Manchild : Chapter 5


Chapter 5
The weekend over I returned home and had to take up some of my duites, one of which was both pleasure and duty – it was exercising my pony which was liveried at a friends farm which was also a Riding School.    My dad had bought me my first pony a few years previous but now I was riding a 14. 2 Dunn pony called  Sunset and was doing pretty well at Gymkhanas and things but having been off for a few weeks Mr Bartlett who owns the stables had been getting one of his daughters to ride it for me.     During the summer I would normally spend a half-day or all day, if I was helping Mr Bartlett on the farm, four days a week up at the farm  which was about 8 miles from home but we had camp coming up and after camp the Pony Club Eventing Competition so it was going to be a busy few weeks.
I arrived at Valley Farm about 08:00 as dad dropped me off on his way to work and so that I could help with the mucking out which all the Bartlett family did.    As I wandered in to the tack room Janet who was the Bartlett’s younger daughter at 16 years gave a squeal and shouted out “mum Jacks here so you’d better make him a tea as well”  “Hi J” I smiled back “ have you missed me and how has Sunset been?”   J replied with her usual cheeky grin behind a dark fringe that hid hazel eyes “ she would be better with me this season as I am on form”.    I suddenly realised it was the first time I had taken note of J’s eye color, but after a brief pause continued the banter as we got ready to start mucking out.    Mrs Bartlett brought us out a steaming mug of tea (now this woman made the best toffee shortcake in the whole world) followed by Yvette, her other older daughter and we sat down and enjoyed the sweet grew before the gruel of claning some 22 stables.
“Daddies already started” said J and with that we finished our tea and took our usual stations and started the muck.   Each of us worked on our own and when finished we filled the big barrows and took the muck to the heap.   J and I did the heap runs and by the time we finished, some 2 hours after starting, Mrs Bartlett shouted out that breakfast was ready so we trooped off to the farmhouse.    Even as we walked around to the house past the reception area and tack room there were clients arriving who either also liveried their horses there or had booked a riding lesson, some of which we knew and shouted out greetings to as we passed.
Lessons started at 11:00 and the riding areas opened at 10:30 with the exception of the showjumping and cross country areas which opened at 12:30.
We all sat and had breakfast and chatted about what we all had been doing since we last saw each other and Mr Bartlett told me what he had planned for work on the farm if I wanted to help.    As J collected the plates and took them out to the kitchen I could not help but notice her tight buttocks straining in the jodhpurs she was wearing and had to shake myself free of the attraction they now held.    “ funny how things change isn’t it” I thought as I sat half listening to the plans for cutting the hay and moving some of the cattle.

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     “come on Jack, you can’t sit there all day” fired Yvette and with that we all went off to do our things.  
I entered the tack room and picked up my saddle and bridle with some grooming brushes and was hurrying out the door when I nearly bumped into Mrs Robins whose 10 year old daughter Riga was blind but had a superb little pony called Rory liveried there at the farm.   I looked up and as I did I was like a rabbit caught in headlights as my eyes tracked up from the floor they found sleek legs in a pair of tight slacks, twin peaks pushing out through a wool sweater over a tiny waist and the most gorgeous brunette with pouting lips and a smile you have ever seen.    I stopped, stunned, even though I had meet Mrs Robins many times before this was the first time I had seen as a woman and boy what a woman.   “ are you all right Jack” she said “ Jack …”  “Yes sorry Mrs Robins just first time back after a few weeks and all a bit confused – is Riga here?” I quickly blurted out.    “ No Jack she is off at a special school for a few weeks so I will be coming on my own to lunge Rory …. And please call me Sharon”   I went bright red and muttered something and turned away toward Sunsets stable before my swelling beast would rear its ugly head fuelled from the thoughts coursing through my brain.    “What is wrong with me “ I asked myself “why am I like this, is it natural, what monster has Rita set loose?” but then there was Sunset and I busied myself with grooming her and then saddling her ready for her exercise session.  
After the morning session which involved warming her up with various light actions and some cantering and galloping to develop her stamina I returned Sunset to her stable and her lunch break.   Generally we sat in the tack room and eat our pack lunches and the older ones of which there were five – Judy 17, Louise 17, Helen 16, Amanda 15 (nearly 16) and Roma 17 – usually went up into the feed barn loft and sat and giggled.      Earlier I had been talking to Judy as we rode and where normally she would have spent a few minutes chatting she actually spent most of the morning working her horse alongside mine which was nice.    “Jack if you want you can join us in the loft for lunch” said Judy  I must have been hesitant as she quickly added “don’t worry we will not bite” and so rather than appear confused by this I simply grunted a thank you.
I climbed the steps to the loft and could hear the girls of which only Judy, Louise and Amanda were there that day chattering away in low voices which stopped as I entered the room.    The had pulled a few bales down and were sat with legs astride a bale each and their lunch in front of them.   “so what have you been doing Jack” asked Louise “anything interesting”  “no not really Lou just down at the Island and helping my dad for a few days” I replied “ what about you girls?”
“Well Amanda got anew boyfriend and she has been telling us about her sexual exploits – haven’t you Mandy” said Lou  “Lou its not fair to talk about it in front of Jack” replied Mandy “Oh I don’t think Jack will min, will you Jack” asked Judy and as I looked at her a knowing smile spread across her face.

