Lesson Learned Part2


Part 2
As I hung up the phone. Looking up at Alyssa sitting there on the sofa with a look of puzzlement. What is he going to do? "So do you want to see Jennifer`s pussy darling?" "YES"
"I`m sure you do, come over here"
As she walked up to him he grabs her by neck "you`re going to be punished for being a little cunt like that without daddy`s permision". Takes her by the hair and drags her into the kitchen. Pulls her hard but the hair "ON YOUR BACK" she climbs on the table and lays down in fear. 'Dont move" He turns around heads for the garage. As he comes back he sees her sitting on the table. Walks over angry smacks her hard in the face. "WHAT DID I SAY" . . . . . "I`m sorry daddy".
"You`re gonna be sorry for that" takes her by the hair and pulls her off the table "On your knees" as she knelt down he placed a cushon on her knees, takes a chair lays it in front of her. "Bend over the chair like the good little daughter you are" as she bends over the chair her belly laying on the seat and her arms touching the floor on the other side.


   He starts tying her thighs around the legs of the chair, then ties her arms on the other side of the chair. "What are you doing daddy?" "Shut up" takes duct tape and tapes her mouth with it. "You`ll learn to shut your trap"
Now he leaves her like that grabs a kitchen knife , goes in front of her and shows her the knife. Alyssa`s eyes almost poped out of her head she started to feel weak she didnt know what he was going to do with it? Goes behind, pulls the collar of her shirt up , stuck in that position it choked her that she almost turned blue. As he took the knife and starts to rip her shirt off, as the shirt is ripped off he takes the blade and runs it down her back, till he gets to her skirt, lifts up the skirt and runs the blade on her ass takes the flat of the blade and taps her pussy three times "ah ah ah bad little girl, your panties are already wet" He takes the blade and cuts her panties off. "This will teach you to behave like a good little girl is supposed to, next time you`ll ask permision to daddy" He pulls out his belt and smacks it on her back. "AAAAAAAAH" (all muffled up) smacks her hard on the ass, and again changing from time to time. She just layed there helpless not knowing where he was going to hit next trying to scream in pain but the duck tape just muffled up her screams. Tears started flowing down her eyes smearing all her eye makeup. Rips off the tape "OUUUUCH PLEASE DADDDY STOP PLEASE" Moves behind her "PICK A NUMBER BETWEEN 50-100" . . . "NOOO daddy PLEASE NO" "PICK A NUMBER". . .

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  . " please daddy no please I`m sorry I wont do it again" she starts to sob "plea. . AAAAAAAHH" smacks her hard on the ass , "pick a number" , "I beg you daddy please no. . . please" she starts sobing harder, tears running down her cheeks. "smacks her again ! OUCCCH !
Ding ding ding ! The door bell rang. As I walked over to the door there was Jennifer. Opens the door and as soon as she walks in and she sees Alyssa bent over a chair , marks red on her ass and back, she trys to turn around to leave the house. But he was too quick grabs her by the neck. "IN THE KITCHEN" . . . all in shock Jennifer could`nt move.

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   She was struck by fear. As he pulls a chair right in front of Alyssa "Take off your cloths my little daughter here has`nt seen your pussy yet and wants to see it" "both of you are also going to get punished for being little whores" As she took off her cloths, he grabs her by the hair and sits her right in front off Alyssa. Her pussy level to her face, pushes the chair close enough that there was only an inche between her pussy and Alyssa`s nose "Dont even think of licking it !!" "I promis daddy" he ties Jennifers hand behind the chair and ties her legs also spread opened . "you want to see her pussy here it is" he starts playing with nice shaved pussy, rubbing it stroking it. It started to get wetter and wetter. Alyssa wanted to lick it so bad but she knew she needed permision "Daddy. . . " looking up at him with innocent eyes "Can I lick it please?" , "you want to lick it ?" he takes his fingers and spreads that pussy open "here taste that nasty cunt" Alyssa starts licking it, it tasted so sweet "mmmm, oh Jennifer you taste so good" sticking two fingers in then placing them on Alyssa`s lips "taste that , lick my fingers" sucking on his wet fingers "mmmmm mmmm mmmmm" Jennifer still startled started to moan "OHHHH AAHHH, YES . . . lick it Alyssa" Mark goes and takes a fresh cup of coffee still hot in the pot. . . .

