Manchild : Chapters 1 - 4


Chapter 1 – The Babysitter
Mum and Dad had gone out for the night, my brother was staying at a friends and my sister was having a sleepover so there I was in 1967 aged 14 years and being “baby sat” by my fathers secretary – how pissed off was I.    I had suggested that a friend David come over and stay the night so we would be OK until mum and dad came home about 12:30 – but oh no I was being baby sat – how humiliating.
Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Rita, she had been working for my dad for nearly 7 years, she was 28 years old and I mean OLD, with brunette hair and a petite but well formed body but still OLD.
Tea went OK, she tried to make conversation but I just wanted to watch TV then at 8:00 she said I had to go to bed – go to bed on a Friday night at 8:00 – Great!   Delaying action – have a bath and so there I lay soaking and putting off the time.    I climbed out of the bath and started to dry myself, wrapped the towel around me and headed back to my room.    Rita was staying in my sister’s room and as I came out of the bathroom the door was slightly open and I could see her changing out of her work gear into some casual clothes and wow what a nice pair of tits she had.
I’d thought it before I realised and then in a fluster stumbled on the towel and tripped falling unto the floor.   Rita rushed out in her knickers and bra to see what had happened and suddenly I realised I was lying there with no towel covering me and a very stiff willy.    Neither of us moved then Rita reached down gave me a pull up which only pulled me closer to her and in doing so my uncontrollable beast hit off her leg – well I jumped back embarrassed, rampant and not sure what to do so I turned my back to Rita.   Rita picked up the towel walked forward and said that I had better get dried off before I catch a cold and started to rub me down with the towel and then turned me round to dry my front.   She ran the towel over my upper torso and then looking down she smiled and said that I should be proud of a cock that size, then dropped to her knees and cupped my balls in her hands and took my cock into her mouth.  
Wow! Wow! And Oh Shit! – the warmth, wetness and sensation sent me over the edge immediately and I spurted and spurted into her mouth but she just kept sucking and swallowing.   I nearly collapsed as this was my first cum (apart from the occasional wank) – Rita held me and took me into my room where she helped me lie down and then started to take off her clothes.    I noticed that her knickers were very dark, wet looking at the crutch and was soon to find out why.
She lay alongside me and kissed and stroked me and got me to suck her nipples at first and then rotate them between my finger and thumb to a point where she started to moan so I stopped.    “No, no please don’t stop” she said and explained that when a woman is turned on she sometimes moans but that does not mean she is being hurt.

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    She guided my hand to her dark curls between her legs and parted her legs to reveal what looked like a pair of lips that were swollen and moist – almost pouting.   And how right was I.     I slipped my finger in and was surprised at the wetness and slipperiness and she instructed me to circle the little bud that was protruding and flick it gently.   This brought more moans and more wetness then she sat up and positioned her legs either side of my head and told me to lick her cunt.
That was a new word for me but I was soon to learn more.   Stick your tongue in she told me and as I did her juices began to flood out.   Then she began to suck and lick my cock gently then as it roused from its sleep she became more urgent until it was throbbing to a point where nearly painful.   She dug her nails into my balls and this whilst painful had the desired effect in slowing my rising pace.   Rita swung around off me and then poised her cunt over my hard cock and dropped down unto it which took me by surprise and then began to ride it with frenzy.   I began to cum again and with that she screamed out and the contractions from her cunt which had my cock locked in it milked me dry.
We both lay there and then we looked at the clock and saw it was nearly ten thirty so she told me to have a quick shower which I did under her watchful eye and then she quickly showered as well.   “Get into your pyjamas” she said “and get into bed Jack” she said “it is time for you to sleep”.   She kissed me lightly on the cheek and told me not to talk about what happened to anyone and then closed the door.   I tried to stay awake but I was shagged well and truly and the next thing I knew I was wakening at 9 the next morning.   I lay there unsure if it was a dream or not but then realised that the tenderness in my manhood was proof that it happened.

