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Topic: Page title here making it happenWe had met through an internet swinger’s site. As soon as we spoke we knew there was an immediate sexual chemistry. There was a strong connection between us from the word go and we both felt it. Every time we chatted we would just look at each other and want to rip each others clothes off. He would tell me how much he wanted to please me, how much he wanted to feel himself inside me. His words making me wet and wanting him so much. It came to a point where all I wanted to do was to go to him and say “just take me now and fuck me”! He would send me voice clips on my mobile phone saying he was going to fuck me and how much he wanted to please me making me so horny. One day whilst chatting online he looked straight into the webcam and said. ” I want to fuck you”! I could feel my face flush and my pussy moisten. All I cud do was squirm in my seat and think, yes I want you! I want to feel your cock inside me now! So I decided to make it happen sooner rather than later. I knew where he worked. I also knew he worked late into the night after everyone else had gone so I decided I would make this happen. I was going to have that man. Every single inch of him! The next evening I showered shaved put on my sexiest lingerie, slipped on a revealing top, short figure hugging skirt & Black leather thigh high boots. I was on a mission! I got to his work place and stood across the street until the last person left. He still hadn’t locked the door behind them so I crossed the street and quietly sneaked in through the front door.

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   I could hear him in the office tap away at his computer keys. The hum of the machinery in the background muffled the sound of my heels. I was excited, my heart was pounding in my chest, I could feel beads of sweat trickle down my cleavage. The door to the office was ajar and I peeked through there he was as usual with his top off in front of his pc typing away. I slowly pushed the door open him still oblivious to my presence. I stepped fully into the room and said “hello”. He spun round on his seat startled. For a second it was like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, then he beamed his big sexy smile and said “well hello you”! His eyes undressing me he relaxed back in his seat as I slowly walked toward him. I could feel my heart beating and the blood rushing in my ears. My panties were soaked at the though of what was about to take place. I stood quietly in front of him so he could have a good look. Looking down at his crotch I could see his cock bulge, yes he was hard, he was breathing deeply. He knew why I was there and what I wanted. That look in his eye told me I was going to get it. I took his hands and placed them on my bare legs, inviting him to explore me.

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   He took a deep breath and slowly slid his hands up my legs making me quiver with excitement. Then he slid one hand round to my bum and gently squeezed, the other hand between my thighs feeling the moist patch in my panties. I could see the twitch in his shorts and the head of his cock just slightly protruding from the waistband. I slowly lowered myself astride him my panties dripping wet and my pussy screaming to be pleased! I slowly started rubbing my pussy up and down his throbbing cock through his shorts. He slid down my top and my black lacy bra and started to hungrily fill his mouth with my tits taking each one in turn, licking kissing and flicking my nipples with his warm tongue. Placing one hand on the back of my head he slowly pulled my head down to him and kissed me hard, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth “oh god take me and fuck me now! I said. I slid my hand down and started rubbing his cock through his shorts the more I rubbed the more his raging hard cock was exposed. I started grinding my hips against him hard my soaking wet panties riding up and down my hot wet pussy. Suddenly he slipped his hand between my legs and pulled my panties to one side and with an almighty thrust he slid his throbbing cock deep inside my pussy, pulling me closer to him sending his cock deeper and deeper inside me. His hands on my hips, guiding me up and down his shaft, Pounding my Pussy. I could feel the orgasm build inside me my clit was hard and tingling. Then suddenly wave after wave of pleasure engulfed my body my pussy pulsating at the pounding of his rock hard cock. My juices flowing, soaking his cock with my cum. All of a sudden he let out this almighty groan, pulling me hard down on his cock I feel his warm cum inside me his body twitch with every breath and then we both sigh. We look into each others eyes and laugh as we both knew it would happen again………………………soon The End.

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