Jenny & Maggie Part 2


JENNY AND MAGGIE 2Jenny and Maggie were two student chambermaids that I met one summer, when we worked in a Butlins hotel in Margate.   Maggie was a tall, pale skinned girl with ‘A’ cup tits and long black hair that reached down to her buttocks and wore fashionable black spectacles.   Jenny had short, naturally pale blonde hair with a size 14 figure and large firm tits.   They were friends from Glasgow and like me, were about to start university at the end of the summer. I’d just changed my old BSA for an almost new Yamaha XS2, and had just collected it so I could meet Maggie at the staff accommodation.   She had asked me to take her to some of the local tourist places.   So off we set to Pegwell Bay, as Maggie had wanted to see the replica Viking ship that’s there. We parked and we walked around the ‘attraction’.   There’s not much to see and like many tourist attractions - such as the ‘Mannikin Piss’ in Brussels - you often wonder what all the fuss was about.   Maggie then suggested that, as she had not yet tried her new bikini, that some sunbathing on the beach was in order.   The tide was just starting to go out, but I explained that the beach, in the bay, was a muddy area beloved of bait diggers. Instead I proposed that we head towards Minster and the nearby lavender fields.   We would find some grassy areas where she could sunbath, without sand getting in any nooks and crannies.   I had explored the area many times whilst growing up and took her to a secluded grassy area near a walkers footpath.   Maggie spread out some towels from the bag she had loaded on the bike. She took off the leather jacket I’d leant her and took out her new bikini - electric blue with white edging.

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    Taking off her jeans, then her blue cotton top, she showed her tiny ‘A’ cup breasts which were braless.   Next she slid her black lacy panties down her long slim legs and stepped out of them and quickly pulled on the bikini bottoms.   Her dense black pubic hair peeked out from the gusset, in sharp contrast to the white edging and her pale skin.    She looked down. “I knew these were skimpier than my old one piece, but I hadn’t thought you’d see so much of my bush!”, she exclaimed.   “I think it looks sexy”, I retorted, “but if you don’t like it I could always help you with the problem?”  I had also stripping down to a pair of swim shorts, and seeing her naked and with her bush escaping from her briefs had caused me to start becoming erect. “You should be so lucky” she answered. She bent to pick up the top, giving me a superb view of her arse as the material of the briefs stretched over her bum.   The narrow strip of fabric slipped between the lips of her cunt lips - exposing even more of her pubic hair.   She stood up holding the top, her tiny tits were beautiful and the nipples stiffened as a light breeze, heavy with the scent of lavender from the nearby fields, passed over them.   Maggie slipped the halter over her head and tied the white string  - that formed part of the edging - behind her back. She then pulled the miniscule triangles of the top in place over her breasts. Maggie rummaged in her basket and brought out a bottle of sun lotion.   Then she tossed it to me before lying facedown on the towels.   I put some of the lotion onto my palms, then kneeling astride her I rubbed it onto her back.

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    Maggie moved her French plait so I could reach up to her neck.   I massaged the cream from the edge of her briefs up to her neck and down to the side of her breasts.   Then, as it was in the way, I undid the thin strap of the top.   My cock was pushing into her buttocks.   She let out a slight moan and reached back to rub the bulge that was pressed against her, which made it stiffer. Maggie moved underneath me. I could now work on her front. My hands now massaged her tits - the areola were like smaller breasts atop her tiny mounds, with pale pink nipples at their summit.   Maggie was becoming increasingly excited and emitted gentle moans of pleasure.   I move so that I was lying alongside her.   I kissed her neck then planted delicate kisses over her face.   She moved and our lips met; our tongues sort each other and we were now in a passionate clinch. My hand moved to her bikini briefs, brushing over her pubic mound with increasing pressure.   The material started to dampen, the blue material darkening.   Maggie’s moans became louder.