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The weekend went slowly until school on Monday when at break time I told my close mates what had happened and with mouths open they then said I was dreaming again.   After school we trooped down to dads office and watched Rita walk across to the workshops.   The lads turned to me and said “bollocks, no way that she would have anything to do with you” and then told me I was a liar.   I shut my mouth about to protest and learnt my first, sorry fourth valuable lessons to never blab and keep things to yourself.
And thus began a relationship and deep friendship that has lasted nearly forty years to date and which launched me on my journey into and education of all things sex which has not yet stopped.  
Chapter 2 – The Face Down
I was unsure really what to do about what had happened and had avoided going into the office which was unusual for me as I was always in helping either in the workshops or the office.   Then dad said that Rita wanted me to help her reorganise the filing so would I go in on Saturday morning and work with her.   My face flushed up and dad thought I did not want to but I quickly said no that would be OK.
It took forever for Saturday to come and as I went in to the office I was unsure how to behave or what to say.   Rita was in the kitchen area making tea so she shouted out if I wanted a cup – I said yeah that would be good really because I did not know what else to say.   She came out with two cups flashed a big warm smile and said that it was great to see me and thanks for helping her.    We sat finished the tea and then got stuck in to the reorganisation of the files.
Finishing just about lunch time she said that she would pop across the road and get us fish and chips for lunch by way of thanks.   She returned and we sat and munched through the food both a bit unsure of how to talk about what happened.   She came over took my newspaper with finished chips in it and began to turn away but then turned back, set the debris down and reached out and gently held my head in her hands and leaned down and kissed me so gently, like a warm breath searing my lips with a big surge of what I know now was love.


     “Jack I am sorry” she said “what happened should never have but I enjoyed it and want to keep seeing you. ”
What as a girlfriend I said to which she said no that was not possible as she was married but rather as a secret between us.   I thought about this and as you do I decided that I wanted some more of these lovely feelings I experienced the other night and nodded and said yes that would be great.
Rita’s office was at the back and not overlooked and as the front door was locked she began to kiss me passionately and then reached down and bean to massage the front of my trousers.   In no time my cock was standing to attention and she released the animal at the same time as lifting up the mini skirt that was the fashion at the time and tuned around and lay stomach down upon the desk with her feet still on the floor.   She pulled her knickers aside and I could see that her cunt was glistening as she urged me to stick it in and fuck her (another new word) so I moved forward and pushed my swollen member into that slippery hole.   She immediately thrust back unto it and a moan left her lips “fuck me Jack fuck me hard” 
With that I began to push in and out meeting her rhythm with mine and I reached forward and slipped my hands inside her blouse and felt the hardened nipples thrusting through her bra.   I flipped them out and rotated them between my fingers and felt her liquid flow, from what I had been told was her cunt, increase and trickle down unto my balls.   I leaned back and looked, fascinated by the swollen lips of her sex opening and closing to suck in my shaft.
I ran my fingers down her bottom loving the smoothness of her skin and accidentally brushed over her bum hole.   Rita shivered and moaned at the same time and said “yes just there stroke there” and so with her direction I gently stroked and teased the dark rings around her bum.   I dipped my fingers down to collect some of the juices running from her and used this to lubricate my strokes only to be told” that’s it slip a finger in”.   I hesitated for a minute but not wishing to stop what was happening I did as I was told and inserted a finger and worked it round in a circle as it sank in deeper and deeper, then I inserted a second finger and by this time Rita was beginning to lose it and began to moan louder announcing that she was cumming and before I knew I started spurting my load into her cunt which was contracting with her orgasm and milking me dry.
I stood there behind her my legs like jelly and then slowly withdrew and with a loud plop my cock fell out of her sopping cunt and with it a stream of our mixed juices.    “fuck” she said “I have never cum like that before, never in all my years – that was fantastic”   I stood there a bit red faced not knowing what to say and then muttered something but still in the aftermath.

