First Time Masseuse


      My name is Michelle and at 32 years young, I had come to the conclusion       that my marriage and life were in a rut, although I dearly loved my       husband Tom, he had absolutely no ambition in life, and this was reflected       by his efforts in the bedroom.
      I desperately needed to find something to lift me to a more fulfilling way       of life. I decided that to give myself means to carry out my ambitions I       needed to find myself a job, but what. I had married young and had       received no worthwhile employment experiences, after searching through the       vacancy columns for days I found that it was not going to be easy to find       something that would allow me to move into a better lifestyle.
      Weeks passed, frustration at my inability to find a job was beginning to       set in. I had almost given up on finding something suitable, and then I received a       call from Sandra, a friend of several years inviting me for coffee.
      We had not seen each other for some time and while reminiscing,       I admitted how frustrated I was with my life. Sandra was not at all      surprised by this and went on to tell how she had been through the same       sort of thing a couple of years ago. She blew me away by telling how she had       started working as a tantric therapist.   She told how she had come to really       enjoy the work, how it had given her new found financial freedom. This       revelation started to intrigue me and I pressed her to tell me more.
      Sandra had started working at a private studio, in a ritzy suburb in       downtown Auckland, she provided nude massages, with hand relief. Her       clientele were generally well-healed businessmen, willing to pay well for       a sensuous session.
      Sandra asked if I would be interested in maybe doing some part time work,       I thought for a moment, but had to say that I thought that I would not be       able to take my clothes off in front of a stranger, let alone massage him       and give him a hand job. She said don't say no right away, but think it       over. Think about the rewards, the independence it would give me.

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      After several days of agonising over Sandra's proposition I decided that I       needed to stop being a wimp and take the chance if I was to break out of       the rut. I called Sandra and she suggested that come to work with her the       next day and check things out, to which I agreed.
      That night all sorts of things went around in my head, I was sure that my       husband Tom was aware that something was amiss, but he said nothing.
      The morning arrived and it was a beautiful sunny day, which I thought had       to be a good omen. I put on my best Victoria Secrets lingerie, nice lacy       half cup bra; with french style high cut panties, garter belt and white       stockings. I felt really good about myself as I checked out my image in       the mirror. I had arranged to meet Sandra at the clinic, on the drive over       I began to have second thoughts about what I was getting myself into, but       before I knew it I as at the address she had given me, and too late to       chicken out as Sandra was waiting for me in her car, she jumped out on       seeing me and gave me a big hug, saying how pleased that I had come.
      From the outside the clinic looked no different from the other expensive       looking houses in the street, We went inside and I was pleasantly       surprised at the tasteful decor and ornate furniture in the reception       area, where Suzette, the receptionist for the day, greeted us. Sandra gave       me a brief tour of the house, but had to cut it short because she had a       client arriving shortly. The house had four massage rooms, all with proper       massage tables, they were decorated in soothing pastel colours and had       candles and incense burners lit. A futon couch was in one corner of the       room while in the other was a big comfortable chair, I later discovered       that the futon doubled as a fold out bed!
      Sandra suggested that the best and easiest way to get comfortable with the       work would be for me to watch her with her first client of the day if he       was agreeable. We went back to the reception area to find that 'Fred' her       first for the day was waiting, I found myself giving him the once over, he       was about forty, quite tall and well proportioned. Sandra sidled up beside       him and whispered in his ear, this brought a grin to his face. I'll never       know what she said to Fred but he just nodded and with that she took both       our hands and led us off to her massage room.
      It was obvious that Fred was one of her regular clients by the way they       chatted on the way.

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   Upon entering the room she gave Fred what I thought to       be a fairly intimate kiss, then led him away to shower. When she returned       she suggested that if I was comfortable enough, I strip to my underwear,       while she gave Fred his massage. Well I had come this far it seemed silly       to back out now. Fred returned shortly with a towel wrapped around his       waist, I could see that he must work out regularly as his physique was       very good, he threw his towel over the chair and lay face down on the       table, meanwhile Sandra had disrobed and was now ready to begin the       massage.
      Watching Sandra applying oil to this naked man by using her hands and       upper torso had a strange effect on me, I thought I should have felt       differently from the way I did and I can't explain it but I felt a       stirring in my inner self. By the time she asked Fred to roll over I was       beginning to feel dampness between my legs. Whether it was the sight of a       naked man or watching him run his hands over my friend's naked body I'm       not sure, but it was having a pleasant affect on me.
      Fred by this time had become very aroused on was displaying an erection       most men would be proud of. After using her hands, forearms and breasts to       massage for what seemed an eternity Sandra proceeded to the foot of the       table and climbed up, kneeling over Fred she "time for my famous body       slide". This involved her sliding her body sensuously up and down Fred's       torso. First she used her breasts to good effect on Fred's already       straining erection, then up over his chest and up to his face. Pausing she       allowed him to first lick, and then suck her nipples. They both started       making soft noises that left me with no doubt that they were extremely       excited.
      While this was going on Fred had managed to slide his penis between       Sandra's legs and when she slid slowly up and down his erection was       getting tantalisingly close to her pussy. It didn't take genius to see       that he was attempting to manoeuvre himself towards possibly penetrating       her, sensing this Sandra eased herself down and off the table, commenting       jokingly to Fred that he was a naughty boy.

