No one knew that me I, Ellen was bisexual. It all started a couple months back, when my older sister told me to get some cash from her underwear drawer to go shopping. I opened the drawer and found thongs and g-strings. “Holy shit” I said as I picked up a tiny black thong. I looked at some others before Elise, my sister yelled for us to get going. At the mall I finally noticed what all my guy friends saw in my sister. She had long light brown hair with blonde highlights, just like me. We are also both thin and athletic. One of the only difference was she was 2-3 inches taller and had a way better ass and bigger breasts.
Once we got home from shopping I called some friends to come over and Elise left to her boyfriend’s and wouldn’t be back till about 1 in the morning. I went upstairs after Elise left and searched in her drawers. I found that she had huge D-cups compared to my b’s and some more sexy thongs. I decided to borrow one and wear it that night.
Later that night my 3 friends Sarah, (blonde hair tiny breasts and ass) Lindsey,(brown hair, a little heavier but huge breasts) and Jessie (my best friend, brown hair, small breasts like mine) came over first. We only talked for about 5 minutes when my boyfriend Matt, Sarah’s boyfriend Tony, and Jessie’s crush Greg came over. Matt brought vodka and beer over and started watching a movie.

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   We didn’t have to worry since my parents were on a cruise for another week and Elise never comes home early, or even at all.
After the movie all 3 of the guys were totally drunk and so was Jessie. Jessie got up off the couch and told Tony to come upstairs with her. It was around midnight Sarah had to go home and she took Tony with her. Once Sarah and Tony left Matt started making out with me with lots of tongue, the way I like it. A couple minutes later I remembered that Lindsey was sitting right next to us and pulled Matt off “sorry Lindsey” I said. “Ohhh she can just get in the action with us” Matt said, he leaned in and stuck his tongue straight into her mouth. Lindsey knew this was going to be one of her only chances with Matt and she took it. They swapped spit for about 5 minutes before I pulled Lindsey away and started making out with her. Her tongue was flipping in and out of my mouth, for not having a boyfriend she was turning me on. Suddenly I heard my sister’s voice yell “what the hell” from upstairs. Lindsey and I got up and ran upstairs from the basement. Elise was standing with her arms folded. “What are they doing” Elise pointed at the kitchen table. Jessie and Greg were both completely naked and fucking on the kitchen table.

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   “Jessie, stop” I screamed Jessie tried getting up and putting on her clothes but she was to drunk to even stand. “Were you guys drinking” Elise shouted. “Yes, please don’t tell mom and dad” I begged as I tried helping Jessie up. Elise saw I was sincere about this “ok” she said “but we’re taking everybody home now”
Everyone climbed into are parents van, Jessie sitting in front with my sister knowing that she and Greg would try screwing if they sat together. We dropped everyone off and headed home. I noticed Elise’s hair was a little messy and her tank-top fell off her shoulder and her bra was missing from before she left. “What did you do tonight” I asked. “Nothing” she said. We sat in silence for a little while. “What’s it like you have sex” I said as we pulled into the driveway. Elise turned around “what makes you think I know” she asked. “You were at a party tonight, you drank, and your bras missing” I said looking at her half naked breast. She pulled up her top and we walked into the house. “You really want to know” she said and walked up the stairs. “Yes” I begged and followed her up to her room.

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   Elise opened the closet and pulled out a shoe box and opened it. Inside where a 10-inch vibrator, and a 10-inch strap-on.
    “You sure you want to know” She turned around and asked. I knew what she meant and said “yeah”. She pulled out the strap-on and pulled off her white top. Her breasts were so big and her tits were brown like mine and completely stiff also like mine. She walked over in her tight jeans and pulled off my shirt. Then she pulled off my bra and squeezed my tits together. We kissed a couple of times until she bent down and sucked on my tits. Matt had done this several times but nothing like my sister was doing. She bit on my tits a little and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, “is this mine” she asked. I looked to see the dark blue thong I borrowed earlier. I nodded, Elise smiled and pulled my jeans off. She stood back up and pushed me onto her bed. Elise pulled down her tight jeans, she had a sexy light green and shiny g-string.

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       She then stepped into the strap-on and got on top of me. “Suck” she demanded. I stuck the cock in my mouth and sucked it like Matt’s cock. I grabbed her hips and sucked long and deep mouthfuls. “You’re good at his and she slightly swung her hips. After the cock was well lubricated Elise turned me around and got me in doggy style position. She pulled off the thong and she started to rub my clit. I was already soaked. Elise realized this and stuck one finger into my cunt. I moaned loudly, she then put in another one and started to fuck me with her pink painted fingernails. When she put in a third finger I thought I was going to go crazy. Elise thought I was ready and stuck the dildo into my pussy. I was being stretched and I yelled “fuck yeah keep on going”. She kept on going and broke my hymen.   “Virgin, just the way I like em” she said and started to rub my thighs.

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       Elise got seven inches in and started to pump. I let out loud screams after every thrust. We banged for awhile until I came off the first time. I collapsed on the bed Elise pulled off her strap-on and thong. I returned the favor and licked her shaven cunt. Elise loved in and gave out similar yelling shrieks. Liquids filled my mouth as my big sis came in mouth. Minutes later Elise and I fell asleep together in her room.      




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