Meg and I part 2


I took my cock in my hand and guided my eight inches toward her vaginal lips, she opened her legs and again her vagina showed she was more than ready. She had a beautiful cunt really she had shaved all the hair from above her labia and well below and only had a small shaped patch above her slit. The pink skin inside her was glistening in the sunshine as she used the fingers of one hand to spread herself for me to enter her. I could see her wonder button ( her clit) at the top already exposed and ready for me to stimulate to orgasm for her. She was obviously aroused as there were strings of her cunt juices strung across her cunt opening. She was sitting up resting on her one good arm and watching me about to go into her, using the other hand to spread herself wide. I put the top against her lips and slowly applied a forward motion and her lips parted and she watched as my cock slid silently and effortlessly into her warm pink canal of warm wet vagina filled with the natural lubrication that makes it easy and painless for somebody my size to slide into her. She lay back and gave a huge sigh as my entire 8 inches fill her to the brim. I lay down on her and just let my cock lay there deep inside her until she adjusted to my length deeply penetrating her. I could feel the warm sun on my back and balls, which were now down deep and rubbing against the cheeks of her ass. Don’t move she said I just want to feel that wonderful sensation of your cock inside me. It feels wonderful. I said how often have you done this, its obviously not the first time. She said I have had two boys. The first took my virginity about a year ago and I never saw him again. I was heartbroken.

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   Then my last boy friend came along and after three months he and I finally made it, he was a virgin himself and a bit reluctant, but he finally managed it. After that we did it at least one night a week and if I could entice him to, a couple of times. Unfortunately he was a bit too quick for me and finally we both realised I wanted sex more than I wanted him. I never managed to reach an orgasm with him. I had had enough so we broke up only recently. She said how about you.
I said my first time I was seduced by an older woman that I mowed lawns for. She was 36 and I was almost 18. She caught me swimming nude in her pool one day when it was hot and I thought she was out. She was, but she came home and found me and seduced me. I had no way of getting out of it and I have to admit I wasn’t really happy about it – her being that much older but as it worked out it was fantastic and she and I did it every time I mowed her lawns and a couple of other times when I was horny and went over hoping she would ask me and she knew exactly why I went and always obliged. She taught me all I know about lovemaking. My next girl was a very inexperienced but not a virgin but knew nothing about lovemaking only laying there and letting it happen. It was pretty mechanical really and we didn’t last together that long, I got what I wanted but it was just like masturbating really only on top of her.
She said how often do you masturbate and I said a few times a week mostly – I said how about you and she said almost every day, I cant go a day without wanting it.

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   I have a collection of vibrators I use mostly. I didn’t want to say anything but I knew she wasnt lying.
Now I have you she said I hope you will replace my need to do that so often. My mom knows about my habit and often says find yourself a good man my lady and she organised for me to get oral contraception to prepare me.
We had been just laying there together not moving and my cock had softened a little and as soon as I moved it hardened and she said god that feel great. Both the cocks I have had have been around 6 to 7 inches but not quite as thick as yours. I can actually feel the difference as it is a bit tighter around my lips. I love it. Then she said come on fuck me and let’s have some fun. I began to fuck her in the usual way. A couple of times she winced and I said am I hurting and she said no I want to feel you more internally and when I move my shoulder hurts, believe me I couldn’t care less if my arm fell off at the moment, my cunt is alive and I love it.   We fucked for about 4 or 5 minutes slow and rhythmically just hardly talking but the two of us were enjoying it in our own ways. I looked at her face and it told me she was enjoying herself. We smiled at each other as we both were enjoying ourselves, each taking pleasure off the other wordlessly. She was quite different to my older lady who also enjoyed fucking but she wanted to talk dirty to get her kicks.

