Kalla: Ch. 5


Chapter 5
“Why does he have to leave tomorrow morning?” Dakota cried at me.
“His Royal Guards are demanding that if he stays any longer, their Royal Army will march to this palace and retrieve him by force. ”
“Mobilize our army than, if he doesn’t want to leave, as an ally we will protect him. ”
Those words coming so easily from the mouth of a fourteen year old Queen would strike fear in anybody’s heart, mine being no exception.
“Why won’t his guards permit his presence with me again?  We have only met once.   I don’t understand, just because he likes me.   He’s their Prince, do they hold no respect for him?”
“You will be granted one last meeting with him tomorrow morning as you two journey and separate just beyond Shangon,” the city just north of the palace.
“Hmmph… Will you sleep with me tonight, I don’t feel like being alone now. ”
“As you wish. ”
“Don’t say that, say yes or no.   You’re not my servant, you’re as equal to me as possible. ”
“I would never pass up a night with you.   You make every sleep interesting to the most extreme. ”
“They would be even better if you could come into my dreams with me.   You think I could sneak a kiss on the cheek with Prince Elijah tomorrow. ”
“I’ll do my best to block any attempts to prevent one.

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We both giggled before I left to wash up as Dakota began undressing to change into her night garments.   Or that was what I had assumed.   I walked from her washroom and found her sitting on her sheets in the nude, waiting for me.
“Someone is expecting an exceptional night I see. ”
“If only you could come inside my mind and join me. ”  Dakota had an exceptional power to block one thought and focus on another at the slightest whim.   With it, she was almost always happy.
I pulled the sheets out as Dakota scooted back, rolling up to her pillows.   She slipped under the covers at the same speed as I climbed under them.  
“Can you hold me, so maybe I’ll dream that he’s holding me nice and tight. ”
I scooted the front of my body into the back of her young naked flesh and wrapped my arms around hers, squeezing into her chest.   Holding the young naked Queen so close in my arms felt somehow comforting.   Her warm breathing skin clutched against mine.  
The past few days had been stressful and sometimes angering for both of us.   Testing my new duties as the Queens virtual double, I felt alone most of the time.

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    My new power rose me above everyone else that used to talk to me, and I frequently found myself spending less and less time with Dakota.  The people whom I spoke to now were all very powerful and incredibly intimidating.   Now though, I laid in bed with the Queen herself, my best friend, in her most vulnerable form in my arms, curled into my body.   Like the nights that had long ago passed by, I drifted into sleep with ease and complete comfort.
I walked from Dakota’s washroom drying under a towel.   With the thick fluffy fabric tied around my waist, I looked around for Dakota.  
“Oh my goodness!” I turned my back, in embarrassment, toward the sentry that walked into the doorway from the entry room.   Then something clicked in my mind.   I turned my head to him while lifting my arm to cover my breast.   My body leering to the wall but my face looking behind me, I demanded to know why he was in there.
“You’re here,” Dakota jumped in delight after emerging from behind the in my dream. ” 
I thought it through, that had to be it.   Prince Elijah came trudging around the corner being drug by Dakota pulling at his arm.  
“I always knew you liked that sentry.   You two always look at each other funny.

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  ”  She was referring to the taller of the two sentries that most often stood guard at her door.
The sentry began walking toward me.   I looked back at the wall and immediately felt his hand on my shoulder.   I looked back in surprise and found him shirtless right behind me.   He wore a baggy, light-weighted, and silky black pair of pants which melted into his hard black leather boots.   His chest had more grooves than I had ever seen in a man.   If he had wished too, he could effortlessly toss my entire body across the room into Dakota’s bed with only one arm.   They did not choose Dakota’s Sentry’s lightly.  
No older than twenty-two years, this man had been trained from birth to protect and serve.  He could individually manipulate any and all muscles in his body to best do whatever he pleased.   If this was not a dream, things would be much different.   But it was a dream, I could feel the difference, and actions held no consequences.   I was still questioning though whether that was the real Dakota or just my imagination making her up.   All I knew for sure was that this seemed to be the type of dreams Dakota did have and the kind that I didn’t.  
The sentry wrapped his left arm down my chest and set his head on my shoulder.

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    His other muscular arm reached down under my limp right hand and over my belly.   Slowly, he circled my belly button with the pads of his fingers.   I was about to explode.   I didn’t know how Dakota stayed asleep in these dreams.   I didn’t know how I was.   My mind was going crazy; how could I not be over-stimulating it into waking up.
The sentry gently pressed his hand down my belly to the towel.   Ever so slowly, his fingers moved from my skin to tense the towel into eventually unraveling.   It fell to the ground.   It left me completely naked in the arms of a man trained to kill, a man with at the incidental twitch of one of those rock hard muscles, my body would be snapped like a twig.   But he was so incredibly gentle.  
Hovering his fingers just above my vagina, he just barely stimulated my sexual organ.   He moved in a bit.   A bit more.   Then I felt those boiling, hard, fingers sift through my pubic hairs onto the lips of my virgin cave.

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    They melted into the lubricant swelling out of my crack.  
His hips pressed against my back, just above my butt cheeks.   The steam radiating from the cylindrical organ pressing into my spine almost pushed me to die in lust.  The sensation of his hard fingers just grazing the surface of my vagina was so incredible in itself.   What would something so incredibly hot and large feel like going into my inexperienced slit?  The pulsing of his heart could be felt through that single organ.   His life was flowing through it.   His life was giving all it had to me.  
 I love you so much mother for the descriptions you have ingrained in my mind.   Without such, this dream would merely be a fuzzy description of what I’ve learned in books I’ve read.
The sentry’s entire hand cupped itself over my vaginal bulge and slowly slid further and further back under my butt cheeks to grip my leg.   My body rose off the ground as if I was floating.   I hovered in bliss all the way to the bed.   As falling through a cloud, I slowly came to rest on Dakota’s bed.   Dakota laid to my right mimicking me in position and nudity.  
Prince Elijah sat down by Dakota’s feet.

