Late Night Drive-Thru Chapter Three


She had finally gotten to sleep after playing her favorite cd twice, and singing every word until she had cleared the image out of her mind. But now it was time for the late shift again and she realized she was hoping he would come back. That night, as the minutes ticked away and it started getting later, she felt her stomach start to do flip-flops as she thought of him. She kept telling herself to grow up, but what was happening to her was different. She had never felt like this before. That night, hour after hour she called herself a fool everytime a car pulled up and she saw herself check her lips and hair in the chrome of the cup dispenser. But every car was the wrong one. She had all but given up an hour and a half before closing. She started getting ready to clean up for the night, when she looked up and saw the white Lexus pull up to the mic. Her heart leaped into her throat before settling back down in itz rightful place in her chest. "Thank you for choosing McDonald's. May I take your order?""I would like a twenty-piece nugget and a medium diet coke please," came the familiar voice. She rang in the order and pressed the 'total' button,"$7. 41, please pull around to the last window. "As the car pulled up she wanted to run. Maybe it was all her imagination.

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   Maybe this guy was a creep and she should call the cops on him. Her mind was racing. Then the window went down and there was the smile, the cologne, the eyes, and she froze again. Her tongue licked her lips nervously as she reached out for the twenty dollar bill he handed her. Their hands touched and she felt a slight shock as he brushed her hand with the same finger as he had touched his cock with the night before. He sat back and instantly she looked. Her eyes widened and she caught her breath. His zipper was open and his cock was laying on his thigh. She nervously looked up to his eyes and he was staring at her. Their eyes locked and his hand moved. She caught it in her peripheral vision as she continued to look him in the eyes. A message was being transmitted as she saw him start to jerk off. She looked back down. His hand was slowly rubbing up and down on his cock, stopping to squeeze the head, the precum starting to ooze.
    He took his thumb and spread it around the head.

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       Raine was hypnotized. Her pussy started to send out a heat that seemed to burn up to her face. Her cheeks were beat red and her neck was flushed. Her nipples were hard and obvious, and her white cotton panties were getting damp. She felt it running up the cheeks of her ass and she was aware of every inch of her body, with certain areas burning her up. All this happening in an instant, while he continued to stare at her and slowly rub himself. Suddenly she was brought back to reality by Cory calling up that the food was ready. She walked over and bagged it up. Like a zombie she handed his change and then the food out to him. Not a word was spoken. He deliberately took a dab of precum from the slit of the head of his cock with the same index finger as he took his food and he rubbed it on the back of her hand. "Thanks," he said,"see you tomorrow. " Then he put his car in gear and drove away, leaving Raine standing there in a daze, absentmindedly rubbing the precum on her hand. .