Me, the beach, the cinema and Melissa


My name is Joanna, I'm from central England, I'm about 5'6 tall, with shoulder length dark hair, hazel or green eyes, an English size 10 in clothes, with 34 'b' cup boobs. I was on holiday in West Australia, visiting my brother and for the first week or so, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I woke up that morning, with everything as normal, my brother and wife had left for work way before I'd woken up, the sky was its usual clear blue, the sun beating down as the temperature rapidly raced to thirty degrees. With nobody else home I got out of bed around 9. 00 am, not bothering to put anything on, I sauntered into the kitchen naked and made my breakfast. I always preferred to be nude, it made me feel free and uninhibited, also a touch horny, so allowed me easy access to my body, giving me freedom to touch myself all over and to eventually masturbate. After breakfast, I headed into the shower, feeling somewhat aroused by the water cascading down my body and me washing myself but managed to resist the urge to masturbate. I wanted to get to the beach and then that afternoon I'd planned to go to the cinema and watch a film. I put my bikini in my beach bag with a towel, slipped on a sarong and got into my car to head off to the beach. I hadn't  decided which beach to go to but passed my usual haunts, feeling a bit daring, I pulled up at the nude beach, reached onto the back seat and grabbed my bag, opening it to look for my bikini. What was I thinking about, I was at the nude beach, I wasn't going to need anything to wear. My heart was pounding with excitement, this was a first for me as I locked the car and headed down the sandy path to the beach. The further down the path I walked, the wider it became, until I found myself on the beach, being the middle of the week, it was fairly quiet, just a sprinkling of people here and there, a good day for me to begin bearing my entire body for the world to see. Most people said that I had a nice body and as I swam a fair bit and went a run most days, I'd say that I was in good shape, a flat stomach, nice legs I thought, my breasts could have been bigger but then they wouldn't hold their rounded shape as well as they do, my stomach was flat, which moves down to a cleanly shaved pussy, something I'd been shaving even since my pubes began to grow. I found a spot within twenty metres of the sea, taking my towel out of my bag, lying it neatly on the sand, before kneeling on it, looking around nervously to see if anybody was watching me. I took in a deep breath and took off my sarong, putting it in my bag, leaving me naked for all to see as I sat down looking out to sea.

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   I squirted a streak of sun tan lotion down each leg, rubbing it slowly all over each leg, from my toes right up to my thighs. Holding out the fingers of my left hand, I squirted out some more lotion, this time rubbing it from my neck downwards, as I circled each breast, in a way similar to when I was about to masturbate, I noticed that my nipples were fully hardened and as  I applied the lotion couldn't help letting out a pleasurable moan, my arousal making them very sensitive to the touch. More lotion was put on to my body, over my stomach and finally over my pubic mound and pussy, I wasn't that surprised to find that my clit was hard and pussy soaked by my excitement. I lay down and tried to relax, trying to ignore how turned on I was but as the sun beat down on my naked flesh, it was virtually impossible to refuse giving my body the attention it was desiring. In an act of desperation I decided to go for a swim in the sea, so, standing up I walked down towards the calm azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean, until step by step I moved into the sea, with every stride forward the water became deeper, cooling my warm body. As the water rose to a level just below my pussy, I dived forward, immersing myself completely before jumping up five metres further into the ocean, so able to stand neck deep in water. As I stood cooling down, I noticed there were more people on the beach, all naked, seemingly unaware of their public nudity or anybody else and realised that I was as anonymous as they were, so decided to return to the sand and go for a walk to dry off. Standing on the shoreline, letting the water drain off my body, I felt so alive and was growing in confidence, so turned and began walking slowly along the waters edge, making an effort not to look too obvious as I eyed the naked bodies lying on the sand. It wasn't as though they were all gorgeous, the guys had a certain appeal as I looked at their flaccid cocks lying innocently in the warm sunshine but then I became aware that I was seeing some of the females in a new light, almost as though I wanted to touch them sexually, my god, what was wrong with me. I walked for about thirty minutes before making an about turn, to head back to my towel and to sunbathe. Finally I arrived back at my towel, which was now surrounded by other nude sun worshipers but by now, I didn't care as I lay down on my back and closed my eyes, allowing the sun to cares my body. It wasn't long before I'd totally relaxed, almost forgetting where I was, my nipples soon sprung to life again as my thoughts wondered what it would be like to touch another girl or to be touched by one. My pussy started to moisten as I started to lose myself in my fantasy, of being kissed passionately, being kissed and licked slowly down my body, my breasts being sucked, nipples licked, bitten and pulled, all by another woman. By now, my mind was a blur, my body aroused to its limits, mouth open as my tongue licked my lips seductively, my legs opening as my feet drew closer to my bum and the fingers of my left hand creeping slowly from the towel by my body, up onto my stomach towards my aching vagina. I was now on auto pilot as my right hand started to caress my breasts, gently as first, teasing my nipples with the tips of my fingers and thumb but as the sensitivity of my nipples intensified, my action turned to pinching and pulling.