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    “Whatever” I said “I just want lunch then out on the cross country course this afternoon”
With that the girls continued their conversation in which Mandy covered in detail her weekend of sex with Chris her new boyfriend.    “It was really a disappointment, we got undressed, he kissed me passionately. Fumbled with my breasts, sucked them which was delicious and the basically stuck his cock in me and came straight away – I was so disappointed” told Mandy  “Every time I tried to hold his cock or play with it he would tell me not to because he was too close to cumming and even after he came it was like he had to get dressed in case someone saw them”  she sobbed “I was expecting something more exciting”   “Didn’t he lick out you pussy then” asked Judy whilst all the time looking at me “my boyfriends always have to lick out my pussy before they get a chance to hide the sausage and did he find your clit”   “No and I did not want to ask him in case he thought I was too forward” complained Mandy.   “Balls to that” interrupted Lou “ I always have to come first before I let them come – but that’s typical men”
All the time I sat quietly eating my dinner trying to ignore the content of their chatter as it was tugging on my cock strings until Judy asked “what do you think Jack should the lady come first or the man”  They giggled not expecting an answer and waiting for me to bolt for the door – “fuck them” I thought they asked me I shall answer “I believe it’s the duty of the man to pleasure the lady first” I replied with more confidence than I felt.   “And how would you pleasure a lady then Jack since you know so much” challenged Lou. “In fact show me what you would do”
With that my cock forced its way out of the constraints of my Y-fronts to create a bulge in my jodhpurs “Oh maybe our Jack does know a few things” said Judy “I thought I could detect a change in you”  With that Lou stood up and undid her side buttons on her jodhpurs and wriggled them down over her hips leaving a pair of big knickers in place that made me nearly laugh but as she peeled them down a busy cunt was revealed that glistened in the stark bulb light.    “Don’t worry Jack Judy and me have no secrets and have often brought each other off and I am sure Mandy won’t mind a bit of sport.
My mind was rushing as was all the blood to my balls but I quickly remembered all the lessons by Rita over the previous weeks and brought it under control as she had shown.   I knealt forward and unclasped her shirt and bra and eased out her nipples by gently kneading them and then sucking and then biting gently on them at the same time I slipped my hand down between her legs to find a very dense bush which was absolutely soaking.   I reached through her legs and then  ran my finger all the way from her bum hole to her cunt and continued this for several moments.   All the time her cunt was getting wetter and wetter soaking her jodhpurs with the drips of milky fluid seeping forth.     I looked back to see that Judy had moved to sit alongside Mandy and was stroking Mandy’s crutch through her Jodhpurs while both of them watched.    I pushed Lou back unto the bales and lowered my head to her streaming cunt and was nearly overcome by the heady musky aroma, I thrust my tongue in to her cunt and then pushed her back further rolling her backwards and opening her legs fully and then licked all the way from her cunt to her bum hole al the time hearing her moans get louder and louder.   I stopped at her clit and with my fingers pulled back the sheath in the way that Rita had shown me and flicked the little knob with my tongue, increasing the hardness of my flicks and feeling her orgasm build within her I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to suck and nibble it at the same time I slipped my finger to her bum hole which was slippery from all her juice and pushed a single finger into her anus.   An initial stiffening of Lou’s body, an intake of breath accompanied this action and then it slid past the sphincter muscle  and suddenly she began he climax bouncing up and down unto my finger forcing the finger to slip in and out of her anus deeper and deeper each time and then she seemed to spurt copious amount of come out of her cunt all over my face and then she seemed to collapse like a doll which had been dropped.

