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Fantasy WorldIn the beginning things were all hazy, Jill could not see clearly, everything had a halo around it - why? Before she could analyse the situation everything became crystal clear, she was in a crowded place, a club. There were people there that she knew but no-one spoke to her and she spoke to no-one. She had a feeling that she had been there a long time although time had no meaning to her, it was hot and the music was mesmerising her. People walking past her brushed against her and she realised that her skin was hypersensitive, each touch made her skin tingle and her nipples stand erect. She took a sip of the drink in front of her, not sure if it was hers or not. No-one complained so it must have been hers, it tasted nice anyway. Her attention was drawn to the writhing mass of bodies on the dance floor, unison movement to the beat of the music. Jill made her way through the wall of people, struggling to reach the middle of the floor. Jill closed her eyes and started to move, slowly, feeling the pace of the music. The fine hair on her arms stood up as if she was electrically charged. As she moved Jill realised that she was becoming sexually aroused, something which had never happened to her on a dance floor before. She lifted her arms above her head, as her hand passed her face she noticed a crescent moon on the back of her hand, strange, she could not remember where it came from. Her arms swayed from side to side in time to the music, then slowly lowered. As her hand passed her breast it brushed against the loose fabric of her thin summer shirt sending a shock through her. Jill lifted her hand again slightly, this time rubbing harder against the firm bulge of her breast, pausing briefly to cup the warm firmness in her hand. She could feel her nipple hardening in the palm of her hand and this sent ripples of pleasure downwards, creeping slowly deep into the apex of her thighs.

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  Jill's eyes were still closed and she had no idea if anyone was watching her, so what if they were? She was horny and she didn't care who saw her. Now and then she would feel a brief touch as someone brushed against her as they danced, each time this happened Jill experienced an ever increasing feeling of sexual arousal until she became fully aware of the warm, wet, heat between her thighs, made worse by the friction of her thighs rubbing against the now swollen outer lips of her vagina as she danced. A man put his arm around her from behind and moved in time with her, his breath warm on the back of her neck. His hand was positioned just below the swell of her breast, teasingly close but not quite touching the soft underside, which was not hampered by the restraints of a bra and which was free to move about, bouncing slightly as Jill moved in time to the music. She wished he would move his hand to cover her breast, feel the swollen nipple and gently massage it between his fingers, making it even harder and more aroused. . . then he was gone. She turned around but it could have been any of the men dancing in front of her. No-one paid her any special attention and she continued to sway to the music. Female hands on her hips made her stiffen for the shortest moment, but Ooooh what a sensation. Long soft fingers slowly caressed her up and down her thighs, purposely stopping each time over the band of her panties which they could feel under the thin material of her knee length loose skirt, following the band around behind her then back to her hips and then back behind her, pausing in the middle of her back, hesitating, expecting a response. The fingers then slowly moved downwards between the firm cheeks of her buttocks, continuing downwards to where they parted again. . .

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  . pausing. By now Jill was fully aroused, her insides were in turmoil. She had never been turned on by a woman before. Jill could feel the outer lips of her vagina swollen and wet between her legs, her clitoris was on fire, crying out to be rubbed by one of the secret fingers presently teasing the warm space between her upper thighs but not quite touching her pussy. The hands suddenly moved from between her buttocks, coming up from behind wrapping around her upper body and each hand cupped one of Jill's semi nude breasts and she let out a low moan as the woman behind her began to massage her twin peaks, arousing Jill to a point of near orgasm. The woman behind her was pressing forward against Jill's back and she could clearly feel the firm pressure of the woman's breasts against her and lower down she could feel the shape of the woman's mound against her buttocks as she pressed her hips forward, forcing her mound against Jill. Looking down Jill could see that her chocolate brown nipples were clearly visible through her shirt- and they burned, burned for a warm mouth around them, gently sucking, a wet tongue circling the areola, arousing her even more. Her nipples were being gently squeezed, almost driving her mad with lust. She could feel the inside of her vagina tighten in response to her thoughts of having a man penetrate her soft, smooth inner folds, driving deeper, forcing her tight entrance open as his thick shaft slid into her. Without thinking about what she was doing Jill placed her one arm behind her, forcing her hand between her buttocks and the other woman's hips. Jill turned her hand until she could cup the other woman's mound in her hand and she the pushed her fingers deeper between her thighs, feeling the other woman open her legs slightly to allow Jill access to her vagina. Jill felt the warmth of her vagina through her thin skirt and tiny g-string, she gently began to apply pressure to her fingers, massaging the soft, wet, fully aroused pussy of a complete stranger and it turned Jill on like she had never been turned on before. The feeling of her breasts being gently massaged, the pulse of the music and the sensation of complete inhibition was becoming too much for Jill to tolerate for much longer. She felt the lips of the other woman's vagina giving way to the pressure of her fingers and they parted to allow Jill to slip her finger in between and gently stimulate the very stiff shaft of the clitoris below.

