Me and You


    I walk into the bedroom and see you sitting on my bed, smiling I move towards you running my hands over my breasts through my t-shirt. My nipples start to harden as I touch myself. You move to sit on the edge of the bed as I pull my t-shirt off revealing my red lace bra. I straddle you kissing you from your collarbone to your ear, gently sucking your earlobe into my mouth. I shiver with excitement as you slide your hands up and down my spine before reaching to unclasp my bra. You gently slide the straps of my bra down my arms as I kiss you on the mouth, my tongue moving to circle yours. I move one of my hands under your shirt as I use the other t unbutton and remove it. I push you back so your lying on my bed and kiss my way down your body. I feel your cock straining at your trousers through mine.
    Your hands move to my breasts, running your fingertips over my nipples before rolling them between your finger and thumb. I arch against you and move so my breasts are level with your mouth. As you take one nipple into your mouth, flicking teasingly with your tongue, your hands move down into my trousers, squeezing my bum and running you hand between my thighs, trying to reach my pussy. I move so that you can’t reach.
    Laughing quietly I get off you and step away from the bed. You sit up to watch as I button my jeans and slide them off, so I’m standing there in just a red thong. I kneel down on the floor in front of you, I unbutton your jeans and pull them and your boxers off.

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   I bend down so my mouth is just hovering over the head of your cock. You can feel my warm breath teasing you. I run my hand over your balls as my tongue slowly moves up your shaft until it reaches the head. I take your cock deep into my mouth, circling the head with my tongue until you moan and lie back on the bed. I remove my mouth to allow me to move on top of you placing my pussy above your mouth. As I take you cock back into my mouth you move my thong to one side and your tongue flicks out of your mouth across my pussy before sliding in.
    I moan and start to gently suck your cock as I run a hand down over your balls towards your ass. Your tongue slides out and moves up to hit my clit, making me buck against your mouth. As you suck my clit into your mouth and flick it with your tongue I feel an orgasm grow inside me. I move off you so I’m lying on the bed, my legs spread apart. You move your head to between my legs and continue to use your mouth on my clit as I moan and shake as I orgasm, my whole body bucks off the bed.
    You move up the bed and kiss me, shoving your tongue into my mouth. One of your hands moves over my breasts as the other positions your cock at the entrance to my pussy. Slowly you side and only an inch inside of me. I moan in pleasure and buck my hips begging for more.

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   You laugh and withdraw from me completely before sliding back in two inches. I roll over so I’m on top and take your whole cock deep inside me. You grab my arse and move me up and down on top of you. I arch my back as you thrust into me, moving faster and harder as you get close to coming.
    As you get close I move off you, and use my hand on your cock, moving it slowly, teasingly, preventing you from coming. I move my mouth back down and move my tongue over the head of your cock. I got on my hands and knees on the bed. You moved behind me sliding your cock into my pussy. I start to rock back and forth, moving back to meet your every thrust. I move my hand under me, moving my finger on my clit, getting myself close to another orgasm. Your thrusting is speeding up as we both get close. I turn my head round to look at you. We both moan in pleasure as we come together, moaning so loudly I feel the neighbour would have probably here us. We collapse onto the bed, kissing and smiling, gently stoking each other until we slowly drift off to sleep.

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