Hot summer


I'd been going to the pool for a couple of weeks now. It was well into the summer and college had finished, apart from getting a job I had nothing else to do.   I'd fill up my water bottle, coat on the sun lotion and head to the pool with my cd player and cell phone and was set for the day.   Nothing unusual ever happened, people would come, people would go, screaming kids would get taken back home because they couldn't listen - all everyday ordinary things.
Every Saturday night though, the place would come alive once kids were tucked up in bed.   The adults would come out with their coolers filled with beer and party into the night, even though alcohol at the pool was forbidden.
This Saturday was no different.   I'd been at the pool for most of the day and had got my cooler with beer ready for the night.   People started to arrive and we walked around chatting and jumping in the pool.   I heard the gate open and in walked two gorgous girls.   I'd never seen them before and I nearly drowned as my mouth dropped open and let in water from the pool.   I got out of the pool and went to introduce myself.   They were new to the town and had just moved in that day, Stacy and Petra - beauties from heaven.
The evening wore on and I couldn't take my eyes off them especially Petra.   Stacy was the blond haired blue eyed beauty but Petra had something about her that I really liked.   The more I talked to her the more I liked her.

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By now people were pretty drunk and things usually started to get a little rowdy at this point.   Petra was sat on one of the beds so i went and sat by her and started to talk to her.   She made me laugh and sat there in her bikini with large boobs bobbling around I could feel myself starting to get really turned on by her.   I shifted my position so that she couldn't see the bulge that was growing in my swimming shorts.   I don't know if she saw or not but that was the point that she moved closer.   She put her arm around my shoulders and said, "So, Keith, are you going to show me what this town has to offer, or do I have to find out from someone else?"  I really didn't know what she meant but before i could even begin to think she was kissing me.   She meant business, that did it, by now I was fully hard and my dick was in danger of poking out of the top of my swim shorts.  
As she was kissing me she put her hand on my dick and rubbed it.   She stopped and asked if it was really as big as it seemed.   I began to laugh and said that was for me to know and her to find out!  By now the party was winding down.   there were a few people at the bottom end of the pool on the sun beds but no one was left where we were.   Petra slipped into the pool and I slipped in after her.   Once we were in there she wasted no time.   She pushed her hand down my shorts and started rubbing up and down my dick, got it felt good.   I slid my finger under her bikini bottoms and run it along the crack of her slit.

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    i inserted one then then fingers into her pussy and then started to rub her clit with my thumb.   She was grinding against my hand and I was thrusting into her hand.   She started to make low moaning noises and I could feel my dick beginning to throb and my balls begin to tighten, I knew we were both going to come.   We took another minute and we came one after the other, kissing at the end of it.
We climbed out of the water and lay together on the sun bed panting.   "I want to feel you inside me. " The words came just like that.   Right here and now I asked laughing, but she wasn't joking, yes here and now I want you to fuck me until I come all over your hard dick.   Well what is a man to do?  I looked around, no one was paying us much attention so i grabbed  our towels and put them over us and I lay behind Petra.   She slid her hand behind her and started work on my dick,making me hard again.   i slid my hand around front and began work on her pussy, I wanted her to be nice and wet so she could take me comfortably.   I'm not bragging but I'm 9 1/2 inches and 2 1/2 around if she wanted this dick she was going to get it! 
I was hard and she was so ready so still in the spoon position I slid her bikini to one side slipped my shorts down and guided my dick into her waiting pussy.   It slid in so easily as though it were meant to be there forever and i gently started to move in and out of her.   She was pushing back against me and meeting my thrusts.   The size of the bed was not helping us and we couldn't get much movement going.

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    I looked around and we were now the only people left at the pool, everyone else had left.   I quickly checked in every direction and there was no one around, no one to overlook us.   I slid out of her and told her to kneel on the floor over the bed, she did and I entered her again.   i could get more movement this time and I was slamming into her pussy, my balls slapping against her ass making that great sound.   I put my hand around and started to play with her clit and she reached around to play with my balls.   She was massaging the bit behind my balls between them and my ass and jesus it felt good.   I could feel my balls start to tighten but I knew she wasn't ready to come yet.   I tried to slow down my pace but she wouldn't let me so i made circles around her clit and gradually got faster.
      I felt her body begin to shudder and then she moaned really loudly - I knew that was my sign so i shot my load deep into her pussy.    I continued pushing into her as my last drop of cum was squeezed from my dick.   We lay again panting on the bed.  
    suddenly there was a voice from beside us.   "That was some show!"  It was Stacy, we hadn't even heard her come back to the pool.   I was very embarrased but Petra just laughed and started to pull down my shorts saying, "you have got to see this monster Stacy, look how big it is soft.   You have to feel it inside you, it's awesome.

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      "  Surely I was dreaming, this conversation was not happening.   But it was!
    Both girls began to laugh and said that I had to go home with them they had plans for me. Who was I to argue.   We got to their apartment and right away Petra pulled down my shorts leaving me butt naked.   Stacy then undid Petra's bikini and Petra undid Stacy's, we were all there butt naked.   They lay me down on a bed and Petra straddled my face and started girating her hips so that her pussy was brushing against my lips.   I started to lick andthen used my hands to open her pussy lips to give me better access.   At the same time I felt my dick being lifted and then wet lips put around it - Stacy was sucking my dick.     petra was dripping onto my face and between my tongue, and my fingers I bought her to cum really quickly.   Stacy was still working on my dick and she must have felt my dick twitch in anticipation of coming, she used her finger and thumb, gently squeezed and i was soft!  How the hell did she do that?  She giggled and sat fingering her own slit while Petra wrapped her lips around my dick. I started to get hard again and that's when Stacy climbed onto my rock hard dick and started to fuck me hard.   She rode that dick like a rodeo.   I was in heaven two gorgous women working together to pleasure me, does it get any better.   But then came something i didn't expect.   I suddenly felt a finger, a wet finger being inserted into my butt.

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        She was putting her finger up my ass.   i never would have believed that that could feel so damn good but no sooner had she started to ram my ass with her finger than I started to squirt my cum into Stacy.  
    We lay there for a while then I got dressed and said I had to go.   Petra gave me her cell phone number and told me to ring her.   She said she wasn't into relationships  but she would have my dick in her anytime I wanted it to happen - I had myself a booty call.   No more jerking off for me for a while - well at least a couple of hours anyway because everytime I think of what just happened i got a stiff dick and just had to pump that thing.

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