Topic: Page 1 When I walked into the house the party was already in full swing.   There has always just been something amazing about friday night parties at a parentally vacated household.   Do parents really trust their kids that much?  Anyways, as usual, my friends and I had gotten dinner out before deciding to go over, being late was always better.  
I strolled inside and looked around, scanning the front two rooms, I wasn't looking for anyone specific, but it had been a crappy week at school and I needed some relief.   After looking around the front half of the house and finding no single girls that I felt like pursuing, at least in my current sober state, I headed down the hall into the kitchen.  
I found what I was looking for there, a girl I knew as Hannah was bent over, getting a beer out from the fridge.  
"Mind grabbing me one too, I could use it," I said in an introductory tone.   She turned around, scanned me up and down and smiled as she handed me a Budweiser Select.
"I'm Hannah," she said, smiling.   I knew who she was, but had never officially met her.
"Nate Robinson," I answered, sitting on a stool next to the counter.   "How's the party so far?" I asked.  
"So far, it's just another Friday night, loud music, lots of horny guys trying to get up my skirt and people going out back to smoke.   This is just my first beer though, so I'm sure it will get more fun. "
We talked like this for about fifteen minutes, often clinking our bottles together.   As we were taking out our second beers I asked her if she had a boyfriend.

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"Definitely not, I haven't had one since I had my heart broken last year," she said with a sad tone.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. . . "
"Don't worry about it," she interrupted, looking up at me.
We clinked our glasses together again and took a large swig each before she led me out into one of the more active rooms.   We found a nice spot in the room and started to grind, she was extremely good and had me hard as a rock within seconds.   I reached around her and started to feel her breasts through her shirt, her nipples were hard, she moaned softly in my ear as I ran my fingers in circles around her breasts.   She started to smash her ass into my crotch, I pounded back, causing her to shout out-loud.
A couple of people stopped and looked at us before turning back to their own dancing.   
"Come over here," I shouted to her over the music as I pulled her by the hips and sat her down on the couch next to me.   I leaned over and pressed my lips against hers, she opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue inside, before long we were making out fiercely and passionately.   One of her arms was wrapped around my neck, the other was rubbing my crotch.   My hands roamed all over her body from her face down along her breasts and over her ass and thighs before reversing direction. She broke the kiss and began to kiss my neck and upper chest as she un-did my top three buttons.

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"Dude, get a room," a drunk girl shouted to us.  
"Way ahead of you," yelled Hannah as she pulled me to my feet and led me back through the kitchen and down the stairs into the basement.   It was hardly the most romantic settings, in fact it was filthy, and cold.   However, it was so unexpected that it just made me realize how spontaneous this was, and that just made me want her more.
She turned around and shoved her tongue into my mouth, starting this kiss much more wildly than our last.   Our tongues rolled over each other for a few minutes, our hands finding more and more ways to drive each other crazy.   After a couple minutes I moved one of my hands from her ass around her and found the groove in her panties.
She gasped "Oh yeah, make me cum right here. "  I started to rub my index finger along the groove, our tongues and lips continued to move faster at the same time my finger accellerated.   I broke my lips away and started to unbutton her top with my mouth.   Hannah was moaning and gasping, "Oh my god, that's it, that's it, right there. Ohhh yess, you're going to make me cum. "  I pulled her shirt off and yanked her bra below her breasts.   I licked, sucked and slobbered all over her newly exposed 32-C's, her moderately sized pink nipples were incredibly erect.  
She shuddered and yelled out a series of expletives as I felt her climax into her panties, some of the juice leaked out onto my hand.

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    I brought my hand up to her breasts and wiped her cum onto them before resuming my oral attack on her tits.
She grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me further into her chest before pushing me away roughly.   I backed into a wall and she jumped over to me, yanking my jeans down and pulling my boxers down to my ankles.   My 7" cock popped out, as hard as it had ever been.   She growled at it before taking the first 4 inches of it into her mouth, running her tongue around the head and rubbing her hand up and down the shaft that wouldn't fit in her mouth.  
I slowly sank lower, bending my knees as I closed my eyes, this is exactly what I needed tonight.   A Friday Night Fling.   I heard her slobbering, moaning and gagging as she switched between sucking on my balls and deepthroating my member, getting more in each time she tried.   After a few minutes I was having trouble holding my load in, her tongue traced around the head of my dick relentlessly, her hand was sliding up and down my shaft incredibly fast.
"Ahh Hannah, you're so fucking sexy, oh yeah here I cum," I shouted to her.   She moaned loudly and deepthroated all of me, that was all I could take, I grabbed the back of her head and pounded my cock down her throat, moaning and yelling at how good she was as I shot streams of semen into her.   She gagged and coughed, swallowing some but sputtering up some.   I sighed and looked down at her, she gave me the sweetest sexiest look while still slowly jacking me off.   I picked her up and carried her over to an old couch in the corner, laying her down before removing her mangled bra.   I sucked on her tits some more as my fingers once again explored her crotch, she squealed in delight, "Oooh god you don't know how you make me feel!"  I unbuttoned her denim skirt and pulled it off before wripping her purple laced panties off, allowing her sweet pussy to breathe.

