"Fuck you" my voice comes out more harsh then I had intended, I could see the annoyed expression that he had been trying to hide. "You know it's true" he sneered to me, walking closer. Both of his smooth, middle-sized hands rested onto his sides. "You are a selfish fucking cunt" he whispered only loud enough for me to hear. "I wouldn't talk" I raised an eyebrow, walking closer towards him. "Because you are the same way, we get what we want all of the time. " I said to him, my ample chest had pressed against the royal blue silken shirt he wore, causing it to rub up against his hard muscular chest. "But you are different" he whispered again "You can make anyone want you" he said, his voice carried a slight hint of jealousy. "I mean anyone" a playful smirk played at the corner's of his lips. "I know I can" I told him, walking forwards and pushing him to walk with me until he had been pinned against the wall. "I can make anyone do what I want, including you" I bit down onto my bottom lip. My hands had come forward, resting on his shoulders and pushing him down gently so his face would be near the crotch of my red silken, baggy pants. "I make them want me because they know I taste good. . . they know if they do a good job I will reward them" I moan softly as he brings one of his long thick fingers towards the crotch of my pants and press it upwards, rubbing the slit of my cunt.

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   I quiver softly and gently press down onto his finger, I could feel his soft lips brush over my stomach, his head hiding underneath the baggy tank top that I had worn, my hands came towards the bottom of my shirt, lifting it up until it would come off, revealing the red see-threw bra that covered my breasts, my nipples perking slightly and pressing against the soft fabric. His soft blue eyes drifted towards my emerald ones, gazing into them lustfully. His hand cupping my crotch and massaging it harder, his thumb spread out over the top of my pants, resting the tip of his thumb just above it. . . brushing against my skin. I moan louder and buck down onto his hand, whimpering as he had taken it from me to pull down the pants I wore and reveal my red thong, then taking that down to reveal my smooth, shaved cunt. I could see the drool that had come down from the corners of his lips, wanting to taste my juices and swallow them, savour them. I smirk playfully. "Use your hands for now" I tell him, teasingly. He only nods and slides the base of one of his fingers along the slit of my cunt, slowly pressing it through and rubbing against it's walls, brushing past my hardening clit. . . I quiver softly and start to move my hips back and forth slowly, my body tensing as I feel the tip of his finger prod my entrance, then finally slide his finger all the way inside of me, and then out. I moan quietly, listening as it would echo through the room we were in.

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   We didn't even bother to notice, I did just then. . . there had been a bed and a stool, a chair and some other things that a regular bed room would have. I smirk, and grab ahold of his jet black, shaggy hair and pull him upwards. I start to walk towards the bed, it had black and white covers that were soft on my bottom as I sat down, my hands moving behind me to hold me up. I look towards him and he's standing in front of me, watching me as I would spread my legs for him. "Take off your shirt" I tell him. I watch as he does what I say, moaning softly as I see the muscles that he carried, imagining them rubbing up against my soft skin. My fingertips run along the soft bumps and carvings in his skin. I watch him kneel down and move forwards to me on his knee's, his mouth moving towards my cunt. I smirk and cover it with one of my hands, moaning softly as I feel the tip of his tongue try and slip through one of the slits that my fingers made. "Use your hands" I tell him again and he pouts for only a second, his left hand moving and resting onto my left thigh, the palm of his right hand pressing against my cunt and massaging it in hard, fast circles. I moan loudly and move my legs so they would rest onto his shoulders, and wrap around his neck, pulling his body closer to mine. The middle of his hand brushing past my clit a number of times, I try holding my orgasm back so I could go longer.