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  "keep going I want you to make her cum before I punish both of you, enjoy it while it last" Sits in a chair next to them pulls his feet up on Alyssa`s back" GO ON" Both of them affraid of what was to come . . Punishment ?? Alyssa was thinking what the fuck , her back hurting still from all that spanking "daddy I tought I already had been punished" . . . "Oh you were , that was for not following my rules" . . "After both of you are going to be punished for not studying at school. . . START LICKING BITCH" sits back and sips his coffee.
As Jennifer came with huge screams finishing his coffee stands up and takes a look, Alyssa`s mouth and chin all covered in wet pussy juice. He pulls her head back and starts to make out with her , licks the pussy juice off her face "mmmm you do taste good Jennifer, Let`s see if you think the same of me" he unties her and ties her back in the same position as Alyssa , kneeled over a chair and bound to it. Pulls the chair so they`re both side by side. "Alright lets see how much you girls learned at school" Pulls out a book from Alyssa`s school bag.

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   Fliping to the question section he asks "Alyssa. . . " " Yes daddy?" gives her a question to answer . . . "I`m not sure of the answer"
"you better make sure"
As she gave a wrong answer he walks right in front of Jennifer and pulls down his pants pulls her head back by her balck hair and puts his cock in her mouth and pulls it out "Please nooooo" Alyssa did`nt want to see her boyfriend stick his dick in some other girls mouth, but at the same time she did kinda find it sexy seeing her friend with his dick in her mouth. "Please no Marc" Jennifer screamed as he pulled it out slaps her in the face hard "ITS MISTER LEBLANC To you, now listen up for your question" He ask Jennifer a question . . . " I dont know ? "
"Wrong answer" walks at Alyssa`s mouth, "what ? open up you know the drill bitch" pushes his cock in her mouth. "Ok your turn now" as he kept asking question and they kept getting it wrong because they were so confused and in pain they could`nt concentrate. The more they answered wrong the more he forced his dick deeper inside thier throats. "Wrong answer Alyssa, next time both of you will studdy and not play with each other" grabs Jennifer by both side of the head and shoves his cock realy deep , making her gag and choke , spit squirting out the side of her mouth as she gagged, he did`nt let go he kept it there , her face turning red , then seeing as she could not breath anymore he pulled it out. She gasp in huge intervall trying to get oxygen "No M.

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  Leblanc. . please no more I`m sorry" "HAHAHAHA, Jennifer what is the answer to . . . . " . . . . " I dont know I dont know , please dont please M`. Leblanc it hurts" Walks over to Alyssa , she knew it was going to be brutal this time, her face already having spit and drool all over her chin with a small puddle of it on the floor. Picking up his sloppy dick full of spit and drool with one hand , pulls back on her forehead with the other hand "Open" rams it in deep making her almost vomit, pulling it out making sure she can get a breath. . .

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  "Sorry I slamed it too hard baby, Open up again" Slides it in slow but deep making her choke on it waiting till she starts to scream for air, mucus coming out of her nose , spit flying everywhere around his dick. . . . her eyes are blood shoot red from tears and pain . . .
"Library is for studying !!! " Pulls out his dick out of her sloppy mouth"Understood girls ??"
"Yes daddy"
"Yes M. Leblanc"
"GOOD" unties Alyssa "untie your friend and come in the bedroom after" As she stood up in pain from being in that postion so long she stumbled beside to help out her friend as he left for the bedroom.
"Come on Jennifer"
"No Alyssa I dont want anymore , I`m scared and I`m hurting"
"No no it`s ok he`s gonna be nice now, I promis you" reasuring her that all would be fine Jennifer follows her in the bedroom.
Laying on the bed Mark looks up at them walking in looking up their sexy bodies. "come and lay here with me girls" All three laying there in the bed , he pulls them together and lets them caress each others body, laying there just watching them please themselves.
    . . .


      "you girls are going to study hard from now on? " . . . both at the same time answered "Yes we will" . . . pulling up near Alyssa and licking her pussy. "Oh yes Mark, ohhhhhh" Jennifer gets up and lays on Alyssa`s face, rubbing her pussy in her face , humping her mouth. Alyssa sticking her tongue in and out " mMMmmm ohhhh yes ahhhhh Alyssa lick that pussy" Getting up Mark lets them go into a sixty nine position. Goes in the closet and pulls out a strap on dildo. . "Here Jenny, put this on" she strapps it on her waist.
    "Ok lay down on the bed, Alyssa sit on that plastic dick"
    "Yes sweety" Sitting on it feeling that hard plastic slaming inside her, "come on Jennifer fuck her hard"
    Placing himself behind Alyssa "Bend over" as she does her ass exposed and watching Jennifer thrust that dildo in and out, stretches her asshole"MMMM that looks nice and tight, lets see how it taste" Slips is tongue around her asshole licking it, "MMMM you like that honey?"
    "OHHHHH MARK Please fuck my ass" licking and spitting on that ass " AAAHHHH Fuck me harder Jennifer, Mark keep licking my ass , please make it realy wet" sticking a finger in and out. . .

