I climb in through your window and notice you’re sound asleep in bed covered in blankets, which can only mean you’re not wearing much between the sheets. I strip down and climb in next to you, you roll over onto your side away from me so I climb deeper into the covers, and take you in my arms, pulling you close to me, and wrapping my big hard arms around you, you moan a little and snuggle up next to me as I take a breast in each hand you moan some more in your sleep so I massage them and watch as your face begins to relax and your body starts to warm up, you moan lightly, and I slide one hand down your stomach and over your legs rubbing over your lips, and thighs, as your moans increase in both depth and frequency, you part your legs and I rub your lips through your panties which are soaked and hot. I slide my fingers under your waist band and peel off your soaked panties revealing your swollen lips and clit to my long strong fingers, I nibble on your ear an gently kiss your neck my hand reaching down to feel the curve of your cute ass, and feeling it’s warmth. My hand continues to seek warmth as it slides up to your thigh and then down the inside of your thigh to your swollen shaved lips, they’re so wet and inviting, and your gentle and impassioned moans have ignited a passion yet unknown as I slide my hand down your stomach to spread your swollen lips for me. As my hand nears the top of your slit and your clit, your hand rests on top of mine and I begin to rub your swollen little love button, you moan out loud, your lips swelling, and your nipples harden. You open your legs wider and slide my hand down to your soaking little pussy, I wait till you can’t stand it your heavy panting making me hard and your moans making your desire known I whisper in your ear I love you. And you spread your soaked lips and I slip only one finger into them slowly causing you to toss your head back and moan as I slide it up and down your tight lips, you whimper as I tease you and you moan out in ecstasy as I slide my curved finger deep inside your pink folds, you’re soft and tight, wet and I can feel your muscles contract as I curl and uncurl my finger inside of you, you gasp and grind your pussy into my hand begging for more, so I slide another finger into your tight lips spreading them and twisting them inside of you, sliding them in and out slowly and methodically. As your soft moans turn into orgasmic gasps, and your lips clench my fingers I pull them out ever so slowly and slide them back in pressing my digits into your crimson flesh, buried up to the knuckles in your tight silky folds I can feel your orgasmic contractions as I bite down on your round little nipple. I can feel your hand sliding past mine to rub my cock and as I continue fingering you, guiding you closer and closer to your peak. You pull out my hand and replace it with your own spreading yourself, as you guide me into you, first pulling back my foreskin, and then sliding first my head and then the rest of my shaft into you. I take you  in one swift thrust burying all eight inches of me into your tight little pussy. You moan as I shove into you, spreading you and stretching you internally. You gasp as I thrust into your tight little pussy again and again, I pull it out slowly and then slide back in steadily, making your pussy ache to be filled once again. this is all I've got so far, tell me what you think.

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