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   My left hand was tracing circles on my mound, working slowly towards my pussy lips, waiting for my legs to open fully and allow better access. Once on my lips, my fingers could move effortlessly up and down them because by then they were well lubricated from my growing arousal. It wasn't long before two fingers had prised apart my swollen lips, starting their journey deep inside my pussy and to find an intoxicating rhythm in and out in long slow strokes. My breathing soon became more and more erratic as my hips began to buck against my hand, I was close to the point of no return, biting my lip to control my moans but then my fingers began working my clit, I was ready to explode. I could feel my pussy contracting hard as my orgasm neared, opening my eyes, seeing the blue sky above me, the reality of what I was doing and where I was, suddenly hit me but it was too late. My body froze, I was unable to breath, this was it! In a sudden release my orgasm hit, hips thrusting high off the towel, unable to contain my moans, I let out a long satisfied audible groan of pleasure as a second and third wave of climax left my body, until finally I started to relax. I felt very self conscious all of a sudden but thought I'd create even more attention to myself if I was to get up and leave immediately, so tried to relax an enjoy this opportunity to soak up the sun. I lay there for about thirty minutes before having one final dip in the sea and walking naked to the car, once there I put on my sarong and headed home. Once I arrived back home, I rang the cinema to check on the availability of a gold class seat (seats where you can put up your feet and have a drink before hand in the gold class lounge), had a bit of lunch and a quick shower. What should I wear, I thought as I entered my room? I picked out my white dress, which had a multicoloured paint splattered pattern on it, fastened with press studs up the front and came down to a point just above my knees. I rarely wear a bra, so didn't even consider picking one out but wearing a white dress, it meant that either my undies had to be small and light coloured or I should consider not wearing any. Eventually, I decided on a white thong, which tied nicely on my hips with little bows. I was ready to head off to watch the film. I arrived at the cinema with thirty minutes to spare before the film was scheduled to start, so, after buying my ticket, headed up to the gold class lounge to have a drink and maybe get something to eat. People were sitting in little groups chatting amongst themselves and once I'd got a cup off coffee and a chocolate bar, I found a seat and table where I could relax and read a gossip magazine which I'd picked up on the way in.

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   A few minutes passed, with me becoming engrossed by and article about some soap star, when I heard a voice say,    "Were you at the beach this morning?"Standing in front of me was a gorgeous blonde girl, I'd say, in her early twenties, piercing blue eyes, a little shorter than me, maybe 5'4, in an extremely short skirt, showing off her tanned shapely legs and a tight top, clinging to every luscious curve of her breasts, which I'd noticed were bra free. Before I could answer, the cheeks of my face started to burn with embarrassment and I stammered out a reply,    "Yes I was!"She blurted out in excitement,    "Oh wow! I thought it was you but wasn't sure, you looked drop dead gorgeous on the beach, not that you don't look as good now, god you do. Do you mind if I sit down, I'm here by myself and it looks like you are too. I'm Melissa by the way. "I smiled and gestured for her to sit down, trying not to die from embarrassment. She was so bubbly, it was     impossible not to like her and yes, I'd say I fancied her straight away.     "Was it your first time on a nude beach today?" She asked.     "Yes it was, how did you guess? My name's Joanna by the way. "    "Well, when I got to the beach, I saw you in the water, it looked as though you were trying to hide but then when you were walking, you looked like you relaxed. But then when you lay down, it was like you were very aware of your nudity and couldn't stop being excited. "I was going more red by the second, realising that she had been watching me but I was also very excited knowing that she'd noticed me and had said I was gorgeous, it didn't deter me that we were both the same sex, in fact, it excited me more.     "How long were you watching me for", I asked nervously. Giggling, she replied,    "Oh, all the time, you looked so pretty and I liked that you'd got so turned on and played with yourself, it was incredibly erotic!"    "Oh my god! I cannot believe you saw me, I can't believe I actually did that but you know, wow, was I horny or what!"Melissa was laughing as I talked to her about the beach and what happened, I hadn't for one second even considered what her sexual preference might be or dared to tell her what I was thinking about as I'd masturbated on the beach.     "Hey! What seat are you in Joanna?"I looked down at my ticket.     "Fifty seven C!"    "No way! I'm in fifty seven D.

