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"So, Chloe Gullet, I know your name. I'm Rob DE Met, just moved here from Colorado. I work for a law firm, commercial law mostly. " He was making conversation. Chloe found that rather cute. She opened the door wider. "Nice to meet you, Mr. , DE Met. Would you like to come in? There's some coffee in the pot in the kitchen, just let me throw something on real quick. " With that, she left the doorway for him to come in, walking back to her bedroom. She pulled on a pale pink kimono, tying it around her waist loosely. Her long, shapely legs were hardly covered. Scandalously, she put nothing on underneath it. She walked back into the kitchen, smiling. "Find everything OK?" She asked, softly. He turned around, his breath catching in his throat as he stared slightly.

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   She reached up into the cabinet above the stove to pull down the hazelnut creamer, knowing full well when she did that the silk wouldn't cover her ass. She grinned, feeling his stare. "Umm. . . yeah. . . I found. . . everything OK. " He hesitated, and she giggled, turning around to smile at him. "Just OK?" She purred softly, tugging at the loose tie of her kimono. He licked his lips, laughing softly.

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  "If you're talking about you. . . . far more than OK. . . " He stepped closer to her, coffee forgotten. "Good. " She untied the knot completely, letting the fabric fall where it would. It clung to her still slightly damp body, not revealing anything yet. "Mmm. " He was right in front of her now. His hands slid into the soft fabric, parting it, gasping at her full breasts with their dusky, taut nipples, at her tight stomach, at the simple lack of hair anywhere on her body aside from her head. His fingers moved up through her wet hair playfully, as he leaned down to kiss her coral pink lips softly.

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  She returned his sentiments, moaning softly as her breasts pressed against his body, her arms snaking around his neck. Slowly she pulled away, pulling his T-shirt up and over his head, tossing it on the floor. She ran her fingers through the glory of golden hair that showered his chest, grinning and giggling when he gasped, her fingers traveling over his nipples. She pressed her hips into his, angling her body off the country. When she received his grateful groan of appreciation, she pulled him closer to her and kissed him again. His hands fell down to the buckle of his belt, clumsily unfastening his belt and undoing the fly on his jeans, stepping out of them. She granddad against him playfully, feeling how hard he was through his boxers. Chloe moaned softly, already wet and wanting from the stimulation. In the chaos, her kimono had slipped to the floor; Rob slipped out of his boxers, his hands around her waist. He picked her up, setting her on the Formica countertop. Chloe squealed slightly at the cold, but giggled when Rob kissed her neck softly. He was right against her, but not inside her. The teasing made her insane. She moaned, her head leaning back against the cabinet. He grinned, his tongue darting out and flicking playfully over her nipples before he began to suck on them in earnest.

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   She whimpered, writing at the attention. "Oh please. . . " Her voice was a husky, harsh whisper in the quiet of the apartment. Rob smiled at her, kissing her neck and then her lips again. "Please what, sweetie. " He laughed quietly, his hand sliding between her legs, rubbing playfully at her sweet spot. "Oh God. . . take me. . . " Chloe's breathing was shallow and fast, she ached for his hard, thick cock inside of her.

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  "With pleasure. . . " Rob grunted as her shot up inside of her ready, waiting pussy. Chloe, crying out, dug her nails into his shoulders, pushing her hips back against his, suspended by the counter. He pumped into her, again, again, moaning with her, not breaking stride nor rhythm. His heart raced; all that mattered now was the feeling of being inside her.
    "Oh God. . . " She whimpered, her tiny body clinging to his. She couldn't last much longer -- it had been awhile for her, what with being so busy and all. The feeling of his pounding into her made her tummy shiver, sending rivulets of pleasure down her spine. "I can't stop myself, Chloe, God you're so hot. .

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      . so tight. " Rob moaned against her shoulder, pushing into her again, his cock twitching inside of her. He could feel it swell within her, and he wanted to cum so bad. . . "Don't stop. . . I want to feel you cum inside me. . . " Chloe moaned again, gasping this time as her climax overtakes her, sweet, hard, causing all her muscles to tighten around his member inside of her. She milked him with her orgasm, begging him to cum for her. He gave in easily.

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       She moaned excitedly as his seed filled her, warmed her entirely. Her body felt like it was on fire. Finally, their breathing returned to normal, and she giggled softly. "I just had sex with some random guy from my building. . . does that make me easy?" Chloe pondered, out loud. "Nah, makes ya fun. " Rob responded, pulling his clothes back on. After a wink shot her way, he left her apartment. Chloe sighed. "Looks like I'll be needing another shower. . . ".

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