Into the Night


Topic: Into The NightA few hours later, Chad awoke to find Myra’s hand on his cock and it was already making a tent with the sheet. Chad blinked a few times and wiped the sleepy dust from his eyes. He could see Myra’s silhouette in the moonlight; the shape of her full breasts, the curves of her hips and the roundness of her ass. Myra had straddled him just below his love pole. One hand on his cock, the other stroking his balls and his perineum, Myra continued to tease Chad with her hands. Her head was tilted backward and her breathing was becoming deep. Chad knew that Myra was enjoying it, albeit he was positive that he was enjoying it more than she. Almost abruptly, Myra shifted positions, forming a 69 on Chad. Chad could feel the wetness of Myra’s engorged cunt on his face and began happily lapping up her juices. Myra took Chad’s dick in her hand and began to lick around the head with both sides of her tongue. She then licked the length of his shaft, and around the balls and back up to his head. Sometimes she licked in a straight line and other times around and around, like she was licking an ice cream cone to keep it from dripping. Chad could feel his body pulsating and he wanted to make his erection last long, so he turned his thoughts to pleasing Myra and wanted her to become more aroused before he fucked her. Chad had been licking the folds of Myra’s pussy while she was going down on his cock and balls. He loved to flick her clitoris with his tongue while he finger fucked her. She loved it too, because while he was doing that, she briefly stopped giving him a blow job to catch her own breath.

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   Myra’s juices were flowing freely while Chad had plenty of pre-cum for Myra to lap up with her tongue. Chad took Myra’s clit in his mouth and began to gently suck and Myra took the head of Chad’s cock and began to gently suck. Both of them becoming more and more aroused with each sucking motion, with each lick and flick of the other’s tongue. Building orgasms in each other was a skill they were learning, and they both continued to allow the orgasm to build and then subside a little so when they did indeed orgasm, it would be amazing. Myra rolled off of Chad and wiped the bit of pre-cum from around her mouth with her finger, and then sucked her finger dry. Chad smiled and rolled over on top of Myra and began kissing her deeply. His cock was pressing between her legs and she could feel it nearing the slit of her pussy. “Damn, that feels good,” Myra thought. Chad had one of his hands around the back of Myra’s head, allowing his tongue to tickle her tonsils. His other hand was around the small of her back, pulling her close to him. His dick was long and hard, and she could feel it between her legs, reaching out to the crack in her ass. She loved how his cock felt being near her. She loved just having it close to her body, feeling the warmth, the firmness, the wetness and the pulsating member near her most intimate areas. As much as she loved it close to her, touching her, nearing her orifices, she loved it being IN her even more. Myra had already come close to full-fledged orgasms several times during this sexual romp, and she could feel it building again in her womb.

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   Chad would take deep breaths, slow his motions or even stop, and Myra knew he was drenched with excitement. Myra couldn’t take it much more, so she gently pushed Chad off of her and stood up. Standing by the window, Chad looked at her again, as if for the first time. Myra breathed in deeply, allowing her chest to rise slowly and the full weight of her breasts to rise and fall against her chest. Chad sat up and Myra encouraged Chad to sit on the chair in their room. After Chad was seated, Myra knelt before Chad. His love pole still hard, erect and wet was glistening in the moonlight. Myra pulled back her hair and clipped it with a soft ponytail holder. Myra took some of the lube lotion that was on the nearby table and lathered up her hands. It smelled of coconut and the sea air. The smell was intoxicating, and the lube warmed in her hands. She placed her hands in an “o” shape and slowly slid it down Chad’s cock and then back up again. Then, in a twisting motion, she went back down and firmly placed it at the base of his shaft. She looked up at him and smiled as she drew her mouth close to his head. Her breath was warm and warmed the gel she has placed on his cock, sending a shiver down Chad’s spine.

