Ellen part 2


   Part 2
Elise and I fucked every night that week until she went back to college. Before she left she gave me my own 10 inch vibrator and even a small vibrator for my purse.
The day before high school classes started up again, Jessie and I went out and bought are own thongs. We both bought a silk black thong that looked really hot on both of us. “What will your Mom think when she washes these” I asked picking up a plain white thong. “I don’t know, but your mom won’t have a problem” she said. “What do you mean” I questioned. “Come on, your mom always has them on, that’s another reason why the guys love your house” Jessie teased. “Whatever” I said as I dropped her off at her house.
I guess curiosity got the best of me. Later that same night I looked in Mom’s underwear drawer, sure enough Mom had just as many thongs as Elise did. I really don’t know why, but I looked around for other sexy things in my parent’s room. In my dad’s closet where a bunch of porno mags along with some condoms. My mom on the other hand, 3 dildos, magazines, and 2 unmarked videotapes. I put one into the VCR and sat down on my parent’s bed. At first it was just Elise’s room.

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   Nothing happened so I began to fast forward, I stopped just in time to see Elise and her old boyfriend, Justin from high school walk in. Elise was totally drunk as she slobbered her tongue into Justin’s mouth. Elise squealed as Justin squeezed Elise’s tits threw her top. “Shhhhhh” Justin tried to calm her down. Justin pulled her top off and licked my sister’s humongous tits in circles. I quickly pulled off my jeans and new red thong and rubbed my clit. Justin carefully pulled off Elise’s skirt. Justin began to eat out Elise’s cunt. Elise screamed in pleasure so loud my ears started to hurt. Justin pulled out his cock and quickly pushed into Elise’s pussy. It was probably 7 inches and 2 inches thick, but it seemed Elise was enjoying it. Justin took one look up at Elise’s tits and started pumping faster. I grabbed one of mom’s dildos and shoved it into my cunt. Elise was going crazy and I was turned on by it. Justin came in my sister’s cunt just as I came.

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   The dildo fell out of my pussy and I rubbed my clit some more. I rubbed myself all over and fell asleep on my parent’s bed.
The next day I woke up late and rushed to school. I told everyone that I got sick and nothing really happened.
When I got home dad’s car was home. ‘Holy shit’ I said pulling into the driveway. I remembered that I didn’t put away the dildos and the tapes. I ran into the house Dad came down the hall in a business suit. ‘Bye honey’ he said, kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. I then quietly walked up the stairs and into my parent’s room, everything was put back. Maybe I put the stuff away I thought. I calmly walked downstairs to the family room. ‘Hi’ Mom said normally ‘can you help me with my bags’ she asked. ‘Sure’ and I went over to help. Mom then reached down into her bag.

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   Then, for the first time I noticed a pink thong obviously sticking out of her jeans. I pretended to not notice it and helped her unpack.
That Friday Mom went out with her friends. I called up Matt and the usual gang to come over once again. Around 7 everyone showed up. We started drinking while watching a comedy with a couple of sexy scenes. Sarah and Tony were on one couch, me, Lindsey and Matt sitting on the second couch, and Jessie and Greg were spooning on the third couch underneath a blanket.
During one sexy part I noticed Jessie and Greg started to move around a lot. After a couple minutes they were moving in unison. ‘No way’ I thought and whispered to Matt to look at them. I looked down just in time to see Matt get a large bulge in his pants. I decided I was going to have sex with him right then. I grabbed the blanket off the floor and positioned Matt behind me. I pulled my jeans off just enough so Matt could get access. Matt grabbed my thong and pulled it back like a slingshot ‘I like this’ Matt whispered into my ear.

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   After fondling with my ass for a couple minutes, Matt pulled down the thong. For a couple of minutes for tried getting in different positions to fuck my pussy, but we couldn’t unless I hit Lindsey. ‘What do we do’ Matt whispered. I then took his hand and placed one of his fingers on my asshole. I thought Matt had cum in his pants right there. Suddenly I felt a mix of pain and pleasure as Matt stuck a finger into my ass. I nearly fell off the couch as he pumped his finger into my asshole. Matt stuck in a second finger into my ass. I was going crazy knowing I couldn’t let my friends hear us. He pulled out his fingers and silently put them in my face. I looked him ‘Please’ he said desperately. Not wanting to ruin the moment I took the shit covered fingers into my mouth. It tasted bad at first but then I got used to the taste and sucked his fingers like a pro. Matt took out his fingers, and pulled out his cock and started to rub his cock around my tight brown hole. Matt slowly entered my ass.

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   ‘What’s that bad smell’ Lindsey asked. She got up and walked toward the light switch. My fingers where slowly rubbing my clit. Just before Lindsey turned on the lights, Matt then shoved his whole cock into my ass. I jump in pain and fell off the couch as the lights turned on. Jessie and Greg scrambled on the couch to hide each other. ‘Holy shit’ Lindsey yelled as she saw me with my fingers on clit with my pants pulled down. Everyone stared as a long shot of cum exploded out of Matt’s cock on the couch and on my shirt.
    I pulled up my thong quickly but tripped my jeans and fell. Everyone started in silence as they walked me pull my jeans over my white cotton thong. “You guys were having sex without me’ Lindsey said and threw off her shirt. Her huge tits bounced as she jumped over me and right next to Matt. They kissed wildly as I looked at my 4 other friends. The blanket fell off of Greg and Jessie and Greg continued to fuck Jessie. Sarah and Tony looked stunned.

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       I looked back as Matt began to suck Lindsey’s DD breasts. Lindsey moaned and jerked off Matt’s cock. After several minutes of this Sarah took off her bra and shirt and rubbed Tony’s dick as he squeezed her tits. Jessie and Greg continued to fuck away. Lindsey got up off the couch and tried to chug a large bottle of vodka, she put the bottle down ‘Matt I’ll show you how a real girl fucks’ Lindsey yelled as she threw her jeans and black panties off. Matt got up and easily put his cock into Lindsey’s pussy. Lindsey ground her pussy against Matt’s cock, she picked up the vodka took a drink and then poured some on her tits. Matt then squeezed and little the enormous tits like no tomorrow. They dropped to the floor, Matt on top as Lindsey poured vodka in her mouth and all over her body. Lindsey screamed as Matt furiously fucked her pussy. ‘I’m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggg’ Lindsey shouted as Matt tensed up and shot his load into Lindsey’s stomach.
    I turned to Greg and Jessie. Jessie was riding Greg reverse cowgirl on Greg’s 8 inch cock on the floor. Jessie screamed in pain and pleasure while squeezing her own breasts. Jessie fell over after cumming.

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       Greg pulled his cock out of Jessie’s pussy and squirted his cum all over Jessie’s back. They also fell asleep.
    I decided I needed to get some too so I walked over to Sarah and Tony. Sarah was naked giving Tony a blowjob. I pulled Sarah off and put her on the floor. Tony got up and slowly inserted his cock into Sarah’s pussy. I watched Tony break Sarah’s hymen and I soon got up on Sarah’s face. Sarah quickly licked my drenched pussy. I shouted as Sarah was licking in, out, and all around my cunt. Tony seeing his first real lesbian scene came in Sarah’s pussy. I pushed Tony out of the way and Sarah and I got into a 69. I licked the cum out of Sarah’s pussy as I felt my orgasm build up. Sarah put me over the edge as she stuck her finger up my ass. I bucked wildly as my juices went all over Sarah’s face. This was enough to get Sarah to cum ‘ohhhhhhh  shittttttttt’ she yelled as she love juices leaked to the floor.

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    We all fell asleep on the carpeted floor in a heap. .

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