Fun at the Ranch


Fun at the Ranch
“Where is it??” Alyssa swore under her breath. She had to be ready by four o’clock, and it was already eleven. She knew she was being far too eager, but the barn dance was where all the cool people around this place were. “This place” was the lame cowboy ranch that her parents had sent her to for the summer. She liked horses, but even after only a week, to her mind, there was only one attraction to the place. Benjamin Somers, a. k. a Ben. He was the multitalented cowboy who was working at the ranch for the summer. Ben was gorgeous. Alyssa grinned.
She found her baby blue miniskirt. It was hidden under a pile of dirty laundry. Looking at the skirt closely, she saw the grass stain from when she had been thrown from her horse, Spooky the Third. ’Damn…I need something else to wear…” Alyssa finally decided on her tight low rise blue jeans and her light blue silky tank with the sequined daisies. Walking over to her dresser, she pulled out a large daisy flower clip.

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   The fake flower would look perfect with her outfit. Alyssa looked at the clock and gathered her shower things.
Once in the shower, she relaxed. The hot cascading water soothed her tight 17year old muscles. She just stood under the water and sorted her thoughts. After awhile, she shampooed and conditioned her shoulder length dark chocolate hair. She cleansed her face then shaved her armpits, and then her legs. She waited until last to shave her bikini line. She paid close attention, and shaved it baby smooth. Alyssa trimmed it nice and short, making sure there were no stray hairs anywhere. Looking down, Alyssa was satisfied. Her young nicely rounded breasts, taut stomach, tight ass and long silky legs gave her a body to die for. Stepping out of the shower, Alyssa carefully dried herself, paying careful attention to her nipple rings. Choosing not to get dressed just yet, she ran into the bathroom and gathered her make-up and hair products.
She wasn’t worried about getting caught in the buff; everyone was still working with the horses.

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   She applied her makeup, making sure to highlight her killer cheekbones, dazzling green eyes and pouty lips. Looking at herself critically in the bathroom mirror, she braided her hair in random places on her head, ending up with nine braids of various sizes on the top layer of her hair. Gathering the braids towards the back left side of her head, she secured them with the daisy clip. She liked the effect. Alyssa looked at her watch.  It was only twelve thirty. She had rushed too much, and now she had two and a half hours before she had to leave. Glancing at the extra large bathtub, complete with jets, she decided to have a bath. Alyssa ran the water. Looking around the bathroom, she found some French vanilla scented bath oil. She added it to the water, and forgetting to close the door, slid into the bath.
Wearing only his jeans, chaps, and boots and needing to refill his water bottles, Ben walked up to the house. Letting himself into the kitchen, he walked straight to the fridge, where Mrs. Potter kept the lemonade.   Drinking deeply, he glanced down the hall.

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   Through the open door of the washroom, he saw Alyssa in the bath, her head tilted back and her eyes closed. She looked gorgeous, he thought, feeling the now familiar throbbing sensation of lust in his cock. He had harbored special feelings for her since she had shown up at the ranch a week ago. She seemed so much older then her seventeen years and so sexy. . . Ben was twenty two, and he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about her this way but his cock was now rock hard and couldn’t be ignored. Alyssa felt the hair on her neck prickle, and knew that she wasn’t alone anymore. Opening her eyes, she looked through the open door.
“Who’s there?” Alyssa called out.
Ben walked to the open door of the washroom. “Hey, it’s just me. I didn’t know anyone was home. ”
Alyssa smiled. “No one IS home.

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She felt the warmth of the bath increase between her legs, felt the tingling. Her pussy was screaming for attention. Her pierced nipples were erect and needing to be touched. Her entire body was aching for Ben. The bath oil was making her seductive body glisten in the sunlight. Alyssa unconsciously trailed her fingers up and down her stomach. Ben groaned. Bending down swiftly, he caught Alyssa’s soft wet body in his strongly muscled arms and picked her up, kissing her savagely. He carried her, dripping, into her bedroom, dropping her on her bed while he kicked off his boots and stripped off his pants. Once free, his hardened cock sprang up and stood at attention.
Alyssa knelt on the bed before him and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft.
“Come here. . . ” She commanded her voice thick with passion.

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   Ben moved closer, and Alyssa licked the head of his thick cock. Swirling her tongue around and around, she tentatively sucked him into her mouth. Alyssa used the flat of her tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock as she hungrily sucked more and more of his nine and a half inches into her throat. Ben moaned as the sensations she was building in his cock surged higher and higher.
“Ohhh yeah!!!…I love what you’re doing to me… OHH, that’s right baby…” Ben was talking incoherently, as Alyssa brought him closer and closer to orgasm. Alyssa stopped her ministrations as her nose was buried in pubic hair and his balls were on her chin. She just held him in her throat, gagging a little, but determined to keep him there. Ben went wild as her tight little throat spasmed when she gagged. Knowing he couldn’t hold it anymore, he let loose, giving in to the amazing feelings of an orgasm. He shot load after load in her delicate throat, leaving her no choice but to swallow. When his orgasm had subsided, he pushed her onto her back and straddled her.
Bending down to kiss her deeply, his still hard member pushed on her clit. Alyssa gasped and Ben slid his fingers over her oil slicked body and teased her sensitive nub. He rubbed up and down her slit, coating his fingers in her juices. He roughly inserted his fingers deeply, and pushed then in and out, quickening his speed with his kisses.

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   Feeling her body respond to his attention, he broke off the kiss and sucked her clit into his mouth, torturing it with his deft tongue. Alyssa gasped as the first wave of a terrifyingly powerful orgasm racked her body.
“Oh my god!!! Fuck me… Please fuck me. . . ” Alyssa almost sobbed. Ben removed his mouth from her clit, and placed his cock at her entrance. With one swift push, he was inside her tight pussy. Ben gave way to his base animal instincts and grabbed Alyssa’s arms, holding them above her head and giving himself total power over her. He started fucking her pussy slowly, and then faster and faster until she was cumming again and again. Alyssa wriggled to get her arms loose, but he held her tight. Ben fastened his mouth over her nipple, playing with her ring until Alyssa was screaming in pleasure. The sights, sensations and the sound of his cock slurping in and out of her pussy paired with her moaning screams, was enough to send Ben over the edge. With Ben biting her neck in his ecstasy, Alyssa came again in a sensation of unparalleled bliss. Collapsed and exhausted, Ben and Alyssa lay on the bed panting.

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   Cum dripping from her pussy, Alyssa had never felt anything that powerful before. Ben leaned over and kissed her cheek before he quickly cleaned up and went back to work. After a long while, Alyssa got up and had a very long shower. Later that night, Alyssa and Ben met on the dance floor. After dancing for awhile, they slipped out the back.