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      . then using his thumb sticking it in. taking out the lubricant squirts some on her ass. Rubbing it in with his fingers , sticking not one but 2 fingers in making sure she`s ready for it when he sticks is big throbbing cock in her tight ass. "Ohhhhh Mark put that cock already. . . PLEASE !!" Pushing his cock up against her asshole, so tight it hurts as it goes in slowly. "AHHH yeah fuck that feels so warm and tight" Starts pounding on her ass. In and out in long strides . . . . "Oh you like that being fucked in the ass"
    "aaaah yeeeees" barely able to speak as she`s full of ecstacy, the pleasure so intense that all her body in complete eroctic heat, everything on her boddy his so sensitive he keeps pounding her ass while Jennifer fucks her pussy.
    "Ok your turn Jennifer" Pulls out his dick and wipes it a bit, goes to Jennifers mouth "suck it clean and make it wet"
    "Yes Mark.

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      . . mmm mmmm mmm oh you taste so goood" Alyssa pulling off the dildo, takes off the strap on starts to lick that pussy and ass. Sticking her fingers in her ass and licking that pussy " You like that Jennifer, you like my boyfriends dick in your mouth?"
    Barely able to talk with her mouth full of his dick "hrmmfff huh uh hmmmrr"
    " DO you want to fuck him ?" pulls out the dick from her gagging throat "can I ?"
    "Come here Mark, fuck her cunt please" He quickly pulls his dick out of her mouth and does as his baby deisires !! Bending her legs over her shoulder he slips his dick in her. "AHHHH YEAH. . . your pussy is so nice and soft Jenny" Pounding on it deep and hard, Alyssa steps behind her exposed ass and starts licking and fingering her ass hole. Grabing a glassed dildo and sticking it in her ass. . . fucking her with it. Alyssa says " You like that my little bitch?"
    "Ohhhh yeah Alyssa fuck my asss please oooooooh, Mark can I taste my juice on your cock" he pulls out and sticks it in her mouth a few times and goes back to fucking her. Turning her around "Ok Jennifer you fuck me now !" Mark lays down on the bed streched out his hard dick sticking up as she sits and starts pounding on it. Alyssa lays right next to Mark`s head and spreads her legs " you like that pussy do you ?" .


      . . . "yes I do" watching Alyssa fingering herself as he gets fucked. As it gets to a point of sheer ecstacy and lust, Alyssa wispers in his ear. . . . "do you want to cum inside of her" he nods yes "ok I want you to cum inside her, I want to taste your cum as it drips out her pussy" Grabs Alyssa by the hair and starts kissing her "I love you babe" Jennifer pounding harder and harder as she can feel him cuming.
    "OHHHHHHH I`m gonna cum FUCK ME !!" Lets his hot load squirt up her pussy , as she feel his hot cum splash inside her pussy and start`s driping down her pussy and down his shaft , Alyssa quickly pushes her off and starts to lick Jennifers dripping cum filled pussy. "Mmm mmmmm" slirps it up good " mmmm mmmm mmmm" pulls Jennifer by the hair and starts kissing her, swapping her some of that love juice. they keep kissing and sliping that cum back and forth as they both finaly swallow all of it up. "Come here girls" lays them next to him in the bed. . .


      . pleased of the outcome of what had just happened. All of them laying there in silence in sheer pleasure of that hot nasty sex they just had. Both Alyssa and Jennifer know that they shall never experiance this again. That tis one thier one and only time. That from now on they shall only be friends and no more.
    "I hope you girls never do wrong at school or do anything what so ever without my permision" "If so it will not be a happy ending like this one, you`ll get no pleasure out of it" They both understood that tis was to be a lesson learned.
    Thanks for reading, I am in the making another story, filled with more details, bigger story line. This wholee story I made was all done within 1h-2h.

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