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All my life, i've had no big luck with women, the closest i got  with them is one flashing at me to simply tease me in front of everyone at a party. AS u can see,i've never been in bed with a women, and as an alternative, i would be masturbating in front of my computer, watching a man fucking a woman, and thinking i'm the one doing it to some other hottie i met down on street  or from work. . . .
With a few friends, we go at the fair, we try a few rides, come across many hotties, but as usual, i'm the one that stays without getting a girl's number. . . my friends are much too buzy with their new dates to realize i've left the group already to go play some arcades to forgot about being such a big loser with no chance at all. After playing for a while, i realized i've been there for a few hours already, i'm almost out of cash and i txt msg my friends, but answer, i just sigh, not surprised at all and start walking around, looking for the exit.
I hear a woman's voice calling me by my last name, i turn back, it's an old woman. I thinking to myslef, as a joke, that im getting lucky today with one at least getting interested in me.  I walk to her and ask her to state her business, she explains she needs me to do something for her, i look a the time on my wathc, i've got nothing better to do anyways, and after a few seconds, i nod and accept to help her. I follow her, we pass the signs where it says only workers are authorize pass this point and we reach to where it seems to be her trailer.
Inside, its pretty much full with those things like crystal ball, talismans and other good wish items, i realize that she must be a fortune tell and wonder if she was going to try to seel me some crap and smile, doing a little joke about me not really believing in this stuff
She doesnt reply back and sits down on her chair, ask me to sit down, i see the seat across from hers and i sit down. She doesn't wait anytime by telling me the usual crap u would hear, i feel like i'm wasting my time until she says a personal info of my life that only me and my parents would know about.

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   I freeze and wonder if she got lucky but it isnt luck, since she keeps on listing past events and i ask her to stop, not wanting to be remembered of these embarassing and hard moments.
I ask her how she knows about me so much and she says she sees in me something incredible, a power that all boys would dream about, she keep on staring at the crystral ball as she is saying, i don't try to interrumpt her. She takes my hand at one point and ask me to close my eyes, i ask her why she wants me to and she asks me again to do it and i close them. She says an incantation 3 times and a the third time, something went all over my body, a nice feeling, like something just came over and took some weight away from me, it's hard to explain, but what i can say is that i felt like a new guy at that moment. She lets go of my hand and when i look at her, i ask her what did she do to me, she says she doesn't knwo herself. I feel lost because of her answer and she adds that whatever happened was something good for me. I agree with her and she says it's time for me to leave becasue they would close the fair shortly, i get up and thank her before i leave her place, and at the moment i exit, i get a txt msg from one of my friends saying to meet at the exit.
I rush there and I'm last to arrive, everyone is making jokes about me being the last one as usual, i just smile, acting like i don't care really. We take the bus, in the bus, its packed, they are mostly in back, I'm more to the front. This is where it gets a bit freaky when i start to hear in my head all the women's depest thoughts, i can hear their heartbeat and also if they would say something, even at a low tone, i could hear it clearly. I put my hand on my hand, thinking i'm going nuts but manage to keep my cool, trying to focus my thoughts before this goes out of control.
The voices started to disapear and i smile, realizing now that what she gave me before like power, it was this. Mind by mind i go, i se i can only feel women's thoughts, which didn't matter to me. I look at the hottie in front of me, and go in her mind, i couldn't believe it, she looks like an angel but all she could think was being touched down there, in the bus. I hesitate at first but then for it, standing behind her, i lift her skirt a bit, she is surprised and turn her head around, asking me to stop this.

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   I tell her not be so loud, grab her ass, she lets go a little moan. After i reach for her panties, she shakes her hands a bit, asking me gently to stop this right now, but i could feel her thoughts, she was begging me to do the opposite, and i keep going. i pull them on the side and slide a finger in pussy, going in, i ask her to move her legs apart a bit, she just do it and time to time, as im fingering her, she lets out a few moans, bitting her lip at the same time. But soon, it wasn't only auditive thoughts i was getting from her but also visual thoughts, where she would be getting gangbanged by a bunch of guys, i can see teh big smile on her face, for getting so many dick at the same time.
By luck, when my friend calls me up, reminding me we are gtting out now, i take my finger out, and wishper to her frm a distance that i enjoyed this and hope that she did also. I leave my spot and get off fro the bus, it's only me and another friend getting off from the bus. I ask him how it was back there with that girl he met there. He does as usual, he simply says with pride how this girl was all over him as usual and he was thinking he would do her fast to get rid of her, but add that she won't be easy. I think about that woman in the bus and simply smile, and wonder if i should my friends about it. Bue instead, i decide it's time for me to do my own stuff, leaving the boys out of this one. We get to my house first and he waves goodbye at me.  I go inside the house and get that crazy about going out and try out my new tallents.
As i head to the garage, my mom stops me in tracks, asking me to follow her in the kitchen. I'm presented to her friend and her daughter, she should be around my age, she's wearing a blue haltar as a top, and black mini skirt and white shoes. Her boobs should be C size, and when i try to read her mind, i only get feeling of unconfort when she looks up at me.

