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I met her at my work when I was sixteen.   Her name was Sarah and I still remember the first time I met her.   She looked about the same age as me and had a body that any man would love to put their hands on.   She looked like a goddess when she walked into the room.   She stood about 5’ 6” and had the most beautiful brownish red hair that reached just past her delicate shoulders and framed her sweet face.   She had the kind of face that you just wanted to take into your hands kiss for hours.   I’m not sure if the best part of her face was her pouty soft lips or her beautiful eyes that seemed to go into your soul when she looked at you.    If all this wasn’t enough she had prefect c cup breasts for sucking and fondling, but she had one secret weapon and that was her ass.   She had the sexiest legs I’d ever seen leading up to sweetest ass I’d ever seen.   I remember thinking about how good it would feel having that ass rub against me as I fucked her doggie style.   Maybe I should get to me.   I’m Cody and I’m not much to look at.   I like to think what I lack in looks I make up for ten fold in personality.   I felt like Sarah was way out of my league when I first met her, so thought of having a chance with her was pretty much gone, but it turns out I had better hopes then I thought.
Sarah and I got pretty close while we worked together and often times found ourselves doing more playing then working.   It isn’t like you can blame me for not working because you had to deal with this angelic girl you would do whatever she wanted too.

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    Sarah and I had a funny way of flirting that involved me saying things that would “upset” her and she would pinch and hit me.   I’ve never enjoyed having the shit beat out of me this much.   Of course being the gentleman I am I never hit her back, ok, at least never that hard.   Somehow beating on each other slowly became groping each other.   The occasional ass grabs or breast touches here and there became more and more frequent as were the nights that I would go home and masturbate thinking about her.   There were nights when it was just me and her working and when they were slow we would just stand in the kitchen hugging and holding each other.   Somewhere in there Sarah got my screen name and we began talking on the computer outside of work.   Between holding her every night I worked with her and these conversations that lasted until the wee hours of the morning I realized I was falling in love with her.
This is where things between Sarah and me became very interesting.   We started to hangout together outside of work and one night made plans to go drive around after work.   Sarah got off at ten, but I didn’t get off until Midnight.   I rushed home and showered and then drove to pick her up.   We made up some lie about going to see my friend’s band so her mom wouldn’t wonder why she was leaving.   We drove around and around not really going anywhere, but it didn’t really matter as long as I was with her.   The whole night I was nervous because we had been talking about how bad I wanted to kiss, but I was worried how she would react.

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    She told me that she had wanted to kiss me many times and she wanted me to kiss her, so I figured tonight would be the perfect night.   Well, I’m a chicken shit because I didn’t make my move and I was driving her back home because I had run out of places to drive to.   That is when Sarah took action and she kissed my hand and rested her head on my shoulder.   I felt her hot breath on my neck as I drove trying to act like I wasn’t nervous.   I felt her warm soft lips touch my neck and I felt her tongue lightly swirl on my neck.   At first I was taken back in shock because I couldn’t believe it really happened, but Sarah soon did it again to prove that this was no dream.   I thought I was going to kill us both because it she was making it hard to concentrate on the road and I was starting to cross the center line a bit.   I was looking for a place to pullover and finally just decided to stop.   I pulled to the side and turned and looked toward her.   She gave me a shy smile and asked what I was doing.   I told her that I needed to kiss her and that was what I was doing, but once again I was wrong.   Sarah attacked me with a passion that I’ve never seen.   She locked our lips together and slid her tongue into my mouth.   I’ve never got a hardon faster then when she kissed me.   I couldn’t get enough of her mouth.

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    It was soft and wet and willing to take my tongue as I slid it inside.   She sucked my tongue and ran her hands over my shoulders.   I ran my hands down her shoulders and over her breasts and squeezed them gently.   She moaned into my mouth and I played with her hard nipples through her shirt and bra.   That is about when we both realized we both still had seatbelts on and we decided to remove them to make things easier.   She flashed me her perfect tits as a joke, but I had a better joke.   I told her I hadn’t seen them good enough and I begged her to show me again and when she pulled up her shirt I leaned over for a closer look and then quickly sucked a nipple into my mouth.   Sarah moaned, “Oh…Cody…you’re so bad…”
“You don’t like it?”
Sarah rubbed her hand trough my hair as I went back to sucking and licking her sweet nipples, “Mmm…I never said that. ”  I played with her nipples rubbing and twisting one while I sucked and gently bit the other.   Sarah moaned loudly and I could smell her pussy getting wet.   She lifted my head up from her breasts and sucked my neck hungrily.   Sarah had a thing for necks and loved having hers sucked and kissed, so I thought this was my opportunity to suck hers and get her to agree to anything I wanted.   She moaned like she was cumming when I started sucking her neck while I tweaked her hard nipples.   I started to run my hand down to her pussy and started to rub it through her jeans.   She moaned aloud and I rubbed faster and harder.