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   Jill could feel that the woman was fast approaching orgasm as her hips rotated against the movement of Jill's finger on her clit. With an effort the woman pulled back away from Jill's hand, Jill was disappointed, never having stimulated another woman before. The hands released her breasts, moving slowly downwards, stopping at her thighs. Then the fingers started to lift her skirt! Jill looked around in a panic, surely someone must realise that she was practically being raped on the dance floor? No-one was watching her. Jill felt the sides of her skirt rising until the fabric was high enough to allow the fingers to slip underneath and Jill felt the warm touch of the fingers on her bare skin. The woman's hands slid under Jill's skirt until they once again touched the band of her panties, she felt two fingers under the elastic and slowly begin to pull downward. What could she do? Jill was so aroused that she knew if she were to be touched on her pussy lips or any form of penetration, she would explode into orgasm. Her panties were slowly being drawn down her thighs, she felt numb with arousal, suddenly they pulled out from between her thighs and she felt the fabric, warm and wet from where her slippery juices had escaped from between her tight inner lips, leave a teasing trail down her inner thighs. . . . . . then she was naked under her skirt. Her panties were at her feet and she kicked them away across the floor into the crowd.

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  Could no-one see what was happening?Her skirt was very translucent, the thin strip of pubic hair above her clit must have been visible through the material as she moved. Jill watched the faced of the people dancing around her - no-one acknowledged her presence. . . . . except the woman behind her. Jill began wondering if the woman behind her was as aroused as she herself was, just then someone suddenly grabbed her by the hand and literally dragged her off the dance floor. For the first time Jill now got a glimpse of the woman as she followed her, led by the hand. Her hair was long and pitch black, she was slightly shorter than Jill with a slim, sexy figure. It was obvious to Jill that she wore a g-string under her thin skirt because she could see the cheeks of the woman's buttocks moving provocatively as she hurried ahead of Jill. Everything around Jill became a blur, she found herself sexually attracted to this faceless stranger in front of her, the smell of her, the feel of her hand in Jill's made her heart race and she could feel the warm wetness from within her vagina spreading outwards as her juices escaped from within her to wet her outer lips and clitoris as she walked. Jill's nipples rubbed against the fabric of her shirt as they bounced slightly in time to her hurried pace, they were swollen and hard and the area around her nipples had become puffy and sensitive, longing for a warm, wet mouth to suck and tease them. Jill knew that a mouth around her nipples at that moment would have sent her into an explosive orgasm which would have spread from her breasts downwards into her vagina, she felt her inner muscles contract at the thought and realised that she was fast approaching orgasm without any direct stimulation. Then they were outside in the car park, the woman was steering Jill towards a dimly lit area towards the back.

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   As they walked the woman turned slightly towards Jill and she noticed that she had fine features and looking downward she noticed that the woman was also braless as her large, firm breasts teased Jill through her thin shirt, the nipples protruding proudly outward, fully aroused, Jill wondered what she tasted like. They stopped under a large tree and the woman again moved to position herself behind Jill. She felt hands on her shoulders, caressing, moving down her arms to her hands, guiding her to reach out and place her hands on the tree trunk in front of her. Jill was now standing bent slightly forward with her hands on the tree to steady her with the woman still positioned behind her. Jill felt a foot between hers, slight pressure forcing her to spread her feet and thus parting her thighs. Her skirt moved in the gentle breeze that blew up under it, Jill felt it caress her pussy, gently touching the wet outer lips of her vagina in a way that made her wish it were a hand instead. Hands slowly lifted her skirt until she was completely exposed, she arched her back to further spread her thighs and buttocks and thus fully expose her vagina to this complete stranger. Long finger nails were gently caressing her buttocks from the small of her back down to her wide spread thighs and back up again, each time the fingers entered deeper into the open crevice, teasing. Jill pressed backward with her hips in an attempt to allow the fingers full access to her openings, wanting the woman to penetrate her, to allow her the orgasm which she craved. She could feel the breeze tickle her exposed anus and lower down her swollen vulva, she could not take this any more, the teasing was driving Jill wild. Her breasts heaved up and down in time to her heavy breathing and then stopped as Jill held her breath, the woman kneeled down behind Jill, placed her hands on Jill's buttocks and parted them, fully exposing Jill's anus and vagina. Jill then felt her hot breath as she came forward and placed her mouth over Jill's slightly parted outer lips. Jill gasped, the woman gently kissed the soft shaven flesh around her most secret entrance. She felt the woman's tongue gently probing, searching for the place between Jill's inner lips that would provide access to her opening and allow her tongue to penetrate deep into the tight, pink, wet, vulva. Jill spread her legs further apart and again pressed back with her hips, opening her thighs to allow the woman full access into her vulva, Jill felt the woman's tongue find the opening and gently circle the swollen flesh around the entrance before entering her.

