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"Sure" he answeredSandy asked him," What do you want to watch?""You pick it," replied Chris and Sandy smiled and reached for another movie. After she loaded the movie and sat next to him she watched for his reaction as the movie started, Chris was shocked when he saw that she had put in a porno movie, a rather hot one to boot. He felt a bit uncomfortable for a moment and shyly looked at Sandy who was smiling from ear to ear next to him,"You do like porno don't you?" she asked him still smiling"Of course" he replied timidly "but I did not know you did, I have never watched a porno with a woman I was not sleeping with"Sandy laughed and told him, "There's a first time for everything" and they began to watch the movie and drink. As they finished the bottle Chris was feeling great, he was really buzzing and getting a raging hard-on watching the movie, a few times he had looked over at Sandy and could tell she was getting worked up too, he decided that the time was good for him to go to the bathroom and jerk off. As he turned to tell her he would be right back she asked him" where are you going?""To the bathroom" he told herShe asked him bluntly" To jerk off?"Chris stammered a bit and said, "yyyes"Sandy reached and put her hand on his shoulder and told him, "You know, I could take care of that for you, after all I am horny too"As Chris looked at her several things ran through his mind, he was not really attracted to her sexually but he was horny and she was a woman, he looked at the screen one more time then he looked at her and said, "are you sure?" almost hoping she would back out, she said "hell yes," and moved her hand to his crotch and began to unzip his fly. He laid back on the cushions and spread his legs anticipating a blowjob from her, as she undid his fly and unbuttoned his jeans she began to slip them off he realized that she wanted his dick in her pussy. As she continued to undress her he was a bit uneasy about the situation. By now he would normally be embracing, kissing and undressing a woman who was about to be his lover but he did not feel that way about Sandy, to him Sandy was a good friend and a fat woman. After Sandy had him undressed she paused for a moment waiting for him to make a move to undress her, when he did not she began to undress herself in front of him, As she slipped her dress over her head Chris lay back watching her. He smiled for her benefit but was fighting the impulse to run at first but soon he began to realize that although she was 3 times as big as any other woman he had fucked she did have massive tits that were surprisingly firm, as she slipped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them she reached out her hand to him and he rose from the couch, as he did she slipped her hand to his rock hard dick and led him down the hall to her bedroom. After they were there she walked to the bed and lay there in the middle of the bed and waited for him to have her. At that moment he realized that he could not use her simply as a cum receptacle because if he did and she did not come too he would lose a friend and she was much too good of a friend to lose. He slipped onto the bed and she spread he legs expecting him to enter her pussy but instead he spilled his mouth between her legs and as his tongue first found her clit she moaned loudly with pleasure. He had always prided himself on being the best pussy eater around, in high school when he had not learned to last he ate a girls pussy until she came then he slipped his dick into her and pounded her until he came. She told her friends and soon he had 3 more lovers, soon he learned control and had 2 weapons to use to satisfy a woman, he was not sure that Sandy expected him to please her but he was sure he had to get her off or he would feel too guilty to see her again. She purred to him," I always wanted to have your specialty used on me," Chris simply moaned and continued to lick her already wet slit.

