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The advert on the university notice board seemed innocent enough. ‘FEMALE MODEL REQUIRED FOR EROTIC DISPLAY. VERY WELL PAID. ’ Her modelling credentials were in no doubt. At 5’ 10”, slim, tanned, with striking blonde hair, she had attracted plenty of male attention. She’d even had a couple of offers from men’s magazines to pose in their ‘Student of the Month’ sections. At the time she had turned them down, but a year latter times were hard and the student debt was mounting, making the prospect of earning some easy money too tempting to ignore. The phrase ‘erotic display’ worried her a little, however she was not a shy girl and had enough experience to be comfortable with her body. Quickly she keyed the number into her mobile phone and pressed the call button. ‘Hello?’ The voice on the other end of the line was distinctly male. ‘Hi, my name’s Abi,’ she replied. ‘I’m calling in response to your poster requiring a model. ’‘Ah yes,’ he said. ‘Let me give you some more information. The display is for an art project I’m working on. I will pay you £500 for one evening’s work, although of course I will require you to be naked during the show.

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   I trust that will not be a problem?’‘No problem at all,’ she replied, trying to match his confidence. ‘Oh, by the way,’ he added. ‘The show will focus on the art of bondage so the model will be tied up. ’A tingle of excitement ran through her body at the mention of this. Although she’d never admitted it to past lovers, she was always aroused at the thought of being bound and at another person’s mercy. After agreeing quickly to the terms she was given the location, a smart art gallery whose name she recognised, and a time before putting the phone down. The night of the show arrived. After getting through almost a whole bottle of wine to build up her courage, Abi took a taxi to the gallery. Once there, she was greeted by the owner, obviously the man she had spoken to over the phone. She had a few questions for him, namely how many people would be at this show. ‘Oh, don’t worry about that,’ was his reply. ‘Now, if you would care to remove your clothes, I would just like to confirm that you are what we’re looking for. ’His failure to answer her question and his haste at getting her to undress unnerved her a little but the alcohol and the fact that the place seemed genuine enough; a beautifully smart place on the edge of town, reassured her. Abi took a deep breath, thought ‘Why not?’ and lifted her top, exposing her expansive chest enclosed in a lacy white bra. She reached down, un-buttoned her jeans and slid them over her pert bottom and onto the floor.

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   Stepping out of the trousers and kicking off her shoes she stood before him in her underwear. He looked at her critically. ‘Very nice,’ he mentioned calmly. ‘Now remove the underwear. ’She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, revealing her pert breasts, nipples hard from exposure to the conditioned gallery air. Finally she slipped of her knickers, standing before him completely naked. At last he seemed genuinely impressed. ‘Perfect, just perfect,’ she heard him say before handing her a bathrobe. He clicked his fingers and a female assistant appeared from one of the back rooms. ‘Take our model away and prepare her for the show,’ he ordered. Abi was led away into a dressing room, where she was greeted by another two girls. Without speaking they directed her to stand in the centre of the room and got to work. One girl began to apply makeup; mascara to accentuate Abi’s long lashes, blusher and ruby red lipstick. Another girl began to rub moisture all over her body (a strange but not unpleasant sensation for Abi), before she got to work painting her fingernails and toenails a ruby red to match the lipstick. The third girl began to plait her hair.

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   However, she was also plaiting a long length of red rope into the strands of hair. Abi pondered this for a second but succumbed to the delicious feeling of being spoilt. Once the girls were complete they stepped back to admire their work. Abi had never looked so good or felt so pampered. ‘I could get used to this!’ she thought to herself. Before she had chance to admire her reflection, Abi was led into the next room, obviously the main hall of the gallery. She was directed to a raised plinth in the centre of the room and felt two of the girls apply pressure to her shoulders. They obviously intended her to kneel on the plinth so she complied, finding a padded groove on either side which her legs fit into. From cupboards around the room the girls removed lengths of red, silken rope. Abi tingled with sexual excitement at the sight of these bindings, a warm feeling of desire spreading through her body. A length of rope was wound around each of her ankles and attached to the platform. A similar binding was placed around the top of her calves, securing her firmly in the kneeling position. Her arms were pulled gently but firmly behind her back and were bound together at the wrists by the rope plaited firmly into her hair. Finally, by pulling down on this rope Abi’s head was pulled back and the rope was tied off to the platform between her feet. She was now fastened tightly to the plinth, her body arched provocatively, pushing her chest forwards.

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   Her legs were held firmly apart, her pussy stretched open slightly to reveal a thin sheen of moisture giving away her sexually aroused state. To complete her bondage a ball gag was forced between her bright red lips and fastened behind her head. Without word the three assistants left the room and Abi was alone. She tested the bindings but each held firm, leaving her securely fastened to the platform in the kneeling position. At best she could drop down slightly, thus providing some relief from the tension of having her head pulled backwards. By now a seed of doubt was being sown in her mind. Here she was, completely at the mercy of anyone who chose to take advantage of her situation. She tried to make her fears known, tried to call out, but her cries were muffled by the gag in her mouth. The feeling of helplessness increased her level of arousal. By now her breath was coming out in ragged gasps, partly as she struggled in her bonds and partly from desire. Suddenly she heard a noise. Holding her breath she listened to the sound of a small motor somewhere within the platform. She strained her body to enable herself to catch a glimpse of what was causing the noise but her tied state prevented this. It was then that she felt it. Some sort of object was rising from the platform between her legs.

