I Love My Job


I Love My Job.
I work in a store on the tills mostly, was a crap job till my boss's daughter started. Then I heard she was single so I think, go on, go for it. Many times we have talked, and many times we both have dropped hints of single life and wanting somebody to be with.
She was at the reception the next time I saw her, talking on the phone, I watched her as her lips softly talked into the phone, then moved my eyes to hers and we made eye contact, then she smiled and waved me in.  I waited by her while she talked on the phone, finally when she had finished I just realised I had no reason to come to her, so I made up a reason, "Hi Kate, I need a code from you. " she tapped my hand from the keyboard and typed quickly, I watched her fingers gently, but rapidly, press keys and as I described the item.
She then turned and looked at me, and said "Can I ask you a personal question?", I reply with "Sure, whats yor question Kate" putting some closeness into saying her name. "I dont wanna tell you here. I'll be in the tobacco room later. Meet me there, okay?". I suddenly though of three things at once, the first was she might like me, the second was she likes me as a friend and fancys somebody else and third she could just want to talk. Finally I replied with "Erm sure, i'll watch for when you go in" with very keen eyes I didnt add.
Finally with only 35 minutes till closing time she enters the cigs room.  I walk in and she wasnt in the front room, so I check the bond room where the back-up cigs are held, and there she is in the corner, she looks at me and says in a whisper "Is anybody else here? in the front room or near?" I peek out, and see nobody else, I shake my head and she lunges forward at me.
This took me by suprise as I felt her hands on my body, her lips on my cheek, she moves her lips to my ears and wispered so softly I almost missed it "I want you Rob, right here, right now".

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   Who was I to say no!
Within moments I have been pushed back onto a crate and she was sitting onto of me, she used both her hands to pull off my jumper, and undo my shirt . then with one hand she unbuckeld my belt, trousers and pants in one go, and pulled them down revealing my already erect penis, she said"OH! already? do you have any control!", i reply with "no, you seem to control everything!" she then pulled her own clothes off, starting with her jumper, then shirt, then skirt.
First thing I did then was stare at her perfect body, which I could only have imagined moments ago. She then, with no slowing down, moved her firm hips over my cock and inserted me into to her tight trimmed blonde pussy. This felt like nothin I had ever felt before, she was soft but firm, hard but gently, perfect. She just left my cock in her and she just sat there, with me in her. She bent forward and we started to kiss, using my tounge to massage her own, then I found my hand moving towards her chest and ass cheek. I grasped her ass and she moved up and pulled me out of her, then she droped back and forth, following the motion of my arm. She started to moan, quietly she groaned as she pounded my cock , moving slowly more rapidly and she said to me "Oh OHH! Harder and HARDER! Dont Stop!". I took this as a message and started to push into her, I look to her pussy and see my cock disapear into her, then revealing to see it glimmer in the light, then dissapear again into here.
after a few minutes she said, or moaned "Oh my god! im gonna. . . ", she then clenched her thighs and grapsed my arm so tight while she bit into my neck, and I felt a hot liquid druel over my legs, so I knew she had just cum. She slowed down but now it was my turn, we spun around so i was now onto of her, then really gave her a go.

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   Pumping into her pussy as hard and fast as i could manage, thrusting into her soaking pussy. Cum seeping out of her with every thrust. I look at her face and see nothing but pure ecstacy. Then we made eye contact and we held it, pumping away into her and ifinally iwas ready to cum, she said "Not into me. Not yet!". So i withdrew my dick from here and shot my load onto her chest.
Then i just lay next to her, trying to catch our breath, then we hear the announcement that means were about to close shop! 30 minutes we spent together, how many customers must have seen, or heard us, we wernt sure even if staff didnt notice. We used some paper towels stored in the cornert to clean off ourselves and best we could. We got dressed and walked out. there was no customers waiting, no staff abouts. This was perfect timing. Nobody even noticed we were missing so we both said "See you tomorrow. " as if nothing happened. . .

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