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   The mom is kinda ugly so i don't bother check on her, she really nice though, a good thing about her at least, but i want to focus on the daughter.
As i sit down besides the daugther, i go throught her mind and to keep her busy, i present myself and she response coldy back that she knows already and she says her name is Kayla, her mom asks Kayla not to be so rude with me, i look at the mom and says it's alright, i feel more anger coming from her.
I find out that all of this is all a trick to get her away from her boyfriend, her mom caught them in bed once, and since Kayla has been forbidden to seem, even if she has been seeing him without the mom finding out about it. The boyfriend and Kayla would usually have sex in place where they could get caught. She wants a man that can control her and her boyfriend hasn't been the only one doing her inthe last few momenr.
When we find a quiet room, she walks inside and what i feel from from her is a need to see if i would be able to take control when i get the chance, but I don't do anything, leaving her to do the first move. Getting bored, she takes her cell from her purse that she has been carrying all this time and says she's going to call her boyfriend because she is bored, and while she's inputing the number in, i grab the cellphone and take it away from her, she looks at me and try to reach for it without success.
I tell her that i don't want her to call her man like this because it's not cool, she just smile at me, calling me pussy. pushing me back a bit.
    When she goes for a second time, i grab her hand and hold it by her wrist tghtly, she cries out in pain a bit, but at the same time i can feel her level of excitment rise a bit. I keep with the game by bringing her close to me, telling her as a lie that girl has never dare talk to me like that. She gets even more excited by what i tell her, feeling like she's facing a man, not a boy. She heats things up by laughing in my face and i throw her on the couch, she acts like i did hurt her, i walk up to her, but not sure of what i'm doing, i call her bitch and tell her that she should be shotting her mouth if she doesn't want to get hurt really bad.  she smiles at my warning and dares me to try something with me.
    I act mad and slap her on teh face, making fall on the side of teh couch, she didn't get the chance to get back up, because I'm already hldoing her by her hair and pull her head back up.

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       I felt her needed to be fucked right now rise even higher. I stop there, realizing that women never actually express really what they really desire. I come back to me when she winces, i get back to that mean man and order to take out my dick out of my pants, she shakes her head, refusing but then change her mind when she hears me say that I will hurt her even more, she does it and couldn't believe it that it was this big, me i couldnt believe that my first time would be like this.
    She shows off her skills in giving her, using her tong at the same time, giving me much more pleasure and when i feel like i can't hold back anymore, i cum in her mouth and order her to swallow, and she does it.
    I tell her that I'm not done with herand throw her head on the couch. She only get the chance to lift her head a bit that she feels my cold hands on her warm butt, i lift her skirt and start caressing her ass. She asks me what I'm about to her, i simply smile because in her mind, she was calling me her new man, she is so fucking horny now, i move my head down on her pussy and smell and tell her that i enjoy smelling wet pussy like hers, she denies being turned on by all this. i laugh and tell her i know that she enjoys such treatments, she shakes her head, saying she will tel her mom when this is over, in her mind she is begging that she be punished for talking back. I take off my belt from my pants and star whipping her ass with it, knowing that she used to it already. She lets out big screams, starting to a lot wetter and giving it in to me, her behind is really red and she is breathing heavily, like she never felt this good. i let go of my belt and when i put my hands on her ass, she lets out a little scream and tell her that if she tells me she is just a little hoe, i will fuck her. Her exact words where ' i'm just a slut that only feel good when a dick is fucking me hard. . . plz fuck me now, i need yur big cock'.

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       So far so good and when i start fucking her, she couldnt stop moaning loudly, and i didn't care at this moment that we were being too loud, i just didint want to this moment to stop. I'm pulling her hair the same time im banging her, i looked like i was enjoying this horse and i didnt want to stop, and by surprise, my mom walks in, finding us naked, she stays without a word. She didn't know what she should do and that's when i see Kayla's mother walk in, screaming and going towards her, she starts blaming her for what is happening. My mom walks up to me and i tell her i didn't know what to do, because she kept seducing me, and that for once a girl pays attention to me, i didnt want to ruin. I feel releaved when she says she believes me and calms the other mother down while Kayla gets dressed. They leaves soon after, winking at me before she gets in the car and leaves with her mom
    In a way i felt releaved that i dont get blamed for this. . . that is until next time, since then, i havent got enough pussy, going from one girl to another one, become a well know player and enjoying this, and finally where i would be teh top dog
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