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  . . though I fail, my moans become louder and I arch my back slightly, bucking into his hand hard and fast, my juices soaking his whole hand. "Nnnndon't fucking stop" I tell him, wanting to cum again. He knows he can use his mouth now as well, his face burying into my center and lapping up the cum that he made come out of me. My hips press upwards onto his tongue, whimpering and quivering more intensively as I feel the tip of his tongue flick and rub along my hardened clit. His arms moving underneath my thighs, his hands resting onto my stomach and massaging it, which adds to the pleasure he gives me, my right hand moving down and resting onto one of his, quivering softly as his soft flesh rubs and squeezing my own playfully.  His tongue finally enters into me, jerking from side to side as it moves into me deeper, curling upwards so it's tip would massage against one of my spots, causing me to quiver violently and press down more, his tongue entering inside of me deeper. . . I hear him grunt, the bulge in his pants growing, and I smirk. I sit up fully now and bring my hands downwards, resting onto the sides of his face as he pulls his tongue from me. Now, the crotch of his black, dress pants sits in front of my face, his big bulge teasing me. I lean fore ward and gently kiss it. My breathing heavy from all of the excitement I move my hands towards the top of his pants and undue the button, then the zipper and pull them down to reveal the green boxers he wore and his eight inch cock as it had flung out and brushed across my soft, thin lips.

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   I pull his boxers off of him carefully and let them fall down onto the floor, watching as he had stepped out of his clothing, my hands coming upwards and resting onto his stomach, brushing my fingertips along it softly, my mouth moving towards it and kissing it gently, my lips rubbing against his abs. I could hear his breathing grow more heavier, the side of my face resting onto his stomach now, my eyes closed. I bring one of my hands towards his cock rubbing it slowly, my thumb brushing and rubbing against the head of his cock, my fingers tightening around the shaft. I could feel my cunt aching and pulsing, wanting his cock to be inside of it, inside of me and pounding me hard against the wall, on the bed. . . anywhere. I slide his cock into my mouth now and flick the tip of my tongue against the head of his cock before I circle it slowly, then slide all of his length into my mouth and back out. I hear him grunt and moan softly I smirk and start to suck on his member even faster, my other hand moving down and cupping his balls, massaging them gently before I finally push him from my face and lay down, my legs spread more wide then before. . . welcoming him to enter inside of me. My cunt dripping with it's juices, I moan softly as he inches closer towards me. "Mmmm. .

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  . slide it into my cunt" I tell him, sitting up and pulling him fore wards, moaning loudly as I feel his thick cock slide into me and start to pound me, his hips moving back and forth quickly, harder and harder. I whine and moan louder, letting my arms move and wrap around his neck, lying down and bringing him with me. "Moan for me" I whisper into his ear, letting my hands from around his neck, and resting them down onto his chest. I moan quietly, waiting for him to moan for me and finally quiver as he does, moaning my name and grunting loudly just after. "Uh fuck. . that's it, you love my tight cunt around your cock" I whisper to him intensively and gently nip at his chin. "Mmmmyes I fucking love it" he told me, breathing heavier and heavier. I moan louder as I feel his cock pulsing inside of me and grinding against the walls of my cunt. "I'm going to pound you harder" he tells me, grunting even louder then before as his hips thrust against mine and our skin hits each other, causing a loud slapping sound to come from the both of us. My wet cunt squishing loudly and allowing his cock to move faster and harder, easier. I Cum again, screaming his name louder. "UH yes, fuck me harder!" my hands move around to his back and squeeze his skin tighter. "I'm going to cum" he moans, whispering into my ear.

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   I moan louder, "Nnn cum for me" I whisper into his and flick the tip of my tongue against his earlobe "Cum for me" I repeat myself, pushing us over so I am on top. My hips move in fast circles, grinding down onto his cock harder, I lean down and gently nibble onto his shoulders, and along his neck, sucking on it gently. I could feel the vibrations of his moaning and grunting against my lips, his hands moving around and gripping onto my ass, lifting it up and pounding his cock harder into me. I moan louder, feeling as his cum would shoot inside of me. His breathing becomes heavier as he keeps going for a couple moments, slowing down and moving his hips in circles so his cock would circle inside of me.
I had finally slid off of his cock, my cunt tingling with pleasure, my moans becoming softer and my breathing slowly going back to normal. I look down into his eyes as I hover over him, my hair draping down and brushing along his muscular chest. I watch as one of his hands had come upwards, brushing it so it would stay behind my ear. I lean down, kissing his bottom lip before I bring it between my teeth and nip it gently. He smirks at me playfully, I'm still horny and he knows it. . . he knows I could go for days and days without being tired of sex. As he had started to get up I pushed him back down and smiled at him, turning around so my ass was right across from his face, moving backwards so my cunt had been just above his face I lower myself down teasingly, quivering as I feel the tip of his tongue gently brush along my cunt. I lift myself up again and giggle quietly watching as his head would move up with me, his tongue still sticking out of his mouth.

