Laurie Fucks Her Way Through A Friend's Wedding


Laurie led me down a hall, around the corner to another hall, and finally to her door. I was ready to follow her anywhere, and felt a twinge of disappointment when we reached her room. She unlocked the door, and I followed her inside with two of her cases. As I turned to leave, I remember wondering where I could go to masturbate, but Laurie said, "Please don't go. Let's chat while I unpack". Sitting in a big stuffed chair, I watched her every movement. Laurie has this wonderful grace, and I loved watching her bend, stretch, move in every direction as she emptied her cases. As she finished with the two I had carried, I lifted them onto a storage shelf. As I turned to go back to the chair, Laurie unzipped the last case, and out fell a purple jell-cock vibrator. Time, movement, conversation and breathing stopped. The first thing I recall is noticing that I was salivating. I guess the color purple does that to me. Then I walked over and picked the purple cock up. There was clearly a recently used scent on it as I handed it to a very embarrassed, blushing, young woman. All Laurie could say is "Thank you". And at that, the two of us burst out laughing and fell into a mutual embrace.

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  Laurie said "Now what?" which led me to say "Now you show me how you use that. " She laughed—I didn't. I repeated, "Now you show me how you use that. " Laurie replied, "I used it a few hours ago over the Atlantic. I'm more interested in the real thing now. " And as she said that, Laurie grabbed my belt and began to unbuckle me. I grabbed her hand away from my belt and kissed her hard on the mouth. She was wearing a white silk-buttoned blouse and I grabbed the collar and, while she gasped just tore it off of her body. I then unsnapped Laurie's black lace bra and let it fall to the floor. I bent forward and took her pouting left nipple between my teeth, while I unbuttoned her skirt. She was wearing a white silk-buttoned blouse and I grabbed the collar and, while she gasped just tore it off of her body. I then unsnapped Laurie's black lace bra and let it fall to the floor. I bent forward and took her pouting left nipple between my teeth, while I unbuttoned her skirt. All that was left between us were her black lace panties. I let Laurie's nipple lose while slithering down her body, stopping long enough to leave a trail of kisses from her chest to her panty line.

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  Now I took my tongue and moved the elastic of her panties to the side while I breathed in her pussy's sweet scent. This hot babe had already soaked through her panties with cum and I went in for a fresh taste by sucking her clit between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue. Laurie's hands were on the back of my head and she was moaning. I fondled her ass as our momentum took us to her bed. Laurie was on her back and I hovered over her sexy body, admiring it while I took off my clothes. She looked back at me and began to rub her wet clit. By the time I was undressed, Laurie had a bed-shaking orgasm and said "Fuck me now. Right now". However, Laurie was about to learn that I rarely do what I am asked. I love to tease, so I returned to eating Laurie's sweet, shaved pussy and finger fucking her, and massaging her g-spot. In between orgasms, Laurie continued to beg for me to fuck her. But first, I turned her over and paid attention to her incredibly sexy ass. I was considering fucking her from behind, but instead I grabbed her pussy and slid both thumbs in resting them on her g-spot. I began pressing and rubbing it between my thumbs and the firmness of the mattress. Laurie got quiet and then erupted in one long orgasm that soaked my hands and the sheets.

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   As Laurie came down from her orgasms I was licking her cum off my fingers. She decided to take control and pushed me down and got on top of me. In one motion she grabbed my red, hot, hard, wet cock and slid it into her sopping cunt. She rode me like a wild woman, and while we thrusted and ground against each other our lips and tongues were constantly intertwined. We came together and I could tell that my balls were totally drained into Laurie's wetness. She collapsed on top of me and flexed her pussy muscles around my shrinking cock while we continued kissing. We took turns sucking and biting on each others lower lip while grinding against each other like two campers trying to stoke a fire. I was paying a great deal of attention to Laurie's nipples and as I sucked one and pinched the other she began to moan. I could feel her pussy contracting, her breathing becoming faster, and she was moaning softly with her hot mouth near my ear. As I eased up on her nipples, Laurie asked "What WAS THAT?" referring to her orgasms brought on by my manipulation of her erect nipples. We smiled at each other and slowly came down from where we had gone together. Laurie slid off of me and we chatted and fondled. She asked me to roll onto my stomach—in fact she rolled me over and lied down on my back. She began to kiss her way down after whispering "Time to get even" into my ear. Hmmm…I wondered what that meant.

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  It meant that Laurie was to use her prior training as a nurse (which I had forgotten about) to do something to me that no one else had ever done. That is, "milk" my prostate gland. As she lubed her fingers using her own pussy juice, Laurie said, "Men have g-spots too. I want to find yours". When she slid her fingers into my ass as I relaxed on my side Laurie grabbed my already hard cock with her other hand and began the milking process. I could feel pressure quickly building up between my ass and balls as she massaged me inside and out. I recall losing total control as the first stream of cum shot out of me. I then recall that Laurie's face disappeared behind her long hair as she dove for my cock. She replaced her hands with her mouth on my cock and sucked me dry. My balls had never felt emptier but Laurie fed most of the cum back to me off her tongue. Over the next two days and nights Laurie and I stole away whenever we could. One night I watched from around the corner while she sucked off a young busboy behind the bar. She then took me out to her rental car and fucked herself with her vibrator while I fucked and came inside her tight ass. The night of the wedding, Laurie was dressed in a black strapless short dress, black on black stockings, and looking at her made me want to fuck her brains out. She made me so horny, that during the wedding reception, I went upstairs to my room ready to masturbate with Laurie in mind.

