His first time and dad paid for it.


I was 17 and I had a reputation as I had been having sex with a lot of the local boys and it soon got about I was an easy fuck. I had no morals and I would do anything anybody asked of me. HIV was not as prevalent then as it is now and mostly it was STI and pregnancy that most people worried about. The pill was only just becoming available but it was also hard to get.
Most of the boys were locals and didn’t mix outside our district and nearly all the girls had been sexually active since we were about 12 or 13 so we didn’t have any problems with STI's. We all did it but some were more selective than others. I suppose I was about the worst case and would have sex just for the asking and often had gang bangs with up to 4 or 5 guys. My best effort was taking on 15 guys and letting them all fuck me in an afternoon. It was a football team and I said I would take them all on and I did and some even doubled up.   My cunt handled it well, and apart from having my internal organs flushed out with cum it was no problem at all. I was a little bit sore internally the next day but that was to be expected.
One evening I was home alone as my parents had gone down to the pub as usual. I got a knock on the door and it was a guy with his father. They were strangers to me. His dad said he knew I was alone and could they come in, he wanted to talk to me about something. I imagined it was about the kid having had sex with me but I couldn’t remember him.


   A few parents called me a slut and a whore because they knew what I was like. I often had a few words about the names they called me. More often than not I had been with their son, but a boy is praised for his sexual promiscuity and a girl abused. I had even been approached by a couple of fathers/husbands for sex, and if I thought it would be good I did.
This guy and his son were strangers but he quickly came to the point. He knew I was available without much difficulty and that his son had attempted to rape his 13yo sister a couple of times. A workmate who lived nearby and knew me suggested he bring him to me and I would let him fuck me. I was a bit taken back, a father bringing his son to me asking me to let him fuck me. I was a bit cautious I thought it might have been a trap or something but the kid seemed to be ok so after a bit of discussion, and he offered me $50 to do it I said ok. I said make yourself comfortable and we will go to my bedroom and get it over with.
I took him back to my room and on the way I talked to him a bit and asked him why he was trying to rape his sister. He told me he knew she was getting fucked by a guy and could see no reason why she wouldn’t let him. When we got to my bedroom I told him to get his pants off and I removed mine and got ready. He asked if I would do it in the nude with him and I said for $50 I would do it any way he liked.
We both stripped off and he wanted to feel my tits and I let him and then he wanted to kiss me and I was bit apprehensive but I did and he wasn’t bad.

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   All the time his cock was standing out and was a hard as a pole. It must have been about 6 inches which was ok for him.  Then I said your father is waiting out there lets get on with it.
He asked me where did I have the condoms and I said I don’t use them. Shit he said I thought I would have to wear one and I said no i am ok with bareback. He got up on the bed with me and had a good look at my cunt which still had all my hair. I hadn’t begun shaving it then. He put his head right down near my cunt and went right onto it with his mouth I was totally taken by surprise, not many guys had done that to me, they were more interested in fucking me and when they had cum that was the end of it.
I said shit you are a sexy bastard, he got off me just long enough to say you will be earning your $50 I want it all. Then he got his mouth working and I began to really enjoy what he was doing and pretty soon I came and it was a really great orgasm and I gave him a ride for his money trying to keep his head on my cunt as I bounced about in the spasm I have when I cum. He was right on my clit and it really worked me up and it was really sensitive.
He got up off me and said you were great I have never done that before but I have watched a lot of porno’s and reckon I got it right. I said I have no complaints. Then I said ok lets fuck and he said which way first and I said what did he mean and he said for $50 I want it a couple of ways. I said first of all you have to have a hard on and after the first one I don’t think you will be able to backup.

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   He said lets worry about that at the time and then I prepared to take him on missionary. He seemed to know what he was doing but then he said this is my cherry popper, I have never fucked a girl before and i was really surprised. I tried to fuck a guy’s arse once but couldn’t get it in and I came all over his bum. I said well if you fuck like you suck I wont have any complaints and then he just got hold of his cock and plunged it into me. He was in and working on me before I had the chance to enjoy him going in and that’s one of my pleasures, feeling a guys cock open me and slide slowly into me. I said shit you are not wasting any time are you and he said shut up and fuck me, he was going really hard and fast and I said slow down it will be all over too soon and I want to cum too you know. He said bitch you have already cum once, don't be greedy. Somehow I was having problems believing this was his first experience. I said if this is the first time you fucked anybody how come you are so confident. He said I have watched others doing it, the woman next door and her husband are always at it. I can see into her bedroom sometimes if they leave the light on I can see it all. I wouldn’t mind fucking her either but she is much older, and treats me like a kid.
He began asking me what it was like for me but was more intent on telling me what it felt like for him. He said you aint bad sis, your cunt is just right, its warm and tight and just wet enough for me to be able to feel my cock head working you up. The friction is just right.