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   With her tongue, she rotated a teasing lick around his head, first one way, and then the other. She took the whole head into her mouth, gently closing her mouth tightly around it. She gave a gentle suck and then released him from her mouth. She did this three more times, each time massaging with her mouth a little harder, and sucking just a little more strongly. Again, she released and as she returned to his delicious cock, she took more and more in, each time releasing completely, and then going down further on him. With her one hand still on the base of his shaft, she would gently twist and turn as her mouth would go up to his head. Myra would bring her hand downward as she took more of his cock in her mouth. Chad felt Myra’s other hand reach under his firm ass. With some of the same lube, she gently rubbed his perineum, a very sensitive area between his balls and his ass hole. Chad shifted his position in the chair to allow Myra more access to him. She was driving him crazy with passion and pre-cum was flowing once again. Chad knew he would have to concentrate more or he was going to lose his load very soon. He wanted to be inside of her when he did that. Inside of her vagina, wet and warm, squeezing his cock as she had an orgasm, would be where he wanted to shoot his load. Yes, he would have to wait a while longer.

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   Myra was quite skilled in giving a head and enjoyed pleasuring Chad this way. Watching him get turned on encouraged Myra to continue giving him a wonderful blow job. Myra squirted some more lube onto her hands, and continued kissing and licking Chad’s cock, and around his balls while rubbing her hands up and down his great shaft. With her second hand, she reached a little further back, and began rubbing around the outside of his anus. Chad squirmed a bit as she put in one finger just past the tip of her short fingernail. In and out of his ass she placed her finger, while she continued to give a great deal of attention to his ever hardening, pulsating cock. Chad decided he was one lucky bastard having a woman who could drive him to such sexual peaks. When Myra moved her hand out from Chad’s ass, he stood up. She was still on her knees before him, but now, she no longer had to bend forward to take Chad into her mouth. Chad grabbed her hair, releasing it from the ponytail holder, allowing it to fall down her back. He pulled her hair gently back, and held her head firmly in his hands. Myra looked up at him with only her big brown eyes. Chad held her head and thrust himself into Myra’s mouth. First gently, then a bit harder and harder with each thrust, Chad’s cock was thrust into her mouth, until he reached the back of her throat. Myra kept her lips and her mouth as tight as she could around Chad’s bulging member.

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   She could taste some more cum, but she knew he hadn’t fully released his load in her mouth. His cum was a little bitter, but she didn’t mind. She loved the smell, the taste of him. Chad continued to hold her head while thrusting his cock into her warm mouth. Myra would play with Chad’s cock with her tongue, at least on the slow thrusts and withdrawals. Chad thrust his cock deeply and slowly pulled out of Myra’s mouth, this time, all the way. He started to walk away from Myra, breathing heavily, nearly whistling through his teeth. “Geez, Myra. You are amazing! I can’t tell you how many times since I woke up for this second wild sex romp, that I have been so close to totally losing it. I want to cum BIG, but I want to come in that sweet pussy of yours. ”“Well, Chad, you’re not so bad yourself!” I want you to fill my pussy with your delicious cum. ”“But first, Myra, I want to pleasure you a bit. ” In one fell swoop, Chad lifted Myra from her knees and into his strong arms. He laid her across the bed and onto her back. He grabbed her right boob with his left hand and began sucking on her nipples.

