Cyber Become Reality Pt. 2


As she lay there in Jonathan's arms sleeping peacefully, Jonathan looked down at her face his eyes zeroing in on her pouty lips. He wanted to taste those lips again so he leaned over and lightly brushed his tongue across her bottom lip. She shifted her head away and rolled onto her back. Jonathan smiled at the full frontal view he had of her thick, luscious body. Her heavy breasts having shifted towards the sides of her body due to gravity moved up and down with the even rhythm of her breathing. He loved her nipples. They were dark but not too dark and when they hardened in passion they were like little pebbles. Jonathan's gaze traveled down the length of her body. Her stomach wasn't flat and had stretch marks but that didn't stop Jonathan from wanting to run his hand across her stomach. He placed his hand on her stomach and enjoyed the feel of the stretch marks under his hand. His hand moved slowly down between her legs. She instinctively opened her legs wider and Jonathan was able to stroke her pussy folds as he looked at her face, willing her to wake up.
She opened her eyes and smiled at Jonathan enjoying the feel of his hand between her thighs. She wanted to feel him inside of her again but first she wanted to taste him. She rolled Jonathan over and straddled him. She could feel his hard cock throbbing against her still moist pussy.

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   She began to kiss Jonathan on the neck just behind the ear. Jonathan released a gentle sigh. Slowly, taking her time she moved down Jonathan's body kissing and nibbling until she got to the prize that she wanted. She braced her arms on either side of Jonathan as she knelt on the bed between his legs. His cock was fully hard and she knew that it was screaming at her to just kiss it. She leaned over and gently kissed the tip. Jonathan's cock jumped at the touch and she smiled. She rained gentle kisses up and down the shaft of Jonathan's cock enjoying the sounds of pleasure escaping from Jonathan's lips.
She nudged Jonathan's cock into an upright position with her mouth and took him in all the way to the back of her throat. Jonathan groaned excitedly at the swift and smooth way she took him in. He looked down at her head and loved the contrast of her brown skin against his lighter wheat colored skin. He'd been with Black women before but this one was blowing his mind. No, she wasn't the most beautiful woman, but the way she looked up at him as she sucked on his cock made him want to drown in those deep chocolate brown eyes of hers. In Jonathan's mind, she was the cutest, sexiest woman he'd ever had the pleasure of being with. Jonathan braced himself up on his elbows so that he could get a better view of what she was doing to him.

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   She began to play with the spit that had worked up on Jonathan's cock and Jonathan could feel himself about to explode at the sight of the spit trailing from her mouth to his cock. He didn't want it to be over yet, so he stopped her and pulled her up to him. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his back as he sat in the middle of the bed. He kissed her passionately wanting to express to her the only way he knew how, how she had just made him feel.
She began to grind on his cock allowing Jonathan to feel her juices mix with her spit and Jonathan swiftly rolled her over onto her knees. He knelt behind her and looked at her nice, thick ass facing him in the air. She had some junk in the trunk and Jonathan couldn't help but give one of her butt cheeks a light swat. She giggled at his playfulness. Finally, Jonathan reached over the side of the bed to find his pants and rummaged around in his pants pocket and found what he was looking for. He sheathed his rock hard cock with the condom and slowly entered her juicy waiting pussy from behind. Gawd!! She was tight. Her pussy felt as if it had a vice grip on his cock and it was hard for Jonathan not to just lose all sanity and explode right then and there. He didn't want the sensation to end and he wanted her to really enjoy herself. He gently shoved her down onto the bed and lay on her back so that he could whisper in her ear as he gently pumped his cock into her pussy. He whispered how good she felt and how he never wanted to stop.

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       He whispered how incredibly sexy she was to him. He whispered that he would make her feel things she never felt before.
    Never having had a man communicate with her during sex, drove her wild. She immediately came and Jonathan couldn't believe how wet she had gotten from just a few words and some well placed strokes. She gripped the sheets and began to buck up against Jonathan wanting to take him in as deep as he could go. Jonathan wasn't ready to cum yet and he knew if he continued to allow her to buck up against him with her tight, wet, and now throbbing pussy, he wouldn't be able to resist. He pulled out and she groaned in dissatisfaction. He smiled down at her and rolled her over. He looked down into her passion filled eyes and knew at that moment that he would make love to this woman whenever and wherever. He was hooked!
    He put her legs up on his shoulders marveling at how limber she was to be such a healthy woman. He rubbed his hands down her thick thighs as she reached down, gripped his cock and placed him back inside of her looking into his eyes the whole time. He slipped in easily and she grabbed his ass and silently pleaded for him to continue to give her the pleasure she never knew she could feel. He leaned down on top of her as she raised her legs back and opened herself up wide to him. He sank into the passion and began to thrust his cock into her in long, hard strokes. She scratched his back and demanded he fuck her harder.

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       He complied. She pleaded that he fuck her even harder and faster. Jonathan began pumping his dick into her pussy with everything he had. They were flying as they both exploded simultaneously, violently shaking with the intensity of their orgasms. As they came back down to earth, they looked into each others eyes and smiled a smile to each other that just confirmed their new discreet relationship.