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   Meg was happy just to silently experience her pleasure from the two of being joined together and making music together. What was making it even better for me was the hot sun on my back and my balls were so soft they were rubbing up and down her ass the whole time. Then she said how many ways have you done it, I said what do you mean, and she said positions – how many. I said only this way. Shit she said we have some fun ahead of us, but not today, my shoulder is sore and I couldn’t possibly do it any other way, next time I can show you a few different ways. When I get home remind me to lend you a book and we can really get into I. I said what is it called and she said The Karma Sutra. I said I have heard of it and she said it’s a million ways to have sex according to an Indian I believe or a Chinese, it doesn’t matter, its fun trying the different ways. I said how many have you tried and she said none, my last one bloke wasn’t interested, to him a fuck was just a fuck and that was that , he came and it was all over and I would go home and masturbate, looking at the pages and envisaging one day being fucked like that. Somehow I think I will have to mark the pages I want to try first you will be different. God you are fucking me beautifully I am so hot I can feel that I wont be far off. I never managed to cum when he fucked me. I suppose I must have fucked him about 20 times. I was just a cum bucket for him and he could never last more than 4 or 5 minutes at his best, sometimes it was less than a minute.  This is about the longest time I have ever had a cock in me on any time.

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    I said I am glad I can do something right. She said you are doing everything right, just go a little harder and a little faster and I am going to give you a show to behold. I lifted my pace and began to thrust harder and her body began to shake and her breast move about a bit on her chest even though they were fairly firm. Aaaaahhh Uuugggggg she said keep it going like that - I am going to cum any moment, my clit is about to explode and she started to grunt and groan and really get herself worked up and I had never seen a girl cum before and this was great, she was really having an experience I had never witnessed. Then I went harder and faster and then my orgasm began to build up and my cock head got more sensitive and I said shit and I began to fuck her like the end of the world was nigh. I was pumping what felt like a gallon of my baby juice into her as my cock and balls virtually exploded and ejaculated into her and I could hear her sort of screaming or grunting - I could or didn’t care, she was pushing her body to meet the last of my now feeble thrusts. I looked down there were tears in her eyes.
Oh shit I said I didn’t hurt you did I. She said no that was the best orgasm I have ever had. As she wiped her eyes, I said I saw the tears and thought I had hurt you. No she said it was combination of the pleasure of my first orgasm being fucked, the wonderful sensation of you inside me and that fucking shoulder as I pushed up to get the ultimate pleasure from you and it hurt like hell, but it was all worth it. That was magnificent. I had softened and slipped out of her and as I leaned back and looked down at he she looked absolutely radiant. Her cheeks were red and her mouth had this wonderful smile.  She looked at me and said oh that poor thing looks dejected now, it has done its job brilliantly and its crying too look at the tears its shedding and the last few drops of my semen dripped out of the eye of it onto the warm blanket beneath her.

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   I said look I am making a mess on your blanket and she said nothing like the mess I am making - I have started to leak already and I can’t wait to tell mom the news.   
I said I have never had an orgasm like that before not even with my lady love, and I had some beauties. I don’t know about you but I could not wish for anything better.   She said you and I are something special and when I tell my mom what happened she will be so happy. I said tell your mom, she said she knows all about me. I keep nothing from her. She is absolutely wonderful. She will love you I can assure you.
Now let’s have a rest and try that again, I could spend the rest of the day doing this. That sun feels wonderful on my cunt.
We lay together and held hands and chatted about everything and kissed lightly every so often and it must have been 20 minutes and she said come on lets do it again.  I didn’t need to be asked twice and I rolled over and we mated like we done before she purred softly as I went into her, this time it was even wetter with the remnants of my cum mixed with her cunt juice and she said its even better and giggled. I am so glad you ran me down she said. This would never have happened otherwise.   I again took my time and we just prodded about taking our time and enjoying the sensation of being joined together as we were, I touched, kissed and sucked on her nipples which she loved, and kissed her lips as often.