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    I tried to open her jeans, but she stopped me and said that she couldn’t.   I was a little disappointed, but didn’t want to ruin this so I continued playing with her tits and making out with her.   After awhile we stopped and she climbed across the car and laid in my arms.   We kissed and talked until the sun came up and then I drove her home.
That was the best night I’d ever had, but I knew that I needed her pussy.   The next time we were going to hangout she forgot and over slept, so she was still in bed when I got there.   The thoughts of going in and waking her up by licking her pussy ran through my mind, but I figured it would be best if I didn’t.   Her sister went and got her up for me and she came out in the clothes she slept in.   Even in her sweat pants and old t-shirt she looked so fuckable.   I could tell she wasn’t wearing any kind of underwear because her nipples stuck out through her shirt and her sweet ass didn’t show any kind of a panty line.   I wanted to bend her over the kitchen table and slide my cock into her pussy, but I knew that I had to play the game.   We ended up hanging out and watching TV together cuddled up on the couch.   Her younger brother sat in the chair next to the couch so that made my game harder, but more fun.   I started to rub Sarah’s legs lightly.   I noticed as I moved higher and higher her legs would twitch when I touched behind her knees or brushed her thighs.

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    I put an arm around her waist and I started to rub around the top of her pants.   I rubbed her hip right above her pussy and I would slide my fingers just past the top of her pants.   I watched Sarah carefully and saw she was getting worked up.   Her brother got up and went up stairs to use the bathroom; leaving us alone for a second and I knew I had to make my move.   As soon as he was gone I ran my hand to her pussy outside her pants and I started to rub her.   She gasped, but didn’t stop me, so I quickly put my hand inside her pants and felt her pussy for the first time.   She was shaved bald and I was right about her not wearing any panties.   I rubbed the outside of her pussy for about five seconds before I slid a finger deep inside her.   I was surprised to find the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt.   I started to finger fuck her hard and fast because I didn’t know when her brother would come back.   I rammed a second finger inside her and she grabbed my face to kiss me.   I started fucking her with my two fingers faster and faster.   I felt her pussy juices leaking out of her pussy around my fingers and I could smell her scent in the air.    I started to ram my fingers deep inside her and stroke her g-spot with my finger tips.   I felt her pussy clench around my fingers as she tried not to scream while she came.

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    I felt her pussy gushing her juices on my fingers, but I just fucked her faster and harder with my fingers and watched her face contort as she came a second time.   That is when her bother came back down stairs and I quickly took my hand out of her pants.   I turned to look at her and she just smiled and mouthed a thank you to me.   She turned and cuddled up to me and held my hand.   She took my finger and started to suck it like a tiny cock.   My cock was harder then I had never felt it and I wanted to fuck her right there.
Time seemed to drag by as I waited for her brother to go to bed, but finally he excused himself and left.   Sarah turned and looked at me with her lust filled eyes and said, “OH MY GOD!  That was so fucking good. ”  She straddled my lap and started kissing me with more passion then I have ever seen a person kiss another person.   She grinded her pussy into my hard cock as she slid her tongue into my mouth.   I roughly grabbed her tits and squeezed them and we fucked each others mouths with our tongues.   I grabbed her sweet ass and rolled her onto the couch and I laid on top of her.   I wrapped my arms around Sarah and started grinding my hips into hers pressing my hard cock against her wet pussy.   I then leaned back off of her and put my hand in her pants and rammed my two fingers right back up Sarah’s hot pussy and fucked her as hard as I wanted to fuck her for real with my cock.   I lifted up her shirt and sucked and bit her nipples while I worked her pussy hard and fast.

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    It was so hard for me to not just take out my cock and feed it up her hungry pussy, but I didn’t want to ruin this so I kept working her love hole making Sarah cum on my fingers.   I had played with a few pussies, but nobody had one like Sarah.   I’ve never felt a pussy so hot and wet; a pussy so in need of a good fucking.   I watched her pretty little face as it contorted while she came again and again.   I finally gave her a break and I slid my fingers back out of her hot pussy.   I could smell her slick snatch on my fingers and it made me want her even more.   We both lay on the couch and she rubbed my cock through my pants.   I wanted so badly for her to take it out and suck me off so I could watch her swallow my cum as it slides down her throat.   She slowly undid my pants and started to stroke my cock.   It felt so good to have someone else stroke it again.   Her smooth hands wrapped around it and she slowly slid her hand up and down teasing me.   She bent over and got closer to my cock.   I could feel Sarah’s hot breath on my cock head and I almost in tears I wanted it in her mouth so bad.   I watched her inch her pouty lips closer and closer and then we both heard a noise and we quickly tried to act normal.   Her step dad was up and so the action ended there for the night.

