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Opening the door to your bedroom, I swing the door open to an amazing sight that stops me in my tracks.   The room was dimly lit only by candles that lined the room giving off a pleasing aroma.   There you stood in front of the bed in a full catholic school girl uniform, knee high stockings and black shoes included.   Your hair in pig tails held up by ribbons that match your skirt.   You have one finger in your mouth and have the most innocent  look I have seen from you.   I have never been more turned on by you and drop everything I have in my hand and slowly start to walk over to you.   Looking you up and down my mouth is open in aw at the beautiful sight in front of me.   You lean in and whisper in my ear "tonight I am all yours to do with as you please"As you back a way I have a big grin on my face and lean in and start to kiss you.   Our lips meet and you slide your tongue into my mouth  searching to find mine.   You start to unbutton my shirt exposing my skin and start to move your kisses down to my neck and collarbone.   You undo my belt buckle and unzip my pants.   My cock spills out as it can no longer be contained as you take the rest off.   I pull you up and start kissing you again before telling you to get on your knees.    You smile and say "yes sir" slowly sliding down till your on your knees with my hard cock inches from your face.   There is a bit of precum on the  head of my dick that I tell you to lick off.   You proceed to start licking the head of my dick getting all of the precum off and then sit back licking your lips.

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   Next I tell you to open your mouth as I take my hands and grab your pigtails pulling your head and mouth to my dick.   My dicks starts to slide slowly into your mouth until it has disappeared down your throat and you have taken my whole dick in your mouth.   I start to pick up the pace as you suck my cock with relish.   You love having your mouth filled with my cock.   I let go of your hair and let you take over.   You start to suck harder and faster putting my dick all the way to the back of your throat and then taking it out and licking the head.   I feel my first orgasm of the night building so I grab your head and push my cock all the way in to your mouth.   I start fucking your mouth hard and fast until I blow my load of hot cum in your mouth.   Its so much cum that you can't take it all you pull my cock out of your mouth letting me shoot the rest of the cum onto your lips and chin.   You clean the rest of the cum off my dick letting out a long moan of pleasure.   You stand up and have a huge grin on your face.   You kiss me once and then I tell you to slowly take off your shirt and skirt as the night was far from over.   I sit on the edge of the bed as you slowly unbutton your shirt exposing your perfect supple tits.   You remove the skirt that was covering your beautiful bald pussy.   I motion for you to come over to me your tits right in my face.

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    I start to lick your nipples and put them all in my mouth alternating between each nipple.   I suck on them making them hard and then I give one a bite and you let out a soft moan.   I pull back and I can already tell you are very wet without even touching your pussy yet.   I tell you to spread open you lips and show me your clit.   You slowly obey exposing spreading your pink lips exposing your clit which I proceed to slowly give it a few licks.   I tell you to lay down on the bed and spread your legs.   Your glistening pussy is fully exposed for me to see as you start to rub on your pussy.   I tell you to slide two fingers into yourself.   You moan as the first and then the second slides into your wet pussy.   I have enough of watching and slide two fingers of my own to join your two fingers inside your pussy.   Alternating our fingers in and out of your pussy you are moaning very loud now in enjoyment.   I tell you to stop and to put your fingers in your mouth.   You lick your own juices off your fingers smiling at me as you do. I then can wait no longer and slide my big dick inside of your well lubricated slit. My dick completely fills your pussy as I pound it all the way inside of you slowly at first and then I pick up the pace and begin to fuck you hard and fast.

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    You are in complete ecstasy and are screaming at me to fuck you hard.    Your pussy clamps down on my dick as you have your cum all over my dick.   I keep thrusting and then stop all of a sudden to tease you.    You yell at me to fuck you. . . your begging to be fucked again. . . I tell you to get on your hands and knees and you just smile.    Rolling over I can now see your perfect round ass and dripping pussy.   I start to run my dick up and down your ass and then finally giving you what you want I slide it roughly back into your pussy. I am fucking you hard and fast grabbing hold of your pigtails again as I am thrusting in you.   I am close to cumming again. .

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  . I tell you to spread open your ass. . . I want to cum all over it. You spread open your ass exposing your tight hole to me. . . I  pull my dick out of your pussy and start stroking it until I blow another large load of cum all over your ass.    It drips down your ass on to your pussy which you push inside of your still open hole with your fingers.   I start to rub my dick up and down your pussy and ass not aware of what you had planned.   As I am rubbing the cum all over your ass all of a sudden when I am next to your hole you push back hard against me. . . the next thing I know.

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  . . pop the head of my dick is in your ass. . . You let out a loud moan of pleasure and pain and just look back at me with a smile.   All you say is "fuck my ass" My one wish I have never gotten to do with you, I obey your command and slowly start to slide in.   Slowly as I can deeper in your ass until I am all the way in.   I stay where I am at letting you get used to my cock filling your ass.    I stay still till you scream out FUCK ME HARD. . . I start moving up and down and now am thrusting harder and harder.    It feels amazing being in your tight ass I tell you to slide your fingers back into your pussy as I fuck you.   Your fingers thrust into your pussy hard and fast.

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    You dont last long and are cumming again. . . your cum soaking my balls as I fuck you harder and harder in your ass.   I feel it building again and I am close and you can tell as I start to moan more for you.   "Fill my ass with cum" are the last thing I hear before I cum for the last time of the night filling your ass with my warm cum.    I  slowly pull my dick out and cum oozes out down all over your pussy.   Your hand still there from fingering your pussy rubbing all of my cum onto your pussy.   Looking down at my cum soaked dick I have one last request.   I tell you that my dick is still cover in com.   You turn around and look at me and crack a grin. . . this lets me know you understood.   You move over to me and grip my dick and then slowly slide it down your throat for the last time of the night sucking all of the cum and juices off my dick.

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    You move up and both kneeling now for a long passionate kiss then falling down you laying in my arms drifting off to sleep both completely satisfied about the night.
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