold. My girlfriend at the time was Sally, no wait her name was Meghan. Meghan with an H. That right, with an H. I'm kinda bad with remembering stuff, kinda killed some later relationships.

“Hey, Meghan, c'mon, sit down already, you can talk to Sarah from here, ” I shouted at her, patting the seat next to me. Putting on my best evil grin I lowered my voice and added, “I'm getting cold. ”

She stood up from crouching in the aisle and whipped around to glare at me. I could feel my cock stir.

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   She always had a way of doing that to me, more so than other girls. I looked at her, admiring her long, straight, shiny brown hair, her hazel eyes, and her lips. I looked down and lingered around her breasts, I think a 34C if I remember our last game of truth or dare correctly, and then moved down to her waist that accentuated her large, sexy ass. She swears somewhere in her family tree is a black person: I believe it.

I put on a silly face and she melted and sat down. I had a tendency of doing that.

About 45 minutes passed and most of the bus was asleep, including the chaperones. The victim of insomnia with the chaperones got up and turned off the movies while the driver turned off the lights. I got my big blanket (fleece, feels oh so warm) and let my girlfriend lay down on my lap so I could cover us up. Her friends fell asleep as soon as they had their pillows propped up behind their heads.

15 minutes went by. Felt like an hour, but I've learned silent calm hours are really about 15 minutes. A few whispers of late night conversations cold be heard in the back and front of the bus, nothing disturbing. I noticed Meghan was looking up at me. She had on that face, she wanted to be kissed.

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So I kissed her. And then I kissed her again. Momentum built up and we began making out like demons. My tongue invaded her mouth and she obviously was determined not to be outdone. My hand moved from her shoulder slowly down to cup her perky breast. We both gasped a little, her feeling my hand and me realizing she didn't have on her bra. My cock started to harden. I slipped my hand under her shirt and began to roll her erect nipple in my fingers. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I felt her hand snake up my back and stop behind my head only to pull my head down and herself up to meet my lips.

We made out harder than before and I let my hand slip from her breast and slid down her firm stomach. It found the waistband of her pajama bottoms and quickly burrowed in. Another shock: no panties. And oh god was she wet. I started to rub her clit, slowly at first.

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   We stopped kissing and she started to breath very heavily. If my cock wasn't already rock hard, I can tell you it was now. My middle finger suddenly thrust into her pussy and her entire body clenched.

I started moving my finger in and out, building up speed. The faster I went, the faster she breathed. I kissed her softly and she responded by grabbing my head again and assaulting my mouth. Then she moved her hand and stopped mine, pulling it out. I looked at her with confusion, about to ask why, but she put her finger to my lips, silencing me. She sat up and looked around the bus: all was quiet. She turned to me with that needy face and moved to straddle me.

“What if someone sees?” I whispered.

“They're asleep” she replied, her words quivering with excitement.

She moved my hand back down her pajama pants and I needed no more encouragement in resuming the fingering. I felt her hand seductively move down my chest to my own waistband. Electric shock rippled through me as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my rock hard member out of my boxers.

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   She gasped as she wrapped her hand around my 7 inch shaft and started to pump up and down. Suddenly I realized I had stopped because the pleasure washed all over me, making me forget everything existed except for her hand on my cock. She used her other hand to pull mine out and put it on the side of her hips. She started pushing down, taking my hand and her bottoms down her thigh. She pulled my dick back and pushed her hips forward, making contact with her pussy and the tip of my dick. I nearly came right there.

“But, I don't have any condoms with me,” I half-heartedly protested thinking back to the akward sex-ed class.

She kissed me and whispered into my ear, “We don't need on, I have on my patch. ”

With that she started to lower her virgin pussy onto my virgin cock. I was in heaven. The further down she went, the bigger the “O” her mouth made got. I could feel the tight virgin pussy squeeze my dick. The feeling was intense. About a quarter of the way in her knees buckled and she fell, filling her all the way up. I quickly kissed her passionately to drown out both of our moans.

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   Slowly she moved her hips up and down, forming a rhythm with my small thrusts, each one taking me higher and higher into ecstasy land. It was amazing, feeling her soaking wet pussy squeeze my penis. I could feel my balls start to tighten and I looked at her face that looked as if she was in pain and whispered “I'm about to cum!”

I tried to simultaneously pull down and push her up to get out, but she moved my hand and just began moving her hips faster and faster repeating, “Just cum in me, cum in me,” in my ear.

Suddenly I felt it arrive, I grabbed her big ass and nearly slammed it down on my cock while stretching my head back. I felt my load shoot into her and hear her moan as I felt her pussy tighten and her body shudder as she came with me.

The throbbing slowly faded away and I looked into her eyes that started to tear up with pleasure and kissed her.

She slowly unmounted and deftly (to this day I don't know how) pulled off her pajama bottoms, put on a pair of white panties, and put back on the bottoms. We kissed again as she fell back into my lap and slowly fell asleep with a smile on her face. Obviously there was a smile on mine too. I glanced around and thought I saw one of her friends eyes suddenly close and a grin appear on her face. Things were going to get interesting when we got back. . .
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