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   They were firm and erect and silky smooth. With his other hand, he fondled her other tit, rolling the nipple between his fingers, grabbing that DDD boob hard while still sucking the other. Sometimes he would bite it, a little gentle bite on her nipple. Myra squirmed a bit. It hurt, but at the same time, it was such a turn on, she wanted more. “Bite a little harder, suck it a little harder, slap them around a bit. It’s OK to be rough with them. ” Myra was panting harder now. She loved Chad being rough with her tits and sucking hard on her nipples. The pain she felt was a good pain, defying any reasonable explanation. Chad worked his way down Myra’s chest, down her belly and played with her belly button with his tongue. Soft gently licks with his tongue, and a single finger tracing the path along the line of her pussy hair, down to where the legs meet her vagina, tantalized Myra. He spread her legs far apart and held them down with his own legs, careful not to put his weight fully on Myra’s slender legs. Chad moved the lips and folds of Myra’s cunt, exposing her beautiful hole. Her juices were flowing freely and Chad knelt before her, lapping up her love juices. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Myra arched her back, lifting her pelvis just a bit, tilting it and exposing her clit. Chad fingered Myra with two fingers, and sucked and kissed her clit. Another surge of pussy juice flowed out of Myra, and Chad quickly drank it up. “You taste delicious, Myra” Chad softly spoke. He lingered a bit longer, and continued to gently tease her with his lips and tongue. He began to get a little more aggressive, adding a third finger, sucking harder, darting his tongue in and out of her cunt. Myra groaned with pleasure, and went to grab Chad’s hand and pull it out of her. Chad stopped her, and held both of her hands in his. “No, Myra, I want more. I want more and I want to be deeper in you. I want to go further in you with my tongue and lips and fingers. I want to explore the inner parts of you with my mouth. You are powerless to stop me. I know it is exciting you. You have spilled a bunch of your pussy juice and I am having difficulty swallowing fast enough.

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   Just lay there and enjoy it. Enjoy cumming again and again and allow me to lick up the juice. ”Chad continued to finger fuck and eat Myra’s drenching wet pussy. She had previously trimmed her hair. Myra didn’t mind shaving, and she loved the way a cleanly shaven cunt felt to her, as well as how Chad responded to it. What she didn’t like was when the hair started to grow back. Chad loved her pussy no matter if it was shaven or just trimmed. He could spend hours just playing with it and watching Myra go mad with excitement. Myra was going wild with excitement. Each touch of Chad’s fingers, his lips, his tongue, made Myra quiver with waves of orgasms. Myra continued to wiggle and squirm under Chad and she knew it was futile. He still had her legs pinned down under his legs and was holding back her hands with his hands. She was truly riding waves of ecstasy and the intensity was increasing with every touch. “Chad, you have two choices here. You either have to stop what you are doing or take me NOW! I can’t take this, it is too intense, and I want your cock in me NOW! I want to feel my pussy surrounding it, tightening around it, and I want you to fuck me hard!”“As you wish,” Chad said with a smile.

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  Myra was still on her back, so Chad pulled her close to him and lifted her legs so that the were on each shoulder. He pulled up her hips, to give him greater access to her pussy, still dripping wet and hot. He was on his knees, and lifted his cock to position it just at the entrance of her pussy. He inserted it, just a little, so that only the head of his dick was in her. He did this a couple of times before fully inserting his whole rod deep in her. He thrust, at first a little slowly, then deeper and harder until he could hear his balls slapping against her ass. Between their love juices and sweat from such an aggressive sexual experience, the sounds of bodies slapping against each other was a major turn-on. Myra moaned and her body convulsed as Chad continued to bang her without mercy. Myra was not complaining. She grabbed her breasts and pulled on the nipples hard, and twisted them a bit until they were standing erect and hard. Chad’s hands were around Myra’s waist so he could pull her into him with each thrust. The thickness of Chad’s cock filled Myra’s pussy and the length was hitting even her cervix at this point. Each thrust sent tingles up and down Myra’s spine, and sent waves of pleasure throughout her whole body. “Harder, do me harder and go deeper in me if you can. I want more!”Chad continued to thrust Myra, harder and faster and even deeper.

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   He was getting close to orgasm and totally blowing his load. He could feel the sensations in every part of his body and wanted to make sure Myra was feeling them too. He could hear her moaning, nearly screaming with each thrust he gave her pussy. He reached around a bit with his hand around to her ass. He gathered some wetness from her pussy, and smeared it over her asshole. When he was sure it was moistened enough, he stuck a finger in slowly, so it would not hurt Myra. Then, he stuck a second finger in her ass. He could actually feel his fingers on his dick that was still banging Myra at a feverish pace now. It excited Chad more and more, feeling not only his dick in Myra, but banging against his fingers that he had inserted in her ass. Myra seemed to be enjoying the sensations, too, because she let out a loud, “Oooohhhhhhh, Ohmygod, ohmygod. ”Chad slowed his thrusts, pulling out just partway, and then slamming back into Myra’s swollen and wet cunt. He removed his fingers from Myra’s ass and put them back on her hips, pulling her even closer to him. Chad pulled his steaming hot rod half-way out of Myra’s pussy, and looked down at the connection for a moment. His cock was still rock hard, thick, and covered in Myra’s cum. His cock, now a lovely shade of a reddish-purple, sliding in and out of Myra’s pussy lips was a delicious sight and a fabulous sensation.


