Katie has a plan


Rick said that Katie would be staying with him and asked me if it was a problem. I shook my head no. All went fairly smoothly until a couple of weeks later when Jeff returned home earlier than expected and found several strangers in his Living Room with Rick. He knew all too well from their looks what was up, Rick was dealing drugs, Again! "Damn it Rick!" he said "What in the Hell are you doing"? Rick shot back "Making a living asshole!" Jeff said "Not here you won't, pack your shit and go"! The customers scattered like cockroaches and Rick grabbed a few things and left. Jeff was furious but he also had that sinking feeling when he realized he was on his own again. He went to the Kitchen for a beer. He had forgotten all about Katie, when she got home and came in he was walking out of the Kitchen with his third beer. He stopped dead in his tracks and then she asked, "Where's Rick"? Jeff told her what happened and was bracing for an argument when she said, "Good, He was beginning to get on my nerves". She assessed the situation and said to Jeff "Can I stay here with you, I will pay my way"? Jeff thought and then said, "Yes". "Good" she said as she went to her room. She did not close the door all the way and Jeff soon saw that she was changing clothes by the shadows she was casting back towards the bedroom door and although he could not see much he got hard from the thought of her 20 year old body. When she had slipped into a jersey and slippers she came in the Living Room and sat on the chair across from Jeff. She started to stretch and asked Jeff if she could exercise on the floor. He was so dumbfounded that he simply shook his head yes. What happened next surprised the Hell out him. She lay on her back and started to lift her legs backwards over her head like a gymnast.

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   This was hot enough he thought but then as she came over the top and the toes on her long sexy legs touched the ground behind her head the jersey slipped down and he saw that she was naked underneath. At this his dick sprang the rest of the way to attention and he stared at the spectacle totally speechless. "Do you know what Rick and I had in common?" she asked. Jeff nodded his head no. Still unable to speak, perhaps all of the blood rushing to his dick made him light headed. "We liked to fuck and I still do, you can fuck me if you want"! With this invitation he jumped to the floor and starred to remove his clothes. She was still in that sexy position with her ass and pussy straight up in the air when he dove his tongue into her wet and warm snatch. She moaned and rocked her clit against his tongue. She was in control of her own pleasure and she was making the most of it. She did this for a couple of minutes then started to feel the wave and urgency of her orgasm approach, She let out a scream and came like a fireworks display. She moved her legs back to a normal position in front of her and spread them widely for Jeff to enter her. "Fuck me, Jeff" she said and he was quick to oblige her. After all it had been months since he had had sex with his ex in exchange for his signature on the property settlement. He moved between her legs and entered her sopping snatch in one motion and was at once buried up to his pelvis in her. They fucked wildly for quite a while.

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   He was amazed that he had not shot his load immediately in this hot slut. But after a few more minutes of pounding she sped up her thrusts against his cock and he knew that it was close for both of them. She had him so hot that after a few seconds he shpt a load into her and before he softened he felt his erection starting to return "Damn, You're good" he told her "I have never done that before" "Good" she grunted "now keep fucking". He did as he was told. He felt his second orgasm starting to build pressure in his now throbbing balls and pounded her like a madman. They were both grunting and screaming as she screamed with orgasms several times before she was finally sated. He was finishing too for the second time. As he rolled off she said to him "You know Jeff, You are better that Rick and you didn't need drugs to keep up with me". He smiled and thought "I wish I could do that good all the time" he had to admit to himself that he was shocked that he had kept up with this fireball. She had another surprise for him. "I don't want you to get the wrong idea" "The wrong idea"? He said to her "Which wrong idea is that"? "That you are going to be the only one fucking me", she said. He looked puzzled but she did not give a damn as she continued "I am a whore plain and simple, I need sex all the time with all kinds of people, Men and Women"! Jeff got a big smile on his face, now she was puzzled. Jeff came home the next day and found Katie on the bed in her room with a cute brunette named Carol. Katie was propped up at the head of the bed facing the door and her legs spread wide as Carol was on her knees in front of Katie with her mouth buried in Katie's cunt and her own sticking straight up in the air gibing him a ring side view of her gorgeous vertical smile. As soon as Jeff got to the door Katie said "Hi, Jeff.

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   This is Carol, Wanna join us?" Jeff said" Are you sure?" Katie said "Sure" and Carol raised her right arm to motion him in. Katie said, "Carol can't talk with her mouth full. Come on in". Katie was moaning and Carol was thrusting her gorgeous ass in the air at Jeff as he stripped off his clothes and moved in position to enter Carol's dark haired pussy doggy style. She was moist but not wet as he slid his cock into her slit. It was a good sensation as the friction of her tight young cunt against his rock hard cock soon gave way to the sopping squishing sensations of a well-lubricated slit. She and Katie both moaned as he continued to work his cock in and out of her cunt as she thrust her tongue into Katie. Soon they were all fully involved in this 3-way fuck and orgasms were near for all I was the first to go. Jeff pumped as hard and fast into Carol as he could then he shot his load deep into her and backed away. She continued to mouth fuck Katie with her tongue as Katie was rubbing Carol's tits and pushing her cunt into Carol's tongue. At this point she let out a scream and then subsided and relaxed against the headboard.
    As Carol moved away from Katie's cunt Katie moved into a laying position on the bed and proceeded to "69" with Carol for about 15 minutes while Jeff restored his composure. Katie reached over and started stroking his limp cock back to life. He was so turned on that Jeff moved away from her hand and positioned myself behind Carol again. He had intended to get some more of that cum filled cunt of hers but as he moved into position she rolled her hips down and gave him a direct shot at her asshole.

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       Jeff did not miss the hint and quickly slipped the head of hid cock into her tight puckered asshole and entered her bowels with a huge thrust that made her gasp into Katie's gaping gash. Carol was a pro at wiggling and thrusting her hips against him while at the Jeffe time servicing Katie with her tongue and having Katie tongue fuck her to a generous and bone shaking orgasm. As the orgasm string started Carol tightened her ass even more from the convulsion of the cunt on the other side of the membrane that separates her cunt from her ass. She screamed in pleasure and sent her juices down her inner things and into Katie's throat as Jeff filled her bowels with as much cum as he had left in my body. Katie moaned and then let go she clamping down on Carol's clit and then finally subsided and we all rolled away from each other. The girls both giggled as I tried to straighten up and go to the bathroom. Katie said, "I told you he was pretty good for an old fart. " Carol said, "you were right, I will enjoy lining here". As Jeff heard this he stopped and turned to them. "Huh" he asked. Carol said, "Katie invited me to live here with you guys". Jeff looked at Katie and said "I love sex but how am I going to afford to support all of us without a steady job'? Katie said, "Simple lover, Carol and I are escorts. Didn't you ever wonder how I made my money"? Jeff was shocked, he had not thought about that possibility that she was a hooker. He had been too busy pounding the poon to think clearly about anything in the last 2 days. "If it is okay with you we will bring some in calls here when we need to and give you a cut".

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       Jeff was stunned at the thought. Here he was a 48-year-old guy with 2 hot chicks wanting to live here and willing to fuck him and let him make money from them fucking others. He only asked "will I still get sex?" They both giggled and said "Of course silly". "Okay then you have a deal". Carol said, "You also have a boner again come over here and give Katie some of that stick". Jeff smiled and moved back to the bed and positioned himself to enter Katie's steaming hot cunt". As he did he knew it would take longer than normal to come again since he had already come twice today but as long as he could get laid nothing else mattered did it. ?.

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