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Topic: Dawn's First Adult FilmFor Years I'd Lusted After My Gorgeous Cousin, Dawn. She Has Such A Sexy Stunning Body I Would Often Dream About Her. She Lives Out Of Town And Only Visits Occasionally. One Day Dawn Called To Say She Was Coming To Visit AND That She Was Auditioning For Her First 'Adult Film'! I Was Stuck For Words As I Tried To Comprehend What She Had Said, ‘Adult Films’ I Mumbled? She Said She'd Always Wondered What It Would Be Like. She Said She’d Had Her 36C Tits (And Gosh What Perfect 36C Tits She Had Too) Pumped Full Of Silicone To “40DD”! I Gasped Picturing Her Huge Stripper Tits - Nipples Big As Door Knobs. My Stomach Churned Thinking About It – Beautiful Dawn In 'Adult Films'? I Pictured Dawn In Her Leather Mini-Skirt, High Heels Behind Her Ears, Her Big Tits Bouncing As Some Old Pervert Rudely Fucked Her Hot Brains Out! My Mind Raced With Erotic Images Of Her Being Done In Every Possible Position! She Called Two Days Later To Say She Was In Town And Asked Me If I Could Pick Her Up From The Shoot As She Hadn’t Told Her Husband And Didn’t Want Him To Fin Out. My Heart Was Pounding As I Arrived At The Adress An Hour And A Half Early. Dare I Go In? What Would I See? I Told Myself I Must Have It Wrong – I Couldn’t Not Imagine Beautiful Dawn Stripping For Strangers And Well …. Gosh I Could Hardly Bring Myself To Think About It!I Carefully Walked Up The Stairs And Peeked Through The Glass Door. There Was No One At Reception And The Front Lights Were Out. But I Tried The Door And It Was Unlocked. I Saw Lights From The Back Room And Made My Way Carefully. I Saw Dawn Standing There In Her Black Bra, Panties And High Heels. I Gasped At Her Gorgeous Figure – She Took My Breath Away! An Older Man Approached Dawn And Told Her Something. She Looked Surprised – Then He Slipped His Hands Inside Her Blouse And Began To Fondle Her Gorgeous Big Tits. Dawn’s Lips Formed A Surprised ‘O’ As He Played With Her Amazing Big Tits.

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   Then Dawn Allowed Him To Open Her Blouse. I Got Painfully Hard As I Watched Her Reach Behind Her Back And Unhook Her Black Bra For Him. Her Stunning Big Tits Spilled Out - Nipples Hard - And I Gasped As I Saw Them For The First Time. Then This Older Man - The 68 Year Old Producer – Pushed Up Her Leather Skirt, Pulled Aside Her Black Panties And Ran His Hand Over Her Smooth Ass. I Drew A Sharp Breath As I Saw What He Was About To Do And Thought "Gosh No!" But As Dawn Watched Over Her Shoulder, He Pushed His 12" Erect Cock Between Her Ass Cheeks And Expertly Mounted Her Super Model Pussy. His Right Hand Was Firmly On Her Ass As He Began To Ball Her Hard Without Asking! I Groaned And Felt Pangs Of Jealousy Shoot Through My Belly As His Dangling Elder Balls Spanked Dawn's Fine Ass. He Was Fucking My Beautiful Dawn Right In Front Of Me! The Arch Of Her Back, Her Upturned Ass And Her Gorgeous Big Tits Sticking Out Made Me Groan With A Painful Jealous Hard-On. I'd Dreamed About Making Love To Her For Years And Here He Was Ramming His Horny Cock Rudely In And Out Of Her Gorgeous Hole! At One Point She Glanced Over At Me And Our Eyes Met. I Groaned As She Got Pussy Fucked By This Older Pervert. Then He Pushed His Cock UP Her Ass And I Groaned "Oh No" As He Fucked And Gaped Her For The Next 20 Minutes! He Was Banging The Ass Off My Beautiful Cousin And All I Could Do Was Watch With A Huge Hard-On. Dawn Was Gasping As He Rudely Wrecked Her Tight BumHole. Finally I Saw Her Orgasm! Just As She Came I Saw Him Clench His Butt Cheeks And Pump His Load Up Her Gorgeous Asshole. Dawn Groaned As She Felt Hot Spunk Spurting Up Her Tailpipe. She'd Never Had Anal Sex Before And Now She'd Now She'd Been Ass Fucked By This Elder Pervert! But She Thought, Thank Gosh He Didn't Fill My Pussy! He Spanked Dawn On The Ass And Told Her She'd Passed The Audition! Then He Called Over Two Of His Assistants (I Think They Were Just His Lecherous Friends) And They Took Turns Banging Her Ass Too!It Was Too Much For Me And I Spilled My Load Watching Them Fucking The Shit Out Of Dawn's Gorgeous Pussy, Then Rudely Balling And Filling Her Gorgeous Bum One After The Other! The Look On Dawn’s Face As They Ass Fucked Her Brains Out Will Keep Me In Hard-Ons For The Rest Of My Life!Gosh Dawn!.
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