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   I said I am amazed you know so much about fucking and its only your first time. He said I read all the sex stories and read about guys fucking girls and now I know what its like. I have studied fucking girls for months. I said how do you know you are working me up and he said I can tell you are working yourself off on my cock aren't you, and I said naturally, when a guy fucks me he doesn't get two chances unless I cum too. A guy who is too fast rarely gets another go. I know a lot of girls just lay there and let the guy fuck them but not me, when I fuck I want to enjoy it. My cunt is not just a cum bucket. Wow he said that’s a good term I have to remember that.
Then for some reason we both stopped talking and I concentrated on being fucked and working on my orgasm, he seemed to be doing the same and he was working hard and beginning to really work up a sweat. He was really fucking me now and I could not believe it was his first time. I was getting close and I told him to fuck me hard and fast - fuck me you little bastard and make me scream for mercy. He said I will rip your cunt out and it will be like a donut on my cock then he said you will drown in my cum slut. Now I was really worked up and said come on shit head show me how good you think you are, you haven't got first prize yet. He didn't say a word but really began to pound me and the bed was really shaking, I had my legs around him also forcing his cock down hard and far into me, my clit was beginning to ache and I knew this was going to be a great finish. Come on bitch he was saying cum you bitch cum, I am not going to let you say I didn't make you scream for mercy.

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   Then I burst and screamed out oh fucking hell, fuck me harder, just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me flood my cunt with your cum, piss in me you little turd.
Then I knew he was blowing his load he grunted and groaned and I could feel the warmth of his cum even in my hotpot of sexual pleasure. My clit was screaming with the intensity of his pounding on it. It felt like he had rubbed all the skin off it. Come on I said tell me how good you are now, at least I gave you a ride for your money. He was gasping for breath, he said between gulps of air, you bitch, you fucking bitch, you made me really work to get you to cum, you fucking bitch. You cunt full of shit he said. You are nothing more than a tunnel cunted shithouse.
I laughed and said I love it when guys talk dirty and I have beaten them to their orgasm. See girls are the superior race.
We both lay there for a while and got our breath back and our hearts beating normally, mine was beating like a drum for a while. My cunt was now almost recovered and his cum was just beginning to flow back. He really put a load of it inside me.
Ok I said your father is waiting and you still have one more to do. Come on get it up again I said.

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   He started to wank it and then i did something I only do for special guys, I took him into my mouth and it soon got hard. Shit he said that was something else, can we do that again. I said its not included in the $50 but if you come back we may be able arrange it. In fact even this is an extra but seeing you are a virgin and you know how to please me you can have it doggy now. Bloody hell he said that's the way I thought you would make me do it. I said no this is the cream on the pie. Come on be quick, my parents will be home soon.
I got up and on all fours and he planted his cock in me from behind. He said you have a nice arse too and he slapped it a couple of times. I said that’s extra if you want that. He said I cant believe this, I though I would be fucking a whore and it would be all over in a few minutes. I said if you fuck a whore it will be. I am something special and you are bloody lucky you have had your first with me. Then I said I want you to promise me one thing and he said it depends, I said you must stop trying to rape your sister, I don’t care if she is fucking the whole street, leave her alone. If you have to have it that bad come and see me, I will let you have it off with me any time if you can maintain the standard.

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   Shit he said do you mean it and I said yes. I have enjoyed fucking with you, and I have to admit you are good and I wouldn’t mind you fucking me any time. He said thanks and then began to pound himself against my arse and I could hear the slap of his flesh against mine as he pounded his cock hard and fast into me. He said do you take it up the arse too, I said I have but you have to be really special for me to do that. its not my favorite but i will do it in special cases.  God he said I could fall in love with you, I said join the queue, there are heaps of guys who love me, not me, but my cunt I am afraid. If I stopped fucking them they would realize its not my love they want its just my cunt.
Then he said oh shit I am cumming again and I said its all yours this time I have had one of my best and I am happy with that, enjoy me and he grunted and came again and filled me with another load of his baby juice.  He said I hope I don’t make you pregnant and I said I hope you do, because it will be a miracle.
I showed him to the bathroom to clean up and I wiped myself down and left him to shower. Then I went back to the lounge, naked.  His father stared at my naked body and said wow. I said don’t get any ideas; he has given me all I could handle tonight. He is really good and any time you want to spend another $50 bring him back and I may give you two for the price of one.  I have got him to promise never to try sex with his sister again and I think he might be ok now.

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   We had a great time together. He said I must admit I did hear you together and it sounded wild. I said wild and wonderful. Like I said perhaps I can handle you both next time. He said no I will leave him to you for the time being and then if he finds somebody else and can leave his sister alone I might pay you a visit if you are still interested.  I said I am always interested and it’s not always boys. He said thank you, my wife passed away some time ago and believe me I am really looking for something at times. I said whenever you are ready let me know. I am sure I can shift some of your dirty water and some fresh stuff as well.  
The young guy came back all dressed and well scrubbed. His dad said well did you have fun, and he just said you spent your $50 well believe me. Man she is hot. I blushed - something I never do, but for a son to refer to me like that to his dad was something special. You should try her one day he added; and he didn’t know how close he was to the truth. His father and I did get it together not long afterwards and I will tell you about that next time.

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