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I pulled my finger out of her bum and turned around to see the two other girls had been mutually masturbating each other but from what Judy told me later they both came at the same time as Lou.    Judy was first to recover and simply leant over unbuttoned my jodhpur fly  through which a damp patch was showing and unloosed my cock from my underpants and sucked it into her mouth and began licking it up and down and squeezing my balls.   I was ready and within seconds I spurted gallons of cum down her throat which she swallowed and then licked my dick clean.
The bell went for the afternoon session and without any further talk we all got ourselves sorted and made our way down the steps back into the stable complex.    Lou was a bit unsteady on her feet and was muttering “never had one like that before”.    Later on as we rode our ponies the girls caught up as I walked Sunset to cool her after the cross country and it was then the questions began
“How do you know all that Jack” asked Lou “and where did you learn about the bum thing”   “Ladies I am sorry but I cannot and never will discuss anything private” I replied “How old are you Jack” asked Judy “Fourteen going on fifteen in september Jude” why I asked.   “its just that I’ve dated guys over 20 who don’t know what to do or have as big a cock as you”  “You’ve either got it or you haven’t” I smirked
“Listen Jack my parents are away for a week so me and the girls were thinking maybe you would like to come around on Saturday night for a party” asked Mandy “Yeah that would be good, I can get dad to drop me off” I said “ no no that’s OK Jack I’ll drop in by and pick you up about 7:30 and tell your dad that it’s a group from the stables and that Mandy’s parents are home OK” offered Judy.   I nodded my agreement and not another word was said all day.
About 3:00 Mr Bartlett came out and said that my dad had phoned and would be late picking me up due to a meeting so could I stay there to 6:00.    I was about to say OK when Mrs Robins who was walking past said “Alan, I can drop Jack off on my way home as I am leaving now – Jack have you got a key to home?”  “Yeah but my brother will be home anyway and it would save me waiting around” I chirped.    With that I gathered my stuff and jumped into her Rover and drove off.    Halfway home Mrs Robins said” Jack would it be OK if we stopped off at my house first as I want to change out of these and then go into town after dropping you off”  “ Yeah that’s fine by me Mrs Robins” I replied.   “Its Sharon – remember” she urged “OK Sharon” I acceded
We pulled into Mrs sorry Sharon’s house which was a large three story Victorian gentlemans residence set in about 5 acres of land just outside town.   “Come on in Jack and have a coke while I get changed”    We went inside and Sharon left me in the Kitchen nursing a cold coke and as she walked away I could not help myself but look at the tight arse as it disappeared.   Strange it was as if my radar had been retuned to sex only and disturbingly my cock twitched in response.

