Lusty Lord Millhaven Chapter 1


Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against one of the soaring columns of the Earl of Landsdown's massive ballroom eyeing the crowded dance floor. Tall, dark, arrogantly handsome, he surveyed the throng gathered at one of the earlier crushes of the ton this season. All the debs were out, swirling about the ballroom under the watchful eye of their mamas and chaperones, all out to snag an unsuspecting heir as their husbands. At 22, he would appear to be an attractive target. Thanks to his papa's demise last winter, he was the one of the richest landowners in the country, heir to property in the richest part of London and thousands of acres of the best countryside in the realm. Low cut gowns were obviously de rigour this season and many of the acknowledged beauties swirled about before him. He knew he could have his pick of the lovely young things that paraded about dressed in the finest dresses that the best modistes of the capital could provide. His rivals clamoured to fill the dance cards of the most attractive or not so attractive but attractive in the size of their dowries. He was not interested in any of them. One or two showed promise by the size of their cleavages in developing into the figure of his obsession. But, with no hint of the maturity he sought, they were all without exception, simpering brain nots. Something he could do well without. He knew what he liked and simpering idiots did not come within a bulls roar. Young Anthony was barely 18 when he happened upon the washerwomen at the back of the scullery of the family mansion at Beechwood. He had been at an all boys school until then and the charms of females had yet to be visited upon him. Now there were three of them dressed down to their chemises vigorously churning up the waters of the wash tubs full of bed linen.

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   The one in the middle displayed an awesome cleavage as she bent forward and the two either side weren't far behind. Sweat gleamed on their foreheads and on the upper slopes of their big creamy breasts. He stood transfixed watching the rolling play of their titties within their chemises and the steadily emerging darkness of their nipples as water splashed from the tub onto their chests. His untried cock rose to the sight, a sight that would transfix him for ever. The elder of the three spotted him and nudged her companions. "Look, there's young master Tony and look at the size of the bulge he's sporting!" After some giggling and a bit of banter, he had ended up on his back in the nearby wash room and all three had ridden him to exhaustion, making sure to slap his head with their meaty breasts. He had never looked back. He only looked at their fronts. Titties, glorious titties. The fact that he had more than sufficient in the cock department made it highly sensual to him and eminently satisfactory to his partners in lust. Over the ensuing years until he reached his majority, he only had to appear somewhere there were women and they would be inveigling him into the bushes, the scullery, the milk barn or any other place they could drag him to achieve their lustful aims – a rollicking humping to more than mutual satisfaction. If they were flat chested or lacking in sufficient personality to enable full cocking, they were told in no uncertain terms to not try again. During those years from 18 to 22 he was taught the full gamut of sexual games, and he became a master. His father died. His older sister had married several years before to the Earl of Dunsmore who owned adjoining properties and had bore him two children in a very short time even if the Earl was some 24 years older than her.

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   His mother, magnificently breasted, had retreated into the gloom of widowhood and had not stood in his way while he arranged staffing to his satisfaction. Now he stood surveying the motley crowd in front of him, looking for his prey. He was a predator, not of the young and stupid, but of the more mature and hungry. He straightened up as he noticed one of his mother's old friends, Lady Eliza Montgomery wending her way through crowd towards him. She was in her forties and her hair was done in the latest swept up style. Moulded to her rotund figure was a dress of yellow satin, cut low, very low to reveal almost all of her impressive cleavage. His cock stirred. Nestling in the top of her cleavage was an emerald the size of a small hen egg. She stopped in front of him and daintily offered her hand. He bent over to kiss the huge emerald ring on her pudgy fingers while deliberately and slowly inspecting her bulging breasts. They were pushed tightly together by the confines of the dress and covered with a tracery of blue veins. He raised his lips and his eyes and smiled darkly at her. "Lady Eliza, how wonderful to see you again. It's been some years but you're still as youthful as ever. " A blatant lie as her face clearly showed her aging.

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   However, her remarkable breasts were smooth and glossy and only one line of wrinkle decorated the tops of each where they had been pushed up by the dress. "Oh la, Lord Anthony, you do go on. How is your dear mother? Is she over the death of her beloved husband?""She is tolerable although still in mourning. ""And you, dear boy, you have grown up. " She stood back and looked him up and down. Entirely in black except for his snowy white shirt, she licked her lips at the sight of what looked like a large sausage draped down the inside of one leg. She thought she saw it twitch and sighed. "I must visit her soon as it has been years since I last went to Beechwood. My own husband is with the Foreign Office and is in some hell hole in Africa. Although, I don't miss the old curmudgeon at all. " She giggled and fluttered her eyelashes at him thoroughly impressed by the young god-like man in front of her. She felt a rush of moisture dew her love lips and sighed again. Tony understood at once. "Lady Eliza, why don't we get out of this crush and find somewhere more private to reminisce over old times?""An excellent idea, Lord Anthony. My daughter has her dance card full and will not leave the floor until she faints.