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   Jill sighed, her vulva contracted around the warm wet intrusion, holding it, feeling it tease the soft inner folds of her entrance. Jill felt a new flood of warm juices as the woman reached beneath her with her one hand and cupped the mound of her pussy, gently probing with her one finger to find the sensitive shaft of Jill's erect clitoris, stimulating it by wetting the tip of her finger with Jill's juices and circling the tip of Jill's clit with the slippery tip of her finger. Jill moaned and forced her vagina harder against the woman's mouth. The woman responded by circling Jill's clit faster and harder with her finger and by pushing her tongue as far up Jill's vagina as she could. Jill felt her orgasm from deep inside her, her inner muscles convulsed on the soft, warm tongue inside her and she felt a flood of warm, slippery wetness escape from her vagina and trickle down her thighs. Jill could not move, the woman was gently kissing her vagina as Jill's orgasm slowly faded, leaving her breathing heavily. Jill had hardly regained her senses when she realised that she was still fully aroused, her need to cum again was so great that she could physically feel her vagina opening again as if waiting to be entered again. There was movement behind her and she felt hands on her buttocks, bigger, courser hands, a man's hands. Again Jill felt movement as the man positioned himself behind her and she felt something warm touch her inner thighs, it slowly moved upwards until it touched the outer lips of her open vagina. Jill realised that the man had placed his erect penis between her thighs, inserting it against her vagina and he was now pressing forward until she felt his pubic hairs between her buttocks, erotically tickling her anus. The shaft of his penis was pressed against the length of her vagina with the swollen head gently rubbing against the exposed tip of her clitoris. Jill wanted more. She reached down between her thighs and with her fingers she found the soft bag that hung below the thick, hard shaft of the man’s penis. Jill gently massaged the balls that she felt inside the bag, gently tugging on them as if to pull the man closer. Jill laid her hand along the length of the shaft with the head of the shaft in the palm of her hand, she teasingly stroked along the full length, exploring his manhood.

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   He was circumcised, not very long but the head and shaft were thick, as Jill stroked the underside of the head she felt his penis jerk upwards against her vagina. Jill again laid her hand along the length of the shaft and pressed upwards, forcing the hard shaft against her outer lips. The combined pressure and the slippery wetness of Jill's vagina caused the outer lips to part, allowing the shaft of the penis entry. Jill felt her clit responding to the firm pressure of the tip of the head and she slowly moved her hips forward and back causing the inner lips of her vagina to part as well, allowing full contact of the warm erection against her inner vagina and clitoris. Jill could feel the entrance to her vulva touching his penis at the base and she longed for penetration. Suddenly the man stood back, removing his penis from its position between the lips of her vagina. The woman took her hands again and led her on unsteady legs to a soft piece of lawn under the tree. The woman showed Jill to lie on her back, which she did. The woman then knelt with her knees on either side of Jill's head. She placed her hands, one on each, onto Jill's breasts and gently massaged the firm mounds. Jill closed her eyes, enjoying every moment. She felt her skirt being lifted again and assumed that the man was still there. Hands gently parted her legs, spreading her thighs and exposing her burning vagina. The woman slowly unbuttoned Jill's shirt, opening the front to expose her breasts.
    Jill's nipples reacted immediately by standing erect.

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       The woman must have noticed this because she leaned forward over Jill and placed her warm wet mouth over Jill's left nipple. Jill let out a deep groan, she could feel her vagina responding to the stimulation that her nipple was receiving and she tried to press against the mouth that was giving her so much pleasure. The woman responded by placing her one hand on Jill's other breast and pressing downward to hold Jill still. Hands were lifting her knees upwards and outwards, fully exposing her vagina, the hands held her legs aloft and she felt movement between her widespread thighs. Jill felt something at the open entrance to her vulva, she felt fingers gently parting her lips, stretching open the tight, wet hole in her vagina and she felt something hard and warm pressed against the opening. Jill knew that the man was getting ready to insert his swollen penis up into her and she lifted her knees higher. Jill felt the moment that he entered her, she felt her vulva stretch open to fit the thickness of the head and she felt her vulva close over the head and firmly grip the shaft. The man then began to slowly insert the rest of his shaft into Jill. The woman's mouth on her nipple was driving Jill mad and now the sensation of the mans thick penis being pushed up into her was almost too much. Jill reached with her hands above her, under the body of the woman who was alternately sucking her nipples, to between her legs. Jill explored with her hands, over the woman's thighs and between her legs. Because she was kneeling the area between her thighs was exposed but Jill gently prized the woman's thighs further apart, and she obliged by spreading her legs as far as she could. Jill continued gently exploring with her fingers down between the parted thighs until she felt the soft sensation of pubic hair, the woman probably removed her panties earlier, Jill could hardly contain her excitement. By now the man had fully entered her and was now slowly sliding his penis in and out of her tight vulva. The woman's vagina was completely open to Jill's fingers, Jill had never felt another woman's aroused vagina before and the sensation was completely new to her.

