Job for Trey Pt.1


    Hey, my name is Trey. I’m 17 years old, about 6 feet tall and of normal build. I’ve got shaggy ear-length light brown hair and blue eyes. I’m not the hottest guy around, but I’m not ugly by any means. This story starts off as I was walking around a shopping center applying at different stores for a job. Summer eats a lot of money – and I can’t live it right without a source of income.
            I applied at just about every store I went to – but none seemed as if they were hiring at all. The last store on this list was a bed, bath and beyond type of store. I figured, why not. . . even though it was all women, I might as well try. So after filling out the application, I asked where I could find the manager and was pointed to the back of the store.
            “Becky Farlop”. While glancing at the name tag on the door I knocked and waited. A second or two later, the door opened to reveal a very busty middle-aged women.

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   She wore black rimmed glasses, a white blouse with a black mid-thigh loose skirt. Her dark brown hair fell to her middle back, and she stood a few inches shorter than me. Although quite older than me, she was a looker for sure.
            “Can I help you hun?” Becky asked me with raised eyebrows and tight lips.
            “Yes, my name is Trey, and I would like to hand in this application to you personally, Mrs. Farlop. ”
            “And you couldn’t just hand it into the cashier?” She responded. It didn’t sound like a penetrating question, just a curious one.
            “Well I just wanted to make sure it went to someone who was in charge of the store. That way it may get more attention in their hands, yours, than sitting on a shelf under a register. ”
            “Hmm, I like the initiative you took. I do need someone to stock the shelves, part-time. If you’d like, you can come in for the interview right now – I’m not busy with other business. ”
            “Oh that’d be great. Thank you.

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            She opened the door to me and pointed to a chair sitting in front of her desk, then closed the door as she walked to her own desk chair. Becky’s office was small, but comfortable with a desk in the middle, a couch behind the door, two bookshelves, two chairs in all, and a small table with a plant.
            As I took my seat I noticed Becky bending over and pulling out a sheet of paper from a small stack. Her ass seemed quite fit for a woman around her late thirties. I noticed no ring on her left hand – so probably no husband. Even with her loose skirt on, one could tell she had the right curves.
            When she pulled the paper out, she looked backwards at me. My eyes instantly went to her face and I tried to give a friendly smile. Becky showed no emotion at my smile but sat down and said, “Alright let’s get started. ”
            At first she just looked at the application and circled some things, and noted others. Then her voice caught my attention and asked, “Trey, how old are you?”
            “I’m 17. ”
            “Do seventeen-year-olds always look at an older woman’s ass as she bends over?”
            Her question didn’t seem to sink in a first. I thought it was just nothing – not even real. But her questioning stare jolted my mind back to the suddenly bad situation at hand.
            “I… I didn’t realize I was staring.

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   I’m sorry,” I stammered out.
            “So staring at an old ladies ass isn’t a normal thing for you?”
            Jeez, she just kept hammering the nail.
            “Well no, it’s not normal. But you’re definitely not an old lady. I wouldn’t say so. ”
            With a smile now on her face she said, “Why thank you. Sorry to make it awkward for you. I’m just not used to young men giving me the look over. ”
            Relief poured over me. And with relief came confidence. Becky was taking my staring as a compliment, which is always a good sign.
            “I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable by staring a little bit. That wasn’t my intention. I just saw beauty and looked a little longer than necessary. ” Silky smooth, I thought to myself.

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            There it was: a slight blush, biting of the bottom lip, eyes looking down. “I wasn’t close to being uncomfortable, but as for beauty, I wouldn’t call my behind anything beautiful. ”
            “I’m sorry to say this, but you must be crazy. You are very beautiful. Whoever you are currently with is a very lucky guy. ”
            “You are too nice. ” With a slight frown, she added, “But sadly, I’m not with anyone right now. ”
            At this point I figured what the hell. I couldn’t care less if I didn’t get this job or not. I was bound to get a call from the other stores. Might as well swing for the fences while I’m at the plate with nothing to lose.
            “Is there anything I could do to help you out?” I asked, with a wink at the end of the question.
            Becky licked her upper lip - slightly, stood up and started walking over to me. “Yes, just sit still and let me get something I’ve missed out on for awhile now. ”
            Grand fucking slam.


            She knelt down in front of me and slid her hand from my knees to my belt buckle. Her hand shook with anticipation as the belt was undone and the pants were unbuttoned. I stood up when she was done, and let her pull down both my boxers and pants. She was a very eager cock sucker, that’s for sure. My right hand held tightly to the desk as my left fell to my side, then to the back of her head as she took my dick into her mouth.
            She swirled her tongue around and around, then pulled off my cock and began licking from the base to the mushroom head. Becky’s right hand held my shaft as her left switched from tossing her hair back, to softly rubbing my balls. I was pretty much in heaven. I say pretty much because right after I thought that, she took my whole cock into her mouth, then her throat and sent her muscles massaging my dick. Then I was in heaven.
            She continued her licking and sucking for a few minutes before I felt that magnificent feeling creeping around down below. Looking down at her complete interest in sucking my dick, I figured she’d know exactly when to be ready – so I didn’t say anything. A moment later, the rushing began and with a deep breath (I’m not a loud guy when I cum) I let loose into her mouth.   Her left hand must have felt the activity because she immediately took just the head into her mouth, placed it on her tongue and opened wide – eyes directly on me as her right hand stroked up and down.
            Shot after shot went into her mouth, the first three going straight back, with the couple more letting go directly on her tongue.