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     “ Listen Jack you cannot tell anyone about this otherwise I’ll get sacked”  “That’s OK” I said “I’m not going to say anything but I want to see you again”
Rita went quiet for a minute and then promised that she would find a way for us to continue our “love” as she called it.   With that we tidied ourselves up and got on with the business of sorting the office.   Once finished we sat down and had a cup of tea and chatted but as we sat there Ritas skirt had risen up slightly and I could see the big wet patch in her knickers and this must have connected to my cock as Rita said “you horny young devil your cock is hard again”  I looked down and right enough it was pushing out on my jeans like a tent pole.   Before I could say anything she had dropped to her knees and was unzipping my fly and releasing this thing I seemed to have no control over.   “amazing” she said “how can it be hard again so quick”.    Her fingers were stroking my balls and her mouth closed over my pulsing cock shaft, then pulling the foreskin back she began to lick and flick with her tongue that little bit of skin that attached the foreskin to the head and that burst a series of leg wobbling sensations that streamed through my body and brain at the same time.
I could feel my spunk building and building and then Rita withdrew her hand from my balls and put some spittle on the fingers and then slipped it back in but not stopping at my balls I could feel her fingers sliding back toward my arse and my buttocks involuntarily tightened as if to block this.   Then at the same time she took my shaft deep into her throat so that I could feel it hit of the back of her throat and this made me relax and thrust forward.   Rita’s fingers were ringing my anus and at first this had seemed strange but as the circles got deeper and more insistent it began to raise a tide of sensation that was both good and odd.   Rita then began sucking deeply on my cock and then at what was apparently a key moment she pushed her finger past the sphincter muscles and in to the second joint.   She then flexed her finger inside wriggling the top joint inside somewhere that it should not be – but WOW my brain exploded, my balls exploded and my legs went forcing Rita to support me for a few moments.  And I kept pumping and pumping spunk into her greedy mouth.
I groaned and then finished, stepped back and sat on the edge of a desk.   “That was incredible” Rita said “ I have never seen so much cum and never swallowed so much and it tasted sweet”   “I have so much to show you and teach you Jack and I am going to enjoy every moment” then smiled and gave me a big hug and kiss.    We looked at the clock and were surprised that it was nearly three o’clock – “You’d better get home otherwise they will be wondering where you are”.

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    We agreed that I would come into the office as normal and neither of us would acknowledge our special friendship.
I skipped home feeling …. . well feeling unreal really.   Here I was shagging my dads secretary and just how beautiful was she and when would we get a chance to be together again . ?
Chapter 3 – The Ground Rules
Rita’s husband was going away on business for a few weeks and as it was summer holidays Rita suggested to my dad that I could earn some pocket money by repainting her house as a surprise to Norman and as she lived about fifteen miles away I could stay and work all day whilst she was at work.    Dad thought it was excellent idea and that it would keep me busy, my brother laughed thinking it was a punishment and I tried hard to pretend it was a real bind.
Rita collected me a few days later after work and as we drove to her house neither of us spoke – both unsure what would happen – both excited but at the same time scared.    We arrived and she helped me in with my bag which she put into the spare room just in case anyone dropped in to see her or me.    She gave me a few jobs to do as she cooked us something to eat then we sat in silence and expectation as we devoured our food as if getting ready for winter.   We cleaned up after dinner and Rita ran a bath which she said would do us both good and then we both slid into her big corner bath full of bubbles.   We splashed around and then Rita began to wash me and she told me to relax and enjoy.   The feel of her hand running over me, soaping me, cleaning every part of me, parting my buttocks and soaping my arse crack, pushing my foreskin back and washing my tackle and then . . and then.

