Friday Night Drinks


Friday Night Drinks
Khai sat at his desk forever glancing at the time on the computer waiting for 5pm to hurry up and arrive. It had been a long week and Friday night drinks that the company put on couldn’t come soon enough.   Khai’s mind wondered to the hopeful possibility that Cassie would also be going along to drinks. Even though she never gave off any hint of being attracted to him or that she may want their office friendship to progress into something more, Khai still took any opportunity he could find to be close to the sexy brunette.
After counting down the last few minutes of the day Khai hit the power button on the PC and walked off to the café area on the floor. There was already a lot of staff who had arrived early and were downing their drinks trying to wash away the week. Khai picked up a beer and found a group of people he knew to hang with. The conversation was boring and Khai kept glancing down the hallway hoping to see Cassie stride in.
An hour of pretending to be interested in his work colleagues and 3 beers later Khai had almost given up on his chance for a perv on Cassie and was about to go home. He chucked his empty bottle in the bin and started to make an exit when he saw her. She was the most amazing girl he had ever laid eyes on. With long brown hair, nice full breasts, a flat stomach, beautiful tight arse and legs to die for. She really was every mans’ wet dream in the flesh.
Khai grabbed another beer and made it look like he wasn’t on his way out. Cassie strode into the café, nearly every guy’s and even some girls eyes followed her as she took a beer from the bar and started chatting to her girlfriends. She was wearing a tight short black dress that hugged her sexy body in the best way possible.

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   No matter how hard Khai tried he couldn’t take his eyes of that amazing arse and her long bare legs.
Now he just needed for her to glance his way so he could strike up a conversation with her. This was as far as it ever went for Khai and he would always say his good byes to Cassie while kicking himself for not making a move. Her amazingly sexy body and inviting smile was just all too intimidating. But he would continue to torture himself by remaining friends with her and teasing himself to the point that he would have to go home and beat off over her.
Cassie finished off her beer and turned around to look for the bin to chuck the empty bottle in. That’s when she saw Khai standing by his work mates. She noticed the way Khai’s eyes moved up her body until they reached hers. He made her so hot, and she was pretty sure he wanted her, who wouldn’t! But he would never make a move, hardly any guys would, they always went for her more average looking girlfriends. Khai smiled at her and they both walked off to the side of the café to chat.
Khai struggled to keep his eyes on Cassie’s face, they kept wondering down to her cleavage that the black dress reveled a lot of. Man he just wanted to grab those tits and kiss them all over and suck on her nipples. They looked like a perfect sized C cup. Khai felt the familiar sensation of his cock growing. He felt sad thinking that it would be another night alone beating off over the image of this beautiful girl.

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After a few more drinks and feeling Khai’s eyes burning through her tight black dress Cassie felt pretty confident and not to mention horny! She would have to make a move as it was obvious that Khai wasn’t going to. Cassie downed her beer and excused herself to the bathroom. Khai wondered back over to the group he worked with and thought that was all he would get to see of his fantasy girl.
Cassie ran off to the bathroom and locked herself in a stall. She couldn’t believe how horny the drinks had made her and also having Khai’s eyes on her all night. She ran her hands down over the thin fabric covering her tits and felt her nipples harden under her touch. Instantly her panties dampened and she knew no matter what she would make sure she got laid tonight. Leaving one hand fondling her tits Cassie slide the other one down and reached up between her legs to her panty clad pussy where she started to rub herself.
The wetness between Cassie’s legs amazed her, she slid a finger under the elastic of her g-string and easily slipped a finger into her shaved pussy. Her nipples were trying to poke right out of her dress they were so hard, Cassie pinched them between her fingers and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Her finger felt so good moving in and out of her wet pussy she could of cum right then and there. But she decided to hold on and wait her Khai to fuck her senseless. With much effort she slid her finger out of her pussy and tried to slow her breathing. Cassie’s panties were soaked through now so she slide them down over her toned legs and kicked them off. Picking up and putting them in her handbag she left the bathroom.