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   She raised herself up to try and prevent the object touching her in her most intimate of areas but soon reached the extent of her mobility in her bindings. It continued to rise, positioned directly beneath her spread cunt. She felt it slip between her wet pussy lips and recognised it as a type of smooth dildo. By now she was panicking wildly, thrashing around in her bindings to try and free herself from this intrusion. However, all she was achieving was to coat the dildo in her own cum. It was wider than any of her own personal toys, stretching her pussy lip around it. Just when she thought she could take no more; that it was about to split her in two, it stopped moving. Her entire pussy was filled with this object. She was stretched in her bindings, her head pulled back as far as it would go to try and lift herself from the platform. She could not force herself down onto the dildo any further and so was completely immobile. Perspiration covered her body from her struggles to achieve freedom. A thin trail of saliva had escaped her gagged lips and was running down her chin and between her naked breasts. The door to the room opened and the owner walked in. She tossed and turned in her bonds, screaming into the gag in protest at the treatment she was receiving. ‘No one will hear your muffled cries,’ he said as he walked towards her.

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   ‘Anyway,’ he continued as he reached between her bound legs, fingers sliding over her exposed pussy lips. ‘Something tells me you’re enjoying this more than you’re letting on. ’With that he removed his hand, fingers slick with her cum and held it to her face for her to see. Abi tried to back away as she caught the aroma of her sexual excitement and cringed with humiliation. She could not believe she could be so turned on by this violation, but her body had betrayed her. Enjoying the feeling of complete power his position gave he ran his hand gently down her cheek and across her lips, smearing her with her own juices and ensuring she could not escape the smell of her arousal. With that he strode to the other side of the hall, opened the double doors and called ‘Gentlemen, let the show begin!’Abi’s eyes widened with fear as into the room walked a steady stream of men. All were smartly dressed but she could not help but notice the look of desire in their eyes as they spotted their ‘model’. Soon a crowd had gathered around the platform, each man critically examining Abi. She pushed and pulled at the bindings, feeling exposed and vulnerable, but all she succeeded in doing was to force the dildo further inside her cunt. The act of being put on display and the feeling of fullness from the dildo had increased her sexual desire. Her pussy was soaking wet and a thin trail of her own cum ran down the toy, exciting the men who could witness her arousal. ‘I trust she is to your liking?’ asked the gallery owner to the gathered men. A murmur of agreement came as a reply. ‘I that case, she’s all yours!’ he added, leaving the room.

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  At that the men closest to Abi began to remove their belts and unbutton their trousers. The first man reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock, which was rock hard as a result of the display she had been putting on. He stood in front of her and stroked his length, never taking his eyes off hers. She tried to look away in disgust but to either side of her men were doing the same. She was now pulling madly on her ties and moaning into her gag, her body glistening with sweat. However her bonds held firm and her actions only served to encourage her audience. The man in front of her was obviously close to climax, his strokes quickening. As he reached the point of orgasm he shot his load of cum directly at Abi, hitting her square in the chest before it ran down between her breasts. Once satisfied he dropped back into the crowd and his place was taken by another man. The men at her sides were doing the same, one man cumming in her face, covering her cheek and lips with spunk. She felt more cum splatter over her back, making it clear that she was surrounded. More and more men appeared, each one masturbating himself to orgasm. Soon she was completely covered. Cum dripped from her face and onto her body; it ran over her exposed breasts, down her flat stomach and between her legs, mixing with the juices from her pussy and dripping onto the platform. Her beautiful blonde hair was coated, sticking it to her body; as was her back, spunk dripping between the cheeks of her arse.

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   She could even feel it running between the toes of her bound feet, obviously provided by a number of men with a particular fetish. The aroma of sex was everywhere, she could not escape it. She was being used as a toy for their sexual release, obscenely bound and vulnerable. As more and more men continued to degrade and humiliate her, inexplicably she felt her arousal level increasing. The sight of all these men, with their long, hard cocks in hand, coupled with her helplessness, was making her pussy burn with passion, her own orgasm building up inside. Soon she found herself forcing her body down onto the huge dildo impaling her cunt, in an attempt to find a release. Her actions, and the moans of desire escaping her gagged lips thrilled the men surrounding her, who, spent, stood back to enjoy the show. This excited her yet more and soon she began to loose control. Her body writhed as she rode the toy pushed deep inside her, eyes closed in passion as warm sticky cum and sweat dripped from every patch of her skin. Abi screamed as the climax took over, her whole body shuddering with desire as her pussy tightened around the plastic toy buried inside her. As the orgasm, the longest and most intense she had ever experienced, subsided she collapsed into her bindings, utterly exhausted. The next time Abi opened her eyes she found herself lying naked and alone on a bed in a small room. She realised that she must have passed out from the intensity of the orgasm and, unconscious, was untied and taken here. Her clothes lay neatly by the side of the bed and in the corner of the room stood a shower. She sat up uncomfortably, her body covered in drying cum and her pussy lips sore and tender.

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   After showering gently and dressing she left the room and found herself outside the gallery, a taxi waiting to take her home. For the whole ride home she thought about what had gone on that evening. She was shocked but equally disturbed by how her body had betrayed her. How had she climaxed after what had happened to her? She was more disturbed when she discovered the £500 tucked into the pocket of her jeans and found herself thinking, ‘Maybe that wasn’t so bad after all!’.
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A key benefit of independent escorts in the Czech Republic is the assurance of a private, secure, and professional service. These ladies take great care to protect the privacy and discretion of their customers, ensuring that their interactions remain totally private.