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   "How do I taste now?" I ask him, lowering myself down so my cunt would push against his tongue. He pulls away so he could answer, but I lower myself down more, my cunts lips pressing against his. I could feel him smile, his lips wrapping around my pulsing clit and sucking on it hard, his tongue brushing and pressing against it. My moans once again fill the room, echoing through it. I shift myself slightly so I could be more comfortable, lying down and resting the side of my face onto his stomach, my hair draping out along it. Breaking through the sounds of my echoing the door had been opened, and slammed shut. Even though I knew who it was, I didn't want him to stop playing with my cunt. I pressed my cunt onto his face more as he tried to get up too see who it was. I smiled softly as another man had walked into the room. "Hello David" I moaned out quietly "This is Damien" I moaned louder as I felt Damien's tongue slip inside of my cunt and curl as it had before, my hips moving in circles. David just stood in the middle of the bedroom and smiled "So, he is one of your slaves too?" he asked "No. . . he's just a friend" it had gotten hard for me too talk, my breathing heavier and heavier as I feel his tongue circle inside of me, I whimper loudly. "I see you two are having fun.

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  . . maybe I should come back some other time" David had turned around slightly to head for the door.
    "No. . . you can stay, and join us" I told him quietly "Take your clothes off and come here" I told him, raising an eyebrow slightly before my eyes closed and I sat up, my hands resting onto Damien's stomach my fingernails brushing against it softly. "Ohh. . this sounds fun" David said, starting to take off his orange polo shirt and let it fall onto the ground. Then he had taken off his black baggy pants and let them fall beside. His cock slightly erect had hung there, his hands resting onto his stomach and clawing it playfully. "Come here" I told him, I had started to move my hips a bit faster. I could hear Damien's muffled grunts and moans, making me more aroused. David did as he had been told moving closer towards me, I reached fore wards and held onto his cock, massaging it back and forth slowly.

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       My mouth had come fore wards now as I bent down letting my soft lips brush along the head before I slid it all the way inside of my mouth, his 7 inches. I gaged quietly, but that had made him moan and apparently made Damien more aroused, his face had started to move back and forth quickly, ravishing my cunt. I moaned louder, my lips vibrating over David's cock as I slid it in and out of my mouth slowly, my tongue flicking and pushing against the tip of it every time I had slid it outwards. David's soft moans and sighs filled the room with both Damien's and mine muffled moaning and grunting. I continued to suck on David's cock, though much faster and harder, my lips tightening and vibrating even more. My cunt tingled more intensely, and tightened around Damien's tongue as it moved in and out of me, my hips moving back and forth faster, bucking down onto his face. I was about to cum again, ready for another cock to be inserted inside of me, maybe two. Fuck, that would feel so good. I moaned louder, sliding David's cock from my mouth, my hand continued to stay wrapped around it, massaging it quickly. Though stopping as I moaned louder, almost screaming as I felt my juices flow from my cunt again and over Damien's face. I whimpered quietly as I felt his tongue exit from me and flick along my clit, him lapping up my cum once again. I smile at David's cock, at full erection now. . . a fat cock, I wanted it inside of me.

