First Date part 1


So anyway, it's been a rough couple of months for me. In January, I broke up with my girlfriend of two years and had a little bit of trouble getting back into the saddle, as it were. That was January, this is June. Still nothing. At least, it was nothing til I decided to come back home and make a little money.
Some background information so you understand where I'm coming from. I'm a college student, right now in the summer between my Junior and Senior years. I have a house by my univeristy, but since I come from a tourist town, I figured I could make some good money if I came home and worked for the summer. I have a job at a restuarant, so summer wages aren't that bad. Besides. . . beach, sun, babes, who can say no?
Anyway, back to the story. Since me and my ex broke up, I had had pretty much nothing, all the more depressing since I broke up with her and she's had. . .

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  well, she's had quite a few guys. And she used to be such a nice girl. I would find myself lying in bed thinking about her. She was a beauty. But then I started work, and a new girl took over my mind.
Her name was Lindsey. She was a cute girl, very short, only about 5' (compared to my 6'1). She definitely caught my attention. She was new too, so it was nice being able to help her out with things. I figured I didn't stand much of a chance, but everyone at work is a little flirty, so I thought, why not? I flirted with her a little, she flirted back, but of course, I paid no mind to it. Truth be told, ever since I got out of my relationship, I had been pretty much unable to flirt.
But then it happened. One day, we're talking, we're getting off work at about the same time. Sometime during our conversation, I end up asking if she wants to get something to eat after work. She says yes, and I can't help but wonder what could happen.

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   I know nothing will, but hey, its fun to dream. After work, she says she needs to head home to get changed, and that I should just come pick her up after I get changed. This works for me, guarantees we get to hang out for as long as I want to. So after we get out of work, I head home and grab some new clothes, a pair of shorts, sweatshirt and my sandles. I get back in my car and head over to her place. As I get close, I call her phone and let her know I'm outside. I'm sitting in the car, just having put it in park, when out she walks, and damn.
Instantly my cock turns hard. There she is, short skirt, low cut shirt, high heels, she looks like she's ready for a night out on the town. I didn't get into too much detail about how she looks, but she's got a very slim body and that low cut shirt? She was barely staying in. It was nice.
So we go out to dinner at a local restaurant/bar. We have a few drinks, nothing too crazy, since I'm driving. She is being very flirty with me, I kind of liked it. She has a few drinks, I only have one, and after a short while, we're finished our meal and I'm driving her back.

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   It was nice, I wasn't expecting anything, cause afterall, it wasn't a date. But then we get back to her place, and she invites me in. "I feel bad," she says, "you weren't able to drink anything. Come on in, why not, you can sleep on our couch. We both work tomorrow anyway. This way I don't have to bother my roommate for a ride to work. " Not being an idiot, I park the car and head right in.
 We head inside and she grabs me a beer right away. I sit down on the couch, she sits next to me, and we start talking. It was nice, after all the time we had worked together, we never really talked all that much. She turned on the radio for some background music, just to keep it from getting too quiet. After a few drinks, she gets up and starts dancing to one, pulling the typical drunk girl move and shouting "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!"
She is dancing for a bit, right in front of me, and I can't help but stare at that ass of hers. She bends over and I can see the top of a thong. She touches the floor and I can see her short skirt sliding up almost to her ass. She starts dancing a bit more sensually.

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   I can feel the sexual tension getting heavy in the room. As a joke I pull out my money from the night, mostly 1s, and start pulling them out for her. She turns around, sees me holding them out, and laughs, sticking her tounge out for me. She starts dancing dirtier, seemingly kidding around with my joke, so I start throwing the bills at her.
Then I can't believe what happened. All of a sudden she starts slowly, sensually, lifting her shirt up. She slowly lifts it up over her stomach, and the bills fall out of my hand. I couldn't believe it. She lifts it up over her head and tosses it to the side, smiling at me. All I could stare at were her perfect tits held in by that beautiful bra of hers. My mouth fell open a bit so, her hips still moving with the music, she sticks out her hand and lifts my chin up. Then she leans in and gives me a kiss. My heart must have stopped. She bit my lip a little bit and tugged as she pulled back.
She turned around, ass to me, and slowly started sliding down her skirt, revealing, as I had seen earlier, a tight black thong.

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   It was so sexy. I couldnt help myself. . . after she pushed her skirt down I slid a dollar bill into her thong. She winked at me and straddled me on the couch. I pulled her close to me, kissing her deeply. I kept my hands on her back, one on her head, holding her close to me, not letting her up even for air. Her hands were on my chest, sliding down, sliding back up under my sweatshirt, feeling my chest. I loved the feeling. If it were possible, I got even harder when she did that. My hand slowly slid from her back down to her ass, cupping her soft cheeks, squeezing them. She finally managed to pull herself back from me, still straddling me, as she pulled one hand out from under my shirt and slowly slid it down her body. She slipped her hand into her panties, rubbing herself with her fingers, pulling her hand out and rubbing her fingertips on my lips. I got to taste her sweet pussy, and oh man did it taste good.

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I closed my eyes, enjoying the taste, and I feel her slide off of my lap. I open my eyes, and before i know it she's between my legs. Her little hands are unfastening my belt, and all I can think to do is lean my head back and thank God. I hear her unzip my pants and I look down as I see her pull them down. She pulls my boxers down a bit and then I see her eyes go wide. I don't have the biggest dick in the word, but it's big enough, and apperantly she is a bit surprised. But that doesn't stop her for long. She repositions, takes it in her warm little hands, and goes to town.
 I won't go into specific detail, cause I don't remember all that much. All I really remember is the experience. She focused mostly on the head, sucking on it gently at first, getting more rough with it as she went. I do remember her deepthroating me, something I was very impressed with. But I do have to say, she loves cock. She just absolutely went crazy. Her hands were all over the place, either jerking off the bottom while she sucked on the top, or played with my balls.

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   I've never recieved such a good blow job. She took just the head in her mouth, flicked her tongue against the bottom, just below the head, and right there I thought I was going to cum. As it was, I didn't last too long with her administrations. I told her I was going to cum, and all she said was "good, I'm still thirsty. " At that comment I exploded in her mouth, filling her up with my cum. A little leaked out of her mouth, but she swallowed then wiped it all up and licked it off her finger. Then she went back to my cock, draining all the remaining juices out of me.
I just stared at her. Then she looks at me and says "what now?" So I yank her back up on my lap. This time, I'm interested in more than just her mouth. I lay dwn on the couch and pull her up to sit on my face. I peel her thong to the side and go for broke. I start out with one big lick up her pussy, from the bottom to her clit. Then I start just focusing on her clit. She was wet before I started, but this really got her going.

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   I just kept licking it while I slipped a finger inside her, carressing her inner walls. I pulled her clit into my mouth, the tip of my tongue rubbing against it, and I could tell she liked it. She was moaning loudly, her hands down on my head, pulling at my hair. I kept licking her, finally giving up on her clit and going back to her pussy. I shoved my tongue inside of her, licking up and down, fucking her with my tongue and she started rocking on my face. Oh, oh, oh, she kept moaning. She was getting louder and quicker with her moans. I could tell she was going to cum soon. So I decided togive her something to come to. I went back to her clit, sucking on it again, flicking it with my tongue, as I slipped one finger in her pussy and put a fingertip against her asshole, putting just a little pressure on it, and with that she exploded all over me. She bucked hard, yanked on my hair, and came. I kept up the pressure, making her squirm, until finally she collapsed. She slid off of me, onto the floor.
I laid there, breathless on her couch, until suddenly a hand reached up and grabbed me, pulling me onto the floor.
That's all for now.

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   More later
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