Manchild - Chapter 7


Chapter 7
The rest of the week ticked by, everybody busy with getting ready for pony club camp and then came the weekend.    Friday night I spent watching TV and getting all my clothes and stuff ready for Monday morning although dad was talking about dropping me up to the camp on the Sunday as he had meetings on Monday.   It was no big deal as quite a few of them were arriving Sunday even though camp did not officially start until next day.
The other thing going through my mind was Saturday night and what was the plan – images began to rush through my mind, stirring the beast that was asleep and I quickly closed them down as I had a feeling I would need all my strength for tomorrow night.    Early next morning I awoke and gave Mike a shout as we were going to the island to meet some friends and go fishing.   After much grumbling he was ready and we set off arriving about 10:00 at Spud’s house which looked out over the Bay and when we went inside we found Cindy, her cousin Lisa and Spud all having some breakfast.   “Cup of tea- lads?” asked Cindy as she bounced off the seat   “Tea and toast please Cind” I replied and gave her a hug and a peck as she went by.   “How about you Mike?” Cindy quizzed  “Yeah please – is Cheryl not here” he replied.     
“Not yet but she will be, I told her we were going out at 11:30 and she has all the bottles with her” Cindy informed us.   Now before you go wondering Mike and Spud are into Scuba-diving as were the girls so it was no surprise that this was not just going to be a fishing trip.    About 20 minutes later Cheryl arrived, tripping in through the door with those big eyes and untidy glossy hair with a big pair of sun glasses and without much banter we all piled out in a hurry to get to the boat and out to sea.
The journey out went quick, we were going to a point where the guys were diving on a wreck and then after about an hour diving we would go fishing.   Now when I say we, I was excluded from the diving as I had not finished my training and someone had to look after the boat.    I dropped the drag anchor and gave everybody a hand to get their kit on and then after a couple of sploshes I was alone.
I sat up on deck of the 30 foot boat that was shared by my cousins and us and turned on the radio, just chilling enjoying the sun.   It seemed only minutes when there was a noise by the boat and a pair of fins landed on the deck quickly followed by Cheryl heaving herself onboard.

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    “Whats up” I asked “”Oh its my valve its playing up and anyway its cold down there and the sun is shining so I though what the hell” offered Cheryl.    I helped her off with her tanks and then went into the galley to get a cup of coffee which is a must to get the body warming again and came back with one each.   “Here you go get this inside you” I chirped as she unzipped her wet suit top and stepped out of it and suddenly I was lost for words.   Her nipples were standing out like. .   like. . like Scammel wheel nuts, they were pushing through the material of her swimsuit and they were or appeared erect and switched on.    “oops, sorry Jack, it’s the cold it makes them do that” Cheryl apologised embarrassed as she grabbed a jumper to throw over her.   “And I thought you were just pleased to see me “ I recovered with a quip and Cheryl’s face went red and she turned away.   It was then that I realised that the sight of her nipples had made me somewhat erect as well and now it was my turn to go red and mumble an apology.   “Sorry . . ” I started  “Its OK Jack, I’m glad I have that affect on someone” she smiled and then changed the subject.  
I let it go but it rumbled around in my head for a while and then it came together with Cindy’s comments about Mike and I could not believe that he was not getting it on with this vision.