  He picked up his pace and continued to thrust Myra. He knew she was close to a massive orgasm, and he wanted to hold on just a bit longer before shooting his creamy semen in her, because he wanted them to cum together. “Ah, ah, ah…. . ” Myra was cumming and Chad tilted back his head and thrust his cock deeply once more into her pussy as Myra arched her back. Warm cum erupted from Chad’s cock, filling Myra’s pussy to overflowing. Myra was continuing to convulse in pure pleasure and wave after wave of tingling sensations were wafting over Chad’s body. Subtle movements continued between Myra’s cunt and Chad’s cock as they were both enjoying a very intense and long lasting orgasm. Even the subtle movements seemed to help ride the orgasmic wave even higher than the previous orgasm. They stayed in the same position for several minutes, barely moving, but enough to make the orgasm last and incredibly long time. This had to be the longest and most intense orgasm either had experienced in their lives. Myra didn’t want to move not only because of the sheer pleasure she was experiencing, but also she was afraid to move because she didn’t want this feeling to end. Chad thought his cock must be on fire because it had never felt as hot as it did while in Myra’s cunt and now, it was covered in his cum and her pussy juices and still throbbing inside of Myra. Myra could feel massive amounts of cum dripping down her ass and onto the sheets below her. The room was still illuminated with the moonlight and seeing Chad on his knees between her legs with his still hard cock inside of her nearly gave Myra another orgasm on the spot.

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   Chad slowly pulled his dick out of Myra, and reinserted it again in her pussy. He pulled out again, but this time, he pushed it in her tight ass and relished the tightness of it on his dick. Myra moaned and lifted her hips further up on Chad’s thighs. He was more than half-way in her ass, further than he had ever been before. This gave both Myra and Chad sensations that they had never experienced in their lives. Chad removed his cock out of Myra’s ass and lay down on top of Myra. His cock was starting return to its normal size. Myra could feel the heat from Chad’s body as he lay on top of her. She still felt cum dripping out of her pussy, and now there was some cum dripping out of her ass as well. It felt wet and wonderful and warm. She loved the feeling because it was from him, and out of her body, too. Myra couldn’t believe she and Chad had such amazing sex, twice, in just a few short hours. It wasn’t just “sex” because it was so raw, so aggressive, and so animalistic. Chad began kissing Myra’s neck and just behind her ear. His hands caressed her naked body and tasted the saltiness of her skin after sex.

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   There was a special delicious taste of Myra’s skin after they had sex that intoxicated Chad. Something about it drove Chad crazy horny. “No, it isn’t possible, is it?” Chad thought. He continued kissing Myra, gently sucking on her neck and her nipples. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin and the still present kisses on her body. Chad continued to kiss her, and to touch her and to fondle her breast. The musky smell from her delicious pussy was mingling with the scent of their love-making and Chad began to kiss harder and suck harder. The sweat and the love juices still lay all over their intertwined bodies. Chad was still laying on Myra and she lightly scratched his back and rubbed his firm ass. Chad’s hands seemed to be everywhere on Myra’s body. “Chad?!” Myra’s voice was raspy from the evening’s events. She wasn’t sure, but she thought, Chad was hard again. Chad continued to grab Myra’s boobs, harder and harder, and suck on them harder. His hand reached below to her ass and he grabbed it and pulled her closer to him. Now, Myra was sure Chad was hard again.

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   She could feel his hard cock between her legs and against her thigh. Myra wanted it again, her appetite insatiable for sex and Chad, seemingly a willing partner once again. To be continued.
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