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Later, he called the number he gave to her and they were a little nervous but hit off on the phone as they had in their letters. Both found that they had lots in common, but Ian seemd to avoid any mention of intimacy as he was unsure how she felt on those issues. Through several conversations jen was able to establish that the only barrier left between them was to actually meet. Ian picked up on that very quickly being sure to establish that it could be purley platonic and they could remain friends no matter what transpired between them at the meeting. it was established that they would meet at an old diner, and with that they planned a day and time. After a week or so of eager anticipation and a bit of anxiety the day came and they would meet. Ian had told Jen that he would be wearing a red shirt and gray dress pants and a special hat so she would know him and Jen was to wear a casual cowl neck top and a nice pair of dressy slacks. The moment had come, and there was Ian by the car when Jen pulled up, she recognized him right away, and the smile helped him recognize her too. He casually walked over to her vehicle to open the door for her. As she rose from the car he presented her with a small friendship bouquet, which she accepted with a great smile and she nicely placed them on the car seat and quickly thanked him with a hug and a peck on the cheek. Ian put his arm on her shoulders and led her into the diner where they were seated in a nice corner booth. The waitress came to ask about their drinks and give them the menu's, and she quickly left to get the drinks. As they looked across at each other , there was a moment of quiet, and they both flashed their smiles and looked into the menu, Ian asked what she thought looked good and they decided on two different plates with the idea of allowing each other to taste the other dish. They chatted as they waited for the waitress to come and take the order. When the waitress was done and walked away they began to talk in depth, about several issues of the current time, and began touching on issues of intimacy, in their pasts'. They both blushed a little as the waitress returned with their food, Jen smiled slyly and said she wondered how much the waitress had heard, Ian just shrugged and smiled.

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   Sitting closely in the booth as they talked and moved a little there were moments when her leg rubbed lightly against his and felt good about the closeness. As they continued to eat and share, and laugh a little, he would occassionally put his hand on hers to emphasize what he was saying. As he would touch her he watched to see the reactions and didn't get any negative responses, if anything he would greet a smile. Jen on the other hand, felt that Ian was a little uneasy about touching her hand and felt she should take a little initiative. So she lead the conversation to where was the most erotic places they had petted or had sex. Ian was receptive but a little unsure where this was going. As Jen talked about some of her embarrassing moments and some of her exotic ones, she snuck a hand under the table and applied it to Ians knee to see what he would do. He jumped a little not expecting the touch but quickly regrouped himself and smailed that dashing smile. He commented on how beautiful her eyes were and they sparkled as she told her stories. She kept her hand on his leg for a little longer till they were interrupted by the waitresss once again. lightly blushing they ordered dessert. Of course Ian was thinking internally of a different dessert, but said nothing out loud. Then it was Ians turn to play the how far game, as he told his stories, careful to keep one hand above the table to keep from being too noticable, he carefully and gently apllied his hand to Jen's knee and lightly squeezed to make emphasis. He looked into her eyes as she blushed a little and then flashed him a great open smile. He leaned in as did she, and they gently kissed.

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   Jen felt the chemistry there as he lightly touched her lips with his tongue.
    Ian was moving his hand on her knee now and a little up the thigh as they kissed. Umm hmmm, said the waitress as she delivered their desserts. They broke the kiss to recieve them. Both of them smiling as they knew what went on under the table as well. Ian quickly took a little of the icing from his cake to taste offf his finger, but instead offered the finger to Jen, She took a soft lick then took his finger into her lips and very deliberately sucked the rest of his finger twirling her tongue around the tip of that finger like a lollypop. She flashed a sexy little smile and offered Ian some of her icing from her finger as well. He gently licked it off her finger, flicking it back and forth a little as he lick, then gently sucking on her finger. Their other hands still under the table began to wonder over each other's thighs and Ian needed to move a little to make adjustments in his position. Jen liked knowing that she was affecting him and winning this little game of how far to go, thinking she was winning hands down. Ian wouldn't be able to stand anytime soon. Knowing this made her chuckle under her breath. Ians hand went up her thigh just as easily as she had his, He felt her jump a little as he carressed her inner thigh with his fingers, ow the smile was on his face as she looked a little suprised. He gently whispered to her looks like one up now. .

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       Jen took the challenge and moved her hand up till it rubbed over his hardening cock. Now he jumped again and his erection was now at full mast, with this, Jen took sheer delight, she was sure she had him now. They tried to cover with conversation as the waitress came to renew their drinks and walked away once again. Finally Ian had to top the last move, so he moved his hand to the side of her slacks and up to the top of them, Jen took a deep breath , wondering how far he would go. Then, jst ever so slowly he ran his hand over the top of her slacks and up a little under her top touching the bare flaesh of her tummy, with this she tensed and blushed, and just with one subtle move he lowereed his hand down inside the top of her slacksand gently moved it around feeling the soft flesh and the very top of her trim hair down there. With this Ian, grinned the winning grin fro this round and after the initial suprise and tensing Jen submitted to the fact that he had a lot of moxey. She leaned over once again and whispered in his ear, let's get the check and we can go somewhere else for more dessert. . . . . . . . To be Continued.

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