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    My balls ached from the excitement and then not being able to release, my balls hurt so bad that I couldn’t wait and I had to jack off on the drive home.   I rubbed myself through my jeans until I came on myself.
I got home and got excited again when accidentally smelled one of my fingers and I could smell her tangy pussy.   I laid on my bed and jacked off hard thinking about everything that happened.   I thought about how bad I wanted her to make me cum. How I wanted to cum on her face.   I wanted to cum on her tits.   I wanted to cum in her mouth and watch her suck every last drop from my cock.   I wanted to cum in her tight pussy and watch it drip out.   I knew after this night there was no way I could live without fucking her.   I wasn’t going to ever cum on myself again.   I knew that next time we met she would be the one going home covered in my cum.
The next time I got a chance to spend sometime with this vixen was when we both had to going to freshman registration at the local university.   I picked Sarah up that morning and we headed down there.   After a long day of listening to people talk about the university and taking a tour of campus I was more then ready to be alone with her.

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    I took Sarah back to my house and we hung out on the couch a bit.   She fell asleep and that’s when I started to rub her stomach again.   I ran my finger tips down past the waist of her pants and touched the top of her lacey underwear.    Sarah looked me in the eye and I could tell she was really getting worked up.   I told her we should get out of here and we left for this park.   I had planed to get her more in the mood by playing with her and touching her sweet body, but the park was full of kids still.   We decided to take another drive and we started to hold hands.   I pulled Sarah’s hand to my mouth and kissed it.   She took my hand and kissed it back.   That’s when I took her hand sucked her finger into my mouth.   Sarah moaned a little then giggled and took my finger into her mouth and sucked it like I wanted her to suck my cock.   After that I put my hand on her thigh.  I slowly worked up Sarah’s engaging thighs until my hand was over her crotch.   I started to rub her pussy through her pants.   Her breathing increased and she started to lightly moan.

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    Sarah would try to pull my hand off her pussy when we pulled along another car or when we stopped at a stop light, but I wasn’t letting go.   I just rubbed her faster and harder.   She said that we needed to find somewhere to go and not really having a plan I drove towards her house.   Sarah started to kiss my neck as we drove.  My mind raced back to last time she did this and steamy make out session we had.   As we got closer to her street she told me to drive past and she we would find a place to stop.
We drove what seemed like forever before she finally told me to stop.   I had barely stopped the car when Sarah jumped me and locked our lips in a passionate kiss.   We kissed and teased each other with our tongues for a few minutes before it was suggested we should move to the back.   Sarah and I hurried to the back seat and jumped into each others arms.   She slowly licked and sucked my neck.   I squeezed her soft breasts and ass in my hands.   I pushed her off of me and licked and sucked her neck.   I slowly pulled Sarah’s shirt over her head and unhooked her bra.   I roughly squeezed her nipples between my fingers.


    Then I grabbed one of her tits and sucked the nipple hard.   I listened to Sarah moan and exhale sharply.   I bite her nipple and flicked my tongue over it as she ran her hand trough my hair.   I laid her back and started to rub her pussy through her pants.   I watched as Sarah got more and more excited.   I could tell this was the perfect time to try to get her pants off.   I laid back against the door and pulled Sarah into my lap.   I reached around her and undid her pants and slid my hands into her panties.   I slid my finger between her pussy lips.   I could feel her pussy leak her juices on my fingers as they slid past her pussy hole.   I rubbed her pussy lips and slid my finger inside.   Sarah moaned like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders.   I started to finger her tight pussy slowly teasing her.   I tried to push in another finger but it was hard because she still had her pants on, so I whispered, “Do me a favor and take off your pants so I can fucked you better. ”  Sarah agreed and she slipped out of her pants.

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    For the first time I got to see her completely naked.
The moon shone on Sarah’s breasts and I saw the beautiful pussy that I had fingered not too long ago.   I pulled her back into my lap and rammed two fingers up her pussy.   I fucked her hard with my fingers while I squeezed her tits firmly.   I bit her neck as I slammed my fingers harder and harder into her pussy.   Sarah was screaming about how good it felt as her pussy flooded with her juices.   I felt her pussy clench down on my fingers as she shook into her first orgasm.   I slid my fingers out of her pussy and made her turn around and face me with her pussy.   I slammed my two fingers back inside her pussy.   I fucked her hard and fast with my fingers trying to get her to scream out.   I watched her pussy devour my fingers.   I could smell her pussy as her juices leaked out onto my hand.   I could tell she was close to cumming again so I rubbed her clit while I fucked her pussy deep with my fingers.   I kept finger fucking her tight hole until she exploded into another orgasm.   I continued to finger slowly and I asked her of she would suck my cock.

