His Best Friend's Girl (Part 2)


His arms encircled her wet body as he hugged her. His chin rested against her shoulder. She smiled as she turned her head slightly to look at him. He loosened his grip enough so that she could turn to face him. When their eyes met, the connection they shared was almost magical. He leaned in slowly as their lips met. Her eyes closed as her arms gently wrapped around him. That was all it took to spark the passions between them. Kailyn could not believe how she felt about him. It was all happening so fast but it felt so natural. He gently lifted her up, holding on to her tightly. Kailyn's legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. His hand slid down her soapy back and paused at her sweet rounded cheek. Jesse's shaft was already painfully hard. He reached down, guiding the head toward her puffy pink pussy lips. She let out a soft moan into the kiss as it began to penetrate her.

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   The kiss became even more passionate as she felt him sink deeper inside her. Her back pressed again the smooth, cool wall of the shower as he pushed her against it. The kiss was broken as Kailyn's voice filled the room. A passionate moan broke free as Jesse's thrusts became faster and fiercer. Their eyes remained locked on one another's as the emotions between them became so strong that they were palpable. Her juices began to trickle down his shaft. She was completely lost in the passion that he had ignited deep within her soul. She gave herself over to him completely as he continued to push deep inside her. "Oh god. . . oh my god. . . .

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   OH JESSEEEEEEEE" she cried out. His moans mixed with hers as their souls felt intertwined. They stared deep into each other's eyes as her body began to tremble. Jesse held Kailyn tight against his body. He loved the sound of her voice as she cried out his name. It was like throwing gasoline on the fires that already raged inside him. He began to thrust harder into her velvety folds. Her nails raked over his naked, wet back. He could not hold back any longer. He thrust into her again, this time holding his member deep inside her as it flooded her with his essence. "Kailyn" he softly moaned. The two kissed again, more passionately than ever. It was hard to believe that less than twelve hours ago this was all a fantasy to him. He never actually thought he would feel her warmth wrapped around him in such a steamy embrace. He held her there.

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   His arms encircled tightly around her. She could feel him growing soft inside her. As his deflated manhood slid out of her, he gently lowered her to her feet. The two tenderly washed each other before exiting the shower. Kailyn slipped back into the shorts and t-shirt he had lent her the night before. They both knew that Brian would be looking for her. That was just how he was. Unless he decided it was over, it never was. Now that he knew Jesse was going to protect her, he was just that more determined to get back at both of them. Jesse stayed with Kailyn for the remainder of the day before she had to be at DiGrazzio's for closing shift. The other girls just whispered and stared when he walked her in. She knew that they had all heard about what happened at the party. She was determined not to let it get to her. She hugged Jesse before he departed and quickly disappeared into the back. The night seemed to drag on endlessly.

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   None of them had the nerve to say a word to Kailyn. They just continued to talk behind her back all night like people normally do when there is a juicy bit of gossip. As the night wore on, she grew increasingly annoyed with their constant chattering. The only thing that kept her sane was knowing that Jesse would be back at the end of the shift to pick her up. Finally, 11 o'clock rolled around. Completely sure that nothing would happen that night, Kailyn told the others to go on ahead instead of waiting with her for his arrival. She over near the streetlight in the center of the parking lot and leaned against it as she stared out into the dark night. Her thoughts pulled her mind away from where she was as she thought of all the possibilities with Jesse. She was so lost in her own daydreams she did not notice a car coming into the parking lot and slowly creeping behind her. The car door swung open and before she could turn around, she felt a hand wrap around her mouth. She immediately began to panic. The smell. . . that scent.

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  . . It was Brian. She knew the cologne he always wore. He pulled her body back against him and held on to her tightly as he backed toward the car. "You are going to pay for embarrassing me Kailyn. . . and cheating on me. I know you fucked Jesse you little slut. You are still mine," he hissed. She struggled to get away but he easily overpowered her. His hand slid down over her stomach, gathering up the material of her skirt with his hand as he tried to get under it. Kailyn tried to scream but his hand remained clamped over her mouth. He was not going to let her get away.

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   His fingertips rudely grazed the thin white thong that stood between him and her shaven pussy. She continued to squirm as she tried her hardest to get free of his grasp. "Where's you little lover boy now?" he laughed as his finger nudged the edge of her panties. "Oh wait. . . I forgot. He is not coming tonight. I think the guys will keep him busy for a while so me and you can have some fun. "Kailyn's heart sank. She feared the worse. Brian always had a way of taking care of problems like that. Deep down she used to love it, knowing that her boyfriend could always protect her with help from his friends. Jesse was the fiercest one of them though. She hoped against hope that he would rescue her now.

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   Brian turned around and forced her body against the hood of his car. The parking lot was completely desolate. Tears streamed down her face as he pressed her upper body down against the warm metal. He kept his hand over her mouth as his hand slid down to her panties once again. She could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against her round cheeks. Futilely she tried her best to kick at him, He managed to get her panties half way down her thighs, when a car came speeding into the parking lot. Brian did not leg go of Kailyn just yet. He assumed it was his friends and did not even turn to look. The car parked just behind Brian. Leaving the engine running, a figure wearing bloodied, ripped clothing got out holding a Louisville Slugger in his right hand. Receiving a swift blow to the back, Brian collapsed against Kailyn, releasing his grip on her. She pushed him off her and quickly got out of his reach. When she turned and saw Jesse standing there, covered in blood she began to cry. In her heart, she knew he would rescue her. She ran to him, throwing her arms around him and holding on tightly to him.