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She sighed as I lowered myself, "Oh yeah Nate, eat me, eat me good, ahhh yeah. "  I started slowly, licking my tongue lazily up the outside of her vagina before diving in and tongue fucking her fast.   "Ohhhhhh god yess!  Ahhhh that's it! that's it! yeaahhhh, oh my god right there! yes, don't stop! Ooooohhh fuckkk yes, oh god you're going to make me cum. "  She was yelling now, before I knew it though, she was pulling her self around, doing a 180 with her body as she maneuvered into a 6-9 position, grabbing my cock again and shoveling it into her mouth before sucking it hungrily.   Our moans mixed together as she humped her pussy deeper onto my tongue while I fucked her mouth, my balls slapping against her face.  
I felt my cock fall out of her mouth as I started to flick her clit faster and faster, "Ohhhh my god you are so fucking good, ahh I'm going to cum, I'm going to cummm! Oh fuck yes, I'm cummiiing!"  I dove into her pussy as I felt her sexy legs wrap around my neck.   She screamed at the top of her lungs as a waterfall of her cum came flying out of her.   I drank most of it, keeping a mouthful and spitting it onto her back.   She gasped in surprise at feelign the warm liquid cover her skin.   I grabbed her hips and positioned myself at her entrance, she moaned loudly in anticipation, "oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!"  
I slammed my cock as hard as I could into her pussy, feeling thousands of tingling sensations throughout my body as her pussy walls immediately threw me into another world.   She obviously felt something even more intense as she yelled and screamed, shouted and writhed in both pleasure and pain as I slowly went in and out of her, trying to get her pussy used to having my cock in her.   While it was somewhat average in length, it was 7 inches around, I hadn't found a girl yet that I couldn't fill completely.  
After a minute her pussy loosened up enough to allow me to thrust hard and fast, she was still so tight though, squeezing my cock, hard.   "Fuck yes Hannah, oh god take it you little sexy slut. "  
"Oh my god Nate, right there, harder, harder, harder! HARDER! OH GOD YESSS JUST LIKE THAT!" She let out a stream of leud comments and expletives, shouting her brains out as she slammed her ass back into me as I buried my cock into her to the hilt on every thrust.

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She gasped "Oh god keep going," as I stopped, I grabbed one of her thighs and pulled it off the floor, placing it on an old coffee table before resuming my pounding.   I slammed into her even harder and faster this time, she screamed, she had lost her words, nothing could explain the pleasure I was feeling either.  
"Grind on me like you did upstairs girl," I shouted to her, she moaned "oh fuck yeah," as she bent over in front of me, grinding her ass into my cock in a slow circular motion.   I just leaned back and let her control thigns for awhile, she was going slow but it was still making me groan.   "Oh god you're so good at that bitch," I told her in encouragement.   She giggled for a second before the laugh turned into a moan as she sped up her movements, pushing her ass far down my shaft with one swift movement.   I was caught off guard and stumbled backwards onto the couch where she landed on top of me in a reverse cowgirl position.   She turned her head, looked at me and licked her lips before nearly flying off my cock with her first bounce.  
She bounced herself wildly, moaning and shouting at me as I thrust up into her.   I was holding her hips with both hands to keep her from flying off my hard rod, I removed them for a second to attack her great tits some more.   Without my hands, she flew off my cock and landed on my stomach, I grunted in surprise.   She half-laughed, half-screamed at the surprise.   I immediately picked her back up, turned her around and slid her down my cock again.   She grabbed my face and slammed her tongue into my mouth again while I jammed my cock up into her, faster and faster with each thrust.  
She began to tremble and shake violently, her legs bouncing around wildly, one of my hands was feeling her thighs while the other hand ran over her great ass.

