Burning Desires


Topic: Burning Desires 

Burning Desires
        It was 11:32 PM.   I’d just gotten home from a long day of work, and I wanted nothing more than to lie in my bed and not move for anything, until I’d fall asleep.   I got undressed and ready for bed, turned out the lights, and laid down.   At the exact moment I closed my eyes, the phone rang – it was Jessica.
                Jessica and I had been dating on and off for a few months.   The complications of her living an hour and a half away made having a continuous relationship a very daunting task.   She was very beautiful, though.
She was 5’7’’ with a body any man would die for.   Her larger-than-average breasts were perky, as were her cute, pink nipples.   Her ass was the hottest thing I’d ever laid my eyes on.   Her skin was unbelievably soft, and tanned to the perfect degree.   She had long, black, silky-smooth, straight hair, and it always had the perfect scent.
She was a Latin goddess, and the distance was killing me.   I knew she wanted me, and she knew I wanted her.   Realistically, I wanted nothing more than to stare into her beautiful, big, sky-blue eyes, and kiss her always sweet-tasting, full, sexy lips.   I had the image of her last visit so vividly in my mind that I’d almost forgotten I was on the phone with her.

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We talked for about an hour, her voice was the most seductive thing I’d ever listened to.   It was like a wonderful song, but so much more addicting, and her accent was just as beautiful as her.   We talked about how much we’d wanted to be together, and how much we miss each other.   As time went on, during that hour long conversation, we began to go deeper into conversations of love and sex.
It was as if we were finishing each other’s words.   We had the same, sexy ideas in mind.   The steamy sex scene that we’d both dreamed of for the longest time was so close to being a reality.   Our minds were almost as one as we spoke; it was as if she could read my mind.   She wanted to come over and live out our deepest, most tempting desires.
Before I knew it, we’d hung up; she was in her car and on the way over.   I decided that, as much as the conversation had excited me, I was still deathly tired.   I had to do something to keep me awake, so I decided to straighten up the house a bit, and perhaps cook a nice meal for us to enjoy before embarking on a night of wild sex…
It didn’t occur to me until I decided to clean how much I let my house go.   Everything was everywhere, except the places in which it all belonged.   The hour and a half flew by so quickly, and I’d just finished cleaning and sat down for a rest.   I could have cooked the wonderful meal to set the mood, but I just lit some candles instead – she was going to arrive any moment.

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I began to doze off, but I was quickly snapped out of it with a loud knock on my door – it was her.   I shot out of the couch I was on as if I were on fire.   Roughly two seconds later my hand was on the doorknob, and my heart began to race.   When I opened the door, I could have sworn my heart actually stopped.   She was so beautiful – if possible, more beautiful than the last time we’d met.
She was wearing a long coat, buttoned up.   Without even saying a word, she began kissing me.   She bit and sucked my lip, and I returned the favor.   She started to get more forceful, and ended up slamming the door, shoving me on the couch, and taking off her coat, to reveal only fancy, black, see-through lingerie.
Before I knew it, she was on top of me, and we hadn’t even said a word yet.   As we made out, she kept grabbing at my crotch, moaning as I bit her lip.   She slowly snaked down a bit and kissed my neck, gently at first, and her sweet Spanish tongue flicked my neck.   I could feel pleasure in every part of my body.
The scent of her hair, with the scent of the melting candles was almost too much for me to handle at once.   I’d never smelled anything so wonderful.

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    To hear her moan in pleasure and know how much she wanted to make love was beyond what my ears could take.   The taste of her lips drove me crazy…  And I couldn’t believe my eyes at how beautiful this girl was.
She bit my neck, like a vampire, as if she wanted to suck every drop of my blood.   Each bite and every suck was like a shock of electricity flowing through my body.   I moved my hips harder and harder into her pussy as she lay on top of me.   She knew what I wanted.   She slithered down my body, and had her hands on my belt.
As she undid my belt, my button, and my zipper, I began to fiddle with a candle I felt was placed dangerously next to the couch we were on.   Then I felt the most amazing feeling I’d ever felt.   The warm sensation of her wet Latina mouth on my cock was almost unbearable.   I ran my fingers through her hair, as she moved her head up and down, slowly sucking every inch as if she was starving for it.
I couldn’t take it anymore.   I was too close to orgasm that I had to tell her to stop.   She grinned and shifted her body, ready to finally live out our most crazy sexual desires.   She positioned herself on top of me, and then gasped, in complete shock as she looked behind me.

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  . .
Topic: Burning Desires [continued]                 I’d forgotten about the candle.   It had fallen off the end table and lit the rug on fire.   I jumped up, and almost threw Jessica off of me.   She hit her head on the reclining chair and was knocked unconscious.   I panicked, and every safety measure I should have taken was ignored.   I couldn’t think straight. I don’t think anyone could have processed their thoughts properly in this situation.   The couch was now on fire, and it was spreading rapidly.   My genitals were uncovered with my pants around my ankles.   I furiously masturbated as I paced back and forth trying to comprehend what is going on.   Jessica was unconscious on the floor, probably still completely hot and wet…
I did what any self respecting man would do in this situation.   I ignored the fire, and began to make - literally - hot, sweaty love to her unconscious body.   The smoke in the house was becoming thicker.

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    The risk and danger only made her sweet, twenty year old pussy feel even more sexy and erotic.   I was so close to coming at this point that even the fire being next to my face couldn’t stop me.
I pushed harder and harder, my adrenaline was at an all time high.   Drops of sweat began to drip down onto her face and beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.   She was unresponsive, and I began to get dizzy, the smoke grew thicker – I couldn’t recognize my living room.   The flames became a raging fire.   I could feel the flames licking my near blistering body.
Finally I came inside of her.   It was sudden, and unexpected.   I was almost passed out, but it was the most perfect thing to ever happen.   The heat of our bodies was quite possibly hotter than the fire itself.   The numbness of my orgasm began to settle in, and I could do nothing more but lay there next to this amazing Spanish beauty.
And then everything went black.
I don’t know what happened to her, or what happened to my house.   The most I remember was the feeling of complete and total freedom from reality as I lay with Jessica on my living room floor as the fire slowly devoured the both of us.

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    The last thing I saw was the thick, black smoke engulfing us both as I held onto her lifeless, warm body.
When I woke up I was in this place.   I don’t know if it’s a hospital, but all I can see are four white walls, a white ceiling, a white floor, and a clock.   It’s 11:32 PM again, and I guess I got what I wanted.   I lay in this same bed every night unable to move for anything until I fall asleep.

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