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'Well. . . . . where do you live?' I could almost hear her syrupy voicegushing through the phone wires, God! I was rock hard. 'LaJollanear LaJolla Village Square, do you know the area?''You bet, can you meet me at T. G. I. Friday's in 30 minutes?''In 5 if you want, how will I know you?' was it getting warm inhere?'I'll have on a black leather mini skirt, a white silk blouse andhigh heel black boots. ''Okay. I think I can deal with that, how about some dark nylons and dark red lipstick to complete the picture?''Why not? Want me to leave off my bra too?' she quipped. 'Yeah, and your panties as well. ''Then I'll see you in a half an hour, Bye. 'I disconnected and proceeded to race around the house tomake sure everything was arranged for an evening ofseduction. The bed was made, the sheets clean and therewas a bottle of Chablis Blanche chilled in the fridge allI needed to do was put Bo, my Great Dane out for the night.

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  I arrived at Friday's in time to order a Lite beer andarrange myself to see who ever entered the door. I was onlya third into the bottle when she stepped into view. Iprobably didn't need to watch the door at all, the suddenquiet and inhale of breath made by every male in the placesaid better than my eyes, here was a woman to reckon with. She was dressed in a black leather mini, no, micro miniskirt that barely covered her sex. Around her waist shehad a black belt that appeared to be a velvet rope thatcircled her several times. Trixy's face was almost angelicalexcept for the blood red hue that glistened on her lipsand the mischievous look in her eyes. But the most strikingpart of her appearance was the sheer white blouse she waswearing. It was INVISIBLE! As she glanced around the barat each man they seemed to melt under her stare. When Isignaled to her and called her by name she turned thoseeyes on me and as she locked on to my eyes I felt like Iwas looking into two black laser beams. The closer she movedthe more obvious the see through blouse became, you couldsee her more than ample breasts with large nipples thatwere as dark as her eyes and harder than my cock, and thenI realized that there were gold rings hanging from eachnipple. I think I messed my pants. "Hi, like what you see?' she said scrambling on the stoolnext to me. Christ, the skirt had a slit up the side andwhen she crossed her legs I could see she had indeed lefther undies at home. 'I. .

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  . I. . . uh. . you look great. ' God I felt like such a dummy. 'Sorry about the nylons, but all I have are panty hoseand I thought they would spoil the effect. ' she leaned overand took a sip from my beer. 'listen, have you got a VCR?I wanted to record a movie tonight and forgot. ''Yeah, sure how. . . I mean what.

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  . . or. . . . ' I was spell bound. 'Oh honey, relax let's skip this dump and run over to yourplace program the VCR, then get comfy. Have you got anywine? Well, we could stop and pick some up, right?''No. . . . I have some Chablis in the fridge. ' I was comingaround. Wake up kiddo this could be the night of your dreams.

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  'Then let's get goin'. ' she slipped off the stool givingthe guy on the other side of her a clear shot of her bush,hell, he poured half his drink in his lap. She grabbed myhand and we were gone, leaving a lot of guys with a lotof stories to tell. As I said my house was only 5 minutesfrom Friday's so we didn't have much time in the car, butwhat time there was she used to indicate what was in storefor the rest of the night. 'Do you have a hot tub by any chance? I would love to drinksome cold wine and soak in a hot tub. ' I had both a Jacuzziand a heated pool, suddenly we were in my driveway. After we went inside and turned on the lights I could seethat Trixy had green eyes and that the invisible blousewas still invisible. I showed her around and then settledher down in the living room while I opened the wine andgot us each a glass. When I returned to the living roomshe was lounging on the couch still wearing the highheeled boots and showing all of her endless legs. 'Just how tall are you anyway?' I said, handing her thegoblet. '6' standing, lying down it doesn't matter. And just how'big' are you?' she breathed staring at my obviouserection. ' I'm not sure I haven't measured it lately. ' God, I wassooooo cool. 'Got a tape measure?''No, but I have a way to estimate.

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  . . ' she reached out andgrabbed my by the balls pulling me toward her, then shereached up and unzipped my fly, reached in and pulled outmy cock. I felt huge!'Now let's get a measurement. ' and she put those ruby redlips around me and inhaled my dick sucking like a vacuumcleaner. She took it all in and then pulled backsaying,'well I would say about 6 and a half inches not atrophy winner, but it'll do. 'That did it I was pissed, 'Who the fuck do you think youare? I don't have to take that kind of shit!' What a dopestanding there with my cock out covered with her salivaand her sitting there with her dark green eyes laughingat me. I lost it. . . . . I reached down and grabbed her arm, pulling her out ofthe chair. 'You're just a spoiled brat, you think that just becauseyou're so hot you can get away with anything well thistime you're not gonna get your way. ' I sat down and threwher across my knee.