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  . and then handing me the soap and asking me to clean her.  
In hindsight it was her way of allowing me to explore every crease and crevasse, her hard and soft bits, lifting her tits and washing underneath them, slipping the soap between her silky cunt lips and having her kneel and face away so that I could wash her smooth tight buttocks and arse.   The water was beginning to get cold by the time we finished but our passion and lust was burning brightly with my cock actually sore from the tightness caused by my arousal and when I touched it felt hot.
We dried and then went to Rita’s bedroom where she lay down on the bed and I immediately went to stroke and touch her but she held me back and told me to lie down beside her.   I lay alongside with my stiff young manhood poking into her leg and she then explained that at first lovers should kiss and with that she leant forward and kissed me gently on the lips and I responded with the ignorance of youth.   “ No gently” she said and held my face in her hands controlling the passion and it seemed as if our lips were like soft wet feathers that left a wet sweet taste upon our breath ad then she pushed her tongue slowly into my mouth all the time soothing me and urging me to follow her example.    The effect was electrifying it seemed that when our tongues intertwined it sent a warm urgent feeling all the way to our loins.   She then lay back and told me to gently kiss all the way down her body and to suck gently on her nipples and run my tongue around the little hard knobs that surrounded her nipples.   This brought a series of moans from her and I was surprised to notice how her legs fell open on their own when I sucked her nipples deeply into my mouth.   She guided my head down to between her legs and allowed me to part them and then coached me to lick and kiss her cunt lips, then pulling her lips back she had me insert my tongue right inside her and then drag my tongue down the full length of her slit and not stopping until I circled her bum hole licking away with at first hesitation but then feeling Rita’s response and hearing her moans and seeing pearls of sex juice drip from her, I began to increase the force that my tongue was pushing at her anus with.  
Rita was lost in sensation she raised her hips and pushed back to meet the seeking of my tongue, I inserted my thumb into her bum feeling it slip in past her tight muscle but lubricated from both my tongue and her own sex juice it met no resistance   and once in I began to as instructed rotate the thumb and wriggle the joint once in side.   I continued to lick her cunt and then as Rita pulled her cunt lips back it unsheathed an erect knob.   She told me it was her clitoris and she told me to stroke it and then I took it in my mouth and nibbled it and then suddenly without warning Rita cried out and began to shake and her whole body convulsed.    I could feel her rectum contract and tighten and then a gush of cum streamed out of her cunt running over my tongue, this I lapped up and delighted at the musky taste of her sex.

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Meanwhile my own manhood was rampant, straining as if to burst its skin but I lay and watched as Rita recovered her composure.   A huge smile crossed her face and then she raised herself up and without a word forced me down on the bed and began to lick my neck then suck n my earlobes first one and then the other.   It was incredible, the sensations building and travelling across my body following her tongue.   Her hand reached down and grasped my balls tightly and this nearly sent me over the edge, her other hand slowly pulled back my foreskin and her tongue caressed my bulbous head making me shiver, then she lunged her mouth right down unto my cock taking the full length into her throat then slowly withdrew all the while sucking my shaft.    “I need to come” I said and with that Rita knelt above me and sat up on her hunkers and holding my cock head at the entrance to her cunt rubbed it up and down her slit which was running with sex juice.   She then moved the cock head back and positioned it at the entrance to her bum and slowly slid down unto my shaft.   I felt it falter as her sphincter muscles attempted to keep it out and then it just plopped straight in right up to the hilt.   She sat there for a few minutes and then began to slide up and down my swollen shaft and the hot tight feeling of her anus was sending me rushing to climax.   She then slid right to the top of my cock holding her position with my cock head buried only an inch into her arse and then began to contract her bum muscles tightening and then releasing my cock as if in a milking machine.   I felt it go as if a huge tidal wave wash rushing from my feet and heading towards my balls.   She felt it too and at that point she released her hold and slid straight down unto my cock funnelling my gush up into her bum.  
I nearly screamed it was that intense and then her arms were round me holding me gently whispering in my ear soothing sounds as she helped me ride the storm.   We lay together for some time and then we got up and put on some clothes and sat in the lounge where she offered me a drink.   Rita poured me a glass of red wine but as I turned my nose up at it she told me it was the drink of love and if I was to become a superb lover then I must learn to appreciate and use all the ingredients.   I shrugged took it and sipped at the warm dark liquid within.