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   Fred laughed and said, "it       was worth a crack". Sandra was now at the business end of the massage and       started to apply more oil to Fred's penis with her hands then her breasts,       while doing this she beckoned me to come closer. I slowly edged towards       the table and Sandra asked Fred if he minded if she got me to try and help       out, the grin on Fred's face told her that he was up to it.
      At first I didn't know where to look, here was a man that I had never met,       lying naked in front of me with an erection that I had never seen the       likes of, it had to be at least 9 inches, possibly 10 and thick too.       Unlike my husbands, Fred's was circumcised, and stood "proud and tall"       with large veins that stood out from the richly purple colour of his       manhood. Sandra seemed to sense my apprehension and leaned over towards me       and gently but firmly took my hand and drew me to the table. It seemed the       two of them had been through this routine before as Fred also sensed my       unease and discretely closed his eyes. Without the feeling of being ogled       I soon lost the tenseness and eased my way towards the table and body       waiting there. While still holding my hand in her left hand Sandra was       slowly sliding her right hand up and down Fred's penis. I watched,       fascinated, it wasn't long before Fred started to squirm a little, showing       signs that he was about to cum, observing Sandra this and slowed her       strokes to prolong his pleasure.
      All the time this was happening, Sandra was slowly but surely bringing my       hand closer to Fred's penis, and before I knew it Sandra slowly removed       her hand and replaced it with mine while still enclosing my hand in hers.
      It was really happening, I was giving a hand job to a man I had never seen       before. His penis slid easily in my hand, I wasn't sure what I thought it       would feel like, but it felt lovely and warm, it seemed like the natural       thing to do was continue with slow stokes as Sandra had been doing, but I       guess Fred was past sensuality and was feeling the need to be relieved as       he suddenly reached across me and placed his hand on my breast. Although       this surprised me I wasn't startled, as the touch was ever so gentle. With       his eyes still shut Fred suddenly whispered, " Oh fuck" and with that he       let go with a stream of cum that not only went all over his stomach but       spayed over my hand and up my arm, some even made it onto my best Victoria       secrets bra.

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      Unfortunately the suddenness of this made me jump, letting go of his       penis, Sandra and Fred burst into laughter at my reaction. Sandra took       hold of a tissue and put it in my hand and motioned for me to wipe up the       mass of cum, it was a strange feeling standing there cleaning cum from my       breasts and the torso of a man that less than an hour ago was a complete       stranger. It wasn't until Sandra was going through what she called her,       "calming routine" that I suddenly felt dampness between my legs again,       seeing that Sandra was still draped over Fred's body and they were       completely oblivious to my presence I turned slightly away and inched my       fingers into my panties. Good lord! I had never known myself to be this       wet, it was all I could do to stop myself from fingering my pussy, if I       had been alone I knew that I would have been unable, or unwilling, not to       bring myself to a shuddering climax. After a few moments Sandra and Fred       untangled themselves and sliding off the table she took Fred's hand and       led him to the shower.
      Suddenly alone, with what I knew would be but a brief break I plunged my       fingers into my pussy and I came almost immediately, aware that Sandra       and Fred were but a shower door away I stifled my moans and it was all       I could do to stop myself falling in a heap on the floor.             As Sandra and Fred stepped out of the shower they could       hardly not notice the smile on my face and once again they burst into       laughter in unison, they were indeed in no doubt what I had been up to.       Feeling embarrassed by their discovery I turned my back, discarded my       lingerie and stepped into the shower.

      Chapter 02
      I stood for what seemed an eternity under the soothing water that cascaded       over my body and a peaceful bliss came over me. Confused by my reaction to       my first massage experience I justified myself by thinking that I was       turned on by the sexy body that I had been exposed too. How would I re-act       when confronted by a less than average client?
      Gathering my thoughts I pondered my next move. I could hear Sandra in the       next room and knew that I would have to face her sooner or later, so       clutching a towel to my body I gingerly stepped out of the shower. Sandra       was tidying the massage table and as I came into the room she looked up       and smiled. Well that wasn't too bad was it she enquired? I had to admit       that if this was a typical example of her work then I knew that I could       cope with being a massage therapist.
      Sandra had a gap in her bookings and her next client was not due for 30       minutes so we finished tidying the room then went into the lounge and made       ourselves a coffee.