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     “Bloody idiot” I thought I’d thought “What Jack” Cheryl asked” “Oh nothing Cher just mumbling” I said realising I’d spoken my thoughts out loud.    “I hear you’ve come of age” she stated “from what Cindy says you’re not like your brother at all”   “No, I’ve got all the brains and looks” I joked wondering what Cindy had said.    “Anyway what has Cind been saying then” I enquired quietly, my voice going slightly hoarse remembering my encounter  “ “Oh that you are now a man jack and no longer a child and that you know things” “What things” I prodded   “That you know how to make a girl happy Jack – that you know things most of the lads older than you don’t”   I started to burn, my face getting red not because of what she had said but because my cock was getting stiffer and stiffer as even through the jumper she was wearing her nipples stood to attention again and were trying to pierce the material.    She looked down seeing what I was looking at, I turned away – “Jack, I’m sorry, its not fair but you are having this affect on me and it’s not just my nipples are erect” she gasped, not believing she had said that.
I took a step toward her and reached out and cupped her beautiful face gently in my hands, bent down and let my lips brush across her full red moist cushions, It felt so sweet, I caressed her lips again with mine, she moaned, I slipped my tongue out of my lips and ran it around hers moistening them and yet licking her own taste up at the same time.    I felt a big rush of love, hot flushing all the way through my body that settled in my groin.   Cheryl responded and we kissed deeply for about five minutes, nothing had been said yet, I pulled her closer and she virtually jumped when she came up against my rampant cock.   “Hell Jack, is that for me” she joked throatily and then as my hand ran down her back, caressing the very small of her she moaned again and went limp.   I held her tighter and stroked from the top of her swim suit from her bottom up the centre of her back following the spinal ridge and she was lost in what was obviously erotic sensations.   My head filled with the now familiar smell of sex as she began to get turned on, I traced my fingers down her spine, lent her slightly backward and allowed them to continue all the way between her tight buttocks into the valley which was opening up ahead of them.   I found a damp area and gently but firmly stroked this area and then continued forward where t my surprise I found her sex button pushing itself through the swimsuit just like her nipples.    I flicked it with my finger, rolled it between my thumb and finger and was rewarded by a new wave of musk.
Behind us there was a noise, as a pair of fins landed in the boat and Cindy’s head appeared over the gunnel.   We jumped apart both guilty at what was happening.    Cheryl popped through the cabin door and disappeared down into the galley.

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    Cindy flopped unto the deck, looked up and smiled “Not interrupting anything am I” she teased and I smiled back saying “nothing more than usual Cind” and tried to change tack.   She sat down on the deck and quietly whispered “lucky girl – but don’t get caught”  We both smiled and shared our knowledge quietly and without purpose and then Cheryl came back up with some more coffee for us.   “Will they be long down there” Cheryl asked Cindy “No, its bloody freezing so I think about another 10 minutes maximum” she replied.
I went off to do some stuff, changed the8 track tape that was blaring but as I did I noticed the two girls with their heads together conspiring something and me unsure if that was good or bad.    The rest came up very soon afterwards and it was with relief that I could concentrate on the fishing as Mike took control of the boat.    As we parted that afternoon, despite being asked to stay down for a party which I had to explain was impossible as I was going to one already, Cheryl gave me the normal hug and whispered “We are not finished yet”.   I stumbled back a bit, smiled and told them I was away all next week at camp but would be down for the rest of the summer after that and we left to rings of banter and lewd comments about girls who ride horses.
Got back home about six o’clock, grabbed something to eat and then went off to have a shower having fielded mums questions about where I was going.    I had grown a bit over the year and now stood at about 5 ft 6 ins and weighed in about nine stone and was pretty solid but no flab and I was dressed in a faded pair of blue jeans with a cheesecloth striped shirt and a pair of desert boots – I looked cool as I smiled at myself in the mirror.    The doorbell rang and mum shouted  that Judy was here for me  and I charged down the stairs.    “I’ll be back about 11:00 mum” and we were gone.    Jude opened the car jumped in and leant across and opened my door and as she did I got a good glimpse of her tits that obviously had no bra to contain them.   I jumped in and smiled at her and said “right lets go then”   “we are picking up Lou on the way and meeting Mandy for a drink at the Castle Inn for a drink or two first” answered Judy “that’s fine by me” I agreed and off we went hardly saying a word.    We picked up Lou who was wearing a short miniskirt and tight top and then went straight to the pub where we met Mandy.
“Hey you lot” Mandy greeted us as we walked into the pub and we went over and sat down with her only to be met with a stare from the barman “Is he old enough Mandy” asked Fion the barman   “He’s Ok Fion trust me” Mandy replied and then got the drinks in. 