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    At first it tasted bitter, stale and then as my taste buds became alive I could sense the subtle flavours enhanced by the spreading warmth in my tummy spreading out to all my limbs.    I sat back and felt so complete and in love!
The next few weeks were spent in decorating Rita’s house during the day, shagging or fucking by night in every conceivable way, cumming in every hole and learning how to make a cunt cream and a woman scream with my tongue and fingers.   But all the time I was lost in a haze of confusion, love, testosterone lust and jealousy – so what was going on here and how were things going to pan out when Rita’s husband arrived home on Friday?   Thursday came and Rita stayed at home with me that day and as we sat and had a leisurely breakfast and then she said “Jack we need to talk so sit down beside me and listen to what I have to say”  I sat down with a dread.   “what we have been doing is against the law but it has been fantastic but we are going to hurt a lot of people if we continue”  “ But I  love you” I blurted.    “And I love you Jack” she said “but the age difference will never work and we will both suffer if we continue in this way”  “So what are you saying” I blubbed  “what I am saying” Rita  calmly said “ is that I will always be your friend, we may snatch some time together but no promises or expectations and I will guide you as you grow up in all things to do with love and sex”
“OK but what do we do when we see each other” I asked “the same as we do now – treat each other with respect and friendship”  “now lets make the most of our last day” and with that she knelt down unzipped my fly and began to slowly flick the end of my cock with her tongue.   Come lets go into the bedroom she said and grabbed my hand and led me to the slaughter.    She made me strip off and sit on the chair next to the bed and the tied my legs and arms with some old ties, not tightly but just enough to keep me in place and the produced a box from under the bed which held some penis shaped rubber items “these she said are dildos and I am going to show you to use them on your partner to heighten the sex and make them cum and I hope that you being tied will also show you other aspects of sex which make the climax explosive.
Rita spread a sheepskin rug on the floor in front of the chair and arranged the toys beside her and lay back open a small tube of what appeared to be grease but what she said was lubricant which she put a small dob on the tip of the long slim dildo.   She reached down and rubbed it round in a circle at the entrance to her bum hole and then slowly pushed it in – at first I could see the rim of her bum trying to hold it out then it just seemed to part and it went right in all 4 inches of soft rubber.   At the end of the dildo was a red circle which she twisted and as she did so it began to hum and I thought I could see her bum lips vibrate and before I could ask her what it was a moan left her lips involuntarily and a slightly glazed look came over her face.   She licked her lips and then told it was a vibrator that sent pulses through then she unveiled this big long rubber dildo that appeared to have two ends to it – it was massive!
What do you do with that I asked – watch and learn she replied and began to rub one end around the lips of her cunt and as I watched small globules of liquid seeped out of those lips and began to moisten the tip of this thing, then she began to insert it and pushed it all the way or as far as it would go which still left half of it outside which she grasped firmly and began to slide the thing in and out getting faster and faster then suddenly she began to shudder and a scream left her lips and she fell back.   I was transfixed and as she fell back two spurts of liquid shot out of her cunt hitting my leg.   The smell that came from it was sweet, musky, heady – all too much and I realised that my cock was actually hurting.   I looked down and the head of my penis was a reddy purple, swollen as if ready to burst and as I watched a big pearl like drop of liquid oozed out of the eye of this now raging angry beast.   My eyes felt red and raw, my breathing was fast as if in pants like a dog and my foreskin was so sore as it thirsted to be pulled back and released.

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    Rita came up and immediately saw that things were coming to a head and that I needed to unload this built up sexual energy.   She turned her arse to me and having removed the vibrator from her bottom slipped down unto my cock so that the head just entered her bum hole. She held herself there and then tightened her sphincter muscles clamping down unto my cock and then began to contract and retract the muscles around my head.   It was too much I began to let it go and then suddenly she just slid right down unto my cock taking it all into her bum.   The heat of her insides and that final motion sent me over the top and like a tidal wave I came thrusting up into her tight arse very hard and out of control.   She hung onto my legs and then it was over.
Rita sat there letting me subside before pulling of my still hard cock with a loud plop and as she did so a stream of my cum leaked out of her hole.   She hobbled over to the bathroom and sat on the loo for a few minutes leaving me to gather myself and then came out with some baby wipes.   Rita explained that it was important that when butt fucking you had to make sure that both my cock and her surrounding areas were cleaned after to avoid any embarrassing minor infections due to the bacteria in her bum but other than that it was perfectly safe.
Afterwards I sat thinking what it was going to be like back home and how this had changed my life and in retrospect set in motion my whole life and sex life pattern that would influence me, corrupt me and ultimately make me who I am – but wow was I not ready for how my life was to alter, but you’ll read about that later.
Chapter 4 – The Ripple
Well off I went back home and back to reality but I wasn’t really there, I drifted along my mind full of unanswered questions, full of guilt, full of jealousy and generally unsettled because subtly all around me the reactions I was getting back from boys and girls had changed and I hadn’t figured out what was different only that something had changed.
The first strange things involved my brother who was three years older and his mates who generally teased the hell out of me and their girlfriends who just ignored me, I walked into the lounge of our holiday home where we spent the first years of our life and instead of having to sit on the floor Spud one of my brother Michael’s best friends actually said “here Jack sit here we’ll budge up” and with that they squeezed up on the sofa.
      I stood there with a stupid look on my face and then sat down.    The guys started to ask me what I was doing at the weekend and my brother got really quiet for some reason.    Cheryl his girlfriend had big eyes with curly mess of black hair with a beautiful smile which used to make my heart stop started to chat to me as did the other girls but I did not hear a thing they said as I was totally confused as they never acknowleged me let alone speak before – what is going on.