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   All the while the phone in the little office off the       lounge kept constantly ringing, keeping Suzette busy. This was obviously a       very busy little operation. It seemed in no time at all that the front       door bell rang and Sandra's next client had arrived, she went down to let       him in and returned with him to the lounge. Sandra introduced him as       Ranji, and he smiled and shook my hand, he seemed to hold my hand longer       than you would normally expect when shaking hands, but at the time I       thought nothing of it. He was tall and quite slim, 50ish, he had a bushy       moustache that was quite white and contrasted against his very dark skin.       He settled onto the couch but seemed to be unsure of himself. Suzette came       into the room and offered Ranji a coffee, but he asked for a juice       instead. Ranji followed Suzette into the kitchenette while she was pouring       his juice and I could hear them talking, although only in whispers, but I       did hear my name mentioned. The conversation continued briefly, then       Suzette called me over.
      Michelle, Ranji has requested that you do his massage, I have explained to       him that you have not yet decided if you want to work with us, but he is       quite insistent. What do you think she asked? I had already decided that I       was willing to work in the studio but this took me completely by surprise.       I wondered if I was ready to massage on my own. After some thought I said       to Ranji that I thought he would be better having his massage done by       Sandra as he had originally booked, because I hadn't had any previous       experience and at this would be my very first one. Ranji's eyes lit up       when he heard this and said that he was sure that my lack of massage       skills was not a deterrent to him. Ranji and I continued chatting while       Suzette went and asked Sandra if she minded if I did Ranji's massage, she       just came over and gave me a big hug and said welcome to our place!
      Suzette took the door fee from Ranji, then suggested that I use room 3,       saying it was next to the room that Sandra and I had previously used.

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   I       led Ranji down the hall to our room and showed him in. As I shut the door       behind us I could feel the butterflies in my stomach starting to flit       around. Ranji seemed charming and chatted about his work as he started to       disrobe. My first impression of Ranji was right, he was slim but not       skinny, his very dark skin almost a shine to it. I handed him a towel as       he peeled down his boxers, he made no attempt to cover himself but       sauntered into the shower carrying the towel.
      My moment of truth had arrived, as I stepped out of my skirt I found       myself wondering what Ranji would think of my body, I hesitated before       removing my bra and panties and caught sight of myself in the full length       mirror beside the massage table, I knew that any man would love the sight,       and before I new it Ranji was stepping out of the shower. He stood with       his towel partially covering him and casually looked me up and down. Now I       was self conscious and turned my back to him to continue undressing. No       no, please he said, don't turn round I want to look at you. "You'll have       to get on the table I said" as I was very aware of his eyes following my       every move. He seemed to realise that he was not helping his cause by       making me nervous, so he climbed on the table and turned his head. As I       continued to undress I realised that he was still watching me in the       mirror, but at least it wasn't as obvious.
      It still surprises me but as soon as I started to apply the warm oil to       Ranji's legs, the nervousness that I had felt disappeared and it wasn't       long before I felt quite comfortable as I first massaged his legs then       moved onto his buttocks and back.

          The music that was being played over the built in system was soothing and       I found myself getting into a rhythm as I proceeded, remembering the way       Sandra had done the earlier massage. Long slow strokes, at first       reasonably firmly, then easing to be more sensuous until it was just a       very light touch.

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       You must have had a very good tutor Ranji said, you are       doing an excellent job for a first massage. The touch seemed to come quite       naturally I replied, and I thought to myself that I was only trying to       touch, as I would like to be touched.
          As I moved around to the head of the table to massage Ranji's shoulders,       he dropped his arms from the table and from here he was able to reach       around behind me and lightly stroke the back of my legs. I had seen Fred       do this to Sandra so I should have been ready. It was obviously a standard       move! It actually felt nice and I found myself lingering in that position       to prolong the feeling. As I hadn't moved away Ranji took this as a green       light to further his touching and he slowly moved his fingers in little       circles up my inner thighs, he was obviously practised at this manoeuvre       as I was not really aware of what he was up to until his fingers were only       centimetres away from my most private parts. I wasn't ready for him to       touch me there so I casually moved so as to make it awkward for him to       reach. He made no attempt to try and force the issue, and continued with       the gentle caresses on my thighs.
          I slowly moved down the other side to the foot of the table to do a body       slide on his back. I applied a generous amount of oil over my breasts as I       had seen Sandra do and climbed onto the table. When my breasts first made       contact with Ranji's skin I was amazed but my nipples became hard       instantly and as I continued with the body slide the feeling intensified       and I could feel myself getting aroused, I was getting wet. Once again I       found myself lingering on this part of the massage, Ranji obviously had no       objections here and just soaked up the sensations he was feeling from the       contact with my breasts. After a while I found that my arms became quite       tired from supporting me, so I climbed down and asked Ranji to turn over.
          As he did I saw that I wasn't the only one that was aroused, he was       starting to get an erection. Even in this semi hard state he had quite a       nice sized cock.