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    I slid the bottoms down her legs as Maggie raised her bum and they were soon around her knees, the materials stretched as Maggie parted her thighs.   My fingers probed her dense bush, finding the groove of her cunt as her labia opened, her love juice soaking my fingers.   They travelled up and down the labia, parting the rosy pink lips and then pushing into her vagina.   My two fingers were deeply embedded; I started pushing them in and out as my thumb firmly rubbed against her clitoral hood.   Maggie was shouting encouragement as she pushed herself hard against my digits, before exclaiming that she was cumming. I knelt between her open legs.   Then raising them, before sliding the damp scrap of material further down her legs until it was off.   I moved Maggie onto her side and positioned the upper leg so that her knee was bent and slightly raised.   Straddling the lower leg I thrust slowly, letting my cock all but leaving her tight wet cunt, before leaning forward to fully enter her.   All of my cock was in her.   As I pushed backwards and forwards, Maggie moved her upper leg to vary the area of her vagina that was being stimulated, and the pressure on her clit.   As her orgasm built up she shouted for me to thrust harder and faster.   Her cries became urgent and noisy.   I felt her vagina contract and after several more strokes I spurted jets of spunk into her.   Rolling off her, we kissed.

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    Suddenly we heard a couple of walkers travelling along the footpath.    We rapidly made our selves presentable, before they could see us in our semi-secluded niche. Maggie took some refreshment from her basket and while we consumed this she asked if we could go elsewhere to fuck.   I suggested we go to my house, to which she rapidly agreed.   So we dressed quickly and packed her basket and towels in the bikes top box.   We set off and were soon at my house - about 8 miles away. Once inside I reminded her that she had said her bush was very visible with her new bikini.   Then I suggested that I help trim it and shave her.   At first she was unsure - I didn’t know if this was about shaving in general or if she trusted me to do it.   I finally convinced her and I rushed to collect what was required for her depilation. The thought alone had me hard and while on my mission, I stripped, then put on a pair of boxers; my hard on slipping through the opening.   Maggie had stripped off except for her bikini briefs; the front of them was wet with her juices and my semen that had leaked out during our ride home.   She laughed as I entered the room, with my cock poking out from the front of my boxer shorts.  “You might as well take them off” she giggled.   “It will feel more comfortable”.

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  I took them off, after putting the shaving implements down on the floor and placed a towel on the sofa.   Maggie then sat on it with her back against the back of the sofa and her feet placed up near the front edge.   In this position with her legs wide apart I had a great view of her bushy cunt.   Maggie still had second thoughts and asked me to be careful; she questioned how much I was going to remove. “How much do you want me to take off?”  I replied. “Start with it all below my clit and a ‘V’ above. ”  Maggie answered.   “Then I’ll see what it l looks like. ”Using a pair of scissors I reduced her growth to a more manageable length; trimming the hair as short as I could.   The probing of my fingers had caused her cunt to open and her fluids mingled with the remaining hair, running down onto the towel.   Then I spread shaving cream all over the pubic area and between her butt cheeks, including around her anus.   I resisted the temptation to ease a finger into her puckered hole.   As the area became devoid of hair, it became difficult to know who was more stimulated.   My erection was becoming painful and her juices more copious.   I shaved from the top of her slit; her cunt was now bare, but it had been slow work.

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    The area between her cunt and her anal area was also very hairy and it was delicate work to remove it all.   I now tidied the region above her now engorged cunt.   I evenly removed hair from first one side, then the other, stopping several times for Maggie to decide if more should go.   Soon there was so little that she decided it would be more work shaving just a small ‘V’ than if it was all gone.   That was what I had hoped would be the end result, and I quickly had the area totally smooth and hairless.   Her swimwear problem was now solved.   Using a damp flannel I wiped any remaining foam and dried her with a towel.   You could now see her beautiful vulva.   There was a short, smooth hood covering her clit, which peeked out from its hiding place; two small petals formed her inner lips that only covered the upper half of her open slit.   Their delicate edges tinged a darker brown- mauve colour. My face was drawn to her and I eased my tongue into her cleft, running it up and down, before stabbing my tongue firmly into her, my thumbs pressing either side of her clitoral hood.   Her clit become engorged and I flicked my tongue rapidly over it.
    “Fucking hell that’s great. ” said Maggie; “It’s so fucking sensitive now. ”  Then she pushed my head hard onto her cunt.