     We exchanged chit chat but it was as if everyone was on edge so after the first drink Mandy suggested we get a carry out and go back to her place – which we did.    As soon as we entered the house you could feel the electricity and expectation in the air “Jude get the drinks sorted and lets go into the lounge” instructed Mandy “OK” agreed Jude and we all went through where we sat and talked about pony club camp but only Mandy was going.   “Lets put on a movie” suggested Lou “I’ve brought one with me, and we can play some cards whilst its playing”  Everyone agreed and Mandy got the table cleared and put the cards down “Strip Jack Poker Jack if that’s OK with you” implored Jude “Yeah that’s fine but I’ve never played it before so you will have to tell me how” I offered.
The cards were dealt and the rules explained and as we started to play I looked at the screen that Mandy had set up along with her dads movie camera I was shocked to see it was a sex movie and sat there watching transfixed.   I looked around and we all had stopped playing and were staring at the scenes before us. We were on our second drink by now and things were loosening up but what we saw on the screen had us mesmerised – there was a black guy fucking a white girl up the ass with a huge cock and a guy in front of her forcing his cock down her throat, all very explicit and not subtle.   I scanned the girls and all had gone quiet with Lou having pulled her skirt up and slowly stroking the front of her knickers on which a spreading dark patch was out of control.    Jude had her hand up her own teashirt and was rolling a nipple between her finger and thumb and Mandy just sat with her mouth open.
Jude was sitting on the sofa beside me so I rolled over lifted her teashirt and sucked the nipple she was playing with into my mouth and bit the end gently – she moaned “fuck – yeah just suck it hard Jack” so I did as I was told and at the same time released her other tit which had a very erect nipple.   I moved from one to the other and then ran my hand down Jude’s body stopped at the buttons to her jeans and tried to unbutton them with one hand.   Jude’s hands came down and quickly undid them and lifted her bum up as she slid her jeans down her legs to reveal a totally naked cunt.   I explored her cunt lips which were quite swollen and then slid down her body and began to lap at her sex juices.   “Jack lie down on the floor” Jude instructed and without any thought I did, she shucked off her teashirt and came over and ripped off my shirt damaging a couple of buttons and then began kissing me whilst rubbing her tits up and down my chest.   I felt hands at my jeans and shoes and soon I had only my Y fronts on which were pulled down revealing a rigid cock.    All the time I had not looked down as Jude was kissing and rubbing me.

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Mandy appeared at my head and simply poised over my head and lowered her cunt until I was able to get my tongue right up in.    Jude kept rubbing her tits up and down my chest and then “Finger my cunt jack, finger my cunt!” she instructed.   I groped and found the entrance to her sopping wet cave and slipped two fingers straight in with my thumb flicking and rubbing off her clit.   Jude sat up and forced my fingers further in and began rocking back and forward on them and looking up I could see Mandy was sucking her nipples very hard, nearly biting them which was sending Jude over the top.    I felt Jude stiffen then relax and then she began to thrust back at the same time as down unto my fingers, then something hot and wet engulfed my cock and began to greedily try and suck its life out.    “jesus I’m going to cum” Jude screamed and with that shuddered again and again as she reached her orgasm.    Mandy began to thrust down unto my tongue and I slipped my wet slippery fingers which had been inside Jude forward and found Mandy’s partly lubricated bum hole and pushed my middle finger straight up and in.    My cock was given its freedom but in a second it was recaptured inside a tight tunnel.   I could feel it baulk at the entrance and then it slid in slowly at first peeling back the silken fold, then rushing headlong into glorious wet.    I wriggled my finger around in Mandy’s bum, she began to squeal and push down unto my finger.    My cock was being rammed in and out of its cave, being pulled right out until nearly escaping then being slid all the way back in, in one movement it was delicious, delirious and then I felt it start.   “I’m cumming I moaned as my mouth was crushed under a streaming cunt and with that I exploded inside whatever trapped my surging cock.   It started in my toes and rushed all the way up my body and back down to my balls as I gushed and gushed loads of sperm inside whatever held me.   “Me too” wailed Mandy and I could feel her muscles ripple with the sensation, her bum muscles tighten and then her juices flowed out over my face and tongue.    I thought I could hear someone moan and then the person riding my cock stopped, I could feel her cunt milking me dry and then she relaxed and my balls felt as if someone had poured warm oil over them.