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       I wanted Damien's inside of my ass. They both knew what I wanted. I lifted myself from Damien's face and looked down at him, his lips still wet and shiny from my cum, I turned around and leaned down my tongue dragging along his lips slowly before entering into his mouth, kissing him passionately. David's hand had risen, slapping my ass which made me moan loudly, the kiss being broken I turned around and looked at David, raising an eyebrow. He smirked playfully as I moved closer towards him and resting my hands onto his shoulder, my long nails brushing across them slowly. I moved to the side, taking David's arm and pulling him to come and lay down on the bed. "Damien, come stand behind us, you're going to fuck my ass" I told him, my breathing continuing to become heavy. I straddled David as Damien had come around and stood behind us, David's cock slowly pushing inside of my cunt, I whimper loudly and pull upwards, though his hands had come to my waist, adrubtly pushing me down onto his cock. I moaned louder, and looked at him, frustrated I had leaned down, my ass sticking into the air. . not ready for Damien to enter though I apparently have no choice, the tip of his cock already starting to slide inside of my ass. I whimper louder, watching as David would smile at me playfully, watching my facial expressions as his hips began to move back and forth, thrusting in and out of my tight wet cunt. I moaned louder, Damien's cock inching inside of my ass, I push back slightly and hear Damien's moan followed by David's. I smile, and lean down biting onto David's shoulder playfully, making him grunt and thrust into me harder. His fat cock filling me, making me want both of them more intensively.


       Damien's cock had finally entered all the way inside of me, his hips pushing against me so his cock would enter more deeper, I quiver loudly, David doing the same thing, the tip of his cock pressing against one of my spots and making me quiver. "Mmmmfuck. . . " I moan loudly, moving my hips back and forth, but David's hands had come to my waist, holding it while they push themselves into me, teasing me and making me whimper louder. "You like being between two of us, don't you?" Damien asks, spanking my ass hard. "Ugh fuck, yes I do. . . " I moan loudly. "That's right. . . you do, do you want us to fuck you?" David asks now. "Nnnnn.

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      . . yes, fuck me hard. . " I moan louder, feeling like I'm not able to take this anymore. David's hips start moving in slow circles, Damien's hips thrusting back and forth slowly. "MMmm. . I said hard" I whimper, trying to move my hips harder, but David wouldn't let me. "Mmmmmyeah. . . beg for it" Damien says, slapping my ass again. "MMmm. .

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      . please, fuck me harder" I moan loudly, just after he spanked me "I want you too fuck me harder. . . . " I tell them, leaning down and resting the side of my face against David's shoulder. I moaned loudly as Damien had pulled back and thrusted into my ass hard, his skin slapping against mine. Then David's hips moving in circles harder, grinding into me. "Ughhh. . . "I moan quietly, bringing my hands up and wrapping them around David's neck, my fingernails brushing against the back of it playfully. "Mmmm. . keep going" I tell them.

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       David's hands had started to caress up and down my sides slowly, grinding his cock into me harder every second circle he did, becoming faster and making me moan louder and louder, Damien's cock pounding into my tight little ass, his hands caressing and smacking it harder to make me scream and whimper. Their cocks both, pulsing inside of me. I feel like a goddess, both of these men taking time to please me, to do as I say. I whimper again as one of David's hands move and slip between us, his fingers crawling towards the top of my cunt, and massaging my clit with his middle finger. I move my hips in circles faster, harder. . . Damien's cock filling my ass. I feel like I'm going to die from all of this pleasure, my cunt tingling, and my ass from his spankings. I smirk proudly, letting my tongue slide out and brush along David's shoulders. Their grunting becoming louder, grinding harder, thrusting harder. . . faster both of them. Damien's skin slapping against mine, making my thighs and my ass red as he spanks it more hard.

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       I lift my head and look at David, leaning down to kiss him passionately, his rhythm going off slightly until were done, fucking me harder and faster. Both of them wanting to cum inside of me. My hands rest above David's shoulders onto the bed, gripping the sheets tightly as I feel myself ready to cum again, my cunt pulsating and tightening around David's cock as I cum, screaming loudly and whining as I feel them pound me harder, cumming inside of me. I had stayed there on top of David, lying down with my face against his chest again. My arms sprawled out above our heads. I whimpered quietly as I felt Damien's cock slide out of my ass, and the bed move slightly as he came to lay beside David and I, his arm sprawled out over my back, his fingers caressing it gently. David gently kissed my neck, shoulder and along my chest as I laid there, our heavy breathing echoing through the room.

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