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   How cool is that, it must be fate or  something, first seeing you this morning, now here and even in the seat next to you. COOL!"Melissa's enthusiasm was infectious, I don't think we stopped talking, even as we walked side by side into the cinema we were chatting away, right up until the screen curtain drew away from the screen, when we agreed to see each other after the film. I was so happy as I kicked off my sandals and settled back to watch the film but never really got interested in watching the film and began thinking how good it was to have met this girl. Then I started to wonder, why she thought I had looked drop dead gorgeous on the beach, why she thought I looked so erotic as I masturbated, did she actually FANCY me and why didn't I hate the thought of that. In fact, I paused in my thoughts, my nipples are rock hard and oh my god, I was turned on, my thong was definitely wet. I casually looked at her, silhouetted in the dimly lit theatre, reflected colours from the film dancing over her sweet face, glancing lower, I couldn't help smiling, noticing her nipples, now obvious through her top, her skirt had ridden up as she sat cross legged, revealing her undies to my view. I decided to look elsewhere, looking at Melissa was only turning me on more and was finding it hard to resist the temptation yearning for satisfaction between my thighs. In the seat immediately to my right was a guy, who given the light I thought was maybe, fifteen or sixteen, obviously there with his girlfriend as they were holding hands. This is no good, I thought, I must watch this film and get my mind off sex. For the next fifteen or twenty minutes I managed to start concentrating on the film and was actually feeling pretty normal again. Hearing shuffling from the seat to my right, I turned slowly to see what was going on. The guys girlfriend was now sitting on his lap, legs curled up as if he was part of the chair and were locked together kissing passionately. Seeing them together inflamed my desires once more, his hand up under her top, obviously caressing her breasts, my own nipples now hard again, my pussy becoming wet again as I saw that her skirt was hitched up, revealing all of her legs and tiny knickers. I was transfixed as I watched their passion develop, seeing her hand disappear between her body and his, oh my god, she was undoing his shorts and the hand that had been working her breasts was now pushing her knickers down her thighs, past her knees, allowing her to kick them on the floor. I was fully aroused after seeing that, a deep tingling sensation in the depths of my pussy and was almost unaware that I'd undone the bottom half of my dress, my legs parted slightly as fingers massaged my pussy through the fabric of my thong.