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   With his eyes closed he used all of his talents on her, he was rolling his tongue around her clit in a circular pattern when he felt her hips rock and knew she was getting off so he plunged his mouth deeper into her gash and she erupted in waves of screams as she came. As she was softly moaning Chris slipped up onto her body and after positioning his dick at her opening he thrust one hard time and entered about halfway into her pussy, he was a bit surprised at her tightness since she had always told her that guys had left her before for being too loose, perhaps they were just making excuses or she was choosing lovers with really small dicks. Chris drew back and pushed again and this time he slipped all the way in until the base of his dick was resting on the mound above her clit, without resting he began to pump slowly into her, he found that the feeling of the warm walls of her cunt felt so good he was in no hurry. Her muscles were messaging his shaft with every stroke and soon all of his thoughts about how unsexy she was were forgotten and he was lustfully pumping her pussy. As they humped they were both moaning and screaming with sexual pleasure, Sandy screamed, "give it to me lover, I'm going to come" and Chris began to slam hard into her slit faster than before, seconds later Sandy clamped her large legs around the back of his legs just below his ass and clamped him tighter into her pussy and came again her screams were added to his a s he felt the rush of come rushing up his shaft and exploding from the tip of his dick and sprayed his load of come on the walls of her pussy. As they slowed to a stop he laid on top of her and for the first time since he had known her he kissed he passionately on the lips. She responded with a kiss of her own and for several minutes they continued to make out like two teenagers as his spent dick slipped from her cunt and dripped the remainder of his sperm down her thigh and onto the bed. As they made out there on the bed she started to discuss what had happened. "You were as good as I always expected you would be" Sandy said to Chris. "We should have done this sooner" replied Chris as he rolled off of her and lay next to her on his side, she rolled on her side and they began to caress each other. After several minutes of this Chris began to feel his dick springing back to life, as Sandy saw this she began to work it up into a full fledged erection for him, she took the lead and moved to her knees on the bed anticipating that they were going to 69 it but as Chris saw her tits dangling he got another idea, he sprang up and positioned himself behind Sandy and as a she rocked her fat hips up to make it easier to enter her pussy he pushed her ass down and spread her massive ass cheeks open to make it easier to poke her asshole.
    With no lube except for his come still pooling in the crack of her big ass he placed the head of his dick at the opening and began to pump to loosen up her sphincter. Sandy moaned a weak protest as he began to enter her poop chute but in reality she was in bliss since she liked it in the ass a lot. Ass fucking had always been what she relied on to seduce a guy that she wanted to date for a long term; she realized that she was so big that most guys would not stay around if she did not offer what most girls would not, as a result she would offer her ass as an option for sex. As she had gotten bigger she had added blowjobs but found that they were not a good way to get a lover, she found that if she blew a guy it was usually in a car or some place in public, they would simply let her suck and swallow but since there was no nudity they would simply leave after they got off, with ass fucking she at least got them naked.

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       As Chris entered her bowels she moaned loudly' "fuck my ass Chris, fuck me hard!"Chris began to fuck her ass hard, as each stroke found its way home Chris almost laughed at the sight of her massive ass jiggling like Jell-O as he pounded her over and over. With his hands on her waist he slid more and more times into her warm bowels for several minutes, he was a bit surprised that he had not come yet but since he had already come once in the hour he took it as a good thing and continued to tear her a new asshole. As he was fucking her ass he could tell that once again she was nearing a climax but he was not so he sped up his fucking and she went wild with ecstasy and her arms collapsed to the bed leaving her ass sticking up in the air with her asshole still being speared as she buried her face in the pillow and screamed from orgasm and pain. Chris soon felt his load nearing decided to not come in her bowels but instead slipped his dick out of her ass with a popping sound and grabbing one cheek in each of his hands he started to pump his dick in the ample crack of her big ass until he shot his load. As the come left the head of his cock he watched it spray in an arch landing high on her back and into her hair. As he moved to slip from the bed she flopped down and rolled onto her back looking up at him with a smile and her legs spread wide. As she smiled at him he stood and looked at her, he had not had as good of a sex session with anyone, in his top five indeed but his eyes still could not hide from her that he found the sight of her huge, naked body repulsive. She looked at him and said, "feels better than it looks doesn't it?"Embarrassed by the fact that she could read him so well he simply shook his head yes and she continued to speak even though he could not. "It's okay Chris, I know you love me as a friend and I understand, I have wanted to screw you since I was 16 and now I have, I appreciate the fact that you wanted me to come first and that you wanted seconds, Its okay if you do not want to ever do this again"Chris swallowed hard and replied, "I feel like a shit. You have always been a friend and I have to admit that I want to fuck you again but I also have to admit that if we dated I would certainly cheat on you with a skinny woman"Sandy laughed and replied," of course you would, if we were meant to be together as a couple it would have happened years ago, several times I have tried to seduce you but it never worked since you did not take me seriously, its okay, I am willing to be your best friend and your booty call if you will let me"Chris smiled and said okay, "you have a deal buddy" and dove onto the bed next to her, as they sat on the bed they talked like they always had to each other about movies, sports and their sex lives with others. --The End--.
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