First Look and First Lick Chapter 1


First Look and First Lick
*Some vague incestuous and taboo acts are contained in this story, if it is offensive to you, them please do not read any further,*
I was thirteen when my parents were laid off and forced to move from Wyoming to Virginia and live with my older sister Janice and her husband Steve, in their two room apartment. Being blessed with bigger tits than most girls my age and a perfectly round ass and slender legs, I took pride in the fact that I had graduated from a B cup to a C cup and had started wearing as many tight and clingy t-shirts and jean cut-offs as I could get away with.
We drove to Virginia and soon found the gas station where we were supposed to meet Janice and Steve. My dad parked the car in the parking lot of the gas station and we all climbed out. We hadn’t seen Janice or Steve in over five years and I noticed Steve looking me up and down as I hugged my sister, and hugged me a fraction longer than he should have.
Over the next few days I would dress as slutty as I could get away with and show what I could to Steve, knowing he was looking. Once he was sitting on the couch, watching TV and was wearing a pair of shorts but was sitting so I could see his dick slightly sticking out; he must have caught me looking because he adjusted it a little and a hint of a smile crossed his face. That’s when the flirting began, it was a slight peak of his cock here, a hint of tits there and so on.
Since it was summer and school was out, I had two choices; swim in the pool or snoop through the apartment while my parents, Janice and Steve were at work. I would do the latter when I got tired of doing the former.
One day I finally made it into my sister’s room, and I knew then that I had hit the jackpot. Her closet and dresser drawers were stuffed with kinky lingerie and toys and the shelf under the TV was packed with dirty magazines. Having never actually seen dirty magazines, I was intrigued and began flipping through them, looking at shaved pussies, hairy pussies, women fucking themselves with dildos and licking their juices off their fingers. I began getting wet and eagerly reached my hand down my shorts and began playing with my clit. I had masturbated before, but I had never been that wet until then.
I heard the keys in the front door downstairs and quickly put magazines where I thought they belonged and closed my sister’s bedroom door and quietly went down the stairs.

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   Just as I grabbed the remote and looked occupied in the TV show, the door opened and my mom and Janice walked in. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed dinner, while my mom checked to make sure I had cleaned the house like I had been expected to do. My dad and Steve came in from their jobs, changed clothes, watched TV and finally we all ate dinner.
All the while I would catch Steve’s eye and he would have a faint smile on his face. I simply thought it was because we had been flirting with each other for two weeks. After dinner, I showered, put my nightshirt on, and sat in the living room and watched TV with the rest of the family.
Since there were only two rooms in the apartment I had to sleep on the couch, which didn’t bother me, because I would often watch TV while everyone slept. When everyone started getting up and going upstairs to bed, I got the blankets out of the hall closet and started making my bed up. While I was making my bed up, Steve had gotten up and gone into the bathroom, coming out after I lay curled up on the couch with my head on the arm.
He sat down and after awhile I began to close my eyes to go to sleep, until I felt something brush up and down the crotch of my panties. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs a little bit to let him have better access, and accidentally let a moan out as he made my panties wetter and wetter.
     “You like that don’t you?” he whispered. I nodded, enjoying having someone else touch me like that besides myself.
     “You were in my room today weren’t you?” he asked, I blushed and nodded a little, feeling a little ashamed for snooping.
     “Did you like what you saw? All the lingerie and toys and magazines?” he whispered softly, sliding the crotch of my panties to one side to touch my pussy without any kind of barrier.

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   My mind, reeling, I nodded again. My nipples began to ache with want and tighten into little buds. My body wanted release but being a virgin and not very knowledgeable with sexual acts besides playing with my clit; I didn’t know how or what kind of release I could have.
Steve flipped the TV off when my sister called from upstairs, and whispered close to my ear, “I’m coming home early tomorrow afternoon. Be ready. ” And got up and went up the stairs to his bedroom.
*There's more to this if I get enough replies. *
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