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       She found the clitoris to be swollen and fully erect, standing out from between the outer lips like a miniature penis. Jill took the clit between her forefinger and thumb and gently stroked back and forth along the erect shaft. The woman began to moan and press her pussy against Jill's stimulating fingers. By now Jill was on the verge of cumming. The friction of the man's penis deep inside her vagina was something she could no longer ignore. Now and then the man would retract his penis completely from inside Jill and then thrust forward to insert it fully inside her. She felt every ridge on the shaft of his penis as it was thrust in and out of her soft vagina. Jill felt the familiar heat as her vagina tightened around the shaft as she neared orgasm. The woman too was close, she was thrusting her hips back and forth in an attempt to get Jill to stimulate her clitoris harder and faster. Jill took her other hand and placed her fingers further back along the wonderfully aroused vagina in her hand. She gently rubbed the tip of her middle finger along the length of the vagina from the clit to the fully exposed anus. This drove the woman wild. Jill increased the pressure on her finger and felt the wet lips part and her finger enter between the outer lips of the woman's pussy. Jill continued deeper, pressing her finger further along until she found the hot, wet entrance to the vulva. Without hesitation she pressed her finger to the entrance and she felt the slight resistance give way and her finger penetrated the woman's vulva.

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       As she felt the tightness of the woman's inner vagina Jill began to orgasm, she lifted her knees as high as possible, the man knew she was cumming and thrust into her hard and kept still. Jill rubbed the woman's clitoris faster and inserted her finger up into he vulva as deep as she could and the woman began to orgasm. Her inner muscles gripped Jill's finger tightly and she began to whimper, Jill felt waves of pleasure washing over her and she passed out for a second or two. The first thing she realised when she came to was that she was horny, it was as if she could not get enough sex. Looking up she saw the man lying on his back with the woman squatting over his head, she assumed by her sighs of pleasure that his tongue his deep inside her. Jill noticed that the man's erection was pointing straight up at the sky, getting up on all fours Jill went over to where she could examine his erection more closely. Taking the shaft in her hand she began stroking up and down the full length, allowing the head to pass through her fingers. The shaft became fully erect and she felt the wet slippery sensation on the tip of his penis as a small amount of semen escaped, indicating that he was ready to cum. Jill turned, lifted her one leg over the man and placed her knee on the other side of the man. She was now sitting astride the man's hips facing his feet with his erection probing stiffly against her aroused vagina. Lifting her one leg, she again took the man's penis in her hand and placed the tip at the open entrance to her vulva, she circled the tight hole a number of time to ensure that the head was well lubricated. Jill then slowly sat down on the erect shaft, impaling herself on the man, feeling him slip slowly up inside her until she felt his balls touch the exposed tip of her clitoris. Jill then lowered her leg and bent forward to ensure the best angle for penetration, to allow the full length of the penis to slide in and out of her as she slowly began to lift and lower herself over the thick shaft. Jill felt a hand on her buttocks, the woman had reached back and was gently feeling her way over Jill's buttocks, down to her exposed anus and further to where the shaft of the man's penis was inserted deeply up inside her vagina. Jill felt her fingers gently part the outer lips, holding the entrance open to be fully penetrated.


       Jill had never experienced anything like this before and she thrust the shaft deep into her hole. She kept the penis fully inserted and began to trust her hips back and forth, rubbing her clitoris against the hard resistance of the man's balls. Jill could feel that the man was almost there and she thrust harder, the woman began stroking Jill' vagina at a fast rate. Jill felt the head of the man's shaft deep inside her begin to swell even more and she knew he was cumming. She felt the first spurt of semen deep inside her and she came. The man continued shooting load after load of sperm into her and she held him tightly inside her, her orgasm went on and on as the woman continued stimulating her vulva while the man ejaculated deep inside her. Then she passed out again. . . When she woke she was in bed, the sun was coming up and the birds were waking. Wow, a wet dream of note!Jill put her hand down between her thighs, she was wet and as she probed with her fingers she found that she was tender as if she had been penetrated, that was not possible, she had been at home in bed. She withdrew her hand from between her legs and looked at her fingers, there were traces of semen. The dream, surely?She turned her hand and on the back was the mark left from a rubber stamp. The type that shows you paid to enter. .

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      . it was a crescent moon!