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       When Sandra had massaged Fred she had applied oil to his       penis as soon as he had rolled over, but I noted that while she was       massaging his legs his erection had subsided somewhat. I thought I would       try and prolong the expectations and not apply oil to Ranji's penis until       I was ready to do my body slide on his front. My plan was to use a bit of       tease to keep him eager, and I thought, make the hand relief easier.
          My mind kept going back to the massage that Sandra had given Fred, and I       tried to follow the pattern that she had used. Long slow strokes up his       legs, as I moved further up his legs Ranji slowly opened them inviting me       to massage his inner thighs. His eyes were closed and I could hear him       moaning very softly as moved slowly past his scrotum and now fully erect       penis. As I moved around the table I found that I was back in range and it       was no time at all before he was taking advantage of this and started       caressing my legs again. Once again I found myself lingering so as to       enjoy the sensation. Leaning over him I was now using my breasts on his       chest, while using one hand to continue slowly stroking his legs.
          Moving over his chest with my breasts I was able to very softly blow on       his nipples and this had an immediate effect, his nipples hardened and       penis noticeably twitched. It was pleasing to see his reaction to my       ministrations, so I continued further down his body and did the same thing       to his penis. Boy did that bring a reaction, his body arched upwards and I       felt the tip of his penis brush my lips. At the same time he put his hand       behind my head and very softly tried hold my mouth there. I gently moved       away to the foot of the table and climbed on ready to give him his body       slide.
          This time I stayed on my knees as I slowly moved up using my forearms on       his thighs and I repeated the soft blowing as I moved getting closer and       to his manhood.

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       Suddenly I felt wicked, and as I moved towards his penis I       gave a light little lick over his scrotum and up the underside of his ever       increasingly hard cock. Once again the twitch and a quite audible moan.       Now I moved down a little and used my breasts on his cock, this had him       writhing and once again he had his hands on my head and was trying to       bring my mouth towards his cock. To counter this move I proceeded further       up his body now he tried to get his mouth to my breasts. I allowed him to       nibble on my breasts. I had not always found this stimulating but Ranji       was obviously well practised as once again I found my nipples hardening       and a serious wetness developing between my legs. Time to get down I       thought to myself.             Getting off the table I reached for the oil and started to apply it       lovingly to Ranji's penis, he felt warm and smooth in my hand and I       couldn't help but notice the stark contrast of my white skin against the       jet black colour of Ranji's penis, it was quite erotic, here I was, a well       bred white catholic girl with my hand around this Indian mans cock, slowly       masturbating him as he lightly caressed my breasts with one hand and with       the other was attempting to get between my legs. I found myself unable to       resist as he slowly inched towards my pussy, I even shifted my stance to       make it easier for him. I had already cum once today but it didn't take       long for me to reach another orgasm. I could feel myself starting to       quiver and I knew that I would be unable to hide the fact that I was       cumming from Ranji.
          I had been so ingrossed in my sensations that I was initially unaware that       Ranji had been talking to me the whole time, but as my orgasm subsided I       could hear him whispering to me "put it in your mouth" over and over       again. This had an unbelievable affect on me and I found myself with an       incredible urge to do just that. Slowly I moved my mouth towards his       beautifully erect penis, seemingly unable to stop myself. Firstly I took       just the tip into my mouth, it tasted slightly salty as pre cum oozed out.

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             He felt so good that I took more into my mouth until I had all of him, I       could feel him in the very back of my throat. I wasn't long before this       triggered yet another even more explosive orgasm and as I came again Ranji       exploded into my mouth. I had never experienced a man who had such a lot       of jism, and I was unable to swallow quickly enough to stop some spilling       out of my mouth running down my cheeks.
          We stayed cuddled together for some time and took the chance to wind down.       The intensity slowly passed and I made my way to turn on the water in the       shower for Ranji, as he entered the shower I joined him and took the soap       and lathered his body to remove the oil, Ranji put his arms around me and       tried to kiss me, but by now the moment had passed and I had regained       senses. I stepped out of the shower and towelled myself dry, instead of       putting my clothes back on I wrapped the towel around me. I busied myself       tidying the massage table and replacing the linen for the next client
          Ranji dressed quickly and before leaving the room he gave me a big hug and       handed me a fifty dollar bill. That was really a great massage he said, I       can't believe that you haven't massaged before. As he left the room I       could hear him talking to Suzette on the way out. The report was good and       Ranji had given me a glowing report card.
          I later learned that he was a past master at choosing new girls for his       massage so he could try and take advantage of the situation!

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