Fun at the repair shop


I. T. story after a break-up with my girlfriend I had some naughty photo’s that I had to delete from my PC during the process I managed to stuff up my pc and deleted all my programs at the same time being a novice to pc’s I had to take it to the shop at the local mini mall in South Africa. No problem delighted the cute buxom brunette at the counter we will get on it right away should have you back and running by tomorrow! I assumed that some guy in the back would be doing the repairs and left it with her. The next afternoon I rushed over from work just before they closed my big tited friend was closing the door when I arrived and looked up with a grin oh you made it huh? We had some problems and it’s not quite done if you’ll step back to the shop I can explained it better she let me through and locked up the front office turned off the open sign and led me to the back. It was just me and her and I asked where is the technician who does the repairs Oh I do the repairs as well as run the front it’s my shop and I am just getting started so I have to do both jobs. When she booted up my pc I was so embarrassed there was the photo’s My cock in the hand, pussy, and mouth of the last girlfriend. I started to apologize and she laughed and said oh its nothing I see them all the time people think they deleted them but they are harder to get rid of than you think. I must say these are some rather good ones you have a knack for picture taking and posing. I was so red faced I didn’t want to look up or what to say She laughed and said I can’t believe your so shy after seeing your work. She let me off the hook and closed the window it’s all repaired and let me show you how to properly delete the things you don’t want……… So after a few quick lessons she said go ahead and finish up. I will get your bill and some hot new software I think you might enjoy. I was just finishing up when I heard how about a couple shots to get your new collection started when I turned around she was standing completely naked with a smile and a camera around her neck WOW what a body she jumped up on the counter and spread her legs to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy and it was not more than a foot away from my face she handed me the camera and said take a few shots if you want
As quick as I took this last shot my tongue was buried deep inside a wet hot dripping pussy licking and sucking all the pussy juice I could stand. After she soaked my face with a long intense orgasam I said oh baby your pussy tastes so sweet she began kissing me hard on the mouth licking her cum off my face I encouraged her with taste your pussy you little slut she became so wild I kept it up until she screamed put your cock in my pussy please I laid her back on the floor and shoved my rock hard cock to the hilt just as I got into a rythym and could feel her wet cunt soaking my balls she slide off and went down hard on my cock with her mouth lick that cunt juice off baby every last drop.
this went on for an hour or more ten hard strokes maybe fifteen then she would lick my cock and balls clean she liked that my balls were clean shaved and smooth
after awhile I started eating her pussy as fast as I pulled my cock out it was a wild wet 69 position she moaned taste were your cock was fucking my hole taste your cock juice. the thought somehow made me horny as hell and her pussy became wetter.

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   I carried on with yes baby lick your cunt juice off my cock when she felt the load of cum ready to pump out she said give it to me in my mouth baby pump your hot cum down my throat so as I pumped a great laod of hot cum into her mouth I buried my face in her soaking wet pussy after she swallowed it down she slid up to me and said I saved you a little taste of your cum and she had a little bit in her mouth I had never done this before and when I tatsed my own cum in her hot mouth mixed with pussy juice I became erect again in seconds she was so nasty I then fucked her pussy long and hard she came two more times and I finalley cam again this time shooting a hot load in her pussy hole.
It Seems she had been working so hard she had not had sex in more than 6 months we were still fucking when the sun came up. Then it was time to open up her shop we dressed and she wrote on my receipt paid in full please cum again……………. . .

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