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   That's her in the blue. " Her daughter swirled by and her form suggested she had inherited her mothers bounteous curves. Tony escorted Lady Montgomery up some stairs until he found a vacant sitting room. He ushered her in and surreptitiously locked the door behind them. He turned and faced her noting that her face and upper chest had become flushed. "You look hot, my dear. Let me assist you by loosening some of your clothes. "He moved over and guided her to an over stuffed chair and reaching behind her, undid several hooks. Without pausing, he pulled the sleeves down her arms and her melon-like breasts leapt quivering into the cool of the evening. She gasped but did nothing about pulling her dress back up. "My lord, what are you about?" she gasped. "My dear lady, I've been mesmerised by your magnificent chest since I was a pup. I know you won't deny me the pleasure of making the acquaintance of your marvellous breasts now. What a magnificent set of baby feeders you have, my dear. Such lovely large rubbery nipples.

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  " Tony was entranced by the still firm fleshy udders he was fondling with great enjoyment. "Undo the buttons of my flap dear woman and see what you have done to me. "With no hesitation, Lady Montgomery reached out and undid the two buttons holding the flap of his breeches. As it dropped, his purple headed prick burst forth like the snout of a hunting dog. It arrowed out of the dark curly nest of his public hair at 45 degrees with a pronounced up curve at the end, large, majestic – a true champion of the breed. Already the eye was dripping with lust. "In your mouth dear lady while I continue to play with your glorious tits.
    "Eliza had almost drooled at the sight of his priapic prick and hungrily swooped upon it eager to obey him. He continued to roll her big soft breasts as she proved herself an exponent of the art of cocksucking. He eased back and holding her breasts apart, slid his rigid prick between them oiled by her copious slobbering and commenced fucking between her flashy orbs. Her hands reached up and aided him by holding their luscious warmth around him. Within minutes, he extracted his pulsing cock and directed shot after shot of boiling creamy spunk all over her milky white tits ensuring that each large nipple received a hot anointing. "My lord, such a libation!! I must say I cannot remember my titties ever receiving such a tribute. ""Now that I'm rid of my excess, 'tis time to give you a night to remember. Stand up and turn around.

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       Now, hold on to the arms of the chair while I give you a back scuttle. "Whimpering, the older lady did as she was told and gripped the arms of the chair tightly as she felt the hem of her dress hit the back of her neck and cool air play across her buttocks. "A fine big arse, madam. Why, my fingers tell me your gash is drooling and very hot. I have just the very thing to put that fire out. " While her age showed in her somewhat raddled thighs, the plump hairy glistening cunt lips were all that he was interested in. Her juices were evident on the inner slopes of her upper thighs. Tony gripped his rock hard penis and ran the empurpled head up and down her slippery gash and, having notched it, gripped her wide hips in the age old way and rammed himself home. His sensitive glans crashed against her cervix causing Eliza's knees to tremble and her cunny to bathe his cock with her first climax. "My lord, ooh my lord. I've had many a prick up me but none has reached that far. Fuck me dear boy, fuck me. Slow, slow, fast, fast, hard, harder. Hold my tits and pinch my nipples. My god you're a wonderful fucker.

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       Ooooohhhh, I've come again. Start again lad. Slow, slow, fast, fast, hard, haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrddddddd!!!!! My god you've done for me again!!!!"While not the tightest cunt Tony had experienced, he was nevertheless enjoying himself immensely as he ploughed the Lady Montgomery, the lady of his youthful lust. Gripping her overflowing titties and pinching her big dark nipples cruelly, he rode the woman hard until his bollocks tightened and he shot another copious load deep into her grasping socket. That brought on an altogether enormous orgasm that had her falling forward onto the chair, her knees giving way. His still spouting prick was pulled suddenly from her spasming cunt with a loud pop and he drenched her enormous white buttocks with several streamers of hot spunk. The room smelt of sex. Tony reached down and found her abandoned reticule and extracted a small handkerchief drenched in some sort of unsubtle perfume and proceeded to clean his prick of their combined juices. Lady Eliza was still slumped forward, breathing heavily as Tony wedged the inadequate and now saturated piece of cloth between the cheeks of reddened arse. "There you go, my dear, something to wipe up all my juice. "She whimpered as she heard the door unlock, open and close behind and hoped fervently that nobody had been in the hallway to observe her slumped over a chair looking like a just serviced mare. She shuddered and another mini climax rippled through her as she relived the absolute reaming she had just received from a lad the same age as her daughter. Tony arrived at his Mayfair mansion having secured a number of invitations to certain ladies soirees. Johnston, his impeccable if poncy butler was waiting up for him and took his cape and cane. "A successful night, my lord?" he sneered.

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      "Absolutely, you old tosser. You really must stop looking down your nose at me or I'll have you replaced with something more appreciative. A really big mare with tits out as far as she can reach and thighs that could crack walnuts. What do you say?""Oh my lord, how distinctly unpleasant. I shudder, I simply shudder at the thought!""You would, you old tosser. Now, who's the duty bed warmer tonight?" said Tony heading for the stairs. "Abigail, the downstairs maid, my lord. I'm sure she will assist you to a peaceful night's sleep," Johnston sniffed as he turned and headed to his room where the slim, svelte figure of the boot boy awaited him. Tony bounded up the stairs. Abigail! Wonderful! She'd only just weaned one of the children he had sired from her and that meant a warm milk drink for bed and his cookies sucked from him and. . .
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