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    Anyway it turned out that there was a party at the house that weekend and Michael had said that he would look after me so no mum and dad – great!  Saturday drifted by with a late start and then a swim in the sea followed by getting ready for the party which did not include food as everybody met at the pub first having eaten and then about ten they migrated round to the house.   I squeezed into Spud’s car having been asked if I wanted to come to the pub – me go to the pub – what was going on, but I said yes and off we went and the arriving at the pub I could see Spud and Michael have words about me being there and hearing Michael say “he not old enough to be here” and Spud replying “he’s big enough now Mike – he seems much more grown up” “well keep an eye on him then Spud” Michael replied and that was it.
    We went into the pub and Neelie who owned the pub looked up and stared at me and said “evening Jack – your first time then” and I went red because I thought back to my time with Rita “The first drink is on me so what will it be?” said Nellie and without waiting for a reply she began to pull a pint of lager and then handed it to me with a knowing smile.   I walked through the pub to the back room where the young ones gathered and was met with questioning stares and then a welcoming smile and grunt form all as I circulated.   Cindy who was brunette, long slim legs and very sticky out breasts looked up and said “hi Jack down for the summer” “Yeah” I said “staying down with Mike at the Bay” “good, I’d like you to meet my cousin who is about your age and is staying with me for the summer” and with that she stepped back to reveal a stunning red head, with pale skin and pouting lips and I simply said “hi, pleased to meet you, I’m Jack” and the redhead giggled and introduced herself as  Lisa.   Now normally I would have stood there awe struck with my tongue hanging out but the new me simply stood and chatted and then drifted off around the room talking to people.   I was not interested in girls because I had a woman!
    The night went on and as we moved from the pub to the Bay there were more of us to fit into cars so as I clambered into Spuds back seat I was forced to sit on Cindy’s knee as she was already ensconced and as we were driving round I could feel a hand stroke my bottom and then slip up round and tug my balls.   I nearly jumped out of my skin but then we were there.   We all bailed out and the party started for real.    Now my brother always had girlfriends but he never seemed to keep them and at on time he had gone out with Cindy and as the night progressed Cindy would be more and more beside me chatting with her conversation getting more and more slurred as the booze took effect.     Meanwhile I was getting slowly drunk and at one point having gone for a wee upstairs came out of the toilet to find Cindy propped there.   She lurched forward and grabbed me and then straightened herself and said “sorry Jacks” and then suddenly she leaned forward and with moist beery lips kissed me gently and softly on the lips.   Now after the condensed training sessions with Rita my response was automatic and I returned the kiss and slowly slipped my tongue in gently and explored her mouth and then sucked lightly on her tongue.   I could feel the intake of breath from her and she pushed herself forward and wound her arms around me.    I ran my hand up her arm gently stroking the soft under-hang and then slid it up to the back of her neck as Rita had shown me and stroked the back of her neck and trailed the fingers round to under the throat – a shudder racked through Cindy, I could hear a small moan escape her lips unbidden and her smell became more musky as she became turned on.