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   I flipped up her little skirt andproceeded to smack her ass till it was red and she wascrying for forgiveness and relief. She began to breathheavily and her face became quite red then a low moanescaped her lips. Her breathing got faster and fastersuddenly her body jerked then she stiffened and suddenlyrelaxed. In a very soft voice she said 'Please don't hitme anymore, I promise I'll be good and I'll do whateveryou want me to, honest. ' The tears ran down her face. 'Okay, first wipe up your tears and then we'll go programthe VCR. ''Uh. . . . there really wasn't any TV show I just wanted tobe alone with you. ' there was an apprehensive look on herface, but I let it pass. I also noticed a damp spot on mypants she must have wet herself. I seemed to have wet theinside somehow. 'Alright, in that case we'll take the wine and get intothe Jacuzzi, you did want to do that didn't you?''Oh yes, that would be fun, where can I leave myclothes?' she jumped up and began to disrobe.


   'Let's just leave them here, I'll go out and make sureBo is in his kennel. ' She looked up from removing herboots and said 'Bo? you have a dog? What kind? Is hefriendly? do you have to lock him up?''Bo is a very large Great Dane and he's a teddy bear. Asto locking him up well I usually do when there are newpeople around, but if you don't mind. . . . . . ' She saidshe'd love to meet Bo, and since we were both naked Idecided to skip fooling with Bo, took the wine and ledTrixy out into the back yard. As we walked out the French Doors leading to the pool area Iwas glad that I had insisted the contractor install an eightfoot high stone wall around the pool area, it eliminated noseyneighbors and blocked out all but the loudest noises. Weskirted the Black Bottom pool and found the Jacuzzi in acorner of the yard surrounded by medium sized palm trees anda sand bunker that covered all but a small area of concreteapron and the walkway. I liked to think of it as my own littleoasis. I flipped the switches that controlled the water jets,bubbles, lighting and hidden speaker for the indoor stereo. As soft back ground music subtlety filled the air, she stoppedwalking and said 'My God, it's like being in a dream. ' shetwirled around, threw her arms around my neck and gave me adeep wet kiss that was still lingering on my lips while herturned back and entered the warm frothy water.

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   Shit! She didit to me again, my cock was hard as stone and sticking outlike a flag pole. I literally jumped into the tub trying tohide my embarrassment, not realizing she already saw that shewas in control. 'We're gonna have to do something about thatsoon, aren't we. ' She snickered, it was as if she wanted toirritate the hell out of me on purpose. 'I just love hot tubs, I wish I had one in my apartment, I'duse it every day. ' She said looking at me with thosefathomless eyes. Then she moved in front of one of the waterjets and did the strangest thing. She turned around to facethe jet stream and knelt on the seat right in front of itspreading her knees apart. I was distracted for a moment bythe sight of a small tattoo just above her left buttocks, itwas a very colorful one inch square butterfly. Suddenly Trixybegan to move in an in and out motion against the waterstream. 'Uh. . . . .

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  ohhhhhh. . . . . . ohhhhhh. . . . . . ahhhhhhh' Shewas moaning. 'What the hell are you doing?' I said. The moanscontinued, getting faster, and lower, then I saw she wasrubbing her breasts with her right hand and reaching behindherself towards me.

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   I moved behind her and took her hand shepulled me against her back placed my hand on her left breastand started gyrating her ass against me. 'Squeeze my nipples. 'She ordered. I put my other hand on her right breast andbegan to kneed both her nipples pulling on the tiny gold ringsimbedded in them. 'Yes, Yes,uh. . . . . ahhhhhh. . . . . .


  . . ahhhhhh. . . . . Harder!' Then she reacheddown between her legs and found my engorged dick pressedfirmly against her ass. Holding it tightly she quickly leanedforward, out of the warm jet stream, then pushing rearward andguiding me with her hand she managed to engulf all of me in aninstant. Her movements became even more rapid while I pressedhard to match her. Her breath came She shookherself as if she was out of control then. 'OHHHHH. . . .

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  OHHHHHHaaaaaaahhhhhhhh' She was finished, she'd gone over the top. Iwas still lost in my own needs with bright colors flashingthrough my mind and my breathing on hold while I pumped awayfor dear life 'Uhhhhhh. . . . . Uhhhhhhhh. . . . . Uhhhhhh. . . .

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  ' Thenwithout warning Trixy pulled away, just as I was about toexplode she was moving behind me, I wasn't gonna make it, themode was broken. 'What the Fuck!' I opened my eyes just as sheyelled 'Eeekkkk. . . . . He scared me, he licked my face' therewas Bo looking down at what must have been a weird picture tohim.
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