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   When I was pretty much done, and pretty much laying on the desk due to my legs giving out, she close her lips around my head, cleaned me up and opened her mouth to show me my destruction. Winking at me, she closed her mouth and I saw her Adam’s apple move up then down. I got the drift.
            “Your are truly incredible,” I pretty much gasped – my breath was just being caught again.
            “Why thank you Trey. And you are the perfect size ( 7 inches or so, just to give you the picture). ”
            “Now it’s my turn. ” I took her hand and helped her up from her knees, then sat her down on the couch, facing out. Getting down on my knees, I pulled of my shirt, hiked up her skirt and pulled down a pair of white lace panties. Oh my god, I thought to myself, she shaves. And sure enough there were her smooth lips glistening with some moisture already.
            My face dove forward, and her hands took hold of her thighs to help keep them apart. First I started off just kissing around her sex, teasing her a bit. Her reactions of complete need excited me like no other. But her three simple words of, “Lick me now!” put my priorities straight.

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   Using my fingers I spread her lips apart and worked my tongue along the outside, just outside of her clit, but not touching. Keeping this rhythm going, I switched hands between one rubbing her inner thigh, and the other spreading the lips for my working tongue. Hearing her moans growing louder, I kept her pussy open with one hand and the other gently brushed her clit.
            Becky’s hands let go of her thighs and started pulling off her shirt and bra. But being the focused worker I am, I let my tongue slide down to her hole. First just licking around it, but then diving forward, spearing her like a dick.
            “Ohhhh, fuck yeah. Oh my god, fuck me with your tongue honey,” her moans were low but I heard them just fine.
            Driving in and out with my tongue I looked up to see her top was off, and her fingers of each hand were twisting the nipple of a tit. She was close, I could tell. Becky’s eyes were closed, bottom lip was white from being bitten down on, and her whole body was red. Now I made my move.
            My right hand and tongue switched places quickly. I took her clit in between my lips and flicked it back and forth with my tongue, while my index finger slid easily into her pussy.
            “Ohh, fuck, fuck fuck.


   OH please don’t stop. EVER!” She said quite loudly. A part of me didn’t want her to be heard, but another wanted for us to be found.
            After sliding in and out I put in two fingers – which brought her over the top. A slow hum was coming out of her mouth, her fingers pinched down hard, and her thighs brought a prison of flesh down around my head. Luckily I got a deep breath in before darkness closed in on me.
            I kept slight movements going throughout her orgasm, keeping the pleasure flowing – but not enough to go over the top. When she finally settled down, she was back to life in an instant.
            “You. Fuck. Me. Now. ” Becky ordered at me as she stood up and bent over the back of the chair. “Go fast and hard babe, I need this so fucking bad. ”
            To say I argued would be the largest overstatement ever.

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   I practically ran at her and drove my cock in. I got behind her, grabbed her waist in my left, and directed the course of action with my right. With a slight push my head was in, and a moan came out.
            “All the way, all the way,’ she panted. But she wouldn’t get it that easily, no, no.
            Slowly, inch by inch, I moved my cock into her. Of course she tried to speed up the process, but I kept a firm two-handed grip on her ass. When her glorious ass cheeks met my thighs, then I started what she wanted. Fast. I immediately move back than forward and repeated again and again. I don’t think she got in another breath before it was pushed out through a low growl.
            Luckily Becky had a firm stance and a good grip; otherwise the chair would have toppled over. I think the only reason an alarm in the store didn’t go off was because her office was so far in the back of the store. But I’d imagine some customer heard a chorus of moans that wasn’t from the jazzy radio playing over the speakers.
            Slap after slap, my thighs met her ass.

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   What a sight: dick appears, pussy tries to pull it back, pussy succeeds, dick disappears, ass cheeks ripple. In the middle of this, she took her left leg and put it onto the seat of the chair. Wow, I had such a better drive with this new gain in plowing distance. Although marginal – it added up. Plus her body rose more upright, causing us to come to almost touching. I slowly slide my hand up the back of her ass cheeks, through the taunt muscles of her back, over her sides, and the up her front. Both hands grasped a tit, and that is when I realized that she is stacked! I had more than a handful, and her nipples were just the right length when hard. I felt her hand come up and close over my hands, holding them to her tits – so I slowed down a bit. I didn’t want her falling over or anything.
            Kissing the back of her neck, I began to slide my hands from underneath hers (which promptly clasped onto her mounds of pleasure) and ran them down her stomach. I reached the thigh junction, rubbed the inside thighs for a moment (all happening while still driving my fuck stick into her wanting pussy) then cupped her pussy. Left hand fingers found her clit and rubbed away, while my right index and middle fingers rubbed around my cock and her hole.
            About three strokes later she started humming really low, again. I knew what this meant by now and sped up my rhythm. I was close to cumming myself, but not the same time as her.


   While she road out her climax, I continued pumping away.
            “Mmmm, oh god. Fuck. Are you almost there?” She asked between breaths.
            “Yeah, where do you want it?” I answered.
            With a squeal she said, “Just let it go inside of me, I’m on the pill for my periods. Fill me up babe. ”
            I didn’t think a response in words was needed. I just gave her everything I had left in a burst of speed and a moment later drove in hard and stayed there. Spurt after spurt filled her up. A nice warm feeling flooded her pussy (“oohh god, that feels so good” –Becky) and a pumped a little bit to keep things flowing.
            When I was done, and my knees were stable, I slide out of her. The moment I was out though, she was down on her knees again. A manager, a cleaning lady, and a cum lover. If I get hired, I would be in a dream land.

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            “You’re good to go,” Becky said when she was done licking all traces of me off of… me.
            “Was my interview a success?” I asked with a grin.
            Standing up with hands on her hips she said, “Be here tomorrow when the store opens at 9 a. m. And be ready for more questions about how well you can handle the job. ” I noticed a trickled of my cum starting to slide down her inner right thigh.
            I might just like my new job, in a dream land.