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Khai noticed Cassie walk back in and grab another drink. She looked as sexy as ever and he couldn’t help notice the way her nipples were showing through her dress. She took a swig of her drink and walked across to him. Khai didn’t know why but his heart started to beat faster. The way she was moving across the room to him his mind ran wild with possibilities but he kept telling himself to stop being stupid. She came up close to him and placed her mouth right up against his ear. He could feel her body touching his arm and her warm breath on his ear. Instantly Khai’s dick went as hard as a rock.
Cassie cupped her hand around Khai’s ear and whispered in the most seductive voice she could muster, ‘I’ve just been fucking my pussy in the bathroom and I’m so wet and horny I want you to fuck me senseless right now. ’ Khai almost choked on his beer, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard this amazingly sexy girl say to him.
Before Khai had a chance to think, Cassie took his hand in hers and led him out of the café. Everyone else was too rapped in their own conversations and too many drinks downed to notice the two leave. Cassie walked up the fire stairs to the next floor with Khai in tow. He couldn’t take his eyes of her sexy arse walking up the stairs in his face and was still wondering if this was a dream. Cassie who had lost all inhibitions seductively slid her hand down her side, then around to her arse and gave herself a squeeze then a slap.

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Khai’s heart missed a beat at the sight of his and had to refrain from taking her right then and there on the concrete steps. Cassie looked around and smiled then pushed the door open that lead them out onto a floor full of conference rooms that at this time of night was completely empty. They walked into the first room they came to, it had a large round wooden desk in the middle and was surrounded by 8 seats or so. Huge glass windows showed off the city lights which while on the 36th floor was quite a view.
Cassie pushed Khai into one of the chairs and then jumped up onto the table. She felt so drunk and horny and wanted to make this a night to remember. There was no music but Cassie started to move her body to an inaudible beat with such finesse. She started to move her hands all over her body, rubbing and squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples and now and then caressing her tight arse. She could feel the wetness from her pussy starting to run down her thighs and had to control herself not to jam a couple of fingers in her slit.
Khai could not believe what he was seeing! This amazing girl was gyrating on the table while touching herself in the most sexy and seductive way. Her hands roamed over her tits and he could see her nipples pushing through the fabric of her dress. His dick was aching from being confined in his pants and wanted to free it more than anything else. Cassie jumped off the table and straddled his lap. Her tits were right in Khai’s face, he couldn’t help it and started to kiss the bare flesh that was showing above the line of her dress. He cupped one of her firm tits in his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

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   Cassie pushed her crouch into Khai’s and she could feel his dick through his pants. She bent her head down and frantically started to kiss him. Their tongues danced together with an urgent need. Cassie couldn’t help but rub her bare pussy against Khai’s dick that was trying to find a way out of his pants. She moaned into his open mouth. Cassie slid off Khai down onto her hands and knees. Khai noticed the large wet patch that had been left on his pants, he couldn’t’ believe she wasn’t wearing any panties! He was about to free his cock and fuck this girls brains out just as Cassie reached up and unzipped him. She reached into his pants and pulled his dick out. Some precum was already dripping out of the head.
Cassie took Khai’s cock in her hand and started to pump it up and down. She then started to slide her tongue up and down over his dick. Khai couldn’t take this teasing and grabbed the back of Cassie’s head and pushed her mouth down over his dick. She eagerly started to blow him. Khai had never had a head job like this before, she sucked better than any girl he had had before. She would take most of him in her mouth while moving her tongue around.

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   Now and then she would twist her head from side to side which caused the most amazing sensations.
Sucking Khai’s dick was making Cassie even wetter and she couldn’t help but reach down and slide two fingers up into her pussy. She started to pound herself with her fingers and was having trouble concentrating on blowing Khai. She kept bouncing her head up and down on his large cock though and started to moan sending vibrations through him. Cassie could feel her orgasm building with incredible speed.
    Her fingers were a blur moving in and out of her dripping slit. Khai was also moaning now in pleasure and was close to cuming himself. She slid her now wet fingers out of her pussy and started to rub her erect clit. This was too much for Cassie and she let out a large moan as her orgasm ripped through her body. Juices flowed from her pussy down her legs, she didn’t think she had ever been so wet before. Khai wasn’t far behind, watching Cassie cum all over her fingers was enough to push him over the edge too and he blew his load into her mouth. Cassie kept up her sucking and swallowed it all.
    Cassie stood up and realized her legs felt like jelly after such an intense orgasm. She slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and slid it off her body. Khai couldn’t believe his eyes, her body was every bit as good as he ever imagined.