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   This to me was the epitome of lovemaking. It was our first time together and already we had made love like the angels would.   Our second occasion seemed to go on for ever but I it could not have been more than about 15 or 20 minutes. We stopped every now and again for a rest before resuming the gentle thrust and parry as my cock pumped out much of the cum from my previous deposit and her cunt juice which seemed to have a never ending supply out of her. Every now and again she said hell it running down my bum again.
When it was time I began as I did before and started to raise my thrust rate and did it bit harder which caused her tits to wobble but every now and again her shoulder hurt her so I took it easy until she said ok I am ready lets do it again.
This time I seemed to go harder and she got into the rhythm and met my every thrust and the sound of our flesh meeting was like thunder, Anybody nearby would have heard and known what we were doing but we realised we were alone and there was  nobody for miles so we made all the noise we wanted to. I have never been so vocal and I don’t think she had been either but we let everybody know we were having one of the best orgasms you could imagine. Even the birds stopped to listen.
We both exploded into orgasm with a few seconds of each other - hers began before mine and she really made sure my cock was rubbing the skin off her clit. I sort of held back for a moment to allow her to enjoy hers but the pressure in my balls was too much and I exploded filling her with a sudden gush of semen. I could feel it flushing down the tube of my cock and out the eye into her. I believe I could even feel the temperature rise inside her as my cum flooded her vaginal cavity.
After we were both spent I stayed on top of her and rested feeling the wetness of our body sweat as I rubbed my whole body against her. We kissed wordlessly and just looked into each other eyes.

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   It was a close to love as I have ever enjoyed in my life. She was a goddess to me now and I didn’t want to lose her. We were going to make love like this forever I hoped. My cock remained inside he soft and it was a few minutes before I rolled off her. We lay together for a few minutes and then she said give me a hand up and I helped her to her feet, we kissed again and she said I am busting for a pee and walked to a few feet away from the blanket. Then she unashamedly squatted and peed looking right at me. When she got up I helped her and then I added to her puddle and peed myself as she watched me. Do you know something she said and I said no what – she said one day you are going to pee all over me – I have often had fantasies about having a golden shower. I said you are disgusting and she said I know but you are going to be disgusting with me and we both laughed.
We both walked around for a few minutes getting the last of the warmth out of the sun. We hadn’t realised what the time was and we would not be taking the bikes back today. I said look at the time the bikes will have to wait for another day – I will move them out of sight and then we will have to get moving. She said lets walk back naked; I just love to feel the warmth and the breeze on my body. I agreed, and we picked up our clothes and stuffed them into her bag put on our shoes and we began to walk back. We had been walking for about 10 minutes and she said this is not a good idea and I said why.

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   She said all your cum is leaking out and down my legs and I said come here and I will lick it off you – she said you are not serious and I said no not this time but that is an another experience I have in store for you. She didn’t teach me just how to fuck, there is far more to lovemaking than that. She said well now you have me wanting you more. I couldn’t possibly piss you off with out lesson No 2 could I. I said well at this rate I will be around for a while she replied good- I want to be well educated as well as fucked.
We walked almost back to the road naked and then got dressed and then I drove her home again. Come on in and meet my mother she said. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of that and when we went in her mother said what have you two been doing you look absolutely radiant – Meg said mom- I have had the best fuck of my life – twice. I was absolutely red with embarrassment and she gave her mom a hug then her mom came to me and held me hard and tightly to her and said – you have made my day. I have not seen her so happy for ages.
The two of you go up and shower and I will make some tea and we can have some biscuits - you will need them to get your energies back. Where are the bikes,? Meg said fuck the bikes we had better things to do. Her mom laughed and said enjoy that shower I want to hear it all.
Meg and I showered together – my first time and it was fun. Her shoulder still hurt so we had to be gentle together, but she washed me, and I made sure her body was well soaped and cleaned and she had expelled as much of our lovemaking juices out of her as we could.

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We dressed and she put on a nice gown and we went down to her mom. She opened the gown and said look at happy jack – it has never been so happy and pulled her gown open and exposed her pubic region for a moment and then her mom said tell me everything.
We drank tea and she described in intimate detail our lovemaking moment by moment almost. Her mom held my hand occasionally and squeezed it as Meg really got graphic about our sex. Her mom new she wasn’t exaggerating.
Now I was hooked, she liked me as much as I liked her and we still had to get the bikes home. It might take a week at this rate.
Episode 3 will follow shortly.
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