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    Our tongues were still locked together, we were both moaning, breathing heavily through our noses and making slurping noises as our fierce makeout continued, the wild slap of my balls against her ass was driving me wild.   She broke away from my mouth and screamed again at the top of her lungs as I felt her reach her climax, I jammed 2 fingers into her asshole at that moment, causing her to buck and shout out in both surprise and pain, her climax was incredible, she came, screaming and writhing for at least 10 seconds straight.  
"Oh my god that was so good, oh my fucking god I've never felt like that," she moaned after getting ahold of herself.  
"We're not done baby, I've still got to get mine," I said grinning.   I grabbed her again and resumed our incredible makeout session, she seemed a bit worn out but that was fine with me, I was willing to do the work now.   I laid her down on the couch and spread her legs, fingering her asshole again as I went.   She had never had anything in her ass before ans this seemed to rejuvenate her as she suddenly shouted in pleasure, wrapping her legs around me like a vice and screaming encouragement.  
I slammed my hard-as-ever cock to the hilt with one thrust, causing her to climax again, the feeling of her warm pussy juice all around my cock was almost enough to make me cum, but I needed to hear her scream like that again, even louder.   I reached down and pulled her legs further up my back to allow deeper penetration.   I pulled out and slammed in again, but this time I immediately went into my fastest gear, my cock was a blur in her pussy, her screams mixed with my gasps and the slaps of my balls against her, along with the loud music from upstairs.   I thought I heard a door open, but didn't care.
"OHHH OHHH YEAHHHH!  THAT'S IT! YEAHHH! FUCK ME YES!  OH MY FUCKING GOD NATE I'M CUMMING AGAIN, AHHHH MY PUSSY, OH MY GOD!" I felt her shaking violently again, her third climax was the biggest yet, exploading and seeping out of her pussy all over her thighs.   I pulled her legs apart and turned her over and positioned her on all fours.   She moaned in anticipation, this was my favorite position.  
I started to fuck her doggy style like no one's business, she was screaming from the first contact, slamming her ass back into me as fast as she could.

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    My cock was like a drill now, I was relentless in my quest to make her scream loud enough that the whole party woudl know we were down here.   I stared at a beed of sweat dripping from her neck, slowly sliding down the smooth, tan skin of her shoulders.   For some reason that beed of sweat was driving me even crazier, I had never fucked anyone this fast, nor had I ever heard anyone yell so loud.
"AHHHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE NATE! OH MY FUCKING GOD CUM! CUM ALL OVER ME! CUM IN ME! OH MY GOD I WANT YOU! I WANT YOU ALL NIGHT, OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN, AHHH! OHHHHHHHH!  OH FUUUUAAAACK!" She screamed the last curse extra loud, I thought I heard the music upstairs get turned down but once again didn't take any notice.   That beed of sweat was still driving me crazy, I lunged forward, further deepening my penetration and licked her back, tasting her sweat mixed with her cum from earlier.   She turned her head, her face was riddled with pleasure and pain, her eyes were somewhat glossy, she was clealy on the verge of passing out from too much sex.   I found yet another gear from this, and I grabbed her head and slammed my tongue into her again, her excessive and ear-drum breaking screaming turned into equally arousing moans and groans.   Her eyes widened and her tongue shook violently, along with her entire body as her latest climax exploded through her.   That was all I could take, I jammed my cock as deep as I could get it into her pussy, slapping her ass, licking every part of her body I could reach and rubbing her pussy as fast as my hand would move.   Hot jets of cum came flying out of my cock, sticking all over the deepest part of her pussy, she screamed again, louder than ever, yelling, "AHHHH OHH MY FUCKING GOD!" before collapsing onto the couch, facedown.   I immediately pulled her legs apart and, as I loved to do, gave her some wild oral for a few minutes.   She was screaming, her words muffled by the couch as she thrust herself down into my face.   After a few more incredible orgasms she seemingly passed out.
I stood up, quite satisfied and stared at her beautiful, ravaged, naked body.   I turned to go upstairs and check the time and saw 3 girls standing there, their clothes hanging from them, I recognized one of them as Kelsey, the head cheerleader.

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    One was lying on the floor, fucking herself silly with a dildo, the other two, Kelsey and her best friend Bernadette, were giving each other the wildest lesbian oral I had ever seen, bar none.   They all looked up, seeing that I had noticed them and grinned.   Hannah was coming back to her senses now as well.
Before she could say a word, Kelsey was eating her out, "I never knew you were that much of a slut Hannah, you'll have ot hang out with us more now," she shouted before diving into Hannah's pussy.   Bernadette jumped up on me, giding my still semi-hard but worn out cock into her.   "Come on you stud, I saw you fuck her, I'm twice as good, just come and find out," she yelled as she slammed herself down onto my cock.   She leaned back, causing me tolose my balance and fall on top of her onto the floor.   I looked into her startlingly green eyes, she licked her lips and I slammed my cock deep into her, "OHHHHHH!" she yelled, pulling me furhter into her with her legs, pushing herself further down my shaft with her hands.
"Here I come Berno," I shouted to her, "GIVE ME EVERYTHING!" she screamed.   I could hear Kelsey torturing Hannah behind me on the couch too, the girl with the dildo had joined them, this was going to be fun.
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