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The kitchen was very large with a sitting area populated with two big sofas so I sat down on one and stared out the window musing over what had happened at the stables earlier when a hand touched my hair and a voice asked “what is that sticking to your hair Jacks”  I nearly jumped a mile but turned around to see Sharon in a bath robe and said “must be sweat off Sunset  my pony”  I looked up into her eyes and I knew immediately that she knew it was a lie but I could not figure out how.
       She had one hand behind her back and then said “perhaps it’s the same stuff that’s on these” and with that brought a soggy pair of skimpy knickers from where they were hidden.    “ I . . I …” I stammered not knowing what was going on.    “You see Jack I was coming up the steps to join you lot for lunch when I heard all these moans coming from the loft so I stopped and peeked in through the gap and saw you tonguing that stupid girl Louise”   “But I . . ” I tried to answer “ No buts Jack that is come from her all over your face and hair and having watched it it has made me so horny that I want you to fuck me Jack”
    “Mrs Robins . . ” “Sharon” she reminded “Sharon, what about your husband and family?”  “My husband is away on business, probably shagging his PA who is with him but he thinks I am stupid, he hasn’t shagged me in over 3 months and our daughter is away at school for a few weeks so there is no one here or likely to interrupt us and if you don’t fuck me Jack I will tell everyone what I saw”   With that she stepped back, pulled the ties on her robe which dropped away to reveal a very well toned, voluptuous hour glass figure totally naked and totally free of body hair with the swollen lips of her cunt standing proud and needing urgent attention.   I hear myself saying “Sharon you have a beautiful body and I am going to fuck you and fill you full of spunk” and even though I know it was me in a brief nano-second I was wondering where all this confidence and knowledge had come from and where it would take me.   “kneel down like a dog  - now” I commanded “and spread those legs apart”  I’d realised that I had to take control and Sharon obeyed immediately.   “Stand still and reach back with one hand and part your cunt lips – that’s it” I purred as she slipped her hand back and used her fingers to reveal a pouting and very wet sex.   I stood back and admired this stunning woman, the taper of her legs, her tiny but perfect feet (strange why did I notice the feet) her swollen cunt and her lovely bum hole which was untouched and possibly virginal – my cock jumped in its confines.   I walked over to where she knelt and ran my finger up through her cunt lips collecting a milky liquid as they journeyed toward her bum hole, I circled her anus with the lubricated finger and then slipped back down to her cunt, a whimper escaped from her lips “silence” I barked and it stopped immediately.

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        I was remembering one of Rita’s lessons where she let me into the secrets that some women like to be controlled and ordered about and for some reason my instinct told me that Sharon was one of these.    I continued to circle her anus closing all the time toward the centre dark entry point returning at times for more of her milky oil seeping from her cunt.   I slipped a couple of fingers into her cunt then let them seek out her love button which to my surprise was standing to attention and protruding from its sheath, I flicked it with a finger and then rotated it between my thumb and finger and felt it swell till it was a good inch and a half proud like a cock erect and ready.   My other hand continued its circling of her anus and as I rolled her love button I could feel her climax rising and at that point I slipped a finger, well lubricated by her own juices, straight into her anus, past her tight sphincter muscle and as this happened her whole body shook as if racked by an earth quake and she collapsed on the floor.    I slapped her bottom and told her to get up and that she had not asked for permission to lie down.   “yes master” she replied and regained her dog like posture.
    I unzipped my fly and pulled my woollen cock out and went forward and put his swollen purple head at the entrance to her tight anus and pushed it in with one thrust which surprisingly went right up to the hilt “God you have a fucking hot arse and I’m going to fuck it” I exclaimed  “yes master fuck my tight arse, do what no one else has ever done” she replied and I began to fuck her hard from the rear.    Sharon reached back and fondled my balls and urged “ fill me with your cum, fuck me, make me your spunk bucket” and already at my limit I explode inside her.   I steadied myself and after a few minutes pulled my cock out of her watching with fascination as the sphincter slowly closed her bum hole which was full of my seed.   I stepped back and sat down and in a second Sharon was there sucking my cock clean, pulling back the foreskin slowly and gently licking any remnants of our union.   “Master that was fantastic” said Sharon and I looked at the clock and realised we had been at it for nearly an hour “Sharon I am late and need you to run me home and to not say anything about this OK”  “Yes master but when will I see you again” she whined  “a few days time and please only call me master when we are having sex at all other times we communicate as normal” I stated clearly.
    We both got dressed and as she drove me home I asked her “Does your husband know that you have this sexual appetite”  “No, he knows I have a high sex drive because up until six months ago we made love nearly every day but we never did what we did – how did you know what to do” she replied  “I’m not sure it was just an impulse which appears to be right and which I really enjoyed” I answered  “and we shall see how far you want to go shan’t we” I questioned.   “Yes master” Sharon said and smiled at me.    She dropped me off at home and we agreed to meet the day after tomorrow and that I would tell my Dad that she would give me a lift back  - that should be interesting I thought, I must telephone Rita and discuss where I take this and with that made a promise to ring her.

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