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   To my surprise, as I walked past her room her door opened and she was about to go back downstairs. We chatted in the hall for a moment and then she hugged me and neither of us let go--we walked into her room, and without a word undressed each other made love for the next 45 minutes. We dressed and held a few lingering kisses before going back to the reception. Two days later, Laurie was ready to leave the country inn where the wedding was held and head back to her life in London. Her flight was scheduled for noon, and she purposely cancelled the airport car service and we feigned an emergency. How would she get to the airport on time for her flight? I gallantly volunteered to "rescue" my sexy lover. We quickly loaded my car for the jaunt from Fredericksville to Dulles. As we drove away, Laurie's head disappeared below the window line as she pulled my zipper down and caught my hard cock in her wet mouth as it sprung toward her. While I drove, Laurie expertly grew my cock—it was now touching the back of her throat. She has a way of pressing its head between her palate and her tongue that drives me wild. Coming up for a moment of air, Laurie slipped out of her three-button driver's shirt and unbuttoned her long denim skirt. Both were now on the floor. Finally, there was Laurie in her black-skin tight mesh body suit, her hard nipples pressing forward. She leaned away from me, resting her back against the door while spreading her legs so that I could see her wet cunt glistening through the crotch opening. Looking right at me, Laurie slipped two and then three fingers into and out of her wetness, moaned, and seductively licked her cum off of each digit.

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  That was all I could just watch as I pulled my car into the airport's parking garage and into a spot between two cars farthest from the entrance. In one motion I stopped, turned off the ignition, unfastened the seat belt and began to finger fuck Laurie while sucking on her engorged clit. My lover began to hump my face while soaking it with her juices. Almost immediately her body became tight and her breathing became shallow. Laurie let out one long moan and then she cried out my name. She stopped moving and then I watched her cunt literally gush out at my face that was no more than three inches away. I had never been so covered in a lover's sex, and she was quickly pushing me over the top—no doubt I needed to fuck her brains out. Taking Laurie's hand, the two of us slipped into the back seat. What I wanted is what she needed so she straddled my lap. No longer able to allow the body stocking to be a barrier, I reached down, slipped both hands into its sopping crotch, and tore the material in opposite directions. Laurie mounted my cock in fast order and began to fuck me with such fervor that my teeth couldn't get a firm grip on her mesh covered hard nipples. So, I used my fingers to pinch them and use them as handles to steady the upward thrusts of my body. A moment later while Laurie was looking down at me our eyes locked and together we switched from thrusting to grinding—from nipple pinching to long tongue kisses. I am not sure which of us came first, but I do know that my balls released streams of sperm into the wettest cunt my cock had ever visited. Laurie muffled the sounds of her body shaking orgasm by burying her face in my left shoulder, leaving it there as she slowly came down.

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   As we sat there intertwined, Laurie asked "How long until I have to check in?" I recall hesitating before looking at my watch, not wanting this interlude to end. To my surprise I was able to say to Laurie "We still have about a half hour. " We began to kiss and gently lick each other's lips while removing the remnants of Laurie's wet, torn, stained body suit. The kisses led to groping and the groping resulted in Laurie getting on her knees and hanging her body over the front seat in a modified doggy style position. With her pussy squarely in front of my face my tongue reached for her clit while my thumbs explored her pussy and settled on her swollen g-spot. I craved Laurie's scent and taste and I was getting a full dose of both as I ate and sucked her while massaging her insides. Her voice was barely audible but her breathing told a story of a sexy highly charged woman having one orgasm after another. All of this activity was bringing my drained cock back to life. I draped my body over Laurie's and began to fuck her from behind. She reached over and pointed the rear view mirror at us and we fucked while watching the reflection of each other's expressions. After a few minutes I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled us down onto the back seat. Laurie was sitting on my lap and was flexing her cunt around my cock. She began to thrust back against me, and on one forward motion I slid my cock all the way out of her cunt and ran it up to her asshole that was waiting for attention. It was "open" and ready and my cock was wet enough to slide in with one thrust. Laurie bounced away and cried out as she finger fucked her pussy while I clamped my fingers around her bare nipples.

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   With my cock way inside of her ass we quickly came within seconds of each other and sat there in our slippery wetness until it was time for her to check in for her flight. As I walked Laurie to the ticket counter all I could think about was that there was nothing under her shirt and skirt. I wanted one more touch, one more taste, one more of everything. Laurie reached into her backpack and handed me a black silk stocking that she was wearing when we made love the night of the wedding. Inside was a cock shaped vibrator inscribed with the following words "On loan until I see you in London. Love, Laurie. " On the way back to my car I stopped and purchased the ticket I would need to return the vibrator to its rightful pussy. *If you want to know what happend in London, tell me what you think of this story so far. Thanks!.
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