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    She smiled and said she wanted too more then anything.
Sarah slowly started to rub my cock through my pants.   She leaned over and licked my neck while she squeezed my cock.   She slowly unzipped my pants and slid her hand into my boxers and wrapped her soft fingers around my cock.   Sarah slowly pumped my cock and whispered, “Do you like that baby?”  I could only moan out that I did. She slowly pulled my cock out of my boxers and leaned over and kissed it.   I thought I was going to cum right there.   I felt her hot breath on my cock and she stroked me a little faster.   Sarah squeezed my cock and then slid her tongue over the head to lick up the pre-cum.   Then she slid her lips around the purple head and sucked it into her mouth.   Sarah slid the rest of my cock past her lips and started to suck harder and harder.   I grabbed her hair and pushed her down on my cock.   She slid back up sucked on my head again while she jacked me into her mouth.   I reached down and played with her nipples while she sucked me.   I couldn’t believe how warm and soft her mouth was.

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    I was really getting into her bobbing her head on my cock when she asked me if I had any protection.   Honestly, I didn’t think it would go this far so I didn’t bring anything.
Sarah looked up at my with the cutest face and asked, “Well can you just be inside me a little bit then?”  I couldn’t believe my ears; I was going to get to fuck the girl I had wanted for so long.   Sarah helped me take my pants the rest the way off.   She straddled my lap and grabbed my cock.   Sarah lowered herself down until my cock head was between her pussy lips.   She slowly lowered herself down and I felt the swollen head of my cock slide into her moist hole.   She moaned because she finally had my hard cock inside her.   Sarah slid up and down my cock a few times before she sunk all the way down on it.   I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have my cock inside her.   I didn’t mention it before, but while I have had several experiences with oral sex and fingering girls, I was still a virgin.   Sarah started to grind her hips in a circle on my cock.   She started to bounce up and down and rocking back and forth.   Sarah held onto my shoulders as she took my hot cock up her snatch.   After just a short time of her on my cock I felt like I was going to cum.

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    I told Sarah that she needed to calm down because she felt too good and I was going to cum.   She told me to get on top of her so I could have better control on it. It seemed like a good idea so I had her lay across the seat and I slid between her legs.   Sarah grabbed my cock and pushed it back inside her tight pussy.   I started to fuck her harder and harder.   I had been waiting to fuck her for two years and I was going to fuck her hard enough to make up for those two wasted years.   Sarah started to scream about how hard I was fucking her and she begged me not to stop, “OH GOD CODY! Don’t stop…. shit…fuck me…. come on…you said you were going to fuck me hard if you got the chance…. SO DO IT!”
Hearing Sarah tell me how to fuck her tight hole just made me want to hurt her pussy with my cock.   I rammed into her deeper and deeper and then I realized this was my chance to fucker her from behind.   I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy and Sarah looked up at me and whined, “Why did you stop?”
“Get on your hands and knees…. I want to fuck you doggie style. ”
Moaning, “Mmm…ok baby. ”  Sarah turned over and got on her hands and knees.

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    I crawled up behind her and rubbed her sweet ass and pussy.   I played with her pussy, running my fingers between her lips.   She reached around behind her and grabbed my cock and slammed it inside her because she couldn’t take the teasing anymore.   I grabbed Sarah around the hips and started to ram inside her.   I was using her slick honey hole as my personal toy.   I started to fuck her faster and faster and Sarah started to scream louder and louder.   I could fell my nuts slapping against her clit I was fucking her so hard.   I felt myself getting close to cumming again so I pulled out and told her to get back on her back.   Sarah rolled over and spread her legs wide.   I climbed between her tight legs and slammed my cock as hard and deep into her pussy as I could get in one thrust.   I reached down and grabbed her breast and started fucking her twat for all I was worth.   Sarah screamed that she had ever been fucked so hard in her life.   I just fucked her harder listening to her head banging onto the door of the car.   I felt my balls start to tighten and the cum flowing up from my toes.   I started to fuck Sarah harder and faster and right before I came I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy.

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    I pumped my cock a few times before it exploded onto Sarah’s face, tits, and stomach.   I laid back and watched Sarah as I tried to catch my breath.   She looked beautiful as she glistened from being covered in sweat and my cum.   Sarah smiled at me and wipes some of the cum off her face and licked it off her fingers, “Mmm…you taste really good…next time you’re going to have to shoot it in my mouth. ”  Sarah slid over to me and laid in my arms as she reached down and slowly stroked my cock.   She asked, “So, now that you have really had sex…. what do you think?”
“Oh my god Sarah…I can’t believe how good your pussy felt. ”
“I was hoping you would say that?”
“Yeah, I was thinking that if you liked it here you are going to love it when we don’t have to deal with this small of a space. ”  I turned and looked at Sarah and she just smiled and kissed me, and from then on I knew that Sarah and I were going to have quite a few more fun stories to tell.
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