Kita's Sleepy Invitation


“I’ll drink to that! Damn fine tits on you, Baby”. Raising the bottle to your lips, the amber 103 proof liquid gurgles down your anesthetized throat & you swallow loudly. You hesitate to wake me but you have been so horny all day today. . . and that little teasing bitch at the "gentleman's" club slapped you for fondling her breasts. “Damn her anyway! Better tits right here at home”! Your balls burn with pent up desire. Undressing and humming a drunken ditty. . . ha ha ha… a titty ditty… taking an occasional pull from the bottle. . . your eyes can't seem to stay away from my breasts. Leaning precariously over my relaxed body to inspect them more closely you think I must be dreaming because I groan slightly and my tongue snakes out to moisten my lips. My areola wrinkle and tighten when your warm breath flows over them pushing my pink nipples out where they harden right under your eyes.


   You can't seem to help yourself. Your hands reach out to squeeze and palm my breasts and your fingers tweak my nipples hoping it will wake me up for a little fun and relief. I continue to breathe evenly but my nipples elongate and stiffen, begging for attention with a will of their own that is fully awake. This is too much! Turning up the bottle of whiskey you unbuckle and unzip with one hand. . . killing the last corner of "103" with a loud “buuurp” and a gusty "ahhhhhhhhhhh. " Though barely maintaining your balance you carefully lift your pants and shorts out over and away from your steely male member. Hopping on one foot dangerously, your trousers are shucked from one leg then the other. Peeling your Jockeys down you purposely trail your fingers along your dick. Giving in to an impish impulse you push your cock across my left breast. You close your eyes while moaning at it's yielding firmness and springy silken texture. “One more push across it won't hurt”, you think aloud, “after all, she’s asleep”. It feels soooo good that your cock feels electric and spasms a few times almost losing control. Your inebriation is the only thing that keeps you from coating me with cum right then.

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   Repositioning yourself you drag your balls over a nipple that pokes out stiffly. Again. “Ummmmmmm sooooo nice”. You find yourself hunching my breast freely and still I continue to sleep soundly. Tossing the bottle onto the bed you quickly straddle my chest up on your knees. I move my sexy mouth as if in sleepy invitation so you push my breasts together around your cock, sawing it back and forth between them. Losing it, you pinch my nipples harder, daring me to awaken. Still I only frown a little and moan. Now you are fucking my tits with abandon to make yourself cum. You know that I am out so you take liberties you otherwise would be embarrassed to take. Grasping my lips between your fingers and thumbs you open my mouth wide, still scooting back and forth between my titties, fucking between them like a soft white cunt. Dreamily excited. Talking wildly to an unconscious whore. . .


   the one who slapped you. . . "That's right, Bitch!! Gonna give you what you need! A hot wad of my sticky cum right in your mouth!!" Scooting and hunching forward between my breasts. . . your cock head bumps my soft full lips. You gulp and then scream into your own closed mouth as your pent up frustration and revenge is released in an unexpectedly quick orgasm. "AOUMMMMMMMMMM!!!! GUHHHHHNNNNN!!!! UNGHHHHAHHHH UNGHA UNGHA UNGHA UNPHGHA GAHHHHHHHH UNHHHHHHH OWWWWWW” Accepting this premature ejaculation as what I deserve and grasping your cock you jack off frantically. You grunt gutturally and your breath explodes out of your lungs as your gobby first load of jizz hits my upper incisors and strings down to lie inside my bottom lip like a white pinch of skoal. Reaching behind my head you grasp my coal black hair & pull my head forward. Sneering down at my unconscious face you still imagine I am that haughty titty-dancer who rejected your clumsy advances. “Suck dick, Bitch! Suck my hotrod cock! Pleasure me you fuckin’ whore”!You push your spurting dick between my unresisting lips to the back of my mouth, pinching my lips closed around it. . .

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   jacking the rest of your knotty cum out with my lips. Freely fucking as you like. . . enjoying the power of complete control. You pull your cock out from my mouth when my throat gags in automatic reflex as a knot of your gooey clabber oozes past my uvula. The last heavy dollop of cum plops from your hand-held cock lazily onto my face. After resting for a second you hunch a little and your cock head spreads sperm across my cheek. Continuing, you paint my lips and nose with it. “Damn! I am an artist”!You grab my lower jaw and reinsert your cock brush into my oral palette once more. You put a still puddled gob of it on my eyes & spread it with your cock. Redipping your still firm prick into my messy mouth you paint my ears and spread a coat over my chin & cheeks. Then with a strain you eject just a drip drop out of your pee hole and wipe it up my nostrils. Laughing, you collapse forward onto your hands. .

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  . still breathing hard. You sit for a second admiring your artistry before getting up for your shower. You chuckle out loud as you bathe. . . Soooooo proud of yourself. When you return to the bedroom I have rolled over onto my stomach. The whiskey bottle is between my legs on top of a pillow. Did you really see my ass hunching on it? I am doubled up and my pretty ass is hiked up into the air beautifully. . . my legs spread. Am I still asleep? Was I ever asleep, you wonder? Your cock wants to. .

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  . Why not??? A sleepy smile seems to adorn my face as you climb onto the bed. . . "OK my little cum sucking whore” (grasping and spreading my ass cheeks roughly) "I'll teach you to slap me. . . . . . ".

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