    My cock had risen and was persistently digging into her leg. She ran her hand down my back, around my waist and then down my thigh until she got to the beast. She held back and then tentatively squeezed the body of my now rampant cock and then as if overcome she grasped it firmly and said “my god Jack you have grown up”   The door at the bottom of the stairs opened and with that we jumped apart and I went off toward my room with a tent at the front of my trousers and mumbled something like “I’ll be down in a moment”.   Cindy popped into the toilet and I retreated till my erection had subsided, which only took a couple of minutes.   I made my way downstairs and got another beer.
    Later I could see Cindy talking to some of the other girls and then look across at me and smile but I continued circulating as I was not sure what Mike and his friends would say about me snogging one of their friends.   The night went on and about two o’clock I was fagged so I said goodnight to friends and headed upstairs to bed leaving Mike and his mates to their own devices.   About half an hour later I was lying there just chilling when I heard someone come to my door and the handle turned and cracked open with Cindy’s head looking round the corner.   “Just came to see if you were OK” she whispered “is it all still happening down there then” I asked “yes they have all gone unto the beach to swim”   I pulled up my blanket as I was only wearing jama bottoms and Cindy came over and sat on the bed.   I was just about to say something when she again leaned over and kissed me.   I responded and as she leaned forward I reached up and cupped one of her breasts in my hand then slowly traced the outline of her nipple with my finger.   She fell forward and our kissing became more passionate, I unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her large breasts which had a very large outer brown area which I had been told was the aureole  and her nipples stood straight out and were the size of my small finger in breadth.   I pushed her back off me and as she leaned back I leant forward and slowly licked the little studs that stood up on the perimeter of the aureole and as I did this they stood to attention and I could see the nipple swell further.   I sucked the nipple into my mouth which caused Cindy to moan out loud and again that musky odour made my head swim slightly.   I continued sucking her nipples and then gently pinched one of the nipples to see if it had an effect.

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        Cindy nearly jumped up in the air and pushed her tongue further into my mouth and as I kneaded her nipples one at a time between my finger and thumb I could tell she was building to a climax.   I lay her back on the bed and ran my hand up her leg and under the mini-skirt she was wearing and moving my hand in a gentle circular motion as it got higher and higher until I touched her pantied sex.   Her knickers were ringing wet and I slipped a finger past the panties and traced the outline of her cunt gathering her natural lubricant as I went.   Slowly , slowly I told myself, remember all those lessons – a man must look after his partner first before he unloads his own energy.   I slipped my two fingers into her crease and firmly pulled them through all the way up to where I knew her clitoris was hidden and then flicked the folds that had kept it hidden.   I could feel her urgency build further and I reached down with my other hand and pulled back the lips that revealed a button that stood up about half an inch which I encircled with my finger and thumb and rotated it between them.   Cindy juddered, began to move her hips in spasms and ejaculated her own juice over my fingers and then collapsed on the bed, the smell was sweet and yet musky so I slipped two fingers inside her and brought them out covered in sex juice which I greedily sucked off them.   Cindy watched this and just moaned out loud again and said “where did you learn that – my god no one has ever made me come like that and never touched my button” I smiled and said nothing then Cindy noticed my throbbing member poking out from my pyjamas “well I guess I’d better return the favour Jack cause it would be wrong to leave you with that” and she sat up and made me lie down while she licked my balls and then circled my head with her lips and then peeled back my foreskin as she sucked my cock right up into her mouth.    I could feel her tongue flick the join where the gland joins the foreskin and I began to build my own climax. “my god I must have this in me” Cindy moaned “no I said not tonight we have no protection” and she nodded and continued to lap away then she pulled the foreskin right back and took the whole of my seven and a half inches into her mouth and past her throat and I could feel her throat begin to pulse on my cock head as if milking it , she tightened her grip on my balls and sunk her nails into my scrotum which finished me and I began to spurt and spurt my spunk but she kept swallowing and when I finished she gently kicked it clean.
    We both lay back and Cindy said “fuck me Jacks it’s a good job your not like your brother, we went out for four months and not once did he try anything on so in the end I gave up”  “please Cindy I do not want to hear about Mike, that’s personal stuff”  “Yeah your right sorry, but he does have a problem that’s why none of the girls stay with him”  “But where have you learned this Jack because this is not your first time and I knew there was something different about you tonight”  “I’m sorry Cindy its private” I replied “that’s ok as long as that goes for everything”  “Cindy I will not tell a soul because I know it may cause a problem”  “Bloody hell Jack you are only fourteen how can you know all this and have this affect not just on me but some of the other girls picked up something as well”
    “We’d better get dressed before they come back” so we dressed and went back downstairs and sat and chatted waiting for the gang to return.
    I stayed up till dawn and during the rest of the night I had strange looks from the other girls but knowing what I know now they smelt the sex and the hormones but couldn’t put them together with me – if only they knew!
    The summer went on and Cindy and I were unable to get together again but she pushed her cousin toward me who in her words needed a few lessons from someone who was gentle than find out from some oik on the back seat of a.
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