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       Her tits stood pert on her chest and had large nipples just asking to be sucked on. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with only a small landing strip of hair. Cassie perched her arse on the edge of the table and spread her legs in an elusive way.
    Khai started to kiss the creamy skin of her inner thighs. Starting around her knees and slowly moving up each side closer and closer to her pussy. He could smell her wetness and it made him feel intoxicated. Cassie was holding his head trying to push it into her wanton pussy. She wanted to feel his tongue inside her and was practically begging for it. Khai kept moving back down her legs though planting soft kisses as he went. Cassie was molding her tits in her hands, every now and then pulling on her erect nipples. She had had enough of this teasing though and roughly pushed Khai’s mouth into her wet cunt.
    A moan escaped Cassie’s lips and she felt Khai’s tongue snake its way into her pussy. He pushed his tongue in and out of her lapping up as much of her juices as he could. She tasted so good! He moved up and took her erect clit into his mouth and started to gently suck on it and flick his tongue over its tip. Cassie was starting to hump his face and was moaning louder and louder.


       He knew it wouldn’t be long before she cummed all over his face. To push her over the edge he rammed two fingers up into her pussy and started to massage her g-spot. Cassie went crazy, her arse was bouncing up and down on the table and she held Khai’s head between her legs with no intent of letting go. A huge orgasm washed over her body, yes, yes fuck! She screamed. Khai was trying his best to lick up all of her pussy juices. His face was covered in her wetness.
    Cassie let go of Khai’s head and pulled him up on top of her. They mouths met and she could taste herself on his lips. It turned her on to an amazing degree tasting her pussy on Khai. She reached down between them and guided his large hard prick into her wet gaping pussy. The feel of it sliding in was amazing, it filled her completely and she knew she had made the right decision to have Khai fuck her.
    Khai felt Cassie’s tight wet pussy surrounding his cock. He started to pump in and out of her and was encouraged by Cassie’s moans of pleasure. She had wrapped her legs around him and was pulling him deeper and deeper inside her. In no time at all she felt another orgasm building in her pussy, she couldn’t believe how fucken hot she was and felt as though she could cum non stop tonight.

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       She adjusted her hips so Khai was pushing against her clit each time he filled her up with his cock. Cassie started to scream out fuck fuck ohhhhh fuck yes! As another orgasm racked her body.
    Cassie pushed Khai off and told him to lie on his back. She straddled him and slowly let his cock slide up inside herself. The feeling of it slowly opening her up wide and filling her up was amazing, she couldn’t believe she had waited so long to fuck him. It wasn’t long before she was bouncing up and down on his dick, grinding herself as hard as she could down onto him. Khai reached behind and grabbed her tight arse and helped push her up and down harder and faster. Cassie was in another world, she felt another orgasm approaching and knew this one would be huge. Pussy juices were flowing out of her cunt everywhere.
    She grabbed one of her tits with her hand while the other moved down to her clit. She started to rub her clit furiously and knew it would only be a matter of seconds before her orgasm hit her. Khai felt his own orgasm coming and started to push himself harder up into Cassie trying to ram his cock into her as hard as he could. Their bodies were covered in a fine layer of sweat and the only noises that could be heard was the wet pounding of Khai’s cock pushing into Cassie’s pussy. Cassie’s orgasm hit her first, she was screaming now and pushed her hand into her clit and held it there. Her orgasm was so intense she felt she was going to pass out.

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       She couldn’t move and held herself still as Khai kept ramming his cock into her, she felt his body tense and then the warm flow of cum spread inside her.
    Cassie collapsed down on top of Khai and didn’t move for a minute. Her whole body felt amazing from her orgasm and she wanted to enjoy it to the most. After awhile Cassie got up and let Khai’s cock slip out of her. She felt empty without him inside her. Her juices mixed with Khai’s cum was running down her legs. Cassie’s pussy was swollen from the abuse it had just received but she knew she hadn’t had enough.
    Cassie slipped her dress back on and winked at Khai. . ‘Do you want to come back to my place?’ she asked. .
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