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   Seeing the couple to my right was the catalyst sparking me to want to satisfy myself but as in the morning my thoughts were now of something that before that day, had never entered my head, more specifically, they were of Melissa making love to me, our two bodies wrapped together grinding hard as we kissed. My eyes closed as my breathing became shallower, my fingers working my pussy with greater intensity, legs opening wider. Another stud on my dress popped open as I moved my hand upwards, searching for the waistband of my underwear, fingers and hand slipping under the fabric of my thong getting closer to my pussy lips, my heart pounding as my desire increased. I was in my own little world, the thoughts of Melissa touching me, was driving me over the edge, my eyes were closed, mouth open, tongue writhing between my lips. I felt the top stud of my dress open and seconds later a second revealed more of my body to the world. I could feel a hand slip inside my dress, over my right breast, cupping my flesh tenderly. Fingers and thumb moved seductively to my hardened nipple before teasing gently, pinching, twisting, pulling, to the point where it added to my stimulation, sensitising my breasts to their maximum. The fingers of my right hand were now deep inside my vagina, finding a steady long rhythm in and out, my breathing extremely erratic verging on moaning, the nails of my left hand digging into the chair as the pleasurable feelings grew inside me. It suddenly dawned on me, who's hand was on my breast, so, nervously opened my eyes. Looking right, towards the couple, thinking it may have been one of them, it was obvious that they too, only had eyes for what they were doing, the girl now straddling his body, moving on and off his cock. Turning my head left, Melissa smiled lovingly at me as her fingers worked harder on my nipple. I beamed a return smile but the knowledge that it was her caressing me sent me over the edge, as my pussy contracted, I let out a long groan as the first wave of orgasm hit, surge after surge followed, before my body could relax. Melissa got up and moved to stand at the end of my chair, my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation, what was she going to do, oh my god is she going to kiss my, my mind was racing, I was so nervous. She was smiling at me, looking deep into my eyes as she reached forward to pull me further down in the chair, then standing up again, her hands disappeared behind her, seconds later, her skirt fell to the floor, her fingers pulling at the waistband of her panties, easing them over her hips, allowing them to slip effortlessly down her silky smooth sexy legs. Bending forward, she took hold of my dress and with a cheeky grin on her face, a swift tug from either of her hands opened my dress fully.

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   Without hesitation, she reached for the bows of my thong, pulled at them, letting the fabric exposed my sodden pussy to her. I was paralysed with nervous anticipation as she straddled my open legs, then sitting between them, her pussy millimetres from mine, her legs now wrapping around me easing our bodies together. I let out a gasp as our pussy's touched,  melting into each other, gripping her top, she lifted it over her head, leaving her nude on top of me. Her hands, lead by the seductive touch of her fingers, traced up my stomach, over my breasts, up to my shoulders, pushing my dress off and down my arms, her face, her lips, now only centimetres away from mine, I could feel her warm breath. She continued to move onto me, I felt my hard nipples pressing into her warm soft flesh and her nipples into mine. My hips, involuntarily, began to grind against her rhythmically. She paused as the lips of our mouths touched for the very first time, soft and moist as they pressed harder together, lips parting nervously, almost in hope but then as I pushed my tongue forward, hers was there to meet mine. We were kissing, the passion igniting like a raging inferno, our hips grinding together harder and faster with each passing moment. My fingers digging in to the flesh of her arse cheeks, pulling her as close to me as I could et her. My legs opened wider, which invited her onto me further, my hardened clit now caressing her and then as she shifted slightly, almost expertly her clit touched mine. Still kissing, we moaned as our clitoris's sent our passions higher, I could feel my orgasm building as my vagina started to contract. Our kiss parted as our bodies froze, neither of us able to breath, I felt her push hard onto me, a sudden rush of moisture leaving her into me, my god, she was cuming but before I could gather my thoughts, my own body  climaxed in ecstatic orgasm, over and over, wave after wave of pleasure, wetness drenching the seat below us. We began to relax, offering each other little kisses, happy to cuddle the other for a  while. After what seemed a lifetime, Melissa said,    "We had better get dressed Joanna",I merely smiled and nodded in agreement, pulling on my dress and fastening the studs, never taking my eyes off her, watching her dress. I picked up my thong and put it into my bag, giggling as the film credits scrolled up the screen and theatre lights switched on.

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   Taking Melissa's hand we walked down the slope out of the cinema. The couple who had been sitting to my right past us, the girl looked at us and said,    "Good film, wasn't it, you two looked to have enjoyed it as much as  we did!"The four of us laughed, cuddling our respective partners while walking towards the exit. As we reached my car we kissed passionately before, still cuddling, Melissa looked at me and said,    "Do you want to follow me home, we have to get to know each other better, I want us to be lovers!"What else could I said, I'd known her less than three hours, had the best sex and orgasms of my life so far and felt so at ease with her, I didn't want to let her go, so, it was off to Cottesloe for me. any feedback please joannacharles@hotmai. com.

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