I masturbated, he watched, then we fucked.


I was in my bedroom totally naked and consumed by a powerful sexual drive and I was masturbating, jumping about and forcing a dildo into me as I pushed myself harder and harder toward orgasm. I rolled about over my bed pushing my legs up wide and high then spreading them to get my cunt as exposed as I could. I pushed my fingers into my widened hole and rubbed them about squeezing and flicking my clit and then rubbing my hand in circular pattens over it to get it really excited. My juices were running down my legs I was so aroused. I had lubed my cunt because I knew I was going to get really physical with it and drove my fingers and almost achieved fisting myself. I had all fingers in me and almost my fist but it just got too hard and very uncomfortable so I replaced my fingers with my dildo and drove myself toward a mighty orgasm. I got off the bed and stood at the window imagining that the whole world was watching me with my dildo planted inside me and I was rubbing my nipples and my clit at the same time. I was so out of control my head was rolling about with the highly erotic sensation I had worked myself up to an almost out of control situation. I wished I had the biggest cock inside me splitting me in half. My brain was imagining a cock the size of a horse being pushed up deeply inside me until I could take no more. I was imagining this cock flooding my insides with hot steamy horse semen. The juices were now flooding out of me with the erotic state I was in. Every now and again I would cover my fingers in the sticky goo that was now soaking my inside legs and vulva and suck my fingers dry and then return to do it again and again. I was almost drinking my own juice it was flowing out of me so copiously.
What I hadn’t realised was that it wasn’t the world watching but the guy in the apartment across he road was watching me and the sight of me had driven him to emulating me and he had stripped off and was masturbating furiously and in the time he had been watching me had cum twice and shot his semen wherever it fell after being expelled from his penis.
I eventually came and my legs went to jelly I had to lie on the bed.


   My cunt became so sensitive with all the rubbing and stuffing of my fingers and dildo inside me. The spasm of my orgasm raced right through my body. My nipples were sore, and so was my clit as all three had taken a pounding from being pulled and pinched and stuffed by my fingers and dildo. I was completely exhausted and had achieved a state of euphoria I had not often achieved either masturbating or having actual sex.
I guess I had been lying there for about 4 or 5 minutes as my heart was racing and I was out of breath with the exertion of my sexual arousal. Then the phone rang beside my bed. I reached over and answered it and as I did this male voice said I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. I was wondering if you noticed mine. I asked who this was and he said look out your window and as I did I saw him across the way standing naked at the window masturbating. I had seen him on the street and in the nearby Deli and we had acknowledged each other but had said only a few words to each other being neighbourly social.
He asked should I come over there or would you like to visit me. I asked how he knew my name and got my number - he said your security access has your name on it and the address was easy.
I said he had taken me by surprise but I liked what I was seeing and perhaps he should come over to me as I would not have to dress to make the trip.
He arrived and buzzed and I was standing there waiting for him completely naked. I let him in and he was at my door in seconds and as soon as he rang I let him in grabbed him and kissed him hard and furiously.

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   I didn’t even know his name. As I was kissing he was undressing himself, not that he had much on, shorts and a T shirt and pretty soon we were both naked and on my bed and still I had not stopped kissing him, just leading him by my mouth to my bed.
I lay back and he mounted me immediately and began to really do me hard and fast. He just shoved his cock into me and began pounding me, nothing seductive just hard on sex. I could feel his cock ramming deep and hard to the base of his shaft. He was extremely physical with me and my cunt was enjoying every moment. As I said I had lubed myself earlier and that with my cunt juices had my cunt as full of juice as a swimming pool.
He still hadn’t said a word, he was kissing my nipples and biting them till I had to let out a small scream of pain and he laid off for a bit. His first word was sorry. I love being bitten to that point where I cant stand it any more.   For a guy who had never met me he certainly knew how to pleasure me.
His next words were are you on the pill and I nodded as I was so close to cumming it didn’t matter and then I let go with a monumental orgasm and gave him the ride of his life and the best fuck I had had for ages.
    He kept me going for what seemed like two or three minutes as I believed I came twice but it was really one super long orgasm which actually only lasted about 40 or 50 seconds but it felt like ages as my cunt was so tender.
    He then came himself and he grunted each time he spurted a cock full of his hot steamy cum into me. By the time he filled me with his semen I was like a pond of sex juice.

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       He continued to moaned and groaned as he pumped his cock backwards and forwards ejaculating the last of his male semen into me and I guess he gave me as much as I had ever had before. It seemed like ages as he screwed his face up each time he spurted his hot and steamy cum deep inside me. I loved it.
    He rolled off me and lay beside me – the two of us absolutely covered in sweat and gasping for breath. My cunt began to leak the mixture of my juice and his cum immediately, as I must have had a bucket full of it inside me.
    We must have lain there for a couple of minutes before he said do you have a name other than sexpot. I laughed and said Sue and I said who was it that just impregnated me with a horse – he looked stunned for a moment and then realised I was joking and told me his name was Jack.
    Ok I said I have just changed my name to Jill so Jack and Jill can go up the hill together and fuck all the way down again.
    We showered together and he gave me a doggy under the shower and I had to clean that out as well. Just as well I have a hand held shower head and I can get it right up into my vagina.  I know its not healthy but I really needed a good clean out to make way for what he had in mind after we had showered.
    We spent the night together fucking and sucking each other till we were completely exhausted. Just as well it was Friday night and we didn’t have to work Saturday.
    We showered again, changed the cum stained sheets and got back to fucking ourselves silly. I have no idea how often we fucked each other in as many positions as we could achieve.

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       that night and the next day. I must have drunk at least a pint of cum if that is possible.
    By 6pm we decided to eat something other than each other, and we went out for dinner. We came back to my place but after a meal and wine we just lay in each others arms and slept. Sunday was another day of sex, nothing too physical, but long slow and wonderful.
    I don’t know how long it will last but the two of us are like rabbits and we fuck every night now and eat later. My guess is that in a week I have had more cock and cum inside me than I have ever had in my life before. He only goes home to get dressed to go to work. The rest of the time we are naked and shagging ourselves silly and loving it.