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   He hugged her back for a moment then pulled away, leaving her a little confused at that moment. "Get in the car Kailyn and lock the doors," he growled. Her eyes widened. She had never seen him like this. She did as she was told and climbed in the car, locking the doors immediately. Jesse moved closer to Brian. "I see you will never change will you, you worthless fuck" Jesse snarled. "Fuck you Jesse. Can't fight like a man huh. . . had to bring a bat" Brian whined as he climbed to his feet, holding his badly bruised back. "Yeah just as manly as you, sending your three little fuck buddies after me with it. I took it from your little friend and broke his kneecaps with it. So what did you do Brian, offer them blow jobs if they beat me down, or are you going to let them fuck you?" Jesse sniped.

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   "You bastard" Brian groaned and ran at Jesse. In a single movement, Jesse picked him up and slammed him hard into the asphalt. The two grappled for several minutes until Jesse pinned him down and gave him a swift punch to the face. A sickening crack filled the night air. Brian's eyes did not open. Jesse stared down at him in disbelief for a moment or two. He could feel him barely moving as he struggled to breathe. Kailyn watched the situation unfolding before her from the safety of the car. She unlocked the door as Jesse ran to the car. She could see a panic in his eyes. She took his hand in hers. He was shaking. He could not believe how badly he wanted to kill Brian or how close he came to doing so. He looked at Kailyn, searching her eyes for a moment. "Are you ok?" he asked"Yes I'm ok Jesse.

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  . . are you?"He simply nodded and they left the parking lot. Kailyn remained quiet until they reached Jesse's place. She knew deep down he would never hurt her but she had never seen him so upset. She followed him into the apartment. He carried the bat inside. Once she was in, he locked the door. He dropped the bat and just looked at her. Kailyn turned around, staring into his eyes silently. Jesse was shaking. He grabbed her and pulled her to him, hugging her tightly. "Oh god Kailyn" he whispered. "I am so sorry. " She pulled away enough to look at his face for a moment.


   She was clearly puzzled. "What are you talking about?""If I had been there sooner. . . ,” he said quietly. "Jesse, you saved me. He didn't hurt me" she coaxed as he pulled her to him once again. He was still covered in blood. She was not sure where it had all came from, only that there was a massive amount of it. She looked up at him again as tears filled her eyes. She pulled out of his arms and took his hand in hers. He looked confused as she started to pull him. "Let's get you cleaned up" she softly choked out as she led him to the bathroom. "I want to see how injured you really are. "Jesse reluctantly followed her to the bathroom.

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   His thoughts were only of how if he was a couple of minutes late that bastard would have raped Kailyn. She could tell something was bothering him by his silence. She had known him far to long not to realize when something was on his mind. She adjusted the temperature of the water and let the tub fill. Jesse undressed quietly, glancing up at her from time to time. Kailyn noticed as he shed the bloody clothing that most of his wounds were superficial. She started to wonder just how bad he had hurt the others. Jesse climbed into the tub without a word. His silence was really hard to take. She could not quite understand what was happening with him. "Is everything ok Jesse?" she inquired as she knelt beside the tub. He just nodded. She grabbed a clean washcloth from the cabinet under the sink and dunked it under the water. He stared at the water, thinking to himself the entire time. Kailyn soaped up the wet cloth and began to wash his body.

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   She sighed softly and decided that she would not let him keep whatever was bothering him from her. "Listen Jesse. . . I know something is wrong. We have been friends forever. Please just talk to me" she softly pleaded. He turned and looked into her eyes. She could see something was really hurting him. "I couldn't protect you tonight. I just can't stop thinking about what if I hadn't got there when I did. I mean that fucker could have. . . " he shook his head as he clenched his fists.

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   "I can't even deal with the thought of him touching you like that. ""Jesse if it wasn't for you he would have done much worse. You saved me. I knew deep down that you would. I. . . " she sighs softly as she puts her hand on his cheek, turning his face toward hers. "Tonight. . . when I saw you standing there, covered in blood with that look in your eye. . . I got scared.

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   It wasn't because I thought you would hurt me. I knew you wouldn't. I know you never would. All I thought was "oh my god what did they do". I was terrified that you were hurt badly because of me. ""I would never hurt you" he replied. "Part of me has always loved you. . . Jesse, I realized something tonight. I didn't love you as a friend. I don't know why I didn't see it before. I don't know if I just didn't want to admit it to myself because I was with Brian or what. I have never been as close to anyone as I am to you. I love you Jesse.

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   I really love you. " her voice trembled slightly as she spoke. Jesse's eyes widened as if he could not believe what he was hearing. He hoped some day she would say those words but he never suspected that it would happen this soon. He grabbed her and hugged her tight. She felt so relieved having said it. He released her from the embrace and looked deep into her eyes for a moment. "You do not know how happy you have made me. I love you so much Kailyn. I can not think of life without you now" he tenderly stroked her cheek as he spoke. He leaned in to kiss her. They both closed their eyes as their lips touched. This kiss was so different from any they had shared. It was so passionate, so tender, and so loving. Kailyn felt the spark inside her ignite into a soul consuming wildfire.

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   She could not breathe. She could not think. She could only feel her emotions take over. She was finally truly free to show him how she felt. There was no more fear, just love. Once they broke the kiss, he rinsed himself off. He wanted her more than anything in life. His mind began to race. He wanted to make her see what he felt for her. He wanted to prove his love in every way. That night they drove to her place and gathered up some of her things. She fell asleep in the safety of his arms for the second time. He watched her sleep for what felt like an eternity. His eyes finally shut as he drifted off to sleep, leaving the reality that was better than any dream he could have possibly dreamt. .

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