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    Slowly, he was working his way up her inner legs, taking in the pure scent of her perfect skin, massaging as he rose, the tissue underneath into extra tenderness.
Above me, the unnamed sentry began climbing onto the bed, completely naked.   His large penis hung below him.   Mother had only described this organ to me.   I did not know what was big or small but this particular one looked too big.   The biggest thing I had ever had inside me was two fingers; this thing surpassed such with amazing ease.   I was scared but anticipating.   Almost ironically, I thought that if anyone were to wake me at this moment, they would have hell to pay; something Dakota had frequently fought with me about.
Dakota screamed in moaning.   I looked down to catch Prince Elijah with his mouth over the Queen’s vagina.   I looked to her face and found her staring at me with the biggest smile on her face and her eyes about to fall out of her head.
    The sentry fell over me and pushed his lips to mine.   He dug his arms under my armpits and pressed his hands to either side of my head.  
    My own mouth exploded in strings of random vowels as I felt the boiling pipe enter my body.   My organs moved to the sides and bowed at his entrance.

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        He was shifting everything in my hips to accommodate him.   More pleasure than I have ever felt flooded my body.   I grabbed with my right hand for Dakota.   I needed something, anything to touch and transfer this amazing feeling into.   It was too much.   There was no pain like mother had said there would be.
    I couldn’t see Dakota but I felt her hand grab mine.   The sentry, slowly pumping his life form into my body, held my dizzy head still as he played with my tongue under his own.
    Dakota pulled my hand down and pressed it against her tummy.   I felt her belly button.   My hand was pushed further down.   Further.   Further.   Then I felt her incredibly taut vaginal lips being ripped open by the same object that now drove itself in and out of me.   Her vagina was soaking in her lubrication.

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        I wrapped my fingers around the penis invading the entry of my best friend’s vagina, and just felt the soaking texture of it slip through them.  
    I had never thought of Dakota actually having sex.   She was young.   She talked about sexual fantasies all the time but almost none involved actual sexual intercourse, and the ones that did, seemed just too surrealistic.
    A growing feeling in my body began taking a hold of me.   Moaning into the mouth of this amazing man, laying under him, we both being completely naked; in the pure flesh, as he jammed his penis in and out of me repeatedly, it was all getting to me.   Every time he pushed into me, he pushed something into me; more pleasure.   It was all going into my womb.   My womb wasn’t big.   At any moment, I could feel that it would be too much and my filled cavern would explode with amazing force down my vaginal canal, over his penis, and blow up outside of my body.  
    Dakota was moaning so loud next to me.
    She began screaming.   It was the most pleasurable scream I had ever heard.   I could not hold back any longer.  
    The sentry’s mouth stopped playing inside mine and he thrust one last time as if he knew exactly what I was thinking.

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    “Ooooooooooooh!”  I had never felt something like it.   A boiling hot liquid shot inside of my organs.   It splashed all over the place.   It came and came, again and again.   My womb contracted and I exploded all my pleasure into his penis.   The muscles in my vagina squeezed and sucked his shaft into me.   They wanted more of his hot liquid.   I could still feel the liquid oozing into my body.   It was melting into my being; it was so hot, so thick.
    The orgasm pouring out of my body began slowing.   The organ inside of me blocked it from escaping all at once.   It poured out fast and ferociously but with a steadily slowing pace.  
    The sentry lifted his head from my mouth.   I looked over to Dakota.   She was so very close to passing out in paradised pleasure.

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        Her nude body was dripping with sweat.  
    “See, you should come in my dreams more often,” she said while gasping for air.
    The two men above withdrew their organs at the same time.   The feeling became dull as I felt a bit empty.   They got up off the bed.   I leaned over to Dakota.   She rolled onto her side.   I grabbed her and went to hug her.   It just felt right.   We pulled our bodies to hug each other.   The cum from our too lovers slowly pulsed from our vaginas as they rubbed together.   The two semens mixed between our bodies.
    Dakota pulled away a little and looked down between us.   I followed suit.   A smeared blob of the two men’s cum drew between our two vaginas, dangling down into the air.


        Dakota giggled a little.   So did I.
    Then Dakota started shaking a little.   I didn’t know why.  
    “What’s wrong?” I asked.
    Then she began shaking more violently.   She wouldn’t stop.   I tried holding her body still but she was moving too much.
    “What’s wrong Dakota?” I cried.
    Then she began yelling.   Something was wrong.   What?
    “Dakota?” I yelled.   I began screaming for help.  
    “Heeelp, heeelp!!” I screamed over and over.   “Help!”
    The two men were gone.

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        It was just Dakota and I.   “Heeelp!”
    I could run to the door and bang four times.   Would she be alright if I left her alone?  “Heelp!  Somebody please Help!”
    This was all a dream, how was I suppose to wake up.   How do I wake up?   “Please Help!”
    Please wake up.   Just wake up.   I’ll do anything, anything.   Please God, I’ll do anything.   “help. ”
    I woke up gripping Dakota’s body as she flipped about in the bed.
    “Help, Help, I Need Help, HEEEELP!”