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We all lay there  not moving then Mandy leant back and raised herself off my face, a drop her sex juice dripped out unto my nose Sorry Jack” she apologised as she wiped it off.
      Jude fell forward unto my chest and lay there and as I looked over her shoulder I could see Lou who had been sitting on my cock facing away from me stand up and as she was about to release my sore cock she reached down and held her hand to stem the flow of cum that was trickling down her legs.
    She went to hobble to the downstairs toilet but Mandy grabbed her and pulled her down, rolled her back and began to suck our mingled sex juices out of her cunt.    You could hear her lapping and sucking away determined not to miss any of it.
    Jude put her arms around me and gave me a big cuddle wit a lovely kiss on my neck saying “you are a special boy jack – perhaps I should have kept you for myself”   I watched as Mandy continued to lick out Lou and very soon Lou’s hips began to buck as Mandy sucked and nibbled her clit and then Mandy’s hand disappeared as her finger sought Lou’s anus, she must have found it because Lou began to lift her bottom off the floor and slam it back down and all of a sudden she began to cry as an extreme orgasm hit her and let go of all of her emotions.   It was strange it was as if she was crying and laughing at the same time, then she collapsed totally spent.
    “ I need a drink” I moaned and heaved Jude off “git” she said “I was comfy there but get me one to”  and this was met with similar wails of “and me” from the others.    I came back in with the drinks and noticed that the film had just finished as it flapped around on the spare reel “bloody hell we’ve missed most of it “ I commented to be answered by Mandy “who needs a film with you her Jack” which was met with agreement from the other girls.    We sat on the sofa and drank our beer and the Mandy came over and sat down between my legs and began to lick my foreskin, she pulled the skin back and licked the join between skin and head which began to cause my cock to swell.   Its head was red from the riding Lou had given it but with Mandy’s persistence and greedy lips it soon stood to full attention.   
    “ I need to be filled now” Mandy demanded and she stood up, turned away from me and lowered herself unto my cock.   She let it slip in slowly and then began to slide up and down with her slippery tube making farting nosies the faster she went.   Lou was flat out on the floor.   Jude came alongside me and kissed me softly and gently, nibbling my ears and then nipples, gently encouraging me, whispering into my ear “go on fuck her, fill her full of spunk, that’s it fuck her” and at the same time she slipped a hand down and parted Mandy’s bum cheeks, licked her fingers and pushed a digit into her bum.   I watched fascinated as I could see the sphincter muscle hold firm and resist and then like a seal it parted and allowed the finger to slip in with no leakage or gap.

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         Responding to his Mandy reached down and tugged on my balls and slipped her own finger past seeking my bum hole and on finding it rather than penetrate she simply circled the hole with her finger and gently pushing back the entry without completing which began to send me crazy.
    “That’s it” I cried – she took her finger away “No No do that again” I pleaded and she returned to her duty.   I began to come as she raised herself up to the tip of my cock, holding it with her cunt lips and then contracted the muscles which blew me away and I shot my load and then just when I thought I’d finished she slid all the way down unto my shaft and I felt as if I had emptied my entire being into her.    As she slid down she barked “fucking hell !!!!” and the sat quietly on my lap holding unto my knees.
    “Are you OK” Jude asked quietly “ Yeah I’m fine just a bit gone really” I replied “Just lie there I’ll bring you a drink of water” and she left and returned with a glass “Drink this you’ll feel better” Jude urged.    She slapped Mandy on the arse and said ”get your arse up you greedy girl, you can’t keep him all to yourself”  Mandy stood up and a flow of cum ran down her leg as she raced for the toilet.    Jude came over with some tissues and helped clean up then suggested we have a shower to clean up.
    We all piled into the big double shower and washed each other gently and then dried off but everyone was too spent to do anything else except I suspected Jude but she did not make a big thing about it.    It was getting late so we headed off, dropped Lou off on the way and drove heading toward home all the while not a word had been said apart from grunts of goodbye.   Jude pulled into to a farm entry, it was getting fairly dark and switched off the engine.   She leant over and I turned my head to meet her and we kissed, the softest, most gentle kiss I have ever had.   “Mmm that’s nice “ I croaked   “Jack . . I don’t know what to say, I enjoyed tonight but ,   but I want to see you on my own” she blurted out  “But if you want to see all of us then that’s fine as well cause I started it and its my fault” she continued, her eyes moistening over.   “Hey Jude   -  theres a song like that isn’t there” I joked  she turned away, I reached out and drew her back and answered “I’d like to see you too – on our own”.

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         Her arms shot round me and hugged me and she added “I’ll always be your friend Jack – no matter what”
    We drove home holding hands, girlfriend and boyfriend but agreed not to be exclusive unless together, she dropped me off, kissed me that same slow soft, engulfing kiss and then warned “be careful next week Jack – Mandy will have told a few of the girls so they’ll be out to get you so don’t let them bully you into something you don’t want” “Oh and enjoy what you do want” and she was gone in a puff of beetle smoke.
    “So Mandy will tell the others” I thought as I went inside “ I wonder if she’ll tell Ellen Sheafer the blonde gorgeous one that was there last year” and with that went to.
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