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        “Oh yes!  Keep going!” she exclaimed, “That’s it, I’m cumming. ”She let out a shout and relaxed her grip on my head, then slumped back on the sofa.   I knelt so that my cock was near her cunt, then placing the tip against her labia and slid into her.   My thrusts were urgent and Maggie quickly had a series of orgasms which gripped my cock and I soon came, blasting man cream deep inside.   I pulled out and saw my fluid dribble out of her and run down towards her arse. It was late afternoon and my parents would soon be home, so we soon left and I took Maggie back to her staff digs and the room she shared with Jenny. Back at her room we were soon kissing on her bed.   Maggie stripped off her jeans and I copied her - then our tops.   Maggie still had on the blue and white bikini bottoms.   Though with more spunk soaked into them; they would definitely need a good wash before she wore them again.   The smell of her juices mixed with my spunk was stimulating and heady.   After more kissing I pushed a hand into her bikini and found her wet and open.   When I told that she was very wet, she said the fabric had been rubbing against her clit.   She then pondered if the same would happen while she was a work - if it did, she said she’d have to have regular wanking sessions during her shift, or not wear panties.   Both these suggestion made me horny and I said if we were on the same shift may be I could help.

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      As I started to finger fuck her I pulled the bikini pants down. As they reached her thighs we heard a key in the door and Jenny entered, having finished her shift.   Looking at us she stared at Maggie’s now newly hairless pussy, with two of my fingers wedged up it, while she was moaning with pleasure. “You dirty cow!” exclaimed Jenny; “You’ve shaved your quim. ”Coming closer she couldn’t take her eyes off Maggie’s smooth hairless pussy.   As she advance towards us she pulled open the press-studs of her work overall and it was dropped onto the floor.   She was now next to us, standing in a simple white bra, pink panties, short white socks and trainers.   Jenny was fascinated.   Maggie looked at her and told her to feel how smooth it was.   Kneeling to feel its silky texture, she nervously touched the bare skin around Maggie’s slit. “He did it, and it’s made my pussy so sensitive and I can feel even more when he goes down on me. ” Maggie told Jenny. Jenny then turned to me, kissed me and asked if I’d shave her too.   I of course agreed and while I continued to frig Maggie, Jenny fetched some ladies razors, foam and towels.   As Maggie came, Jenny put a towel on her bed, then took off her bra and trainers.

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        I was erect as I watched her slipping her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.   Her pale blonde hair was much less dense and her cunt lips were already visible.   She sat on her single bed, legs raised and wide apart.   Maggie spread shaving foam over her friend’s cunt and when she had finished I started shaving Jenny. Maggie took hold of my hard cock and slowly wanked me, while her other hand rubbed her pussy mound before slipping a finger into herself and rubbing her clit with her thumb.   I had difficulty concentrating on the shaving, but somehow managed.   Fortunately Jenny’s cunt hair was downy and sparse, so it was easier to depilate the area.   When I had finished Maggie fetched a damp washcloth and cleaned any hair or foam away. The shaving had aroused her and Jenny’s cunt was wet with pussy juice and gapped open.   Jenny said it needed further attention and told me to lie on the bed.   Then she straddled me.   She held her cunt open and gripping my prick with the other hand, guided me into her pussy.   She ground up and down with increasing speed and as I thrust to match her rhythm I shortly released into her.   This seemed to bring her off several times and she pushed down forcefully, forcing me deep into her while I was still shooting jets of semen deep in her vagina.   I was surprised she had let me cum in her, as last time she had me pull out, as she was unprotected.


        Later she told me she’d had a coil fitted ready for college and me.   Jenny still gently ground against my cock, which was semi hard and still inside her.   Her motion caused me to stiffen fully.   Maggie shouted at Jenny that she was a greedy cow and that is was her turn and gave her a gentle push. “OK, but I’m nearly there. ” said Jenny and giving several rapid, forceful thrusts she came again. She rolled off; saying it was Maggie’s turn.   My cock was slick with cunt fluid and my cum.   Maggie now squatted over me and grinding onto my prick she bounced up and down, while I rubbed her love bud.   Jenny had recovered slightly and moved so we could kiss, so I started frigging her until we were all soon cumming. We lay together, with a girl on either side of me and were gently kissing and stroking each other, before drifting into a short refreshing sleep.   On waking we went out for food and an evening with some of the staff we had made friends with in one of the local bars.   Later, as I was over the driving limit, I crashed in their room and the girls took turns to share the single bed I was in.   They both fucked me during the night, and had me lick out their newly shaved pussies, as the shaving had made them especially randy. Francis             .


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